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  1. I love so much of this game but the combat is balls. Grinding this is gonna be a pain.
  2. Due to some unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances I have had to create a new PSN account.


    My new account is Hideoki_AU.  See you around!

    1. Kurorac


      Oh, that sucks. You had a lot of games on that account.

    2. PSX_Trepie


      Yeah.  Was pretty heart-breaking but that's life.  Working on building the new account up.

  3. SE are greeding money whores so I have no doubt we will get them either as a collection or as individual 're-masters' at some point. But PS3's are pretty cheap 2nd hand.
  4. Another great title, with a great list let down by lacking a plat. rough gig. I look forward to 100% though once I grab it.
  5. I don't know that I judge a persons worth based on their trophies but good work to who ever did it. Trophy is still bullshit though.
  6. There is not really much you can do. This is one reason why trophy hunting will never have an official recognised ranking system from Sony.
  7. People complained a lot about the the drinking game trophy in watch dogs and afterwards it was nerfed, glad it was too because it was holding up my Plat. But yeah it's rare. I think peoples attitudes here are pretty narrow minded. You might be OK with the trophies how they are. It's easy to call people names and insult them for wanting it changed. At the end of the day this is a group of people who paid good money for a product and they are not happy with it. Not a discounted price, full launch day prices, possibly collectors edition prices. This might be the only game they buy for months. It's very, very hard to get a developers ear and if this is the way they feel they can show developers they are unhappy with the product they bought, then they have every right to do this. They SHOULD do this. And while you think they are weak or they should 'git gud' you should support them. Not necessarily by signing their petition, but by supporting their right to try and affect change as a consumer. While you might not agree with wanting the trophy changed, you can't have a go at people who do. It's their right to seek change if they feel it's warranted. There might be a day when you wish to campaign for a change in a product you buy, would you like to be ridiculed when you ask for help?
  8. I wasn't saying the game was bad. I was just wondering people had the same opinion as me. I had already stopped playing when I posted my comment. For me to love Mordor so much but struggle to even bother with one, I just thought I might not be alone in that opinion. I'm just trying to work out where they wen't wrong here, at least for me. No need for anyone to get all upset. I didn't mean to offend anyone who liked the game. I guess I just thought my experience with it was worth starting a conversation about.
  9. A lot of people tend to belittle people who complain about a trophy, those people are wrong. It's 2017 and trophies are now just a standard part of any game that comes out on Xbox, PlayStation or Steam. Trophy design should be as balanced and thought out as the weapon, enemy and mission design. If you played through the game and the last level had an impossible jump or no ammo, people would raise hell. Trophies\Achievements are part of the product you paid money for and should be held to just as high a standard. I would go so far as to say the quality of a trophy list should be evaluated and commented on in game review systems. It's well passed time that game developers and non-trophy hunting gamers realised that this meta-game is just as important to some players as any other component of the game they have purchased. I don't play much multiplayer in my games but I don't rally against people who complain about weapon imbalance or leader-board resets, because that is the part of the game they are passionate about. They have every right to complain if that part of the game is not up to standard, and so do trophy hunters. You pay your hard earned money for a product, which parts of it you use is your choice and you should expect the best possible quality in the product you paid for.
  10. Mein Laben trophy is BS. Any trophy that requires a complete playthrough without saving is BS. As anyone with kids will attest, I cannot play though a game more that a couple of hours long without needing to attend to some child related incident or another. Even if it was just save at the end of a mission as opposed to anytime that would make this trophy a million times more consumer friendly.
  11. VITA 2 is right up there with BetaMax 2 for likelyhood of release.
  12. I agree with 'DeadStanley' You should be able to go run public events or something while you Queue.
  13. Am I the only person who thinks this game is boring as hell? The story makes no sense to me. The standard orcs are pointless and the captains just keep coming back so there seems to be no impact from killing them. I'm only a few hours in but I can't seem to get more that 45 minutes into a game session before I just don't care. I loved Shadow of Mordor so I find this very frustrating and confusing.
  14. I got it when I got a legendary from a quest hand in. Guess it's just bugged.
  15. I'm happy to help someone test the boost on this. Just shoot me an invite.