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  1. So I think it's time for me to retire this thread I 'm just not good at updating it and, at this point, I would be better off starting from scratch sometime in the future. It was tons of fun though and I loved the conversation that it sparked One last update for the books. Gaming Update: I reactivated my Runescape account (RS3) and fulfilled my childhood dream of getting membership. I honestly love it- it's the perfect amount of AFK I can do as I do other more "productive" things and it has TONS of goals for me to make and beat. If anyone else still plays, my username is Kittet3 and I'm always open to friends (or dungeonneering mates) My wifi is pretty weak and I haven't gotten to upgrading it yet, so online play on the PS4 has been pretty slow. I've been really enjoying Borderlands 2 however. Once I get decent wifi, I'm thinking of trying to crash lower level games to breeze through the story trophies with my level 50 character since it feels a bit tedious to redo it all again, even with the Machro-character. I feel like that should work? If anyone wants to volunteer to try, let me know. I have been really good at keeping my spreadsheet updated, so if anyone ever is interesting on my neverending list of games I'm playing, it'll still be there Life Update: I graduated from college! Which seems weird since when I joined this site I was still in high school... I got my first "professional" job in Tennessee, which is about 300% humidity, as a teacher so that's been exhausting. After realizing math isn't my thing, I got promoted to special education which is much more inline with my skill set of not understanding geometry. It's also been really uprooting since I had to do with just my vita while I get an apartment, a tv, and everything else I need to get my Playstation hooked up. (Luckily it survived the flight!) Movie Update: I don't know how, but I've been maintaining my book-a-week and my movie-a-week goals! One of the more memorable movies I've watched recently was Pihu, which hurt my heart so much. It's about a young toddler who has to survive on her own in her apartment and it was really well made and really hard to watch. It kinda has Roma vibes which I've started to really enjoy the more dramatic movies. Book Updates: My book this week was "Call the Midwife" which is the basis for the tv show with the same name. I really liked the tv show and the book was naturally better. Reading about Poplar area and the London docks and the history of the area was really interesting.............. So interesting, that I bought a non-refundable plane ticket to London. So if anyone has any suggestions about what to do, or areas to look for an airbnb because I did absolutely no preplanning for this trip, I'm super open to it. And that's a wrap I'm still always open to game suggestions, movie suggestions, book suggestions, or trophy boosting (or just friendly conversation). Just don't add me on PSN, message me here first (I'm trying the PSNP discord, but it'll still probably be more reliable to pm me on the forums unless you see that I'm online).
  2. Update: Crisis averted and I got my RuneScape name back. 


    Also, I finally got moved in so I turned my PS4 on for the first time in 8 weeks. It's refreshing to be able to play again

    1. Honor_Hand


      Hey there Kittet3. Glad you were able to have your original RuneScape name back. I remember you posting about having to change it the last time you logged into your account.


      Time to get a lot of playtime done on that PS4. ;)

  3. Logged into Runescape for the first time in the last 4 years and they forced me to change my username. I created my Kittet3 account 10 years ago and now I am no more :(

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    2. Kittet3


      They must. It's strange because I went years without playing before and had no problem logging in a few years ago to check things out again- so it must be some kind of new update. I also didn't find anyone using my username on the leaderboards, so I don't know why they didn't let me change it back to my old one.

    3. Fenrirfeather


      Please have a penguin in memory of your former account name. 




    4. NERVergoproxy


      They may had change how their game server and infrastructure work, and had everyone name change. Epicgames got hacked and made everyone change ID and passwords once. Could be similiar.

      I think in 2014 something Runescape got hacked and over half a million accounts got compromised.

