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  1. Update! Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Doodle God NA PS3 82.44% Ultra Rare The Escapist 3.91% Platinum-Less Hue Unpopular Koi 1,205 DLC Warframe Pack 21 Difficulty Minefield Rocky Mode Speed Run Catlateral Damage Time Trial MP Overcooked 2 Battered! Peripherals Waddle Home VR Bad Rep Submerged 56 I honestly wasn't expecting to get this on my first try, but 20 minutes into the game and the huge hard map was done! This is 8 months after finishing the NA version and it felt super good to get to cross the EU version off of my to-do list Minefield is basically a free Minesweeper. It doesn't offer much more than the PC minesweeper besides a more modern looking interface. I really liked this game overall and I was super happy when it got trophy support. I do wish they would have added a few more features into the game - I would have loved to have different colored flags for example. I also would have liked some type of rewind function because the one thing I always hated about Minesweeper was putting a lot of work into a game and then starting back at square one because of one wrong click. An assist mode where it highlighted all cells surrounding the selected cell would also have made this game a lot nicer. The game was fairly easy. The most difficult part of it was towards the end there was always one move you had to hold your breath and guess on because there was no way to figure out the right answer. The Escapist is probably next on my list. My boyfriend and I are still chipping away at Overcooked as well.
  2. The "Doodle Devil (Again)" made me giggle I didn't finish Hue, but I still made a lot of progress on it that I wouldn't have otherwise. Maybe I'll finally finish it for a future event. This event really helped me clean out some of those easier games that I've been sitting on, like Flower and King's Quest. It also helped me get some new games out of my backlog before they could collect dust i.e. horse racing and the doodle games. I've had such little time to play lately so it was nice to have an attainable goal. Thanks @SpaceCoresDad for the awesome event! (Also, my bonus game "Dear Esther" was missed! It was part of a few games I bought myself right before Christmas since I never get any games as gifts)
  3. I remember your post in the Penguin Wars trophy topic so this might be of interest for you:

  4. When I had issues with Playstation, they refused to do any communication with me via email. They told me to tweet them or call them.
  5. I had finished a few games before the event started, so I swapped them out. (EZPZ and platinum-less cats.) Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Doodle God NA PS3 82.44% Ultra Rare The Escapist 3.91% Platinum-Less Hue Unpopular Koi 1,205 DLC Warframe Pack 21 Difficulty Minefield Rocky Mode Speed Run Catlateral Damage Time Trial MP Overcooked 2 Battered! Peripherals Waddle Home VR Bad Rep Submerged 56
  6. Update! 12 Drummers: King's Quest 11 Pipers: Flower 10 Lords: 2016 Horse Racing 9 Ladies: Life Is Strange Before the Storm 8 Maids: Dear Esther 7 Swans: Burly Men at Sea 6 Geese: Hue 5 Gold: King's Quest 4 Colly: Doodle Devil 3 French: Doodle Devil 2 Turtle: Doodle God Partridge: Super Destronaunt DX So, I was going to buy and get the last trophy I needed in .detuned for the 12 drummer's cat., but after thinking about it I decided to try and scratch a game off my backlog instead. I finished King's Quest for the PS4 version which does have a rhythm component in the later episodes, so I'm moving that to the 12 drummer's cat. I had previously started the first episode on the PS3 version of King's Quest (I don't own the full game, just the free first episode which is also the complete base game), so I decided that even if it took a bit longer then .detuned would be that I'll finish that up for the Gold cat. My last game is Hue. It'll be pretty close if I end up finishing it or not because I'm visiting family until the event ends, but I might manage to sneak it through Otherwise, 11 out of 12 is pretty good. My bonus game is Dear Esther. I wasn't gifted any gifts for Christmas, but that was one of the three games I bought before the holidays so it was a bit of a holiday present from myself
  7. Paladins has been good about updating trophies in the past. I'm not worried.
  8. No, there's still another day. There's a timer in the opening post The rules say that you just have to be careful for specific challenges to pop that specific trophy, but othewise I think you're fine. Some people also have been working on their games a bit early anyway.
  9. I'm sure it's buried somewhere in this thread, but what time zone are we using for the end date?
  10. There are a few accounts that purposely do this. I remember the first one I saw was 'noplatsallowed' or something, but they aren't on the leaderboards anymore. Sometimes people also hold hundreds of platinums for a certain day where they will pop them all at once.
  11. @Kourosh2 Opps, sorry I'm exhausted and not clear. I meant to post any feedback in the guide's comments. I know I usually check those before using a guide and not necessarily check the forums.
  12. Make sure to post any feedback on the guide. That way, others who view the guide can see where you had issues and know in advance
  13. Ummm, wrong subforum? Check out this thread. There's a really good blog link that explains the game pretty well: There's also this thread which is a bit longer and has more opinions from forum members:
  14. I usually go with Kitt because I'm too lazy to write my entire username. Sometimes I use "Sise" because that's what my little brothers call me and they use to watch me play all the time. If I have to name multiple characters, I usually start sticking an x at the end of their name so I remember that they are important, otherwise I have trouble remembering them from the other NPCs.
  15. Oh finally, someone else brought it up! I noticed searching for games on my profile is horrible. I can type in the exact name of the game I'm looking for and get a bunch of random games first in the results. That's when I can get the search to work, of course, since it's usually pretty grumpy. Exhibit A, two completely unrelated games pop up before King Oddball, despite me typing in the game's name exactly: