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  1. I got these! One from today, and another from over the weekend.
  2. A lot more games I've gotten since my last status. Yay!

  3. The game is out now...or least the first episode. What is everyones thoughts so far?
  4. I know this is a PS4 thread, but I'd love it on the Vita and PS3 that I own. Well, a PS3 that doesn't work.. TellTale is pretty neat, but the waititng is the worst for the next episode.
  5. Yeah,I figured this out. I was dumb back then.
  6. Wait, so if I get a bigger memory card and bought digital games I'd have to reformat the Vita? I got the crappy small memory card, but am waiting it out and hoping I'll get it for Christmas or so. I don't go digital only, but have bought a few cheap games before on PSN.
  7. Ended up getting this.
  8. I tried playing it on my tablet, couldn't get into it much to be honest. I hate pay 2 win games, sooo...
  9. I like the slim one, but that's cause it's the only one I've ever owned.
  10. I got Dragon's Crown as some suggested.

  11. Boo lame, boo. /s Nah, I agree with Parker...DON'T post it and BE CAREFUL! "hackers" and the like are posting virus links that claim to contain the nudes.
  12. Yes, all the time. I always deleted them and moved on.
  13. Do you have a high res version of that picture by chance? My view still stands, I don't really care what people think about it. Yes, the vocal people are the most annoying out every single fandom or thing.
  14. I like both PC and console/handhelds the same, and the "master race" stuff is annoying.