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  1. I recall Lucas was asking either Sly or other mod to do this.
  2. They probably should do this to every DLC which came with new trophies.
  3. Got my reward, I am surprised that we didn't make bonus goal. I am not sure if we can complete stage 2. It sucks this event is conflict with Xbox's 10000 game scores for 10000 Microsoft Reward points event.The reward Xbox offers is way better. Sony probably should offer something more than just avatar and theme.
  4. Hopefully Sony gives discount on PS Plus 12 month like last few years
  5. If you want to keep up with the leaderboard these days, you need to join the EZPZ Rata race. I have been staying at my current position for 2 years, and slowly going down.
  6. I am just curious how this is going to work with Sony's policy. I assume user will link their PSN account with Discord. Let's say if user says something inappropriate in Discord, will this also affect this user's PSN account? I am not fans of all the Sony's communication platform. Considering it's political correctness gone too far policy.
  7. Nothing for me. Plat BFV already, would like to try Wreckfest ,but just found out it's only for PS5 which is bummer.
  8. DLC trophies are unobtainable now. It doesn't matter if you can play with BOT or not.
  9. If this is how we can get sequel. Then, I don't want a sequel.
  10. Probably a card game like Uncharted: Fight for Fortune with microtransactions.
  11. I always want to try Days Gone, but I had feeling it will be PS+ free. Especially seeing it on PS+ Collection for PS5 users. I said this before and I will say this again. More PS5 PS+ Collection games will be PS+ free games in the future.
  12. For Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, this can be done with 2 Vita and 1 account by using ad-hoc. I don't remember if I used message. I log into both of Vita with same account, and using ad-hoc to get trophy.
  13. #317 - Car Mechanic Simulator - PS4 This is an interesting simulation game with bad trophy list. However, PS4's list is better than the other platforms. The most grind one is sell 1000 cars, it will take at least 8 hours to unlock it. Besides this one, the rest trophies are pretty doable.
  14. Probably will release some expensive DLC later on to screw trophy hunters.