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  1. #198 - Farming Simulator 17 - PS4 Being a fan of Farming Simulator series, I must say I am a little bit disappoint on 17. I don't like the game focus too much on side missions. The trophy list is pretty easy this time. Breeding trophies are the one which will cost you most of the time(mainly waiting). Due to those side missions, you don't even need to spend too much time on your own farm to get plat. Anyway, Farming Simulator is still one of the best choices in the market if you are looking to play this type game.
  2. #197 - Blue Reflection - PS4 Looking for an easy JRPG to play. It took me 1 week to get platinum. The game is not hard and unlike most JRPG, this game is not grind at all. Story wise it is just alright, not very impressive.
  3. For the job, I try to avoid most jobs which require my own equipment unless it is watering. You can go back to your house and save the game to let the time past by. After few days there will be new jobs available. If you want to unlock those money related trophies, just pay attention to those random sales event. Buy the sales item and sell it right the way to make profit. In 2+ hours you should get all the money related trophies.
  4. Finally 100% this game. Overall it is not hard at all, but couple online DLC trophies are really grind. Considering the server is kind dead, that makes it even harder. It does require a lot of time to get both trophies, I am glad I finally got them. Now I can remove this game from my PS4 which can free a lot of space.
  5. I do own both games, but I really hope PS+ gives Bulletstorm. That way more people can join the online community to boost online trophies.
  6. Grid2, it was PS+ free game. Pretty much all the multiplayer trophies can be done by boost with second PS3, especially online community is pretty much dead right now, it will make self boost easily.
  7. This is actually my first platinum, it was a PS+ free game, and I platinum it on PS3. I really don't like this game, so I am not even bothering to stack it on PS Vita. Tbh the multiplayer trophies are not too bad, I got all of them legit.
  8. I got 43 trophies. Platinum Life is Strange: Before the Storm and 8 trophies from Saints Row IV: Re-elected DLC.
  9. I save Life is Strange: Before the Storm for the day. If I have more time, might play Another World from PS+. Hope to get 40+ trophies this year.
  10. You might run into save version not match issue, you will get black screen when you launch game. Just back it up and star new career for this trophy.
  11. MX vs ATV Supercross, I was looking to get this game last year, but decided not to due to its trophy list.
  12. Would like to share my experience. I think the game has some kind supply and demand system which is similar to Farming Simulator. If you don't sell certain crop, the price for that crop will be raised, and at certain point it will reach to the peak. Whenever you are working on Squirreling away (assume you are gathering wheat), since you will not sell any wheat until you reach 100 tons, later on you will notice the price for wheat will stay on the top of the stock market chart. Once, you unlock Squirreling away, simply sell your wheat, the trophy should be unlocked. Also, making sure don't sell from your tablet, you will lose 20% of its value, and the trophy will not unlock.
  13. Wow, can't believe it has already been a year, I was lucky to win one of the cards last year. I am going to save couple easy games for the day.
  14. I don't really get how IP banned triggered now. Few months ago, I got IP banned, and I only update my own profile around 5 times in entire day. Then, later that night I got IP banned. I understand if people update too many other people's accounts in short amount time will be banned. With only few times a day or once every hour for their own account, that doesn't make any sense.
  15. There are few people message me and ask me how to unlock Job hopper. This trophy can't be unlocked if you patch your game, it doesn't matter which patch you have. In order to earn this trophy, you must not update your game. If you update it and make some progress already, back up your save file and reinstall the game from your disc. Also, making sure you delete all of your save files. Otherwise, you might run into save version not match issue when you launch the game. Now start a new career on easy, finish the tutorial and complete at least 1 job from each farmers (total 5 of them) to unlock Job hopper. After that you can update your game with the latest patch and load your save file back. It is actually easier to complete a job with the latest patch. This means you should avoid digital copy for now since you need original disc to unlock the trophy. Hope this help those who struggle with Job hopper.