  4. Hi @VenomUK, I see the second forum card (aka the animated one) in your sig at the end of your post. What browser are you using? Can you see other people's cards in their signature?
  5. Just to make sure it's clear- you don't have to play the DLC before July 8th, you just have to "purchase it" aka put it in your cart and hit submit.
  6. This should be lifted. Are we going to start mass flagging users of that one save-hack site? Of course not. Sometimes it's used to collaborate with bad timestamps, but I haven't seen website affiliation or posts be used before as the only flag-able evidence. The timestamps are legitimate and that's all that matters.
  7. I don't think that would be an issue. iirc, the vita version doesn't have a few DLCs that the PS3 version does and cross-save still works fine. As for the trophies, they are added on the server side. Even if Gearbox did make a new patch, they wouldn't likely add trophies to it. I think the Japanese-version issue was a more of a the-dlc-was-suppose-to-be-released thing and not a add-dlc-to-every-list thing.
  8. I actually found out I have hotspot capabilities because of this response - thank you! Unfortunately, I have a low data cap that resets on the 5th of each month and I'd probably run through it all before then. However, I did manage to get connected to the internet! At least for 24 hours. With no further ado, my completed challenges so far (18). I also completed Zero Time Dilemma because of this challenge because I wanted a U trophy : 1. Get a trophy that has the letter J Forever Jung 2. Get a trophy that begins with the letter U Unforgettable 6. Get a trophy that has at least 3 words in the trophy name that contain the letter E Tell Them What They Won 4. Get a trophy that begins with the letter E Evolutionary! 9. Get a trophy from a game that is originally released in the month June or July (Doesn’t matter which year) (If 1 version is released in June or July in only 1 region, all versions of that game count towards this challenge) Virtual Reality 10. Get a trophy that has exactly 1 letter F in the trophy name A Rabbit in My Future 11. Get a trophy that has all the letters C R A S H in the trophy name Schrödinger's Cat 16. Get a trophy that has all the letters M A R I O in the trophy name It Came From Within 26. Get a trophy that has all the letters D I S N E Y in the trophy name Doggy in the Windows 28. Get a trophy that has all the letters E L S W E Y R en the trophy name Someday My Prints Will Come 29. Get a trophy from a Playstation Plus game In the Big Leagues Now 31. Get 3 trophies where the first letters of those 3 trophies follow each other up in the alphabet (for example 1 trophy that starts with the D, 1 that starts with the E and 1 that starts with the F) (They must all be locked in for this challenge) A Silver Lining Blessed by Lady Luck C-Team Subject Report 32. Get a trophy where the first letter in the trophy name matches the second letter in your PSN username Invisible Man 34. Get a trophy from a game that is originally released in 2016 Calculated Risk 38. Get a trophy from a game that is made by an Asian developer All-Seeing Wisdom 39. Get a trophy that is rated PEGI 3 or 7, or rated E for Everyone Wonderland 40. Get a trophy from a game that you have used to complete a challenge in a previous month (If this is your first month competing: Get a trophy from a game that you have used to complete another challenge in the same round) Down the Hatch 14. Get a trophy that has all the letter C A N C E R in the trophy name What Are Ya, Chicken?
  9. Hmmm, maybe a vertical line would help. It still seems like a weird dynamic between Sony numbers and our numbers. Also, why wouldn't 100% games be counted? If the point of the ribbon to show off the effort of trophies instead of sheer number and restore the emphasize on completing really hard games, then there is definitely some non-platinum games that need some recognition as well.
  10. Two of your Persona4 trophies don't have a timestamp. This happens when your vita isn't connected to the internet before you start playing. This moved all your trophies up by 2 since missing timestamps are moved to the beginning of your trophy history.
  11. You can totally sync your controller to two systems and play at once. I know it's possible for a PS3/PS4 sync and I don't see why a little playing around couldn't make a controller sync to two PS4s. Also, they don't show up as identical to me. One has a tad different completion rate.
  12. I mean, I like it, but not on the toolbar. The toolbar is currently showing all the numbers that come directly from Sony and it feels a bit wrong to start making up stats (I say that in the nicest way) and putting them there as well. Maybe put it next to the hidden/premium icons?
  13. Hi, so I might actually have to drop out this month I recently moved and I'm staying in a dorm for the month, and the college wifi doesn't support my vita. I'm still earning trophies, but I won't be able to synch them before the 30th. I'll definitely be interested in rejoining next month though!
  14. They are trying to buy the rights to get it relisted from what I heard. I also don't think it's half-owned, I think it's just a trademark license Gearbox game to Telltale.
  15. I disagree strongly with TLoU the people mentioned. There are dialogues that you have to do entire sections if you miss them. The collectibles could be found with just searching, but that's with any game and it's not like they are super obvious either. LEGO games are pretty straightforward, minus the hard-to-find collectible once in a while. Fallout and Dragon Age are so long and have very little missables that I feel like just a quick refresh of the trophy guide before I start and then I'm good to go. I also want to say the Batman games. Yes, you have to play on hard, but outside of that you can really take it at your own pace.