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  1. I found this video and thought it could help anyone who is still trophy hunting the vita version of minecraft like I am.
  2. I'm just curious and wonder if there will be more trophies to hunt for after the long list they keep putting out
  3. Everything here still works as of 11/08/2019. I'm able to play Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades. (Haven't started it to get any trophies but if I have you can check the time and date of me obtaining them.) I wasn't able to get it to work with the season pass that I bought online HOWEVER I bought Royal Edition, used the codes and got the comrades expansion.
  4. If I have the "Day 1 Edition" version and also own the season pass would I be able to still get the trophies if I downgrade to 1.26? or do I completely need the royal edition code?
  5. Yes it counts, all trophies can be done with 2 controllers or just 2 people. :]
  6. You can do all the trophies with 2 people or controllers. Just thought I'd put this there so people don't have to waste time trying to boost if they have a 2nd controller or gather more than they should aha. Happy trophy hunting
  7. Looking for help with these trophies: Into The Nether Return to Sender Into Fire The End? The End. PSN: VR01-Xillia