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  1. 715.94m it is my best score after two tries (with - i assume - Globox). Should I keep trying or there is switch hero character method out there?
  2. FYI it is officially confirmed (CLOSED)
  3. I can also confirm, servers work for me too, so... could you please close my topic (ticket) now?
  4. I cannot connect with game servers since friday (from Europe/Poland) both PS3 and VITA version. I saw forum topic about this issue according to VITA so I wonder if it's fully/partially working on PS3 or may be restricted to certain regions?
  5. It seems (imho) that Ubisoft disabled online functionality to protect ALL players from hackers. I don't care about leaderboards at ALL, i can be on top or at the bottom, this really doesn't matter to me in this game. I'd really appreciate if Ubi turn back the functionality so people who cares about their trophy set completion could finish their progress. Please.
  6. BIG THANKS. My friend's is going for DIAMOND CUP now too. I'm very glad you are here making great and helpful community and I'm proud i'm little part of it (although still flagged, but never mind). GOOD LUCK for ALL with that SHINE ONe CRAZY DIAMOND (cup)
  7. How to change character? When I'm entering the challenge with princess then inside of challenge level suddenly GLOBOX appears. My friend can't get 515. 99m, he can't change character. Help me/him if you can PLEASE.
  8. It's looks like I'm lucky flagged bustard, started the game just one week ago. Let's go for it everybody!!!
  9. Yes, that's true, "Italian Motor Racing" playlist contains 4 trophies (solo objectives requires MP online), but still 2 of 6 include offline content. Sorry, my bad.
  10. You can forget about DLC because this is/was ONLINE MODE content. Since servers are down DLC should be delisted from PS Stores worldwide.
  11. Just platinued this game. I also suggest joining online multiplayer and coop with veteran players. I had difficulties to pass 1st mission CODE8 level without them, I thought it was impossible to do it solo (had my gear at level 8). Also I had to do some retribution missions in online multiplayer (almost all missions have 8 degrees of difficulty level) to get missing weapons resorces for further upgrading (to level 10). AI is stupid, they just can't spread, so they massively die just like this.
  12. In my case I did play mainly solo mission as they appeared as NEW almost every level I was gained up. Make sure you set HARD difficulty because you gain 1.5x RP multiplier (and it's nothing really changes in difficulty, you still have 1 spare life). That way level grind wasn't so long or even boring for me. I did almost all missions alone the game has to offer.
  13. Sooo.. few days ago I 100%ed this game. This is also my 100th platinum (a milestone). How could I hide something I am very proud of now (because of single bronze trophy) ? This is RIDICULOUS. I won't.
  14. Same. Apparently CRT cheated us.
  15. Thanks, but still there are a lot of peoples who are unfortunatelly toxic, they haven't any reasonable arguments, instead, they using sarcasm. I don't want to go down to their level, I'll stay beyond.