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  1. Late sync is a common strategy that has been using in trophy hunt competition (THL or any tournament). As long as people earned those trophies legit, there is no reason to get flagged whether they sync right the way or some time later.
  2. I will wait a little bit to play Island Saver. Just in case if they release a paid DLC with trophy. You know the game is made by a bank.
  3. Complete Edition includes what Gold Edition includes plus few useless DLC. If you just want 100%, just saving couple bucks to get Gold Edition. I got physical Gold Edition for $19.99. $14.99 is fine price, not super cheap, but if you like the series might worth a shot.
  4. The game is not even qualified anyway.
  5. The wild card I will expect is every league's second place play a death match, and winner goes to CWC. The other thing I would like to address is there are too many EZPZ got released these days. A lot people took advantage by playing those games during the first week after release date. During this period the leaderboard doesn't have enough players which make the game qualify to be used in the match. I feel the bar should be raised from 50th place to 25th place.
  6. Same here, just update my profile and see this. Same result happens on the other trophy site.
  7. No actual reward, few years ago when Sony gave reward points when people unlock trophies, I feel it is a great program to attract more players to hunt trophies. Unfortunately they kill it. Right know Microsoft gave some reward points when players unlock achievements daily. It is not much, but it is a good start. Before that I only turned on my Xbox One once in a while. Now I will spend at least an hour per day to unlock an achievement in order to earn reward points. In conclusion, you need to have certain rewards to attract players.
  8. I don't think this is about respect or not respect. In the end trophy hunting is just a hobby. People choose how they want to play. If 100% profile can give them enjoyment, then go for it and have fun. Same thing for low completion rate profile, as long as people find enjoyment for what they are doing, that's what important. When it comes to 100% profile, it is definitely meaning something. Dedication, passion, etc. However, I normally look into the story behind this 100% profile. Last year I met some people who have impressive profiles, but learning their real life situation. I notice some of them take trophy hunting way too serious. It is too serious so they forget what their priority is in real life. In that case, even if they have a 100% profile, I don't think that is something to be proud of.
  9. Great! Owning Dying Light already and not interested in Dark Souls. Farming Simulator 19 is the game I am looking to get, now I can save some money. Owning Cities Skyline, it is a fantastic game, but good luck with those DLC.
  10. #275 - Realm Royale- PS4 Not sure why I even started this FTP game last year. I am not a fan of the battle royale game. Even though this is considering one of the easiest battle royale games. However, by my standards it is still too challenged. I gave it up after 3 weeks. Recently I decided to come back to finish this. I select the region which has less players, so I can play with BOTs. Finally, I got platinum. I would say the 11 kills trophy is the toughest one.
  11. Both games were PS+ free games before. Is that means for PS+ members who add those games into the library before could not keep them forever? Edit: Turns out even if you add the game into the library from PS+, you still can purchase the game now for free and keep it forever.
  12. No, it is on PS4. However, you need JP PSN account to download it.
  13. This explains Uncharted 3 DLC trophy list. Seriously this is a common practice among game companies.
  14. It seems like it starts right after last match. 11 Mar - 14 Mar CWC
  15. The main problem for games go to PC is piracy. I know a friend who bought console mainly for those console exclusive games. Then, play pirate games on PC. Those also are the same type people will ask you why spend a lot of money on games when you can just pirate it. That's why I prefer not to see an exclusive to PC.