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  1. I gave up on Valkyria Chronicles because of one stupid mission. I finally got back to it and looked up a guide and turns out you just run past everyone to win...fair enough.


    I finally have earned a trophy in this game :P

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    2. AlchemistWer


      Umm I think which mission you are talking about, if you want to return on gamefaq you can find a walkthrough the could help you with your progress in the game :) Chronicles is a excellent game.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Well I beat it now. 

      Every other mission I was able to figure a way through, it was just that one that I would have never thought to just run through bullets. 


      Besides that mission it has been a great game and I am glad to be playing it again.

    4. AlchemistWer


      Good to know! I hope you earn the platinum soon. 🙂

  2. I picked other because I hate games that make you play in a way that you wouldn't normally play. For example I am playing Escape from Dead Island right now but there are so many combat trophies I am spending so much time repaying parts of the game trying to specifically kill people in a certain way it is taking the fun out of the game. I shouldn't be looking up videos on how to get past a part to ensure I kill 10 people the right way....instead of just killing 10 people.
  3. Has anyone seen Dark Phoenix yet?


    I am rewatching the X-men films in preparation of it and realized that the writer of Last Stand and Apocalypse (the two worst X-Men films not named Wolverine) is the director of Phoenix.


    Then I looked up "critical response" and am seeing it completely panned by fans and critics.


    It was the 1 of 3 movies I was actually looking forward to this year (and that is a shock as I hate almost all new movies) and this news really sucks.

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    2. DamagingRob


      Oh.. Well, still not a great track record. :lol: Damn shame.. Was hoping it would go out on a high note. Always been a fan of X-Men, and enjoyed a lot of the films. 

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Yeah me too :(


      I mean X-men, X2, First Class, Days of Future Past and Logan are all good to great films. 


      I can even watch Last Stand and not completely hate it...because it has that one great scene when Prof X dies (still one of my favourite death scenes)


      At this point I am just hoping for a "fine" film. We will see.

    4. Angel


      I was also very excited to see another take on Dark Phoenix as the Last Stand version was so disappointing. I love the comic saga, such a beautiful; emotional storyline that is still one of my favorites! Seeing all these meh reviews really makes me sad but in a way I'm not that surprised.

      The Phoenix entity is far more complex and intriguing that just "it goes dark and wants to kill everything"... I could go on, on a rant but this isn't the place for that 😅


      Still, I'll be watching the movie and make my own opinions from there.

  4. Does the Spider Man Digital Deluxe Edition come with all the DLC?


    I am finding very vague info online about it.

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    2. Masamune


      @Dr_Mayus Tell me about it, all these different versions they keep coming out with just discourages me from buying anything on day one anymore. :facepalm:  I'm like you, I have plenty in my backlog to occupy my time while I wait. :P

      @PooPooBlast Thanks to all that crap SE did with FFXV, I'm especially staying away from their stuff on day one now. 😅

    3. DamagingRob


      Well, a physical copy including the DLC would be the only difference. I prefer that over being stuck with a gigantic download of a AAA game, though. :/

    4. PooPooBlast


      ^ see that @Chocolate GiddyUp ? move to USA but forego our awesome internet? I think not!


      @DamagingRob Oh gotcha. I have a feeling that's due pretty soon actually. Definitely great for collectors as well but I'm not one :P except for a select few games. 

  5. Why has Jak X and Indigo Prophecy never gone on sale? They are both Sony games but yet time and time again they remain at 19.99
  6. Yeah they did it the last time as well. It is also why Kevin Owen isn't going either (in support of his friend) and Daniel Bryan is just refusing to go because fuck Saudi Arabia. Also supposedly Ricochet can't go because of some of his tattoos. Also I like how everyone got made at Saudi Arabia for the murder of the journalist...but this has always been a brutal and shitty country...but they have lots of oil and are friendly with the right governments so they are "good guys".
  7. But companies buy up assets in bankruptcy sales all the time. Imagine if Sony or Microsoft bought all the rights to these games for a fraction of the price and maybe not make new games (although they could) but continue selling the games on their stores.
  8. A 4 hour movie that just flies by. A feat that most fim makers can't grasp.
  9. If anyone was wondering what that Mysterious event was 2 months ago...here you go :)



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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Thanks :) It is taking longer than I thought it would but it has been fun trying to find games to play that fits this requirement

    3. JaM


      Nice idea. Do you already have a list of games?


