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  1. 😄 OK that was all great but the text from Ryuji was the perfect punchline to it all.
  2. Scribblenauts. I might have to try it when it comes to PS4
  3. Whatever dood, I would also say don't make Intro threads where you shit on half the community but I guess as the kids say "you do you:" Have fun with your games and welcome to the community I guess.
  4. Thanks again Toogie It was a lot of fun to participate in
  5. Then make them special and stop worrying so much about what other people play. There would be no way for a site to give certain platinums rank over other platinums as it is all subjective. Even if you went by rarity then games like Start the Party or EYEpet are rarer than games like Dark Souls.
  6. Well there is Adventure of Mana which is the first one. If you don't mind playing non-playstation games there is the third one Seiken Densetsu 3 as well as the vastly underrated Secret of Evermore. I highly recommend Dragon Fantasy Book volume 1 and 2 as good throwback RPGs.
  7. See you say you don't want to be confrontational and then use words like "junk" What is a junk platinum to you? Tell Tale games are insanely easy platinums but are some of the most enjoyable games I have played. Also if you look at my profile you would see games like Disney games or Mayo but every time I have played one of those it is because I have been part of trophy hunting competitions which were designed to build connections to other users on the site. So you might see them as "junk" but I saw them as ways of connecting to a larger community. Finally games like Hannah Montana I did as a joke for my 100th platinum and built an entire event around it. I probably put more effort into that event than some people put into earning "hard" platinums. On top of that I also have plats in Star Ocean 4, Mortal Kombat, Modnation Racers, Star Hawk, Resistance 2 etc. so you might "condemn" my account but I don't see why you give a shit. There are so many threads like this with "quality over quantity"...we get it. Your E-Peen is super big and powerful. Now go enjoy some games and stop worrying so much about what other people play
  8. Also 100% in Song of the Deep.


    What a magical journey :) Insomniac does it again.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      It's time to spam people on several status updates. Congrats on 100% and your gold trophies!

    3. Jaco


      Nice work!

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  9. 1000 :gold:trophies :)


    1. AlchemistWer
    2. YTMattIsGaming
    3. ee28max



      This year I plan on earning as many gold trophies as I can, because when I compare my profile with other profiles at the same level I see them with already 100 gold trophies while I'm not even at the half. 

  10. Well it is the Port Station 4 so I would say probably. i mean if the Raven can get a PS4 port this probably will also
  11. Yeah, she ain't getting removed. The hall of fame is filled with people like Ultimate Warrior (who said extremely racist and homophobic remarks), Mike Tyson ( a convicted rapist), Snuka (who probably killed his girl friend but Vince more than likely paid off the right people to keep the charges muddied), Donald Trump...won't go into that one but his last 14 months in off has illuminated some more shit about him etc. etc. etc It is why people laughed when HHH made that remark about Chyna and how he didn't want young children googling her and finding out she did porn...but Tammy Stytch is in the Hall of Fame and she not only did porn and did other sexual acts for money but has numerous DUIs and other drug/alcohol charges. Not to mention how WWE is so "pro" women with Steph leading the charge but HHH walks Floyd Mayweather to the ring a man known for how he uses his fists outside of the ring. http://www.businessinsider.com/floyd-mayweather-domestic-violence-history-2015-4
  12. Just got back from Black Panther and enjoyed it quite a lot :)


    It is the first Marvel film I have seen since the original Thor so I may have to check out some others (especially after playing Guardians of the Galaxy)

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    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      I've been summoned!


      Western is shit.

      English Dubs are cancer.

      Zero Escape is life



      @Dr_Mayus Play 999, now, forget all the western bad things and play godly game :awesome:  

    3. Jaco


      I summoned the wrong person. :lol:

      I agree with one of those three things. :P

    4. Dragon-Archon


      The godly wolf praises a godly game... and I just started being a God Eater again :awesome: .

  13. While WWE might herald Moolah as a pioneer in Women's wrestling and a saint...she is actually a horrible horrible person. She held wrestlers back, shot on Wendi Ritcher in the ring and pinned her for real causing her to be held back but the worst thing of it all was she used to pimp women out to promoters for money. She held a lot of power so if a woman wanted to get booked on a show they may need Moolah's OK. That means Moolah got to sell women wrestlers to promoters for sexual favours and then that girl could get booked on the show. So when WWE announced this tournament fans were outraged that the WWE would want to honour this woman. It was actually fans threatening Snickers that got WWE to change their mind though. So WWE (champion of women) wouldn't do something from a moral standpoint but instead from a business standpoint.
  14. 29257907_1883618321649212_49025190597463

    1. Dr_Mayus


      I've seen it. The part where Big Poppa Pump gets it on with all his Freaks in the boat made me cry like a baby :(

  15. Well I can't wait The nice thing about the events is it encourages you to finish off games you have been ignoring. That extra incentive is a good kick in the ass 13 horror platinums is quite a lot so hopefully you won't have to buy too many