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  1. Only played 3 games on that list but DQ11 is far superior to both KH3 and Nier Automata.
  2. OH NO YOU DIDN'T Do you wanna boost a trophy? Come on let's go and play The thing is if you are new to the forums We have to make sure You do it the right way We can be best buddies Unless this thread is locked And no one will tell you why! Do you wanna boost a trophy? It doesn't have to be the platinum.
  3. Poor Toro, he was actually my favourite character to use
  4. Nier Automata has officially overstayed its welcome.


    It was bad enough the game made me replay the first part twice (seriously what was the point of that besides a few story points) but now I missed out on some pod powers because I missed a quest somewhere in the first part of the game that triggers another quest that triggers another quest etc.


    I don't want to do chapter select just because this game loaded itself with a ton of missable shit.


    I unlocked 3 quests in Pascal's village in route 3...did the wrong one first and if you played the game you know what happens.


    The enemies are so repetitive, the quests are all repetitive, the fucking hacking game is awful, there is like 6 areas and you go back to them 2 dozen times each, the music is just so droning that I am now playing the game on mute (I liked all the songs the first time you hear them but after hearing them so many times I can't stand them anymore).


    I wasn't going to use the trophy shop but now I cannot be bothered to replay a bunch of chapters to earn that one ending or one pod upgrade or grind out a bunch of shit to power up weapons I will never use.


    I really wanted to like this game (loved Nier and ground out all items in that game) but there is just something about this really bland world that I just can't be bothered now.

  5. I would say Bioshock. I dont like playing games on the hard settings normally (as i like to just enjoy the game) but that one in particular playing on the hardest setting made me really get into the right kind of mood of everything wants me dead and I need to survive.
  6. Oh i posted that more for the original point where people wre flabergasted that someone copied someone. I mean i dont see anyone posting about the Tyson angle being a copy of something WWF did 22 years ago.
  7. I kind of like the game mode
  8. *cough Mad Max *cough* Wrestling companies have been copying each other for decades...nothing new here.
  9. But that is still an entirely different thing. One case you are not earning a trophy and the other is you are earning trophies, just not syncing them.
  10. This wouldnt affect plat rains as those arent a sync thing, you are just earning all the plats on the same day so your sync would be the same day you earn the platinum.
  11. I am trying to get back into Shenmue after 4 months...kind of forgot what I was doing.
  12. Endings A,F,G,J,K,L,N,T and U done in Nier Automata Just wiped out all those annoying peace loving robots for a new ending.
  13. Congrats
  14. Welcome to the Internet 🙂 For me I dont care about this game but PLUS gives me a handful of games each year i do care about so I dont mind when I get something like this every now and then. What i like about Plus is it gives a variety of games as there are a variety of players