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  1. Making good progress on my Orange game Worms Rumble Just 8 more levels, 21 more daily events and around 150,000 gold coins.
  2. Galvanized Steel 6000 Flapper 6000 Blue Dinosaur 11,250 Yellow Robot 11,250 Pink Unicorn 11,250 Blue Football Helmet 1000 Green and Black Skate Helmet 1000 Flame Football Helmet 1000 Traditional Ten Gallon Hat 1000 Camo Sombrero 1000 Green and Yellow Trapper Hat 1000 Pink Hearts Headband 2500 Blue Digital Camo Trapper Hat 2500 Annas Lids Ten Gallon Hat Sheep Shack Bobble Hat 2500 Fast Travel Skate Helmet 2500 Banana Football Helmet 2500 Yellow Spotted Sombrero 2500 Black and Gold Crown Flame Goggles 2500 Purple and Orange Geometric Visor 2500 Cyan Flower Bandit Mask 2500 Blue Digital Camo Goggles 2500 Blue and Yellow Fire Visor 2500 Flame Bandit Mask 2500 Grey Bandit Mask 1000 Blue and Silver Striped Pince-nez Glasses 1000 Purple and Teal Flower Pince-nez Glasses 1000 Brown and Cream Splatter Wayfarers 1000 Blue Fire Aviators 1000 Cyan Flower Round Glasses 1000 Robotic 22,500 Retro 22,500 Holy hand grenade banner 6000 Expert 1250 Wild Card 1250 Legend 1250 Sentry kills 1250 Sheep launcher kills 1250 Hammerhead 1250 Gold Bazooka 1250 Flames sheep launcher 500 Leopard sheep launcher 500 Gold Sheep launcher 1250 Gold rocket shield 1250 Gold sentry launcher 1250 Flames hammerhead 500 Leopard Hammerhead 500 Gold Hammerhead 1250 152,250 gold left til Plat
  3. I have only done the one game but making good progress on Worms Rumble. Should have that finished before the event ends (it is a long one). Maybe will do one of my shorter orange games this week
  4. I actually saw that when i posted last. It felt like only yesterday you messaged me about starting it up. Couldnt believe it was 5 years. Also happy to see so many other crazy gamers going for more and more complex alphabets and that 2 other threads have started because of this one.
  5. Yeah, i dont think God of War is Ultra Rare. Are you looking at PSN or PSNP?
  6. Are you looking to boost or just play? Honestly if you are looking to boost i would advise against that. I tried it once and it is near impossible. The amount of time you waste trying to get into a boosting match you could easily play 10 or 15 legit matches on your own.
  7. Road to the Worms Rumble Plat Level 32/50 Bazooka 8/10 Sheep Launcher 6/10 Sentry Gun 7/10 Shield 6/10 Plasma 8/10 Hammer Head 5/10 Daily Challenges 16/50
  8. I havent worked towards an Alpha Ultra Rare plat in a long time. Actually kind of exciting to be able to cross W off my list soon
  9. Level 30/50 in Worms Rumble and got 2 weapons to level 10.


    Also done 15/50 daily challenges.


    Getting there

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dr_Mayus


      Based on what i hear this is the worst one ☹


      I am having fun though

    3. AJ_Radio


      The series never appealed to me. I’ve seen YouTube footage, so it doesn’t look all that bad.

    4. Dr_Mayus


      Nah its fine.


      The platinum is a grind and is near impossible to boost...so maybe  that is what people didnt like.


      The game isnt the greatest but i am having fun

  10. Definitely Pink. I have lots of orange games but that is the only one i have with pink
  11. Plat 333-Sims 4.


    Only platted it because of this event. Thankfully the guide on the site made it a breeze as i would never have had the patience to do on my own



  12. @Starrk_01 So much pink and orange in this plat. Never would have tried this without the guide from this site https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6920-the-sims-4/Dr_Mayus
  13. Yeah it was that shot that made me wince. The rest looks fine but that is pretty bad.
  14. Also just making sure. We dont have to wait til November to play orange games? Right?
  15. Yeah that was better. Although i kind of wish someone would redub the English one with Zombie by the Cranberries. So it can really miss the mark 😅