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  1. So I finished whole Black Series with gold medals and Im all alone in my Region (for like last 30 tracks). Im one of the 7 people in Czech Republic. And even the fact that there is only like 1300 people from all over the world ... thats funny. Being the creator of those tracks I would be angry that there is almost nobody who raced on those tracks How about the rest of you?
  2. You can even skip the scenes on beach?!?! What about my 100% Run where I ended with 11 seconds left because of those SOOOOO SLOOOOOW cutscenes?!?!? Now it just looks dumm... BTW: Had anyone tried the game after a year or so? I did ... it went... bad... sooo bad. You forget everything and I was not able to do even correct Chess run Soooo good game!
  3. This game is disappointment. If you want to experience REAL Black Mirror game from 2004, go and buy it on Steam. I just played it after many years and that game still works pretty well!
  4. At start I had problems to keep Fecer too. Since I was able to maintain it on PSP or PSV for whole mission I was concerned too. But I guess the main reasons are Nice memories, Different button layout and press time and for most - delay in button pressing via bluetooth + if you have headphones connected to dualshock, it might even that. There is a real delay for just a fracture of second but it might cause this unability to keep Fever mode on.
  5. Hello! Good job with bound! Let me ask you, did you make the speedrun for trees level? I am currently trying this level, to me the bigger problems are the cutscenes! Thanks and sorry to bother :)

    1. Khalashnikovf


      Hey! Thanks for kind words :)

      There should be a video with this speedrun?!?


    2. BG_painter


      thank you so much! I guess i didn't see it!!! lol xD

  6. Level 3600 is ... like 300 hours + (I remember having almost 1000 hours on steam... what a waste of time )
  7. If you check trophies you will that 100% Runner is pain in the ass. If you finding this game easy, god for you
  8. That seems to be way to random because I never experienced anything like this since release of the game.
  9. So far only Woman of People glitched on me, but I dont want to play through story again to do all those quests :-/
  10. Personally I love it. Finished the storyline in almost one sitting and it is perfectly made. Especially boarding missions, stealth, assassinations, etc.. Fresh wind in CoD world. And "You know nothing" trophy is hilarious
  11. There are 13 cars. You can get new cars from: Gorilla (left and say you are alone): - His own after police chase - the one you can steal before police chase - if you go right and say to the racing guy that your car is not in condition, you will race with theirs and if you win, its yours. Nazi Valerio (right): - If you drive some modern and win, you will get something similar to Lotus or Lambo - If you drive something old, that so called Citroen old crap, he will race you with something different - If you screw his racing and go left instead to Sieana, you will lose and get old VW Bus Priest (You lose with Valerio and separate from Olga or separate from Gorilla after heading right) - You will drive with his own car Farmer Guy - Lose with Valerio and stay wih Olga thats Triwheel "car" Police Car is for making 10 endings 4 cars should be the starting number = 13
  12. Made it. It was Valerios car (I had no idea there would some car specific thing ) plat done, singing with happiness
  13. Is Valerio that guy whom you are racing? So you will win that Racing Lambo like car? Or is there some other hidden?
  14. Well, no, not even close. Chceck out guide, I put 10/10. Now it is easier a bit after last update but still no peace of cake.
  15. Since this game plays like 20 people around the globe, we should try here to create some oir guide. Im still missing few endings and Im nit able to track them down (B,H,O and P). Please feel free to add here any desription with any ending you know exactly how to achieve. Only few people I found are talking about this: http://steamcommunity.com/app/508740/discussions/0/350543389011404828/ Ending A: Try not talk too much about your kidnapping, Drive left, Stay with Olga, drive more careful left, Stay with Olga, Drive fast.