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  1. I got it after playing 8 games in one session and my friend got it the game after.I guess it is like the milestones that you have to do (most) in one session to be sure to get the trophy.
  2. Play through the whole game again.
  3. Can anyone confirm if they do autopop?
  4. Thanks. Worked like a charm. Now I can auto-update my games again.
  5. This one is actually possible to platinum without having the auction house. 2K is actually nice for once. Just hope I get lucky in getting a DUO.
  6. It is weird that they add this game on PS now while it is not even possible to platinum this game.
  7. I am using the glitch at the moment and it does indeed still work.
  8. You can do however and whenever you want it. Just make sure you don't get any kudos in between wins.
  9. Cheers. Only one trophy left which I won't get since they still don't have a solution for using the auction house here.
  10. In The Netherlands you can't access the auction house in MyTeam because of some law. But it is possible to buy packs with real money..... So for me no more NBA 2K until they find a workaround in using the auction house again. Very hard to improve your team (and get trophies) this way.
  11. Yep. Except the Royal part.
  12. Hopefully this makes people play the last bonus quest again. I still need to defeat Ravus and Ardyn.
  13. Almost done. After 220 hours of playing Giant Kirin left. I have just done all my investigations. So I have to try to get some new ones...
  14. You have to flick with your right stick. Try to use Westbrook he will be the easiest to do it with. Try to flick it left and right and score a lay-up afterwards.
  15. After getting the "coin" on the 24 new levels you just have to play another level and complete it. You will get the trophy after completing that random level. For me it was 4-1 I played after getting the 24 coins.