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  1. Yeah I’ve also seen it just play ps5 or 4 first that doesn’t matter and you can play 10 hours for both
  2. Will there be an ps4 trophy list of fifa 22? And I’ve seen people talk about playing the trail for 20 hours 10 on 4 and 10 on 5 idk about that. Ea play has no hub on ps5 so I’m curious where we can download the game.
  3. Hmm but anyway 200 games is nothing if you just play for fun
  4. I hope it’s 10😂 otherwise this game has little to none challenge 🥲
  5. Okay you haven’t played any fifa games, because you can’t get it that way Idk about that quote there are some trophies we don’t even know about yet. Like the winstreak, Volta seasson 7 and player level 30 maybe the winstreak is 10 games in a row 🤷‍♂️😂
  6. Are they going to fix this because I’ll wait on that before I do the transfer
  7. Okay I really hope they come back online
  8. What is the last thing they said about it
  9. Do you need to keep the sniper alive for the glitch to work it didn’t work
  10. Finishes the ee on my first try zombies is Made for Babies nowadays
  11. Still no trophies boys i doubt there Will be any free dlc no trophies 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  12. So the best thing i can Do is buy 1 and 2 seperatly and then transfer my progress when i 100% them?
  13. So the best thing to do is buy hitman 1 and 2 speratly and 100% them and then transfer over to hitman 3?
  14. Jup youre 100% right people go cry and cry without trying it they just try it maybe 3 times and then give up.....
  15. What do you mean chose wisely? It’s still random wich fate you get right