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  1. I made a Spotify account just so I could be cool and have music on my PSN profile. B)


    Within 24 hours someone else had already started to log into it and listen to music. On my FREE Spotify account. :dunno:


    I no longer have a Spotify account. 


    1. Atoya


      I have been using Spotify premium for 3 years now, worth every cent, it’s really good especially if you like listening to music on the go since you can download them, and they do a discount for students of you are one


    2. Kittet3


      I actually use Youtube Music with their student discount! Youtube already knows every move I make so I thought they would have better music recommendations for me.


      They don't but I'm in too deep to switch now. 

  2. Does anyone know any good gaming-related Twitters to follow?

  3. Honestly you probs have to wait for a cheater removal team member to wake up and give you directions since they can see what's going on with the flags better
  4. It's happened before if the flag is really old - When I look up GTA4, I also just see one trophy list
  5. To clarify, on the same trophy list, you got 2 flags? Is one of the flags super old? We can't tell what version of GTA4 you're playing on if they have the same trophy list so that shouldn't matter.
  6. I played the original but not the sequel. I don't think you'll have trouble just jumping into the sequel. In my uninformed and biased opinion.
  7. You can stream and download PS4 games. Others are just streaming
  8. Oh there was definitely another post - it was from a user without a profile picture and it was one paragraph long and they were talking about right now if you get 5-wins-in-a-row legit people are going to think you're going to use the exploit anyway so you might as well use the exploit or wait until it's patched so then people know you did it legit. At least, I hope I didn't dream this up Back OT as I'm convinced I'm losing my mind - I personally am waiting for either the servers to die or an easier method be patched in because the exploit is so inconsistent and kinda ruins the fun of the game.
  9. Depending on how loose it is and if you can wiggle it back and forth freely, you can try sliding a folded-up bit of paper next to it. I know that has worked for me at least once in my life for a loose button, not necessary for a PS4 controller though. Index card paper works great for this. It's probably off-center on the up-and-down spring thing, though (at least, that's what came up when I googled it). Probs the easiest thing to do is to unscrew it.
  10. I losing it? I swear on my favorite penguin that someone else posted on this thread after me and now that post is gone and this is the second time today I know I saw posts that disappeared. Someone else remembers that post, right?
  11. From my understanding, it's really inconsistent when you quit out of the match. Some people say that you are still in the match for 1-3 seconds after you quit and that could result in losing. Personally, I would ignore the kudoes and keep going as if I had the streak and hope that it would register. You don't want to throw the next match in frustration when it turns out the trophy would have popped.
  12. I remember two comments - one stating something similar to gamers are all sellouts and another one from Helyx (I believe) that said (which I thought was funny and liked). Both comments are now gone I love the addition of the [video] tag that you added to the rules (if it wasn't obvious, lol). I think that's a step in the right direction but I also think there should be some kind of limit to these threads - there's still so many of them and it's just going to get worse as people make a thread for every video and article they make.
  13. It looks like they removed the comments in question. I only saw the first two, not sure if there were more. Which is a step in the wrong direction imo. But no one asked me. I wonder if my comments about people forgetting the video tag in their titles will be removed next.
  14. Sounds too complicated when what I'm hearing you say is that you actually just want hidden games to still count towards milestones. I agree. The site should freeze milestones so even if I hide a game, they don't change. If I have hidden games when I sign up and then unhide them, then the milestone can update but not the other way (unhidden -> hidden) around.
  15. I said this in another thread, but I'll say it here too since this seems to be themed around the legitimacy of the games: It's my understanding that Ratalaika just publishes games that were developed by other game studios. There are some really good developers that make games that they published - I know the meme is that they are short and easy trophies. However, a majority of the indie games I play on PC are around 15 - 20 minutes long to begin with, which means that Ratalaika games are actually on the longer side for an independent indie game. Just because the publisher adds trophies in the first half or that the games are easy or quick doesn't mean they are bad or just here for the trophies (unlike some 1000TopRated/Slyde/Adventures on the Prairie games). They also published some of my favorite PC games to PlayStation, so I'm all for Ratalaika