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  1. I will be surprised if their next release is not Uncharted Collection on PS5.
  2. If tournament + league winner ends up in the final. Does that mean the other participant must beat opponent twice? I was thinking if a person can manage to win both tournament and league, might as well let the person directly go into final 3.
  3. I score the points I originally planned. I didn't expect you are going to plat both Broken Age & Deliver Us The Moon in 10 hours. That's pretty impressive. Congratulate on the win.
  4. There is no way to know if Sound Shape can be done in less than 6 hours now since all the leaderboards are shown auto pop time. We can't rely on he said or I said, there are a lot games like this (Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time). There will be more in the future, there should be something to reference. Even though Sound Shape can be done under 6 hours, but there is no way to prove it. Under current rules, it should be counted if people play it without using cross save. That is the loophole. I think remove " which is not 'cross-saveable' " from rule 4 should solve the problem.
  5. I might be the odd one here who don't against scalpers, because I know I will never purchase anything from them. I understand your frustrations. However, as long as people are willing to pay that price, scalper will be around. There are a lot of shitty businesses in this society, your ISP, drug company, and insurance company. They are worse than scalpers.
  6. I think the rules might need to be discussed after the season end. If you look at Rule 2. That means if I play Sound Shapes legit, my points should be counted. However, it was not counted last season. Also, Sound Shapes is no longer a cross-save game. If the game is easy enough to plat under 6 hours, and it has cross-save feature. Then, there is a loophole which player can legitimately play these cross-save EZPZ to gain the points. 2. If you cross-save a game, it won't grant you any points (Motorstorm RC, Sound Shapes, etc.)
  7. Wow! When the season started, I never thought I could win the CWC champion. I was so close to make CWC last season, and I decided to take easy this season. After the first round, I realized I have the chance to make CWC. The CWC is intense, each round was very close. I am glad I survived till the end. @Ichiban-Hybrid It is a good match. 👍
  8. Tour de France 2019 has an unobtainable trophy So close!, I believe this one is glitched on both PS4 and Xbox One.
  9. I thought the US Daylight Save time ends on Nov 1st this year.
  10. #290 - Mad Max- PS4 I actually bought and installed the game into my PS4 even before it became a PS+ free game. However, I never had time to start it. Recently I heard the server will be closed by the end of October. I just realized there is an online trophy. I immediately boot the game and try to get this plat ASAP. 12 days later I got it. Overall I think Mad Max is a great game, and I really enjoy it. However, it is ruined by its trophy list. Especially those 2 challenges which relied on server are totally unnecessary. I kind hope developer can patch it after server shut down.
  11. Some of the items are in high spot, you could accidentally fall during auto save. I normally stand still for few seconds to wait the auto save completed.
  12. I got 8, not sure if my last one count.