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  1. If the game supports cross-play to autopop the trophies, then it's fine. i.e. if the game automatically transfers the save and the trophies pop. If you have to use outside software to pop the trophies, then it's not fine. I'm not sure about that specific game. That specific rule means you must have one list that isn't auto-popped.
  2. There's a way to start a game on one account and then, while it's "playing", switch accounts iirc. I would also note that only PS4 games can be installed - PS3 and Vita games are stream-only.
  3. Each region has different games available and I think this list is just NAs. You can buy PSNow on the PS store if it's available in your country.
  4. PSPrices is usually pretty good about listing all the games that are on sale. They also usually update a bit before the store is finished from what I can tell. The doodle games are on sale for 60 cents each. Koi is also less than a dollar.
  5. I wasn't in love with the second one. It has a large 'hub' between levels and the character roster is bigger so there are more caveats of gameplay. Most people might think these are a plus, but I found it was a bit too extra. They also added 'story missions' and challenges which take away from the main appeal of the first one as a fun, play when you have ten minutes type of game.
  6. I had this happen to me when I visited PST for a while. I think it's a malicious ad that's doing it, like stated above. What I would do is press the back button on the bottom of my phone and sometimes that would work, but most of the time I had to close the tab altogether.
  7. It gets even more fun when you live on the border between two states. My grocery store made it a big marketing campaign that they didn't tax food because Minnesota doesn't have food tax, unlike the store across the border in which the state does have a food tax. However, cigarettes weren't taxed in the other state where they were taxed extremely high in Minnesota. Needless to say, most people would shop in both states to get the best deals. To OP, you can switch the address in your settings to a state with no tax on digital goods as long as you aren't using a credit card to pay.
  8. Hmm, I wonder if streaming the game from Playstation Now counts as "buying"? Also, I didn't know I got a whole hour each year.
  9. What about timed trials which are the full game with a limited scope of time?
  10. It's the principle of the thing - i.e. we let you on then we have to let everyone back on. You might want to check out the threads discussing whitelisting and offer your story there, however, I think Sly has made it clear that isn't a priority. Even more so with the name changes requiring extra resources. However, I'm mostly commenting because that was probably the most persuasive, polite, and researched request we've had yet. Kudos for that. EDIT: However, I do find some holes in your argument. You gave us a breakdown of the first achievers board, but didn't mention the fastest achievers board. I'm also not convinced that 14 bronze (14*15=180 points) wouldn't affect your world rankings. I'm not sure if you just don't know how to calculate point totals, but giving me breakdowns by trophy type doesn't prove this too me.
  11. It's been requested a few times iirc and the general feel was that people wanted to shy away from being too much like PST, especially since these are all user-generated events and such. Click on your name in the upper right corner and go to account settings and then signature. You can copy and paste the image in.
  12. On PSN, every trophy is rare - ultra rare
  13. Can I join? I like the longer event for the holidays!
  14. 1 is it worth for a full year pass of 99 euro? That depends on how much time and backlog you have. For me, I have such a big backlog that I wouldn't spend the time to make it worth it. 2 are they only adding more games and don't remove games? They remove games every month - usually one to three games. I use to track what games they removed but then they changed the website. 3 do you need seperate ps+ for streamed games with online or can you play without ps+? I don't know, I always have PS+. 4 games that have dlc trophies can you buy them seperate and get acces with psnow games? You cannot buy the DLC and have it work with the game
  15. That's what I was thinking too. I would say just try it and see, but my worry would be that it goes through and mastercard gives you a really unfavorable exchange rate and/or exchange fees. (My bank card is a Mastercard and they charge me both internationally, but I don't know if that's coming from the card or my bank) If you don't have any other use for the 100$ then I would try it.