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  1. I'm afraid this will happen to me aswell..
  2. I love grindy fighting games.. as longs as they aren't too hard. Still couldn't platnium the first game. So far the list doesn't look all to challenging but lets wait and see.
  3. it says: "The World of Nubla includes the complete first chapter and a playable demo of “M. The City in the Centre of the World”." kinda rude charging it for 17.95£
  4. Wasn't the second list for NA maybe this is for all the other countries in Europe..
  5. Orc Slayer and yet I've platniumed it twice Amen!
  6. Finally it happend!! So happy about it!
  7. I kept pressing X while it was loading and somehow it worked. Maybe this helps. Good Luck!
  8. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask if anyone has the same problem as I do. I just wanted to replay the memory "Lair of Romulus" the "thrown to the wolves" one to collect the remaining flags. But it keeps crashing on me. Any ideas? I'm not quite sure if they'd release a patch.
  9. Are you kidding me. Just bought the UK version yesterday
  10. Count me in. Want to buy the US verison of Jazzpunk
  11. Nubla is not even availbe in all european countries. For example you cant buy it in germany, for whatever reason. Edit: I tried to ask the delevopers on twitter, but it seems they don't even bother to answer
  12. do you have to play it together or is it also possible to earn the trophies solo?
  13. What? Why? but the main game..
  14. Tycoon Accumulate 65,535G. There is an easier way to get this if the glitch doesn't work in your version. Just run over the blue circles in the dungeons. If you're lucky you get the one which increases your Gold (Actually it doubles your amount of gold you're carring). Just save before you do this. Sometimes you can get the "decrase money" effect so you can reload if that happens. That's the way I got it. Just took me 3 tries. I thought since it's nowhere mentioned I open this topic so you don't have to grind that long.