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  1. So I beat Magma Wyrm Makar and Commander Niall and neither trophy popped. Anyone else have this issue or know how to get em to pop?
  2. Yes! Very very happy! All dlc and mods! Ill 100% revisit Skyrim
  3. Metal Gear... Metal Gear Solid.. All of them hahahahaha
  4. i personally dont think it matters what type of profile you have for the "series" games. i only say this because of how soo many of us have played most; if not almost all of these game before. Before they had trophies and an incentive to continue the game after completion. For example ive been playing MGS since it was just Metal Gear, but i wont have anyway to show that ive done that when i was 12 or 13 or whenever i got my hands on it. its up to the viewer as always to interpret it the way they want..thats why we build our profiles right? to show what we know and what games we love and how they mean to us, sorry for all the run on sentences hahahahah. one last example if your still with me, Just like when most of us played god of war (name drop).. on ps2 (console drop hahaha) for the first time, it was amazing. You think i cared about how many buckets of blood had been spilt or how many enemies i defeated in a certain way?? NO! Fuck that! I wanted to know where Kratos was going and how his story was going. Just like Snake(naked,big boss,jack, john? haha) when you understand that a weapon called Metal Gear is prompt to destroy what we know as civilization and you are the sole entity to save us all?!!?! so off topic but a complete series doesnt matter, weve played DMC, MGS, GOW, RE sooo many times. its hard to say but make it the way you want, if people dont understand or appreciate you profile then fuck em! hahahaha Just stay happy GAMING! thats what its about the experience and atmosphere of what your engaging in that makes it amazing, too much? maybe... HAAHhhaaaAAHHHA
  5. i am also having this issue, been trying it with nero and cant seem to get it. S ranking everything from Human to Dante Must Die is going to be a huge task for me. i seem to have A's with Vergil on Son of Sparda so maybe thats the character i should use?
  6. Give me more Trophies!!!