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  1. Most auto popped on Xbox for me except 5 that didn't. All popped on the other region PlayStation 4 version though.
  2. The trophy stats are tracked individually per platform so it might not be an auto pop. I had to do all trophies/achievements twice for PlayStation 4 and Xbox on the same EA account. It depends if PlayStation stats are tracked as one platform or if PS4 and PS5 are tracked separately.
  3. I got Point Guard at 1242 assists. Still waiting on Welcome to the Big Leagues, currently at over 353,000 XP. I started recording XP in a spreadsheet since I knew this could be glitched. EDIT: Welcome to the Big Leagues finally unlocked at 390,000 XP.
  4. I had the same problem. It seems like the guide is incorrect for that trophy. The clear video from the original poster didn’t work for me, might have got an option wrong since it goes really fast. I ended up following this YouTube video for the clear ending.
  5. There’s a WIP text guide on Steam. It should get you all but the Help trophy after the patch comes out. Hopefully someone will find the solution to that trophy before the patch arrives. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2442296004
  6. No platinum, no buy
  7. I wish it was cross-buy. I don't know whether I should buy this on PS4 or Vita. EDIT: Oh, it is cross-buy, just not yet. https://twitter.com/FredDutton/status/702145436526755840
  8. The Flapmaster is the only difficult one which will keep a lot of people from getting the Platinum. Around the World In 5 Jumps can also be challenging and take many attempts.