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  1. Well, I'm going to go hide in embarrassment now. Thanks for the info though!
  2. Wait, can you explain that time difference for an ignorant American? August 27 vs June 22? Does Australia have it's own calendar?
  3. The insane amount of hours you'd have to find a dedicated boosting partner for would probably make this difficult, but there's really no reason why boosting wouldn't work (providing the online works)
  4. So I've been stuck on this for at least a week, probably two or three. My question is how to get to the second castle? I can see it on the upper left-side of my map, but every path seems to be blocked off. I already have Flambo so that's not my issue either. I've looked up guides and youtube videos, but they never open their map to show where they are when they start heading to the second castle. Thanks!
  5. Along with what everyone else said, even through all the numbers are somewhat subjective, they are often pretty comparable to each other. I'm comfortable with 4/10 games and so if the guide is a 4/10, I know it's probably within my ability. For time, I usually add a 20% increase to what this site says. Once you're more comfortable with knowing your skill level, the numbers tend to mean more. I also know that some games are much easier or harder for me so that also adds or subtracts from the guide writer's posted difficulty. (Adventure game, subtract one. Driving game, add two) Sometimes guide writers aren't good at estimating these things, so I always double-check other guides if available to see if they are comparable. I've added a couple comments to guides saying that their numbers seem low or asking how they justified their estimates, so always check the comments if you're concerned about a particular game. Generally they are pretty good through. I've never found a use for the minimum playthroughs stat. A "playthrough' varies alot so I don't know why knowing there are 1, 2, 50, or 1,000 is really helpful, but that's just me
  6. We don't name-and-shame in the forums
  7. Oh congrats! I did that one for the last event and unexpectingly loved it. And there is one area you can technically not return too, which stressed me out because I just knew I would miss something there. Luckily I didn't
  8. I like this suggestion. For the issue of topics relating to only certain regions- most posts already are pretty explicit in what region they are talking about because the forums don't show the different regions to begin with. This is only really a problem when people are starting on a trophy list and navigate into the forums.
  9. Stand Up Update: Haven't been playing as much, but I started the grind for Space Overlords since t's a simple thing I can keep resetting throughout class. I also got another level-up in Shake Spears! and finished the second to last castle while on the subway, so I only have about 5 levels left before I hit the recommended level for beating the final boss. I'm close to leveling up on Helldivers, but I'm still several levels below 25. I almost got the trophy for completing a level 10 mission with no deaths, but at the extraction point my partner threw a slow-down stratagem I got stuck in and someone else through a Tesla tower next to me. I was at the border of the boundary, but I couldn't move away fast enough and I got one death Now that we are at war with the bugs, so I'm going have to wait for the battle to end before attempting again. I did some upgrades to my opening points. I added tabs to my backlog checklist to make it more readable. The opening post takes a long time for my computer to load for me to edit, so I'm going to transition my backlog to a Google Sheet that I linked in the opening post. I know this isn't as easy to view then a list in the post, but I do think it's alot cleaner and I will be able to keep it up to date a lot more. I don't have a definite date to remove the backlog spoiler at the moment. I also cleaned up the data some.
