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  1. I just managed to reach wave 15 as well... Besides the previous tip of using abilities (i love the purple that scatter a pile, the red that puts in the center the next one and the pink one that reshuffle from low to high) another tip I can offer is to try and organize the cards by suites. This way when you can put them in the center they are aligned in the same pile and you can get a lot of time back quickly with out running all over on the screen and wasting time.
  2. The last cauldron is a gotten from a chest after defeating the final boss in the DLC map (the area in the library that open after the end of the story) The other recipes are part of post-game story progression after defeating the final boss, just sleep a lot and progress with the events
  3. Just continue playing It pops in the second act not in the first
  4. Wow, I have no idea if it is the RNG gods or something but I got him with this method on the third cycle as well! Thank god this suffering is behind me...
  5. Oh my god this is painful! I have been farming Roboressurection for the past 10 hours and I got everyone but Kenny. I finished everything else in the DLC and this is the only thing left. Such a horrible RNG based trophy!
  6. Cool concept I'll go with 597 Best of luck to all
  7. 7865 and congratz on achieving your goal! I'm one plat away from my current goal (200 plats)
  8. Sooo, Initially I wanted to wait until I will have a bit more Atelier platinums in my arsenal before I join the thread. From here to there I have paltinumed: All Arland DX versions - Rorona DX, Totori DX & Meruru DX Atelier Lulua All Dusk DX versions - Ayesha DX, Escha & Logy DX & Shallie DX All mysterious trilogy - Sophie, Firis & Lydie & Suelle Atelier Ryza Missing Nelke (which I have in my backlog), Ryza 2 and probably the mysterious DX versions when they will come out... So that puts me in "Alchemy Master" I think? I really love this franchise, I'm happy to see it is gaining more popularity after the success of Ryza
  9. Just giving you the perspective of a parent here: My 4 years old daughter absolutely loves the paw patrol game (the first one, this one I have yet to buy for her). She has been playing since she is 3 and this game served as her training wheels into gaming, what you consider as boring or un-challenging for her is the biggest challenge there is as she doesn't know how to play a video game yet. Her brain needs to adopt to what it means to press a button or the timing it takes to make a jump (not to mention a double jump). My proudest moment as a father was seeing her beat the "hardest" level in paw patrol on her own without me helping her climbing the stairs formation, the sheer amount of joy she got from realizing she has mastered the level was astonishing. The level of improvement she got in a year of gaming (with just one game to play) is simply amazing and the fact it was under a brand she knows and loves gave her the motivation to keep on trying to get better, I tried to expose her to other game but she never got hooked on them. It actually took a lot of crying and frustration on her part (and patient on my side to not jump in and "solve" the level for her) before she has reached this level and I do appreciate games like this that allows my daughter to fall in love with gaming in the same manner I love them. So, your view on this is wrong at its base, because these game do take the skill of their players in consideration and understand how to develop them. It's the same as learning to write, you start by tracing the same letter over and over again. Here it's the same, she got better because she repeatedly played the same experience over and over again. You are not the user of this game so you just don't get it, but for kids this is exactly what they need in order to learn how to play video games. It's not a matter of easy game vs. hard game but rather a matter of repetition of the same principals with small incremental increase in difficulty each level. In the end this is a game for kids, adults don't have to play this game...
  10. Interesting idea, but according to this it seems it won't work... "I just did a playthrough as a warrior, then just before I beat the final boss ran and respec'd/prayed to the rogue station, and when I beat the game the Warrior trophy popped. Which is a shame."
  11. I just platinumed Bloodstained (#9228) so why not Great imitative, thank you for that!
  12. Great initiative, Thanks a ton for this! (even if I don't win )
  13. To me it feels like they are all over the place with no clear vision. I followed most of their space monkeys streams but I still have no clear idea what this game is going to be... Is it single player with co-op mechanism? Is it an MMO? Is it story driven or more of space exploration with some story element spaced in between? I feel like there is information on stuff you can do in the game but no information on the actual essence of it. I'm also very skeptical here. To me the appeal of the original BG&E is the setting and the story, space exploration was never the thing here but rather the story of Jade and the forces she is up against. Until I can get a clear image of what my gaming experience will be it's hard for me to get excited about it...
  14. Yeah, some levels here are truly b*****t... There are at least 2 levels I don't understand how they can be beatable without glitching some of its components. But it can be done
  15. Hi guys, I noticed a very small but helpful glitch in the game: If you connect a working conveyor belt to this spinning wheels with rockets and then detach the belt the wheel will spin even if it is not attached to anything (no need for lighter as well). It makes some levels very trivial. But it works only on the first run of the level, if you mess something up you need to go back to the menu and restart the level. BTW, someone know about a guide or something for this game? some of the levels makes completely no sense to me. It boils down to trial and error in most cases...