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  1. Awesome guide!
  2. Is there any other game on the ps5 like this with the speedruns and where you get a message when a friend beat your time?
  3. I wish it had a PS1 tag instead of PS5.
  4. Get the free plus pack. IF you have amazon prime, there is a free pack as well. Try to get Mauro Junior. Free good LB. IF you want you can join me in Some Squad Battle games. the suffering itself never stops though. No matter when you start.
  5. Awesome video guide. The game itself wasn't that great though. Only enjoyed the platforming part in Spongebob's dream.
  6. It has a different trophy list compared to the PS5 version. Win a NBA TODAY game might be unobtainable after the NBA season ends.
  7. The PS5 version You can definitely can get the platinum when You start now.
  8. No problems at all except for the Person of Interest side quest.
  9. Let us know!
  10. What does Challenger edition means? Quick search on Google didn't help.
  11. Why is it called eFootball “2022”. Does this mean they do will make a new version every year?
  12. For people who don't want to waste 5 seconds. Everything autopops except for 3 trophies.
  13. This looks harder than the 2K21 list. Going to skip on these games until they open the Auction House in the Netherlands.
  14. Did anyone try this with the 25% and 50% race trophy?