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  1. World of Final Fantasy-Brandelis really sounds like Bane from Dark Knight Rises. :P


  2. The only thing I am hoping is they keep Charlotte away from the Becky/Ronda match as she doesn't need to weasel her way into that Mania match
  3. 1/4 Mini Games done in WoF...these are going to suck. I beat the race with 59:85 seconds (you have to do it under a minute for the trophy)

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      I just googled that and realize that sucks :(

    3. DamagingRob


      Lol. Yep. But if you have really bad luck, there's always the option of trading for one (on the PS4). I'd have no problem popping the disc back in, if that's the case. :)

    4. Dr_Mayus


      appreciate the offer :) I will try it for myself but if I get too annoyed I will shoot you a message :D

  4. Wait, wait, wait...so I just spent the whole game of World of Final Fantasy finding 4 keys...and then when I get to the 4 locks the answer isn't "used the keys" it is "go fight more bosses"



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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Yeah it is basically this 




      Except there isn't any sandwiches :(



    3. DrakeHellsing


      Oh yeah... I remember that scene... that was a fun episode from what I remember, Homer and Mr. Burns stuck in a cabin together xD

    4. Dr_Mayus


      Also the great line of "we got here with teamwork" "yeah, my teamwork"

  5. Welcome to the site But if you want to steal our hearts...you need one of these bad boys
  6. Model I think you might have a new career on your hands. Also you could probably just direct them to @Hardangelfan, I am not sure if he still shoots models but I know he used to. Seriously though, it is a shame what happened to that site. People like Davey (who aren't even there anymore) drove so many good users away leaving a great community completely barren.
  7. Oh that makes sense as all the recent posts were 1 minute apart but I didn't actually open them because i didn't care. Are people like Davey, Submerge, Breakpoint, Unred even around anymore? I mean it was Sub's site but I am just curious is anyone running it or does it just now exist.
  8. Seriously what is with all these shitty games releasing with an under hour platinum. These things used to be really rare or they were subjugated to movie-tie in games. I used to joke that "developers should just make a shitty game, load it full of trophies and make some quick cash" but now they are actually doing it. Getting to 100 platinums used to take a long time but now you can probably do it in under a month if you wanted to.
  9. OK using Celes to lay the smackdown to Terra in WoF was pretty awesome ^_^


    Come on Square...give me a FF6 remake with trophies.

  10. Oh that's funny. I guess that is why it is still talking about 2016 updates
  11. Couldn't a link be put on the original guide and dlc guides linking to each other? Also are we ever going to organize the guides? Right now you can't sort "alphabetically" which is kind of weird.
  12. Man, that was a weird time when that happened. Also I went back there last night and A) People are still posting. and B ) @kidson2004 you are still a forum moderator there with your fancy purple title. That must have been well after I left. Actually when the Ps3trophies.com Apocalypse happened that is what a bunch of users had to do to get back all the guides that were lost when the site completely shutdown and they were trying to get it back up.
  13. Fuck, did @Unred touch something again (how many will get that old joke) Anyways hopefully it goes back up as the guides are very good there.
  14. Damn, the last time someone threw shade at a New Zealander...they got hit with this badass tune. You better watch that the Hiphopopotamus and Rhymenoceros don't come after you.
  15. And with Gilgamesh I am at 50% Mirages... :o

    That is still a lot to do.