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  1. What I feel is some of those games from this collection will be future PS+ free games for PS4.
  2. This makes sense to me. How can you get physical PS4 disc into digital PS5 console which has no disc drive?
  3. Just got this trophy, I can confirm you don't need to do it in one session. Feel free to leave the game.
  4. Didn't think I would be able to participate, but just plat LEGO City Undercover yesterday. Here is my entry.
  5. Wish me luck 88,888
  6. I knew it! I always feel there is a chance those easy F2P games could add a paid DLC to screw trophy hunters. That's why I always avoid those easy F2P from small developer.
  7. Just like original PS4 you can swap the cover. Pointless feature which will be removed when slim comes out.
  8. Taking a quick glance, it seems like he had quite few ultra rare, and each of them gets additional 6 points.
  9. I just plat 2, I did carry my save over. You need to make sure to empty your pocket before you reach Pigeon Park (Water Fountain). Check the guide, buy the Moon Wolf lighters. Then, sell them to pawn shop later, so you can get part of your money back. You do need some money later in the game, so definitely carry your save over.
  10. You mean free rental when you have Plus It is also free on Steam, I will check 360 and One later.
  11. Count me in. Thanks
  12. Just to be clear I wouldn't mind to see Sony exclusives go to Xbox or Nintendo, and their exclusives come to Sony. However, I do have really big issue with any console exclusive games go to PC. As a long time PC gamer who ditched PC and join console in 2013. My problem with PC gaming is piracy. I know quit few friends who bought console mainly for exclusive games. If those exclusives are available on PC. They will just pirate it. Later on you will start hearing those people question you why spend money on game when you can just pirate it.
  13. Late sync is a common strategy that has been using in trophy hunt competition (THL or any tournament). As long as people earned those trophies legit, there is no reason to get flagged whether they sync right the way or some time later.
  14. I will wait a little bit to play Island Saver. Just in case if they release a paid DLC with trophy. You know the game is made by a bank.
  15. Complete Edition includes what Gold Edition includes plus few useless DLC. If you just want 100%, just saving couple bucks to get Gold Edition. I got physical Gold Edition for $19.99. $14.99 is fine price, not super cheap, but if you like the series might worth a shot.