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  1. I will beat the shit out of DOA's most annoying character
  2. Blame!
  3. Got a great taste in games
  4. I can't even/10
  5. 2famous4me, in roman numerals (because I'm fancy, deal with it): X / X
  6. That is true if the damn trophies had a requirement that clearly states you must beat that level\race on a certain difficulty, which is not the case here.
  7. It is not, but hey if that's what you think then good for you
  8. Last time I checked, the trophy descriptions of these tours didn't say anything about beating and gaining all the stars on a certain difficulty level, I see no problem with being able to unlock trophies on easy difficulty
  9. 2serious4me
  10. NICE, congrats dude.
  11. Truth Complete "TRUTH: THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD" mission.
  12. SteeruFurexo is nice
  13. Disappearance Complete "A QUIET EXIT" mission.