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  1. Make sure that you have tutorial turned on in the settings menu. There will be little pop-ups that show up on your screen telling you what to do. After a few, it shows you the quest log and you have to do two of those before the next pop-up comes up.
  2. Can I also be moved to the inactive list? I haven't had much time to play lately.
  3. I bought the deluxe and kinda regretted it - the content wasn't worth the extra almost 3$ to me. You get a few extra outfits which were nice and there's one extra hour long bonus episode, but I would have rather played the standard and just watched the bonus episode on youtube for free.
  4. Update: Finished Overcooked 2 Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Doodle God NA PS3 82.44% Ultra Rare The Escapist 3.91% Platinum-Less Soma Unpopular Dark Mystery 331 DLC Warframe Pack 21 Difficulty Minefield Rocky Mode Speed Run Catlateral Damage Time Trial MP Overcooked 2 Battered! Peripherals Waddle Home VR Bad Rep Submerged 56
  5. Oh no, it's nothing on you The forums has a decently steep learning curve to it, especially if you visit only occasionally.
  6. This topic in 100% unnecessary as it divides discussion on the game. The title is also misleading - the game isn't free to play, it's apart of the PS Plus line-up. The issue with that is every region has a different plus line-up. NA and EU merged a while ago, but it wasn't always like that. You can go individually and do each game with each region and year, but there's very little utility in that unless PSP rolls out some way to add games to a game collection.
  7. I've spent 19.46$ so far: Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 6.49 Puzzle Showdown 1.99 Don't Starve and Last Day of June 10.98
  8. Ohh, I love intellectual property law! Although my expertise is on patents, there is a bit of overlap with copyright. There are ways to legally make copies of something to preserve it. It's a bit complicated to ensure you follow the law and you probably have to be a library to do it, but it's doable. This throws out 80% of your argument on why the copyright period is too long. It's fairly common knowledge that IP law hasn't caught up to the digital age. We're still arguing about whether software is an abstract thought or is patentable or is copyrightable and it's honestly a confusing mess to try and figure it out. Right now the answer is that it depends. There is no reason we should feel entitled to exactly copy someone's games. There is no lawful way to protect an idea so we can just take our favorite aspects of games and remake them. Look how many platformers there were after Mario. Copyright literally just prevents exact copies of different aspects of the game. Wanting to remove copyright is just being lazy and wanting to benefit from someone's hard work. It's also not just copyright. Many of these Nintendo games have trademarks in them, as OP pointed out. Some of them might even have patents. Piracy is not okay? Replace the argument with a physical item. I should be able to steal this chair because I might not like it, but if I do, then I will probably maybe buy other chairs from the same chair maker. But I'll probably steal those too tbh. Got to talk to your lawmakers about your customs. That's not Nintendo's fault and I bet they don't like them anymore then you do. Honestly, there are too many loosely related arguments in the OP to sift through. The music industry was almost destroyed by piracy. George Lucas literally made Star Wars and if he wants to change it, that's his right. Why do we feel so entitled to something just because someone sells us a copy? Companies rather spend time making new stuff then ensuring their old games still work on today's hardware. They are also releasing a lot of their old games - look at that mini Nintendo thing and the mini Playstation thing that were recently released.
  9. Don't worry about it. I support reviving old threads versus creating new ones on the same topic
  10. Update! Games: The Escapist: The Walking Dead, Puzzle Showdown 5K As I expected, I didn't love the escapist walking dead version as much as the original one. A lot of the original mechanics were scrapped since they wouldn't make sense and there's a weird emphasis on melee even though that's a very weak part of the game. I don't think the game is awful by any means, but it was a strange choice as a backdrop. Movie: Happy Feet I thought the penguins were amazing in this movie! The plot and storyline, not so much. I'm not sure how movies are usually arranged, but in this one it wasn't until the last 40 minutes that the climax happened and it literally skipped a huge portion of how the penguin actually escaped from the zoo. I would have loved to have seen the backstory cut and the climax happening in the first half of the movie. Book: Fatal Vision I didn't finish the book because the first 500 "pages" (I read on my phone so a page is much smaller than an actual page, but this was still a good fourth of the book) was so many repeats that I honestly don't know what the last 3/4 of the book could even be about. Also, fun life update, I got a job offer to teach middle school math in the southern US! I haven't accepted it yet, although I probably will, and I'm super excited.
  11. I mean, I get what you're saying with some games always being in "Beta", but I do think it's important to have lower expectations for Beta versions. It's not healthy as a community for us to expect flawless Betas from these studios as it discourages them to get large scale Beta testing and encourages them to do Betas purely for promotional purposes.
  12. It goes by points. Rocket League has 2,745 points (warframe has 2,055) Driveclub currently has the most at over 4,000. I think there was a limit before but Sony raised it
  13. I think it just goes up for premium members
  14. Weekly Update Time: Games: Last Days of June, Overcooked 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hitman 2, The Escapist: Walking Dead I completed my first game- Last Days of June! I started the game thinking I already knew the ending and wasn't expecting much, but the ending really blew me away unexpectedly. My only complaint of the game is that the saves are all over the place and it doesn't have any replay options. Overcooked 2 is getting wrapped up nicely as I have just a handful of bonus levels to complete and a bit of grinding. I also completed the first episode of Guardians of the Galaxy which I swiped for free from the store. @Honor_Hand I've actually just been replaying the free Hitman 1 content that you can pop for trophies for on Hitman 2. I surprisingly really enjoyed the game even though by all rights I should be awful at sleath games. Getting to set up a bunch of things for the perfect kill is oddly satisfying Movie: The Incredibles 2 I never thought the first Incredibles was anything amazing, but with a bit more age I did find the second one more endearing. The story was really predictable, though, which was a bit disappointing. It did make me laugh a bit, so that was a plus. Next Movie: Happy Feet (I'm such a fraud and haven't ever watched a penguin movie) Book: Jaycee's Dugard's Freedom: My Book of FIrst It took me a bit to process this book. Overall, I think I was a bit disappointed as it didn't share any themes with The Room that I watched last week and it seemed to be more of a chat about everyday things- which is nice but it doesn't offer any insights and it feels like if the author wasn't famous then it wouldn't have ever been read. I'm also exhausted from reading true crime books for a bit. Next Book: Fatal Vision (I guess I'm not done with true crime yet)