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  1. then consider it confirmed. That is exactly what i did when they released the final sniper map and the island resort I originally bought the collectors edition with the briefcase and all but after some time i just wanted to play without disc. the "free" starterpack is worth it
  2. so i have a couple questions do you intend to get the hitman2 trophy set completed or do you just want to dabble on the dlc maps? for the first i recommend buying the gold edition for the latter you could just use the psplus exclusive hitman2 starter pack + the seasonpass it includes the tutorial from hitman1(if activated legacy maps) as well as the new zealand map you will however be locked out of the regular story missions
  3. Hi Guys I earned plat#167 a couple days ago Katamari forever I intended to line it up as my 10000th trophy but i couldn't make it work None the less i'm proud i finally reached it
  4. Thanks so much for share the glitch!

  5. That's the adress for the video of the glitch cheers guys
  6. Yeah sorry i miswrote Of course i meant during your crash at the very end of a flipzone quit and restart immediately Sadly i didn't hit SHARE earlier so i only got a screenshot from wave 4 with nearly 7.5million points I'd like to add it to this thread but i'm not sure how to get the picture from the ps4
  7. Hi guys i just came upon a glitch that got me the king and the meteor apocalypse trophy I played the regular level with perfect rounds trying to get to king status But when i hit a rock in a portal zone i hit options and restarted the level before the game could register me as done And suddenly in the corner was my former score and multiplier I started with a 30 multiplier and played as far as i could i failed in round 6 with a 71 multiplier and about 4.5million points I just kept playing and dying everytime i started in round one with the former points and multiplier and the bird delivering me the final reward tris at the start After the trophy popped i died and played apocalypse and died nearly instantly but with the points multiplier and distance travelled The trophy popped up This game just got super easy Edit: i already had every other trophy but i could see it helping with the in-air tris and perfect regions in one run since dying didn't stop the counter of regions If someone can confirm the additional obtainable trophies the game got downgraded from a 7 to a 2 difficultywise Edit2: I completed a proof of concept video for this exploit. https://youtu.be/GevRmaL_ByM everithing you need to know is in the discription