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  1. Yes, it's all true, Willingen record is about 10m overestimated by game devs than should be. My personal record is 146.2m. All other records I was done usually in 1st attempt (got all maxed and equipped) without ANY problem.
  2. It seems that DC is no longer available in NA Store. I still see only BIKES and about 2 pages of DLC content.
  3. I assume You just downloaded and reinstalled game completely. Someone even tried to buy and install a single DLC (Suzuki, MV Agusta, No limits) from US Store having already installed Non-US game version?
  4. I can confirm that when I've completed Knightmare mode then Hard mode related trophy also popped. Moreover, In my second game passthrough @Knightmare I've found all of 22 x Crystal Idols, which game's accounting system reported as 25
  5. Uff I just finished ranked online part this monday, now I'm going to PLAT the rest trophies today (as this becomes symbolic day now) May the OFFLINE be with You, R.I.P TM ONLINE
  6. I thought so it was false alarm, yesterday I got the same msg about servers too but after game restart servers were still up. This is happening when I just completed 3xPS3 6xDS and 1xDVD with game. SONY, please make.believe that THIS IS 4 THE PLAYERS and give us 10 more days!!!
  7. I did it just now in the Plantation area (New Orlean). I think the clue is to do ASSASSINATION from BRANCH. Even aborted tries/jumps counts (my trophy popped during such attempt from BRANCH with hidden blades equipped. When you assassinate from BRANCH there is short PAUSE - it differs from jump from STALK/CORE where there is NO PAUSE so I guess it's the reason why this don't counts. I also bet that DOUBLE BRANCH ASSASINATIONS also counts. Trees with BRANCHES are located in front of main plantation buildings. GOOD LUCK.
  8. Yes it also happened to me yesterday, during 4-hours FIGHT with Connecticut I just captured another 5 fighters <40lvl (and even extracted 4), I can chceck my overall capture ratio (caputres/raids) if you want when I go back home.
  9. I played my 6th grade lvl154 figter last thursday, during FIGHT I managed to cafture 6 fighters (all WC slots) in under 60 raids, so my capture ratio was about 1/10. My target was players TDM ranked <50
  10. As with recent game update added uncapped fighter and also uncapped gear tier's it should be slightly easier to get this hard as a hell trophy... I know that 6th grade fighter can achieve now 6*30=180 lvl I also saw that gear can be +9 for sure... It's the final limit? And second question... are there dedicated weapons for each of 4 forcemens? Specific types / specific models?
  11. Thanks Soufwar for your Survival tips... just done 6h speedrun and beginning/preparing for the last ones Crushing...It trophies. I appreciate you wrote this down and I'll keep in mind Your tips. I saw (another topic) that shorty2905 did it solo. I'd prefer to play 2P (with a friend) + 1bot ... it is much harder than doing that 3P (1 friend + 1 randomP)? I assume it should be easier than doin' this SOLO anyway? Thanks in advance.
  12. OK, I got that trophy yesterday on PS3 system. I had equipped formulas for aiming (for sure). My progress was synced (from PS4) so I could buy that sticky plasma gun (the name I forgot now). I got tropy during 4th or 3rd day (got 6 or 7 plans) in NORMAL mode. Couple (at least 2) times I had STREAK x5 when I tried to do that trophy after my PS4 progress SYNCED (it was 21th day at NORMAL, had all PLANS), but It didn't POP. I think it's why STREAK counts also when BLOW gets/touches more armoured soldiers and they DON'T DIE instantly during explosion, so I think it's not a bug.
  13. I won't
  14. My CONGRATS, You DID IT, oh my... NIGHTMARE (!!)
  15. Now I don't know If I should cry or laugh. I didn't see Destroy the 4 FORCEMEN quest details yet but I suppose it's about (knowing game devs sense of humor) killing all 4 bosses in once attempt without returning to base in NIGHTMARE difficulty (as trophy name suggest: The Nightmare is Over). Just spare it and don't confirm my conjure because I'm 99.9% sure of it