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  1. To me it feels like they are all over the place with no clear vision. I followed most of their space monkeys streams but I still have no clear idea what this game is going to be... Is it single player with co-op mechanism? Is it an MMO? Is it story driven or more of space exploration with some story element spaced in between? I feel like there is information on stuff you can do in the game but no information on the actual essence of it. I'm also very skeptical here. To me the appeal of the original BG&E is the setting and the story, space exploration was never the thing here but rather the story of Jade and the forces she is up against. Until I can get a clear image of what my gaming experience will be it's hard for me to get excited about it...
  2. Yeah, some levels here are truly b*****t... There are at least 2 levels I don't understand how they can be beatable without glitching some of its components. But it can be done
  3. Hi guys, I noticed a very small but helpful glitch in the game: If you connect a working conveyor belt to this spinning wheels with rockets and then detach the belt the wheel will spin even if it is not attached to anything (no need for lighter as well). It makes some levels very trivial. But it works only on the first run of the level, if you mess something up you need to go back to the menu and restart the level. BTW, someone know about a guide or something for this game? some of the levels makes completely no sense to me. It boils down to trial and error in most cases...
  4. I always loved the cover art of shadow of memories on the ps2. Really underrated game in my taste.
  5. You can clean up the titles in NG+ as long as you carry the titles with you in the grade shop. Also note that any title that comes from a skit (i.e. item hater) you can get by viewing the relevant skit in the namco banda island after unlocking all the skits in the grade shop.
  6. It took me 3 years of re-trying and dropping this game but I did managed to plat it in the end. My last run (couple of months ago) was pretty much glitch free. So it is possible
  7. They released a trailer on the last E3: If it's anything like Thronebreaker I'm defiantly buying it
  8. Hi all, I gathered information on the collectibles and gathered them all into a single spreadsheet so I would not have to maintain multiple tabs as I try to keep track of all the missables in this game. It's a combination of information from the collectible guide here, kouli's event guide and the Asbel_Lhant guide at gamefaqs. The spreadsheet have a list of all: Save points (the red ones are missables) Skits Titles Enemies (+ locations and indication for missables) Item (the red ones are missables) Events (according to Kouli's guide) I thought it might be helpful for other guys as well so you are welcomed to copy it into your drive May it reduce the fear of missing a single small enemy that will cost you the plat!
  9. Every Yakuza's 100% completion trophy (i.e Every time I play any Yakuza game I say this will be the one plat, then I dedicate hours upon hours to grind casino points and money and exp and whatever. But then comes my Achilles heel, the Karaoke minigame that I hate with all my being. I once dedicated a full week trying to meet this minigame's goal and didn't succeed. I have no idea why every time I play a new Yakuza game I have the naivety to think I will succeed this time...
  10. As a rule of thumb I will usually look for a spoiler free guide in order to make sure I have an optimal playthrough and that all missable / collectibles trophies are accounted for. For grindy trophies I will try to understand what the requirements are so I could start working on them as I go along, if I find out a good grinding spot I will usually take the time to grind them out and get it done with so I could take it off my mind and focus on the game. For me an optimal run is when I achieve the plat along with the "finish the game" trophy as long as it is possible. If I need to keep playing after the story ends with no other purpose then to grind, it will significantly reduce the chance I will be interested enough in the game in order to achieve the plat... Sometimes if there is a really hard trophy I will try it at some point for a day or two and this will be my indication if I want to grind for the plat or not (i.e. the karaoke trophies in the Yakuza games, I knew that if I can't manage to handle those rhythm section then there is no reason to grind my time in the Mahjong section). But you know, it depends in the game, I had games that I loved so much that I didn't care to just sit and grind my time away because I really wanted the plat.
  11. For me all of my proudest platinum are about my personal achievement rather then about the hardship or rarity of it. while Jak and Dexter was my first plat, Heavy Rain was the first game I ever started with the intention of platting it never matter what, getting the plat together with the experience this game gave me really affected me. The Witcher 3 was the first game I ever returned to (a year later) in order to plat it and it was one of my best decision ever, the 200 hours I invested in order to 100% the game was the most enjoyable I ever had. LA Noire was a game I started 3 times before I finally had the dedication and time to plat it without giving up in the middle of it. Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel was the first game I invested almost 3 playthroughs which at he start of the journey sounded to me like something I will never do. I guess I have few more stories like this but those are the major ones I can think of.
  12. I have to admit that the idea of the weeping angles in VR is scaring the hell out of me. There is just something in the core idea of this creatures that terrifies my very soul... But if it will be any good it might be the game that will convince me to buy a PSVR
  13. I can confirm that it works like a charm. Just need to learn the timing (go into the map as soon as the camera shifts). Thanks, it really helped!
  14. I hate this mini game with all my heart! Song #6 was the one that broke me. I can suffer through grinding the Colosseum, the hours of mindless buggy racing or the numerous rounds of hosting but this damn rhythm game just broke me. I could manage an S rank in each of those (especially with the coat that makes you earn more points) but this perfect combo is just impossible for me, my reflex aren't built for that! No further point, just had to vent. I hope you'll manage to get it!
  15. Hey, I warned in advance that it's a huge reach Anyway, I took a couple of hours to 100% Hatoful Boyfriend which I saw in your suggestion list so you can switch my entry to: Hatoful Boyfriend - Israel Congrats on the new place!