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  1. I would say it all comes down to the game I'm playing. For instance, turning it off with Astrobot would be a crime against humanity, where the game was built all around these gimmicks. The problem is, in the great majority of games (as of now) it seems more as an afterthought, an obliged feature - and, most of the times, they fail to implement it well. For instance, I cannot for the life of it keep it on while playing AC Valhalla: given that I never charge a shot completely, but rather I shot quickly more arrows in sequence, I find myself often releasing and pressing again the L2/R2 bottons rapidly. Due to this, it happens many times that I do so even earlier than when the adaptive triggers start working (they are not always on, but they activate when needed). This leads to an awkward *click* sound, while the bottons feel strange to the touch - and when this happens I feel like they might break at any moment. So, shortly, I try a game keeping them on for a couple of hours. If it works fine I keep them on (default - strong), if not I'll just turn them off completely.
  2. I just hope they fixed the "rest mode bug" too: it's incredible how, after half a year of release, my (one month old) PS5 still shuts down randomly when entering rest mode, and having to rebuild the system each time it happens...
  3. Another meh month for me (better for others I guess/hope) Avengers: I already have it, but what it's a little off is the short period of availability. Given it's a GaaS, 3 months ain't enough to actually experience everything. Plus being it a "just-ok" game and don't selling that much anymore, it kinda strikes me as weird as how they couldnt get away with a better deal with Square Enix. Sony being a little bit cheap I guess. Borderlands 3: already finished it. Tbh I actually liked the game, so I'm happy for the ones who don't own it and can experience it. But it is one of those games always on sale, you can easily get it at 10-15€ around. I was hoping it was the "next level edition" at least, but it is just the base one: I don't really expect the whole season passes (yes, there are 2) to be given out, but it would have been nice to give away at least a newer version, not the bare minimum The Long Dark: a 2017 survival game, not really my genre... guess there are people who actually want to try it so lucky them Just 3 games, 2 out of 3 having a limited available time (and really short too, especially avengers). In a couple of months my sub is gonna expire. At this rate I wont probably re-subscribe: most of the given games are old enough to find good bargains for them, so I usually buy them before they even appear here. Furthermore I see Sony giving less and less effort in this service (which is just moronic given how Microsoft has given birth to such an amazing service, which is one of their best selling points). Moreover, their dishonesty with people owning both this service and PSPlus (which is needed to play online) is so bad: at the very least they should offer a complete pack with both of them at a cheaper price than buying them both singularly. I already have a big enough backlog to actually last me for a year or more, I'm just always starving for new games I guess. I'll probably do a month-sub later on, when I want to platinum the remaining games of my interest. But it saddens me to see how the bad management of Sony is turning the brand so anti-customer...
  4. Hey there people, sorry to hijack a little bit this thread but I didn't want to create a new one for a somewhat similar/related topic. Now, I platinumed this fun game back on my PS4 a couple of months ago. Recently I finally got my hands on a PS5, and I wanted to replay this game and reattain the platinum trophy (PS5 version). I don't really like autopopping stuff (or well, in this case it's more about saving-reloading), but I didn't want to start from scratch either: after spending over 60 hours doing/collecting everything, I do not really have the time to replay it from 0. Furthermore, I would love to bump up the difficulty for this new run, while keeping all masteries/abilities/equipment that I already have. So my question is, how does New Game Plus work when trying to getting the platinum, but on another system? Will everything work smoothly, or in any case I'll have to start a new game from scratch? I'm thinking more about the trophies which require collecting or unlocking stuff, rather than the "one-time" things like killing an enemy in a certain way. I don't mind re-doing the bare minimum like, for example, collecting a certain amount of gear: what I'm afraid about is that, given I already have them from the previous run, the game won't recognize the second time I pick them up... Thanks for the help!