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  1. It was an example. Input any country for Antarctica. Proxies?
  2. You still don't understand, I'll try again. Gamer A and Gamer B both have American accounts, so the USA flag is on there account. They are also both level 25 with 72% until the next level. They are rankings 10200 and 10201, respectively. Gamer A switches leaderboards to Antarctica because they are actually a penguin. Now there leaderboards ranking is 1. However, by looking at there cards, they both have the American flag on it and it's not intuitive to determine that Gamer A's country rank is actually Antarctica and not the USA. EDIT: This has been suggested before: When i joined the site, not repeating threads was a big thing, not sure if that's still the sentiment. But those outlined the major issues with this
  3. I understand that part. If you don't change the flag on your profile, but just had the ability to switch your leaderboards, then two people of the same trophy level and of the same flag on there profile could have vastly different rankings, which would be confusing unless you resign the trophy cards and profile banner. If you do change the flag on your profile, it'll make it confusing when looking at region locked content, especially for boosting or determining the region of a new trophy list. Vita content cannot be used across regions, as well as some server content.
  4. Just looked it up on the wiki, it says it'll pop after you beat the boss if you did all the missions, so you're good
  5. This sounds like it'll be confusing since different country accounts have different games, so if I look at a USA account and see vita games from Europe I'd be completely baffled. You can change your location on the forums which is where most people who was interested would look. Unless you mean only on leaderboards and not even the flag on your profile, but at that point people will get confused why people with the same country account would have a higher/lower ranking at similar trophy levels.
  6. What was the last mission for New haven you did? You can find a list in the psnp trophy guide.
  7. I usually trade ps3 games with my brothers since neither of us are picky about what games we play. Otherwise I recommend Amazon. I sold a textbook on there and it was super easy and then I don't have to go meet people.
  8. Is this you? tl;dr "Need a modder who can put a bounty on my head to get last trophy for the platinum please."
  9. I tried a PC VR set and was totally blown away (I played some Halloween-esque demo at a Halloween party) even though the demo glitched so I only played for about ten minutes. About 11 months later, I tried Batman on the Playstation VR and I loved it and was blown away at all the things I could do, like move around and pick up things. I got an awful headache after an hour, but I imagine that will go away if I got use to it more. More recently I tried the Cateral Damage game and was less amazed and had a bit of motion sickness after 30-40 minutes and an even worst headache. I think it's a wonderful experience, but it will also take a while for all the bugs to be worked out so it doesn't make people sick. I was very skeptical of it at the beginning, but now I'm completely for it.
  10. I saw you mention this in another thread so I wanted to see the follow-through. It's very confusing though how the winners will be selected, especially since you say 'Subscribe>comment>like'. Are all your subscribers in the bucket? Or do you have to both subscribe and then comment like on that video? Or do you have to subscribe and then comment and like any video? Also you might want to region cap it since you don't want to pay a billion dollars when a penguin in Antartica wins.
  11. I really like this. The PSN store runs horribly on my phone and I can't always find the sales thread on here (or know if it was made yet), so I often just check Reddit or some other website, but then I don't get to see the feedback of people saying what games are a good deal or pointing out hidden gems.
  12. I think there's a suggestion for that in the suggestion thread. Has anyone played Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star? Is it as humorous as the first one? I looked into it and everyone says its really short, but I can't tell what it's length is compared to the first one (especially since the first one is cheaper than this one)
  13. Hi there! So PS3 remote play was a feature that Sony only half-implemented and only a small handful of games support it. What you are referring to is more like PS4 remote play, in which the Vita system can act as a second controller and a second screen. This isn't available for PS3, unfortunately.
  14. Saints row is fine. You can idle as long as you want before getting any trophy. (My first trophy is the three hours in co-op one) it appears they idled a few hours solo (around 3) and then idled a little under two hours in co-op before they started playing.
  15. That has been changed. Any registered member (premium or not) can report trophies now and the only requirement is that you have played the game.