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  1. 200 Control Director of the FBC 36.99% Uncommon Finally made it on the last day of the year. Made it to 200 in 2020! 30th for the year and a great game for the milestone. It's probably the last big yearly goal I'll make for myself. From here out I'll take things more as they come I think. Glad to have made this last one in time and with one of my favourite games of the year. For now on to the dlc. Happy New Year everyone!
  2. 181 Days Gone One Percenter 37.12% Uncommon Go above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone Came much closer to beating out P5 for the milestone plainum but no quite. Feels like the best 8/10 game I've played in ages if that makes sense. I found the open world more engaging than most and the combat (especially with hordes) satisfying. But the biggest surprise was the how good the writing was. It's inconsistant but there was some top notch stuff in there. There's some clear areas for improvement but I'm super excited for a potentially incredible sequel built of the great foundation that is Days Gone. 182 + 10,000th Trophy Persona 5 Legendary Phantom Thief 10.62% Rare Earn all trophies. Been holding onto this one for a while in anticipation of the 10k milestone. It's a very deserving game for the occasion. The first Persona game I've played I found it engaging right through my 132hr platinum progression. This games sense of style and presentation eclipses most other games I've played. The charcters and systems within the game are also excellent. My only somewhat dissappointments with the game were that the combat eventually got kind of stale by the end and also that the game started stronger than it finished. In my opinion everything from the plot, writing and party members to the antagonists were more compelling in the first half of the game than the second. In fact I found Kamoshida (1st palace) by far the most complelling antagonist in the game. However when the bar is set as high as it is in P5 a second half dip still means the content is really good overall. I'm hoping for a Persona 4 PS4/PS5 port at some point and also Scramble as I'm definitley interested in more Persona. Next milestone I'm hoping for is 200 before the end of 2020, although it might be in jeopardy if I keep picking up 100+hr games like P5 and FFXV (next on the list)
  3. #175 Banner Saga 3 Banner Saga 3 MasterGet all trophies. 8.92% Very Rare The Banner Saga trilogy has been one of my favourite experienceson PS4 so I'm glad to have made it a milestone Platinum. If I had to pick one game or series for people to try out this generation, I'd probally pick this one. I'm sure a lot of people would love it but the series as a whole seems very overlooked and underplayed. Set in a norse inspired fantasy world on the brink of apocalypse the game is one part decision driven oregon trail style journey and one part tactical Xcom like combat as you try to keep a caravan of refugees and warriors alive as they flee a huge army of the 'dredge' while the sun sits unmoving in the sky. The setting and atmospere of the game is compelling. The artwork, music, sound design, writing and voicework are great, improve with each game, and add a real authenticity to the world. You'll meet a large cast of characters and manage a party of scores of warriors pretty much all of whom you can get killed depending on 'bad' decisions and yet 'Stoic' managed incredibly well to infuse them with character and personality. The story is compelling, small scale and large. Each game building from the last and I really enjoyed the 'set pieces' for lack of a better term in the second and third games. Also the structure of BS3 was an interesting way to square the weight of all the choices made carried through the trilogy. I enjoyed the combat too. It's quite challenging even on normal but not so much as to be intimidating. With the large cast of characters comes a variety of abilities with some decent combo potential. One thing I've seen complaints about regarding combat is the fatc that it's often advantagous to leave injured enemies alive for awhile instead of finishing them off which can feel counterintuitive. This is because you always take alternating turns with the enemy so killing a weak enemy can result in a stronger more dangerous one moving up in the turn order and potentially taking more turns. But tbh it didn't bother me at all, it's just a principle you have to learn and incorporate into your decision making. Tip - especially in the first game armor break is probably your most important stat. Overall The Banner Saga is an excellant trilogy made by a small indie team, funded through kickstarter and I'm sure many people would enjoy it like I have if they gave it a shot. It can be picked up pretty cheap nowadays and one upshot of Corona pandemic might be that theres an audience out there with time on their hands to try out a series like this one.
  4. My completion % would take an immediate 10% hit with just a 1,000. No thank you.
  5. Max Payne 3
  6. XCOM 2 - 0.85% Mount and Blade - 1.17% Darkest Dungeon - 1.77% GTA V - 1.88% PES 2016(meh) - 2.05%
  7. This is interesting, I'd never thought to look at them like that. 14 games: Xcom 2 - 12 (0.85) Mount and Blade - 7 Trackmania Turbo - 4 Darkest Dungeon - 4 Styx MOS - 4 Driver: San Fransisco - 4 PES 2016 - 4 (3.31) Armello - 3 GTA V - 2 Dying Light - 2 Yakuza 0 - 1 Tropico 5 - 1 Bulletstorm - 1 PES 2015 - 1
  8. I pretty much always have 3 games on the go at once. Sometimes 2 or 4 depending on how demanding the games themselves are. I find once I've got a couple hours in a game and I'm comfortable with the controls / know what I'm doing I can pretty comfortably jump back and forth between different games or pick them back up as long as I don't go weeks without playing them. I can't play more than a couple consecutive hours of most games without getting fatigued so I need others to switch to. I never would have even beaten some of my favorite games let alone gotten the Platinums if they were the only game I was playing at the time. Something that's vital for me though is not playing similar games at the same time. So I'd never play more that one shooter/melee combat/racer/rpg/horror etc at the same time and also the same idea in general with settings.
  9. I can confirm I've received the code and it worked. I used it to buy the crash/spyro trilogy bundle. Thanks again @Martain2!
  10. XCOM 2 baby!
  11. I was the first achiever and I'm currently the 9th fastest on the leaderboard at 2 weeks, 12 hours. It's also my second rarest plat at 1.15% so I'm pretty happy with that one in particular.
  12. Prey - Mooncrash was really cool and a different approach. Darkest Dungeon's dlcs were great additions to the game.
  13. 161 and 9000th Trophy PREY TranStar Employee of the Year 6.19% Very Rare Great game with an ok Platinum. A worthy milestone game that I'd definitely recommend. Also he Mooncrash dlc is a really cool and unique addition to the game.
  14. Shadow Warrior!
  15. Platinum #151 - Danganronpa 1.2 Reload Despair's Last Reward Earned every other trophy in the game Long time coming mostly because it's two games in one and I took a break in between.