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  1. Happened to me just now! Lost everything, had all platinum relics, many Oxide's time trials, and almost all unlockables. Lost completely everything. Shame on you Beenox, a complete disaster!!
  2. Can anyone confirm to me if 'Oh Shut Up!' is easier if I buy the DLC? I have surely killed more than just 5 sirens while screaming but it hasn't opened yet!! Anyone knows if something can be done for this trophy, please? Thanks
  3. Just letting you know that I've finally figured it out; thank you!
  4. First of all thank you for reply. That's what I'm trying to do, but when I search lobbies, I'm never getting any DLC maps (I have all DLC maps installed). Maybe I don't know how to search properly? Sorry for looking stupid lol!
  5. Hi all, I have some serious trouble with understanding how egg-stra xp trophy, egg-stra devestation!, egg-stra awakening! and egg-stra Nemesis! trophies work as I never played the online of COD: Ghosts except Extinction. Can someone please, fully explain to me where can I choose the online maps I need to play in, how many players I need for these trophies and other information? and is it possible to do a gaming session for these trophies? I would really, really appreciate your help guys as I can't figure it out I haven't got the slightest idea lol. Thank you so much!
  6. Hi guys I have a question regarding the Perkaholics Anonymous! Trophy. If we're playing split-screen just me and another person...if I kill myself and then the second player does it all by himself, can he buy perks? I mean, since I would be dead, would it be possible for the second player to buy perks like he normally would do? Or would it make the trophy unachievable? Thank you all!
  7. Hi all, I wanted to ask if it's possible to do the co-op trophies in split-screen offline? Or by co-op it means only online? I was trying to look for it on the guide but couldn't find it anywhere and thought I'd ask you people. Thank you!
  8. Hi all I have got a question. Are all of the trophies doable in split-screen offline co-op? And by co-op it means just 2 players right and not more, right? Thanks
  9. ihadalifeb4this thank you for your detailed help!!
  10. Thanks all for your replies! I'll definitely buy it then
  11. So the others, besides Short Fuse, are doable in Solo I presume huh ? Thanks for your replies!
  12. Hi all I'm pretty interested in getting this game this week, but before I do so I wish to ask you people; are most of the trophies managable and doable in solo? Or it's very difficult and therefore need online players all the time for the trophies? I'm asking because on the guide it said it is mainly a co-op game and it has only 2 online trophies. Anyone can confirme to me? Thank you
  13. Thank you for your answer mate! Jesus, you have no idea how relieved I feel after you told me that lol. Twisted Difficulty made me extremely angry! Congratz on your Twisted Metal Platinum Bro, respect!
  14. Hi all, I have an important question to ask, preferably to those who have a platinum in Twisted Metal. I have played online AS A GUEST before I noticed that in order for the game not to glitch you need to be THE HOST at all costs. Now, do I have to delete my save data (and therefore I need to complete the game on twisted AGAIN!!!) or.........?
  15. Thank you for reply Caldor, then I'll have to make a boosting session pretty soon for that one trophy!