      For a second, I thought of doing it then I remember the struggle of Q <_<

    4. Dr_Mayus


      @JaM I do for the most part but there are some letters (like the aforementioned Q) that I am still playing with. I figure I have enough "for sure" games to play that I can just leave the couple of letters til the end. I am also waiting for Sony to have a fucking sale that actually includes Jak X and Indigo Prophecy :shakefist: 


  10. Haven't updated this in awhile but thought (since I am more than 50% past my goal) I would start again A few months ago I posted about my Mysterious Event...then basically abandoned that because I didn't want to run an event Well what it was (some of you know already) is I am Plat Raining the Alphabet. If you don't know what that means it means I am going to plat the entire alphabet in 1 day. So if anyone has been wondering why I haven't been platting any of the games I post in the Recent Plat Thread...there you go So far this is what I have done B C D E F I JP QT V X Amnesia: Memories - I need to look at one more picture in the gallery God of War 3 Remastered - Need to compete the Aphrodite mini-game Heavy Rain - Leave out of the Coward Door Kingdom Hearts 3 - Complete the last synthesis Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Do the first graffiti tag Madagascar 3 - Do the first ticket selling game New Little King Story -Beat the final boss once more One Piece Pirate Warrior 2 - Buy the last movie Rime - Put on the last costume and run through the hallway South Park: Fractured But Whole - Put on 3 different costume Pieces Undertale - do the last offering World of Final Fantasy - Buy the last champion medal Yonder: The Cloud Catcher's Chronicle - Keep using shampoos until it unlocks Zero Escape: The Nonary Games - Pick up last binder for all files.
  11. OK I mean I have played the ones I have wanted to play but at the same time games like Tales from the Borderlands is so good I would want someone else to get the chance.
  12. Started playing Escape Dead Island and I am enjoying the 3rd person mode but I miss the 1st person Dead Island gameplay. 


    I am one of the few that actually really liked both Dead Islands (WAY more than I thought I would) so hopefully this game lives up to my enjoyment of those 2.


    Also I think one of the reasons I like the Dead Island games so much as I didn't let myself get hyped up to the moon for it from that trailer...just another reason to not get blown away excited for games based off of a few minutes of non-gameplay 

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      I am on Mission 6 and so far it is OK but yeah not as good as the first 2 games.


      I am intrigued by the story so far...but now you have me worried for a really stupid twist....please don't say I have been dreaming or was killed when the boat went down.

    3. Masamune


      I'm not the type to spoil stories, so I guess you'll just have to find out for yourself. :awesome: 

    4. Dr_Mayus


      well for now I am enjoying it

  13. Could someone buy the rights to TT games and then bring the games back?
  14. Kingdom Hearts 3 Sigh...I am not going to get into all the negatives of this game...I have expressed most of those in the status updates. Suffice to say the STORY SUCKS! and don't give me the BS about how "it will be expanded on in DLC or future games"...that is no excuse, that is (as mentioned before) BULLSHIT. Games should be complete stories now and I shouldn't be confused or mislead because I chose not to buy extra DLC which should have been in the game in the first place. I mean I won't give particular examples so I don't spoil the story for people who haven't payed but why was the organization in all the Disney worlds when that amounted to nothing, why was every organization member actually a different organization member like some shitty body swap comedy, why was Pete and Malificient dicking around for the entire game looking for a box THAT WAS NEVER BROUGHT UP IN THE MAIN STORY, why did none of the Disney worlds play into the final battle...I mean they did in other games, why did Sora have to get the "power of waking" that barely played into the final segment and felt more like a macguffin to explain why we can't just go straight to the final battle. OK to get off the story for a bit...WHY WERE ALL THE WORLDS SO TERRIBLE. This is the POWERFUL PS4/XboxOne but every world felt completely unfinished (with 2 exceptions). The Big Hero 6 world was pathetic in how small it was. Tanged/Frozen were just really bland world that had so many invisible walls it was actually quite sad. Monster's Inc wasn't terrible but the world was kind of boring to look at (they could have done so much with all the doors), Hercules also wasn't terrible but I wish they had kept the Coliseum instead of the battlegates (I will get to those later) and Winnie the Pooh is regulated to a tiny little patch to play on with 3 mini-games (all of them the same). That being said the Pirates of the Caribbean is among my favourite Kingdom Hearts world of all time. This is the type of word I would expect out of a next generation Kingdom Hearts game. It was huge, no invisible walls, a giant ocean to explore (both on top and underneath), different towns/forts/caves to explore...it felt like a World. Toy Story 3 was also a huge world and while most of it was confined to the Mall it still felt like a big place to explore with a lot of neat locations. The game needed to do all the words in the vein of these 2. Battlegates...you took the fun Coliseum and instead hid these around all the worlds...as I mentioned before most of the worlds were quite boring to explore BUT these battlegates only appear after you beat the game which means you had to go re-explore the worlds trying to find them (or just do what anyone does and look at a guide). And that makes it even worse. Game Developers know people mostly will just check a guide instead of doing boring busy work nowadays so don't hide these things that shouldn't have been hidden in the first place. It isn't like the battlegates were even tailored to the world (like fighting a boss specific to that Disney movie) it was just the same couple of Heartless you always fight. I could go on but honestly but what is the point. If you want to play a GOOD Squareenix mashup on the PS4 just play Word of Final Fantasy instead (except for the Pirates of the Caribbean world...that was a ton of fun)
  15. Oh my completion % is 77.78 after "platting" Kingdom Hearts 3. 


    So close :P