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  1. I'm not going to derail the thread further, but we shouldn't be unflagging people because of how good they present their case. That's called bias. This is an investigation where we are trying to figure out if the trophies are possible. OP's input is here to help us investigate, but this should no way be a 'prove yourself innocent' type of deal. Even if someone said "I cheated these games", unless the timestamps show that, the flag should be lifted. We aren't judging the character of OP here, just the validity of their trophies.
  2. Here's the link for boosting sessions. We don't allow individual boosting threads on the forum. Also welcome to the forum!
  3. I agree with you. The point of these threads is to get community input on whether or not a certain pattern of trophies is possible. If we just wanted to interrogate OP, that could be done in a more private system.
  4. If the trophies pop in the wrong order then it's a flaggable offense. The question is if the trophies pop up in a way that is okay if the online servers were up but not available now, will he get flagged? I've seen game sessions for games that servers have been shut down and there are services that provide some type of fake LAN set-up for online trophies that are technically unavailable. It's definitely a grey area since the feature is no longer in the game and I don't think we've had a case that called this into question.
  5. Please change the misleading title
  6. Hello.

    You know how I can delete my account from PSNPROFILE? I sell my console portable last year and I don't had idea about to use a code, its possible in other way to delete my account here? Ty for help me.

    1. DaivRules


      Front page, bottom of page: Delete Profile -

  7. Tax varies between states, some having none. My state was around 5%. And you didn't get it? Good to know. People on Reddit was saying they still got the credit when they were one cent off. I think you have to buy the plus through the store- redeeming a card code doesn't count.
  8. Took me a few tries, but I got it now, thanks!
  9. It shows up with no date but that's not how it's being calculated. In Nov. 2009 when you put your system online, you got 2 trophies on the 28th (You can view this on the second to last page of your trophy log). However, if you go to your stats and look at 'Trophies by Time', it says you got 36 trophies in that month because it's counting all the trophies with missing timestamps as being gotten in that month. It's not very noticeable because you only have a few missing timestamps, but for people like me who have alot it's very noticeable and it hasn't always been calculated this way. Hope that makes more sense!
  10. I refreshed the first few pages looking for this topic and couldn't find it. If there is a thread for it, please direct me. There seems to be some type of change to how missing timestamp trophies are calculating the stats on our stat page. Before they were just ignored, but now they seem to be all given a sudo-date of the first actual timestamp. This is messing up stats such as 'Monthly Activity', 'Trophies by Time', and 'Trophies by Date'. I'll try to embed a picture to show what I'm referring too: As you can see, because my first timestamped trophy was 5PM on a Tuesday, it is adding all missing timestamp trophies to this date. Since I have so many, you can see how it vastly skews my data. I'm requesting that missing timestamp trophies be ignored again for these stats to improve accuracy and prevent vastly skewing the data.
  11. That's really common. What helps me is to remember it's not the destination (AKA the platinum), but rather the journey that got me there.
  12. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Most people don't pay for their avatars and most of our avatars are screenshots of video game characters which we don't own the copyright to. There's a community standard that you don't take someone's avatar, but thats just a standard. Since you own your avatar, this sounds like something you should message the user and the mods about to get it handled. This doesn't sound like anything common enough to have to have it's own process for.
  13. We already got Arkham City for PS3 and they don't do games twice. Origin's servers are supposed to be down now (even they aren't) so it would be an odd move to put it on plus with that uncertain state.
  14. Sound Shapes, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, and any other game that has cross-play and separate trophy list (there's not many) are fine to have 10-15 seconds auto-popped trophies if you have the other version finished because it is a feature within the game. What's not okay is moving saves between accounts via a USB to auto-pop them and using any saves you found off the internet/from your friend. For sound shapes, there's a thread about the cross-save not working properly, so ymmv.
  15. Ether one is fairly quick and it's alot of gold trophies, so I'll make a decent dent in your completion