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  1. Already Platinumed it and played the DLC. Still thanks for the recommendation
  2. Saints Row: The Third
  3. Hey everybody, I've been on PSNProfiles for a while and realized I never introduced (or used the forums that much at all) myself. So with the saying better late then never hello. Feel free to add my or let me know any good games your recommed.
  4. It's a lot easier then Pirate Warriors 3. The main difference being you don't have to 'S' Rank everything. Game is still good though
  5. Yes, and that's why I want wanted average game completion (penalizes low completion) and average trophy rarity (penalizes easy platinums) as factors. That's why I wanted to include number of games played as a factor in the first criteria perhaps I use that and leave of number of games completed (as it is reflected in average completion as you pointed out) that might be closer solving that problem.
  6. I could see your point on the first criteria as 100%s would be reflected in the average game completion. I still want to find a control so that rank is not effected by pure quantity of trophies (why I was using average rarity of all trophies over total trophies earned) Also a if I could request some clarification, when you say Average plat/100% Rarity. Do you mean a the average rarity of all a player platinums over the rarity of their 100%s?
  7. I was going to use PSNProfiles for gathering of stats. I only wanted the equation to rate the player based on the account at time of viewing said account, if the player was updated later the equation could be rerun to calculate a new rank. I wanted to trophy rarity to weigh heavily. And I wanted that offset by average game completion or overall trophy completion but couldn't decided what is more important (I want both included though). I also felt completed game (100%s) over total games play would be good to include as to not give players just played more games a heavy advantaged to higher rank
  8. Hey everybody so recently I've been trying to create a system/mathematic way to rank on a scale of 0-10 that reflects how good of a trophy hunter a player is and not just a ranking based on the point scores like the ones already present on PSNProfiles. Unfortunately I am terrible at math and no equation I come up with works with what I want to include in the rank. The factors I wanted to include that affect the ranking include: - The number of completed games over the number of games played - Overall trophy completion - Average game completion - Average trophy rarity If anyone is a math wiz I would appreciate any help in creating an equation that works, or if you think something else that should be included in the ranking I would appreciate input.
  9. All matches for (VS AI) must be done under the "PLAY" category on the main menu Beating the odds: You need to escape 2 superstars attempting to eliminate you at the same time. 1) Pick a wrestler with a high score (Big Show works) and put yourself as an early entrant (1, 2, or 3) 2) Hang out by the ropes and wait for someone to throw you activating the elimination mini-game 3) STALL. Keep the mini-game going as long as you can, don't escape or get eliminated, until another wrestler joins in the attempt to eliminate you 4) Win the mini-game to avoid elimination 5) *Trophy Ping* Catch and Release: 1) Play as a large superstar (Strowman) against a cruiserweight (Kalisto) 2) Irish whip cruiserweight into corner and put him on top rope. 3) Punch cruiserweight on top rope until he counters you. This might take a few attempts. 4) Once the cruiserweight counters you he should attempt a leap attack. Counter this attack 5) *Trophy Ping*
  10. The missing relic (#97, the 7th to last one) is indeed in Pink Eye's Stronghold on the top floor. However, the icon above it is bugged. The button promp should still show up.