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  1. I am the one who knocks. NOBODY makes decisions for me and especially not an ego-maniac who thinks he's popular but in reality we're just nice to them because they are a little different. Society hasn't accepted them so we here at have pretended to accept them for reasons unknown - but that's besides the point lads. IT'S STORY TIME. One day, a little goose got separated from its flock. The bastard goose then decided it would be a good idea to return to this pond where his flock used to frequent. (Shit's about to go down! #foreshadowing) The goose thinks, "OH SNAP! AIN'T NOBODY HERE TO SAVE ME NO MORE." It's freaking out! The poor chick bastard goose is now all alone. And then a mighty wolf comes by and just SPEARS IT into a big ol' foresty tree. The chick dies, the wolves are fed and the moral of this mothaf'*in story is to NOT SEPARATE THE FLOCK! OR ONE OF THEM WILL DIE AND I HAVE TO SAY, PSNPROFILES HAS SURELY DIED AND BEEN R*PED BY A PACK OF WOLVES IN MY ABSENCE BUT NOW THE FLOCK IS BACK! THE FLOCK WHO KNOCKS! Now I know what you're all wondering.... did he smoke something before he posted this? The answer is.... yeah I rolled up a little something I KNOCKED THE EDGE OFF! HAHAHAHA But seriously. I'm not no politician, bruh. Listen. Listen. Can you hear that in the distance? It's the kids. The kids. And yes. As you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 (read, season 20) TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT (read, to re-join the league). #EYE-PATCHBRIGADE #BOOODAFORTRASHMAN By royal decree, I elect Dragon-Archon as my VP for his understandable infatuation with me and there's nothing Prinny, that fat emo sailor penguin, can do about it. Someone needs to shatter HcG ego's, and who better than a flock of birds who refuse to be r*aped by a wolf? *cue John Cena outro
  2. Oi lads! Long time. Officially announcing my 6-month retirement. But I'll be back! Me and Booda have been busy. He's also a punk bitch. Ciao. EDIT: God damn my avatar is beautiful.
  3. 195 platinums next year would be nice.
  6. This thread:
  7. I was recorded as only getting a W but 16 to 20 is a DW. I need 19.2 for the DW and got 20. Halpp
  8. I was just about to say that is the most distracting thing ever.
  9. Who is the idiot that chose Sword Art? Enough with the Japanese games and their 20 pixels, with their slicked up hair, and no objective markers. NOBODY LIKES JAPANESE GAMES!
  10. Can we permanently veto breaks? Maybe have a High Council that makes decisions. And since I'm the voice of the people, I nominate myself for High Council Elder. As can be seen in the image, there can only be 3 Councillors, and I'm already chosen by the people of PSNProfiles. I'd like it to look similar to the architecture of this council. One of the Councillors could be like the one on the left, coming in through holographic technology. That one would be suited for somebody who has better things to do, similar to somebody in this thread. I'm not going to name any names, but I think they know who they are. (2cheeky) While we're on the subject, I propose a dress code. No Otaku shirts, or beanies allowed. We should also have an ominous background theme going when we come to make decisions. Anybody have any suggestions? No anime openings allowed. DRAGON ARCHON DO YOU HAVE SOMETHIGN O SAY TO ME! YOU LOOKIN' MIGHTY FLY!
  11. Anybody in the FIFA soundtrack.