  10. Retrospective North (Vita) I had my first two exams today and I got 100% in both of them The teacher actually graded the second one as two wrong, but then they double-checked the answer key and it turns out that it was wrong. You're probably wondering why I'm starting out with my life update and I promise it's relevant to this game. After my exams, I was feeling a bit dull so I decided that I would "cheat" a bit and buy a quick and cheap game without counting it against my tokens. In my defense, I finished the game an hour after buying it, so it was never really 'in' my backlog -slight spoilers ahead- North is a quick indie "experience" that's actually pretty interesting. It's centered around a refugee trying to gain asylum in a strange land. And by "strange land", I mean some weird 50's alien land. The author rights letters to his sister, but I couldn't figure out how to read them. The plot of the game is to get papers from various departments, such as papers that say you are a "hard worker" or papers for converting to their religion. -end spoilers- So, the game on the Vita is awful. I was using a walkthrough based off the PS4 version and that version actually had textures and shapes, whereas my game was washed out blobs. The game is also very short - 20ish minutes with a guide (Also, I'm currently on the fastest achievers list ) but I think that's pretty good for what it is. I would have liked the letters to have automatically popped up instead of having to go to the post office box or something to view them. In the end, I think it had pretty good potential for really thinking about life as a refugee in a way that's approachable for everyone. I would have liked for it to go a bit farther into the struggles of a refugee as I often feel alot of games have good ideas but don't go far enough into their execution. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 5/10 Other Gaming News: I got sucked back into TOMS blitz. I read that it's better to go for the 100 hour trophy while being a low level because otherwise it takes too long for lives to regenerate. I'm currently at 15 hours, which is double the 8 I had before I re-downloaded this game last week. I don't know what's so addicting to keep press play and let a minute tick by on the counter. I'm a bit worried that the cats might not be healthy as they all seem like strays and Halloween was sitting on a door step in the middle of the day just looking pissed off and not interacting with anyone. I tested it and I can hear them from the hallway of my apartment. I actually don't even know what's behind my apartment, I should go investigate. I think people must be feeding them because otherwise there's no reason for them to be so satisfied living here and I haven't seen cats anywhere else. In America, I think we paid anywhere between 1.50-0.75 depending on the size of the machine and if it was a wash or a dry, but it's been years since I used a laundromat (wait, it's been a decade Goodness I'm old. Okay, back in my day it was 1.50 at most for a wash.) I think there was a washer in use for 3,000 won, but I still don't want to pay double and have to lug my clothes back and forth. Wait, there's no laundromats where you live? How do you wash clothes? This building has drying racks they set up in the stairwells by a huge window. The first time I tried to airdry, I thought that just laying the clothes over furniture in my room would work. No. That does not. Everything got a musty smell to it. The second time I did it in the stairwell, but it was pouring outside so that didn't work either. This time it seemed to have worked well, except for the winkles because I didn't get the clothes out of the washer quick enough. (I also didn't know how to put the drying rack up, but luckily someone saw my poor job of balancing it between two other racks and they fixed it for me) I've also never heard of anyone getting electrocuted by a dryer, but yet here we are Lajunta
  11. Has anyone tried the method with the 'guard dog' stratagem from the Defenders pack? I'm tempted to pay the three bucks if it makes the grind faster, but I can't find much information about it online anywhere if it's worth buying the DLC just for that.
  12. I used a guide with this game and I tried to figure out how to write the letters to the sister, but couldn't (the graphics on the vita is awful so I couldn't tell what most of the things were). Does anyone know of a video walkthrough of the game that includes writing the letters so I can read them?
  13. Retrospective Get Off My Lawn! I really don't remember adding this game to my library, but when I did my clean up of my backlog list verses my library and added any missing games, this was one that popped up. I would have happily ignored it, but I decided it seemed short enough so I added it to the backlog pyramid challenge and it's the first game I completed for that event (link in first post). The game is like the original Plants verses Zombies and whatever game style that is a knock-off of. There is a gridded playing field and waves of enemies come and you have to shoot them before they reach you. It's a simple mechanic and the game is extremely simple as there's only a few variants of enemy type and weapon types. The game is also very glitchy is both good and bad ways. On one hand, you can auto-level all the weapons saving countless hours of grinding. On the other hand, you can't close the game because your kill counters will reset and you need 5,000 kills of a certain enemy with a certain gun. With fully upgraded weapons, the game was extremely easy and got a bit boring after a while. However, not being able to play anything else actually motivated me to complete it The last trophy of the game is for killing 1,000 tanks and this usually pops around 30,0000-40,000 enemies. I was at 15,000. Luckily, I was able to get it to glitch and pop early, otherwise I'm pretty sure I would never have actually finished it. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 4/10 Life Update: I'm feeling alot happier now. I think a combination of pizza, nice weather, and fun activities helped alot. Cat Update: There's more screetching cats outside my apartment. I also saw a kitten a week ago napping at a doorstep. I named it Halloween because it was orange. Dryer War Update: I lugged my laundry to the laundromat, but at 3,500 won for a wash, I lugged it back and decided that I will figure out how to work the washer and then just air dry the clothes. (For perspective, the washer at my apartment is 1,500 won and I thought that was expensive) I messed with the washer settings and it seems to now work and it's nice out so my clothes should hopefully dry without getting the musty smell to them. Winkles, on the other hand, might be my new enemy since the drying racks don't seem to help those. Maybe I should find an iron, but that sounds like another way to get electrocuted.
  14. Like what the poster above said- different parts of the site updates at different times. It's usually not too noticeable, but since that trophy just came out it'll be more obvious since the rarity will fluctuate.