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  1. Let us know!
  2. What does Challenger edition means? Quick search on Google didn't help.
  3. Why is it called eFootball “2022”. Does this mean they do will make a new version every year?
  4. For people who don't want to waste 5 seconds. Everything autopops except for 3 trophies.
  5. This looks harder than the 2K21 list. Going to skip on these games until they open the Auction House in the Netherlands.
  6. Did anyone try this with the 25% and 50% race trophy?
  7. I need help in getting this trophy. I played the first year of college and they put me in NBA Draft and to G-League. I tried it a second time and this time I got in the second year got in the draft again and they put me in G-league. How can I make sure I keep being in college?
  8. Yeah. Got mine first win.
  9. No one can confirm yet but it makes sense since this is the last season so there is no point anymore in getting a ring. Weekend Warrior might still be available if they just open Limited every weekend and give packs as rewards.
  10. I prefer ISO 5 OUT and Speed boost. That is a little bit more fun.
  11. Some are bugged but none are broken. Except for League Play.
  12. It is just stupid that they don't have the trophy tracking like other games do.
  13. I got it after playing 8 games in one session and my friend got it the game after.I guess it is like the milestones that you have to do (most) in one session to be sure to get the trophy.
  14. Play through the whole game again.