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  1. Agree to keep it simple, theme/challenge sounds complicated.
  2. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story - An interesting game. One of my favorite games in 2019. I feel it is kind underrate.
  3. There are few people message me and ask me how to unlock Job hopper. This trophy can't be unlocked if you patch your game, it doesn't matter which patch you have. In order to earn this trophy, you must not update your game. If you update it and make some progress already, back up your save file and reinstall the game from your disc. Also, making sure you delete all of your save files. Otherwise, you might run into save version not match issue when you launch the game. Now start a new career on easy, finish the tutorial and complete at least 1 job from each farmers (total 5 of them) to unlock Job hopper. After that you can update your game with the latest patch and load your save file back. It is actually easier to complete a job with the latest patch. This means you should avoid digital copy for now since you need original disc to unlock the trophy. Hope this help those who struggle with Job hopper.
  4. Nothing is missable in this game, you can just check those Harvest Moon Wiki page if you need some reference. This how I got my platinum.
  5. Basically if the game crashed (which happens quite common), your save file will be glitched. All the trophies will not pop when requirement meet. It might pop later, but it is not guaranteed. My suggestion is constantly backup your save file, if the game crashed, just load you backup save.
  6. #252 - My Hero One's Justice - PS4 I am not really good in fighting game, but this one is pretty easy. The only challenged part is grinding. Overall I had fun while playing this one.
  7. I am definitely interested to participate. My suggestion is if there are not enough people, we can do it as a big tournament instead divide into 4 different leagues.
  8. It is the same list as PS3 edition. The only difference is there is no View all Reminiscences from YAKUZA to YAKUZA 3 trophy in PS4 edition. I platinum the game on PS3 before, It will take some time and multiple play through. There are also few challenged trophies. I had fun at that time since it was my first time play the series. However, I am not sure if I can spend that many times to plat it again.
  9. I finished mine in August, it should tell you which set you are working on right now if you check your progress. Each type of trophy pass can do 12 times.
  10. Got 20 trophies which is my original goal, will try to pop couple more later tonight.
  11. Finally, there is no paper scissors rock (Two out of Three) trophy, the most irritating trophy from the series.
  12. If this is your first time play motocross game, you need to get used to the control mechanism, it is somewhat different compare to other racing game. If you have hard time, lower the difficulty and turn on assistant.
  13. For some reason I have feeling it is possible people can still play MP after the server closure date. Just like Batman: Arkham Origins and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood since it is p2p connection. I guess we will find out after 9/3/2019.
  14. #223 - Legendary Fishing - PS4 Where should we start? When you see the game like Far Cry 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2 offers better fishing experience than the game only focus on fishing. You know there is something wrong. Legendary Fishing is just alright, overall it is not hard a plat, but a little bit grinding in the end, and it is annoying kind grinding. I don't mind to grind in the game like Farming Simulator, but for the game like this one, it gets annoying very easily. I am just glad it is over now.
  15. For physical release in the US it is not really GameStop exclusive, you can also order it from 2K store, but as I check this morning, it is sold out there also. However, GameStop is going to restock on April 19.
  16. #218 - Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition - PS4 After around 200 hours grind, finally got my first Harvest Moon platinum. This is not the original Harvest Moon (Story of Seasons) game, it is one of those knock off made by Natsume. It has the skin of a traditional Harvest Moon game, but the the more you play the more you will notice the lack of content. The graphic is also not impressive, the real HM game on 3DS might look better than this. I remember spent 100+ hours on Stardew Valley back to 2017, and I enjoy every minute I spent in the game. However, for this one, it is only fun for first 15 hours, and the rest is just a nightmare. I am glad it is finally over, and for sure I am not going to touch this type of game for while.
  17. I highly doubt SONY will offer the feature to remove the game from your list if you earn at least 1 trophy on it. If this feature exists, let's say someone's account got hacked. Then, hacker can use this feature to delete victim's entire list. Even the victim got his account back later on, all of his hard earned trophies are all gone. I don't think this is the feature trophy hunters really want.
  18. Click "Leaderboard" on the top and search the user you want to check. My IP is still banned, it is over 10 days already. Before it would take around than 3 days to get unbanned.
  19. If your devices connect to the same router or modem, that will not work. That's why I mention above using phone with cellular data to update. Not sure who is your ISP, if you are using Xfinity, maybe you can try to use their hotspot.
  20. Mine still blocked and this time is longer than before. I sent a private message to sly in chat couple hours ago, and as expected there is no response.
  21. For the feedback, I think bonus games with double points are weight too heavy. It feels like if you don't platinum a Kingdom Heart game, you pretty much has no chance to win. For next time I would suggest give bonus games playtime multiplier +1 instead double it.
  22. This happens to me during the weekend also. I only update my profile once that day and 5 hours later I got banned. This is actually the second time I got banned without even updating frequently in short amount time. The system definitely has some issues. while waiting to be unbanned, you can use your phone to update profile.
  23. #216 - Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal - PS4 This is probably the easiest Platinum from the series. Nothing tricky and grind. However, the censorship does ruin the overall experience a little bit.
  24. Here is mine, just 1 trophy a way from platinum for Cities Skylines, I don't think I am going to make it in next couple hours. Therefore, that's it for me.
  25. #215 - Secret of Mana - PS4 I have been looking to play this game for very long time(never play the original one). Trophy wise the game is pretty grinding, but not too hard. Need to make sure not missing anything before the final 2 battles.