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  1. So the number 3 is half the size of the other numbers? That can only mean one thing Half Life 3 confirmed
  2. oh that sounds rough. That was like when I got Magic Plainswalker free from PLUS and i was like "I used to love Magic back in elementary" and then I started playing and had to take a crash course on what the fuck all the new rules are. Well good luck with it Hopefully someone can give you some real advice
  3. Oh that's too bad I didn't watch a lot of YuGiOh but I still remember the Dragon as the "pikachu" of the show. Speaking of Pikachu I think every kid got excited when they first caught one...then you realize it is completely worthless and never use it again
  4. Well from what I remember from the show as long as you have Blue Eyes White Dragon...you win every battle Don't know if that is helpful or not
  5. Last level of De Blob and I had everything done except I went back through a hole not realizing that glitches you out and you can't finish the level :(


    I will redo it later.

  6. Who knows if that will happen but really it just sends a message to all the fans that don't watch anymore that the new stars are not as good as the old stars. I mean if you just tune in for Mania or the anniversary shows and see all the old school wrestlers beat the new wrestlers why the hell would you keep watching.
  7. where did you hear that? So was Vince like "GODDAMMIT we were supposed to have Roman in the main event for the 5th year in a row to help get him over...well get me his cousin, I bet we can get Roman over with the help of the Rock"
  8. I usually wait until they all release before I buy them anyways as I hate waiting for the next part of the story. In this case though I am even happier I waited.
  9. Right. One of the best parts of Goldeneye was getting better and better at levels to unlock the cheats. I still remember when my brother finally unlocked invincibility it was one of the best moments in gaming. I did the same with Invisibility where I actually skipped the afternoon of school because I was trying for it at lunch and was on such a roll getting my time down I didn't want to break my concentration. Actually funny story about that day. I ended up earning Invisibility and the phone rang. Thinking nothing of it I picked it up only to find myself talking with my teacher who told me to get back to school and he wouldn't tell my parents
  10. It is this new generation of gamers. Seriously look at how games were done even 10 years ago and it is shocking how far we have fallen. You know 3 days before release date used to be called "release date" more and more games are coming out on Friday with a "play it 3 days before' but games used to come out on Tuesday so now you are just playing it on time instead of late. And even if it is actually 3 days earlier...is that really worth the price you could have saved if you bought it a few weeks later? That is another thing that is being taken away from us...just like costumes, bonus modes, the entire game available at once. Now we pay for the privilege for all those things and with the invention of loot boxes we are now paying for the privilege of maybe obtaining all of those things...or maybe not.
  11. But often if you just wait a month you can buy 2 games for the price of 1 new game. Companies keep cutting more and more stuff out of their games and releasing them as fractions of what they used to be and people keep lining up to put more and more money down to buy less product. THEN they have the gall to drop the price on them a couple of weeks later and not even apologize for it. It is about respect for the customer that most companies just don't have any more.
  12. Once again "Hey everyone get HYPED and preorder our games...because there totally won't be like 2 dozen sales a couple of weeks after they release" Seriously these same games were on sale at Black Friday and will be on sale on Boxing day as well. WHY DO PEOPLE PREORDER AAA GAMES IN OCTOBER/NOVEMBER
  13. I was kind of reading this quickly at first and saw Spiderman as your Biggest Bomb and I was sad at first Great choice of games and I am also really enjoying Valkyria Chronicles.
  14. Did you see the video showcasing WWE stealing that idea from Taz though