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  1. I was the first achiever and I'm currently the 9th fastest on the leaderboard at 2 weeks, 12 hours. It's also my second rarest plat at 1.15% so I'm pretty happy with that one in particular.
  2. Prey - Mooncrash was really cool and a different approach. Darkest Dungeon's dlcs were great additions to the game.
  3. 161 and 9000th Trophy PREY TranStar Employee of the Year 6.19% Very Rare Great game with an ok Platinum. A worthy milestone game that I'd definitely recommend. Also he Mooncrash dlc is a really cool and unique addition to the game.
  4. Shadow Warrior!
  5. Platinum #151 - Danganronpa 1.2 Reload Despair's Last Reward Earned every other trophy in the game Long time coming mostly because it's two games in one and I took a break in between.
  6. Monster Hunter World Game looks awesome but I don't think I'd enjoy it solo especially to platinum.
  7. Final Words Thank you for playing. Nier Automata Platinum - 30th of the year, 150th total. Felt like a nice neat end point for the year.
  8. Danganronpa 1.2 Reload. Pretty close on Gwent too but I'm in no rush with that one.
  9. Life's a Real Beach Saw every possible Island Mode ending Danganronpa 1.2 Reload Feels kind of fitting haha. I'm almost done with the Plat now which'll be the first of 2019 and I have 'Another Episode' ready to start when I'm done.
  10. Nier: Automata Made it to #150 before the end of the year. And with a beautiful game to mark the milestone!
  11. Xcom 2's my rarest but I don't think it's as difficult as people seem to think. I think it's probably 'Medal of Honor Frontline'. It's Hard difficulty was brutal in places, a real oldschool fps challenge.
  12. Yeah I used a combination of Dandelion Poet, Royal Decree, Prince Villem, Last Wish and Francesca.
  13. I just got it legit and can confirm that a tie will unlock the trophy too. Most of the specials are damage so if you can clear the enemies board (last say needed so winning round 1 is necessary) you can get it even if you run out of units. I built a deck with Francesca that was mainly specials with a handful of units to try and win round three. I put Aglais in with Garrison so the plan was to more or less clear the enemy board with specials then last play Aglais + Francesca on to Garrison for a 22 point finisher that hopefully overcomes the opponents remaining cards. Yarpen Zigrin is another good card if you can keep him alive. The game I got it though the game ended 0-0 and I got the trophy.
  14. You might want to just start now and build up your card collection because certain trophies are going to require specific cards to get and there's level up trophies and cumulative ones like 50 GG's that take some time. Is there a guide in the works?
  15. Another popular deck sharing site