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  1. Yeah wait a while for patches Me and my partner played for couple of hours then had the game crash and save file corrupted because of it One of the annoying bugs we came across was when using the camera, the game would move you constantly backwards regardless what direction you would be pressing
  2. You created a similar topic last year and sort of got an answer
  3. Please include the multiplayer, the Multiplayer was addictive as anything
  4. Brexit Fucks All 🙃
  5. Welcome Welcome 😁
  6. Didn't realise Super Mega Baseball had a following 🙃
  7. I dont think it does, cause it will reset your progress from last saved checkpoint
  8. Double XP Weekend for Zombies and Multiplayer Plus Blackmarket
  9. Sadly not, only one code per transaction but both do work
  10. £41.99 is still a ridiculous price 😒
  11. Toasty Base loving it 😁
  12. What trophies you on about?, cause i fail to see this 'Insane' amount of time associated with any of the multiplayer trophies
  13. Nope just to do 100 of the buggers but you can do the same one over and over again
  14. Guildhest can be done from level 10 and usually just spam Under the armour for a LONG but easy trophy
  15. Yes you can do the grinding trophies, all the crafting ones and collecting Quick synth is a god send for the trophies but just make sure you got enough Materials