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  1. do you have a screenshots or a timestamp where you flip through the completed crisis log? i got most of them and is v close to the rest so watching a whole hour video won't be much help
  2. idk if they issued a patch, but the issue with the trophies is the game 'resets' when you leave town and come back. if you completely exit the game to your playstation home screen and go back in and avoid leaving the town and coming back, then you can get the trophies with no problem. it does make some of them slightly harder, but still doable
  3. PSPrices website. you can make an account and it shows historical price data. I use it without an account to see if a game is a good deal or not
  4. You have to vote for at least two cats. i think or they won't count your vote
  5. Try flipping through the pages - the downloads list randomly rearranges games a lot.
  6. It's officially my birthday 🎉


    I purchased Stardew Valley and waited on it just for this day so hopefully, it lives up to my internal hype for it, lol

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    2. Kittet3


      Thank you!!! :yay:

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      Ops, a bit late on my part. I had like 3 days without visiting the site. 😅 But...


      Happy Birthday to you, Kittet3! ^_^


    4. Kittet3


      just a bit, lol


      Thank you! 🎉

  7. i can vibe with this tbh
  8. I like the squares ya'll stop being petty there's bigger issues here
  9. Have you thought about making a trophy checklist and consolidating all your reviews there? Might be easier then making lots of new threads
  10. Is your status set to "offline"? If you play offline, it won't pop-up.
  11. This has been discussed before -- the flags come from Sony and what country your account was made under.
  12. lol, I appreciate your humor. I think it was more of a PS3 kind of thing that they did on the webstore.There was one game in particular I remember getting SO annoyed that it had a store page but was disc only (don't remember the name) also the store is a constant hot mess so there's that
  13. I said don't quote me
  14. Just change your password and email?
  15. Pretty sure they have (had?) store pages for disc-only games before Don't quote me on that though