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  1. This happened to my friend couple years ago, he had a nasty username. He was playing Destiny at that time, and someone reported him. Then, he got banned. What he did is call Sony to get his account back. They gave him one opportunity to change his username, so he can keep all of his digital purchase. However, his trophy list did get mess up for while. The trophy he unlocked under his old username can't be unlocked under his new username, but last year I checked his trophy list, it looks normal now, all the trophies are synced under his new username.
  2. Look at ESRB, this is US Version. NA Version which available in Canada should also include another language in the ESRB.
  3. I think this happens when you meet the requirements for Elite, but not for Normal. For some of the events, Elite is actually easier than Normal one.
  4. I try this method today, and it works. However, there are couple things I want to add into it, when you switch back to main account and continue the game. Make sure click touchpad to let your second account join. Also, I remove all AI players in the beginning of the course. Not sure if this matter or not. Anyway, it does work as OP said.
  5. Big Buck Arcade - It seems like "Critter Gumbo" is a glitch trophy which no one get it.
  6. GTA Vice City, pretty much all GTA series.
  7. I normally don't post in this thread, but I finally 100% Killzone 3. It takes me almost 3 years, I never thought this is doable when I first start the game, and I gave up so many times. However, after joining few boost sessions and try to play legit. I finally got it.
  8. Would like to trade 2 Rare Chests for a Very Rare item. If you are interested, let me know.
  9. Agree, I don't think we should change schedule, especially the season has already started. This is something should be brought up before the season started. Also there was a poll to ask when we want to start the season 21, since most people vote for "In about a week from now", that means people prepare to compete during the holiday.
  10. Deformers - Last time I checked, the game is pretty much dead. However, you can use SS to boost some trophies and unlock for both accounts.
  11. Make sure you are able to win. My experience is if you lose in higher difficulty, that will not help you get diamond card. When the time I got mine, I played in lower difficulty.
  12. Try to play in Diamond Dynasty vs CPU mode. You will be rewarded 2 cards after the match. If you are good or having a good team, you can increase difficulty to increase the chance to get diamond card. I get my first diamond from there.