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  1. He is at 58 views now...the hounds are circling 😬 But to the OP...do you have someone in mind? Like are you hoping your crush is checking out your sweet plats or maybe a bully is stalking you?
  2. Well to be fair it was about autopopping as well but i think a mod combined that thread with this thread. The thread i replied to only had 4 replies.
  3. Depending on how you play the Ethan and Madison story lines the inches go up or down 😅 Real answer is...you will find out
  4. all good. Yeah most threads get locked As for me. I did autopop Sly Cooper and Sound Shapes back during the Vita/PS3 days (and I tried to do Sound Shapes PS4 legit again but 75% of the ways through Deathmode I gave up :D) but the amount of autopops/stacks of easy plats are just stupid nowadays. I mean I can't really judge. I stacked Ratchet, Saints Row, Rayman and some others but there are accounts out there that are nothing but stacks of shitty 2 dollar games. So it is what it is but I don't like where trophies are heading.
  5. Oh I see this thread ending well 😂 This has been brought up many times...basically every Sunday when like 6 new 1 11 games gets released.
  6. Yup, it sucks but it is also life. There are a few games i wish i could still plat but not to be. The one i am most annoyed by is White Knight Chronicles. The guy i was boosting with was scared of playing with other players and it made some dungeons very hard. I gave up as i had enough but if the gaming sessions or We Play forum were around back then i could have found a handful of awesome players to get that plat. I really liked that the game and would love to have it...dont know if i want to solo it 😬
  7. Is it just the last level people hate about Yooka Laylee 2? Because i am enjoying it quite a bit so far

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      OK, maybe people were just bitching about the platinum thus also hating the game (as people are weird)

    3. zajac9999


      I enjoyed it. Didn't realise people complained about it honestly.

    4. Dr_Mayus


      People complained so much i put off picking it up

  8. Ok, Sony doesn't know who you are...so this isnt a personal attack against anyone. I have not loved or even liked all games we have gotten but they are usually all different...as people enjoy playing different games. I will grab Pvz and tennis...will they be great? I dont know...but i will try them. I got FF7R free this year so everything else is just a bonus.
  9. Becsuse if you can't be bothered to read what people already wrote on the subject why should people bother repeating it. Like the amount of times people ask for beginner help in demons souls (or any souls games) or other similar game questions. Just read the old posts. Like just today someone asked a question about Cat Call and some how missed the 5 or 6 threads about it. Yes most sites have their own rules...because not all sites are owned by the same person.
  10. Well appreciate that. I might try some stuff in august. I don't know. But like i said at least i fianlly platted Chaotic and Dokuro. Never thought i would finish those.
  11. I am really sorry. I have so little time to game this summer i think i will step down I was able to plat 2 SUPER old games thanks to this event so happy about that 😁 But i bought a bunch of new games i want to play for fun
  12. you can see the original here
  13. So close to getting an Albatross in Hot Shots Golf. I am just using the characters i havent leveled up and running through the first course. There are 3 holes thay i can make it to the pin area almost every time.

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    2. Eyjabria


      Good luck, you can do it! Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational / Everybody's Golf is my favorite Vita game, btw. Gameplay is so satisfying.

    3. AJ_Radio


      Wish I had gotten around to these. Good luck on your platinum.

    4. Dr_Mayus


      Thanks. Have been working on it since the day it came out...will feel great when I finally get it

  14. I have stopped caring about this thread. I found 3 in about 30 seconds and i can easily find more....but like so many threads on this site "what's the point". You either get the "not all gamers" arguement (which is instantly pointless and just serves to derail an arguement), people who literally make your point for you but still cannot see they are making your point, or people who demand proof because they can't be bothered to use the search function. ONCE AGAIN I never said "don't go for 100%" I was just pointing out "don't let it take away from your fun".
  15. Oh awesome. Might pick one up. Thanks