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  1. I didn't see this posted yet, but the Hitman Holiday Pack is free for a limited time in the PSN store. (NA only?) The pack gives everyone two locations and the description says it has 20 trophies. Saved data progress ports to the full game, as well.
  2. Really no need for another topic. The first post has a video and on the second page, Nathaniel posted a chart showing time to plat, difficulty, and guides for all the games.
  3. Ohh, thanks for the heads-up! I wish they would release these as separate packs instead of just adding it to the existing one so it's easier to notice a new one. It would also be nice to release more than one trophy at a time, but I can't complain too much for another free trophy.
  4. No, it's really easy. It's just really blurry and there's some jerky-ness in movements at the beginning. I do recommend to pay attention to the instructions when they pop since there's no way to pull up the controls. I think his script pulled too many games (AKA Batman Arkham VR as I mentioned before), so 251 sounds about right.
  5. That's extremely rude to OP who took the time out to make this post and did it hours before Nathaniel even ran his script. Anyone can make a sales thread and it's first come-first serve. The idea is to centralize discussion, another post would just fragment the discussion into two places. It looked good when I just checked. Are you sure you aren't in the PS4 only section or have any filters on? @NathanielJohn I don't think Batman VR is on sale (at least it's not showing up on sale for me) If anyone's thinking about Weeping Doll for 99 cents, it's extremely blurry. I thought my headset was broken or on poorly, but it's just that blurry of a game.
  6. Lol, we're both pretty confused then My only guess is that you're saying there are more good games then bad games, so even if a game is below average it can still be good, so looking at reviews as a more whole-istic pure grade- so if a game is 6/10 then it's above 50% and thus passing and it doesn't matter what other games are doing. This makes sense because I would agree there are a lot more good games than truly bad games. So your 'average' game would be 5/10, although this wouldn't be a mathematical average as most games are above average. What I'm looking at a more broad view and saying that reviews are dependent on other reviews. So if every game gets 6/10, then a 5/10 is 'bad' and a 7/10 is 'good'. My thought process is that, if a game scores 6/10, however, I could pick up any other game and on average get a 7/10, then the 6/10 is 'bad' in comparison. So my 'average' would be 6.5/10 because I would have exactly 50% games under and 50% games over. Hmm, I guess there's an interesting review philosophy here.
  7. But that doesn't make sense since an 'average' game sound receive an 'average' review score, which is 6.5-7. So a game rated '5' would be a below-average game and a game rated '6.5' would be an average game. I feel a bit stupid and like I'm misunderstanding something simple right now.
  8. Since game scores aren't on a bell-curve around 5, 5 wouldn't be either the average or the median, it's just the middle number. Since most reviews are high, saying that 7-7.5 is a bit high, it's more around 6.5-7. There are barely ever reviews under 5- not nearly enough to balance the amounts of 8's and 10's. Example: On an assignment, 50% would be the middle grade. However, most people get around B, which is around 80% so that's the median. However, if we have people getting 0's on the assignment, the average may be a bit lower, like a 75%, since that's sensitive to extremes.
  9. They are in the little scroll-y box to the right of the video after you click the link, log in, and accept their conditions.
  10. You can get the Guacamelee! STCE 'Frenemies' Character Pack still, though, which is also cool
  11. It is saying exactly that, though, and the article in question brings up important points about difficulty menus. The way I see it, my little brother would be sad if he saw me put the difficulty on "baby" before I let him play. I'm happy they had the difficulty, but the subtle messaging is disappointing for a large game that would attract new players. It's hard for us to maybe see that since we're use to difficulty menus, but new gamers are more impressionable with those poor design decisions.
  12. Unless there's something special with this game, the trophy list should appear when you start the game again. I deleted 0% and then played again and still haven't gotten a trophy but the list is synched again. If you want it on psnp, you have to get a trophy in any game after you start this one and then synch.
  13. Just because its been used since 1992 doesn't mean it should. I haven't seen the image, if you look at my comment it was aimed at the article that was shown and the comment that we should laugh because someone pointed out the "baby" difficulty wasn't inclusive to new players, which it isn't. Do little kids want to play on "baby" difficulty? Do adults? No, of course not.
  14. I'm not offended, I just think it's childish and, as a medium, we should work on being more mature. We don't really have the best reputation and that's really holding the industry back. Childish design decisions like this is why some people are ashamed to say they are a gamer and this mocking and 'get good' mentality is cultivating toxic communities. Also, don't call me a snook please. I don't know what that is, but it's not appreciated. There is nothing wrong with playing games on easy.
  15. The trophy is unobtainable. There is no legitimate method to get it. Also, for future boosting sessions, please use the game sessions page as we don't allow individual boosting threads.