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  1. There is no way to know if Sound Shape can be done in less than 6 hours now since all the leaderboards are shown auto pop time. We can't rely on he said or I said, there are a lot games like this (Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time). There will be more in the future, there should be something to reference. Even though Sound Shape can be done under 6 hours, but there is no way to prove it. Under current rules, it should be counted if people play it without using cross save. That is the loophole. I think remove " which is not 'cross-saveable' " from rule 4 should solve the problem.
  2. I might be the odd one here who don't against scalpers, because I know I will never purchase anything from them. I understand your frustrations. However, as long as people are willing to pay that price, scalper will be around. There are a lot of shitty businesses in this society, your ISP, drug company, and insurance company. They are worse than scalpers.
  3. I think the rules might need to be discussed after the season end. If you look at Rule 2. That means if I play Sound Shapes legit, my points should be counted. However, it was not counted last season. Also, Sound Shapes is no longer a cross-save game. If the game is easy enough to plat under 6 hours, and it has cross-save feature. Then, there is a loophole which player can legitimately play these cross-save EZPZ to gain the points. 2. If you cross-save a game, it won't grant you any points (Motorstorm RC, Sound Shapes, etc.)
  4. Wow! When the season started, I never thought I could win the CWC champion. I was so close to make CWC last season, and I decided to take easy this season. After the first round, I realized I have the chance to make CWC. The CWC is intense, each round was very close. I am glad I survived till the end. @Ichiban-Hybrid It is a good match. 👍
  5. Tour de France 2019 has an unobtainable trophy So close!, I believe this one is glitched on both PS4 and Xbox One.
  6. I thought the US Daylight Save time ends on Nov 1st this year.
  7. #290 - Mad Max- PS4 I actually bought and installed the game into my PS4 even before it became a PS+ free game. However, I never had time to start it. Recently I heard the server will be closed by the end of October. I just realized there is an online trophy. I immediately boot the game and try to get this plat ASAP. 12 days later I got it. Overall I think Mad Max is a great game, and I really enjoy it. However, it is ruined by its trophy list. Especially those 2 challenges which relied on server are totally unnecessary. I kind hope developer can patch it after server shut down.
  8. Some of the items are in high spot, you could accidentally fall during auto save. I normally stand still for few seconds to wait the auto save completed.
  9. I got 8, not sure if my last one count.
  10. I recall she had whole bunch ready to plat games during those 2 seasons. My main concern is how many of those games were cheated. Even if it was done off season, it still took effect during the season.
  11. Apparently the season 25 & 26 Champion is a cheater. If you ask me, I think it is kind disgusting to know we competed unfairly for 2 seasons. I think the title should be revoked.
  12. What I feel is some of those games from this collection will be future PS+ free games for PS4.
  13. This makes sense to me. How can you get physical PS4 disc into digital PS5 console which has no disc drive?
  14. Just got this trophy, I can confirm you don't need to do it in one session. Feel free to leave the game.
  15. Didn't think I would be able to participate, but just plat LEGO City Undercover yesterday. Here is my entry.
  16. Wish me luck 88,888
  17. I knew it! I always feel there is a chance those easy F2P games could add a paid DLC to screw trophy hunters. That's why I always avoid those easy F2P from small developer.
  18. Just like original PS4 you can swap the cover. Pointless feature which will be removed when slim comes out.
  19. Taking a quick glance, it seems like he had quite few ultra rare, and each of them gets additional 6 points.
  20. I just plat 2, I did carry my save over. You need to make sure to empty your pocket before you reach Pigeon Park (Water Fountain). Check the guide, buy the Moon Wolf lighters. Then, sell them to pawn shop later, so you can get part of your money back. You do need some money later in the game, so definitely carry your save over.
  21. You mean free rental when you have Plus It is also free on Steam, I will check 360 and One later.
  22. There are few people message me and ask me how to unlock Job hopper. This trophy can't be unlocked if you patch your game, it doesn't matter which patch you have. In order to earn this trophy, you must not update your game. If you update it and make some progress already, back up your save file and reinstall the game from your disc. Also, making sure you delete all of your save files. Otherwise, you might run into save version not match issue when you launch the game. Now start a new career on easy, finish the tutorial and complete at least 1 job from each farmers (total 5 of them) to unlock Job hopper. After that you can update your game with the latest patch and load your save file back. It is actually easier to complete a job with the latest patch. This means you should avoid digital copy for now since you need original disc to unlock the trophy. Hope this help those who struggle with Job hopper.