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  1. Got the Do Not Die trophy in Axiom Verge.


    Only died once (where I had to do the exit to the main menu trick) and I shouldn't have even died there but I encountered an enemy I had forgotten how to deal with and died trying...it was a stupid mistake but didn't feel like starting the first 25% of the game again so I exited to the menu.

  2. It wasn't just that. They ran a draft like 6 months after the last draft (which they threw out the window 4 or 5 weeks later). I mean you can't tell people "the last one didn't matter but this one matters" and have they keep tuning in. Which brings us back to HiaC. Those used to matter but now it is just a thing you do every 12 months and WWE wonders why no one cares. Instead of being an attraction you bring out to close a feud, it is now just something the top guys have to do every October whether their match needs it or not. I mean look at all the terrible Hell in a Cells there have been because the WWE had to put the title program in one. The ending of Seth/Bray would have worked if it was just a regular match but because it was HiaC it killed that feud before it could really start because where can you go from here.
  3. Doing my No Death run in Axiom Verge.


    I did die once (stupid mistake) but exited out before respawning.


    That should mean I am still ok...right?

  4. Got to meet my nephew today :D He is just 3 days old and is quite adorable.

    1. snakebit10


      Aww. I have 3 nephews and 3 nieces.

  5. Do you wanna boost a trophy? Come on let's go and play The thing is if you are new to the forums We have to make sure You do it the right way We can be best buddies Unless this thread is locked And no one will tell you why! Do you wanna boost a trophy? It doesn't have to be the platinum.
  6. I guess if you like these types of games then you may like Sorcery Saga. It was free on plus a while ago. Also Final Fantasy X2 has a tower that is a roguelike
  7. .Finally found these guys. It is very hard to find them with their belts and weapons and for a reasonable price. The seller had a $20 shipping cost and I was like "well that's not too bad' and he only had the bidding as $1. So I bid a dollar and figured I would come back to the auction...and then no one else bid. So as the saying goes "I'll buy that for a dollar" Leo is missing a sword and Mikey has some scuffs on his head but for the price you can't go wrong.
  8. and nothing says "fun" like constantly worrying about missing something
  9. Alpha Plat Ready - Detroit: Become Human. 


    That leaves me with just 5 letters left (well 4 if I hadn't decided to redo my A platinum). I don't know if I can finish my the end of the year but I am going to try :)



  10. Just need 2 more magazines and the Detroit Platinum will be ready.


    It requires me to play a couple of chapters though so I will finish them off tomorrow.

    1. Spaz


      I have the game on Plus, but I'll be playing through Beyond: Two Souls first because it's an older game.


      Detroit pretty good? I enjoy a good interactive drama like Until Dawn every now and then, but they're not always my cup of tea.

    2. Dr_Mayus


      I found if you play and get the good ending (which I did on my first playthrough) then it is a very good story. The bad endings...not as good.


      There is a twist (which if you don't see it coming then you need to get your eyes checked) that is completely stupid and (in my opinion) hurts the story...if you get the good ending.


      There also was not enough focus on the world. We get a bit of glimpses of it at the beginning but then it goes into the deviant storyline and we drop things that could have been interesting to explore (the fact that having androids caused mass poverty, drug abuse, population decrease etc). 


      I mean I get that it is an allegory for how we use machines now but I felt we could have use a few more chapters before the deviancy started.

  11. supposedly...I mean I am sure he got paid quite well for his vacation at Titan Towers.
  12. Toy Story 3 and Where the Wild Things Are are both fantastic
  13. So Bischoff is gone...that was quick.
  14. Just finished Detroit. Absolutely loved it. I know some people hate David Cage (and he has his problems) but I thought this was really well done.


    Also earning 4 :bronze: 3 :silver: and 2 :gold: all at once is always fun :)

    1. Stargazer2600


      I really enjoyed it. I love the whole concept of whether or not robots can actually be considered human. It's actually something I've argued before.

    2. TangrakNor


      Don't know anything about David Cage and of course the Story isn't a new one, but it was done absolutly logical and comprehending, so everyone can imagine how it can/will be in our future. Congrats on finishing a great game.