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  1. Shame on developer/publisher team, sony should take action on them if they not fix game/trophy issue
  2. Sent email to soedesco, no reply. asked in their fb page, they ignore every single comment i posted, so irresponsible,shame on them. I asked triangle studio but they said no longer work on the game, hence better contact with soedesco. Is there any official method to contact sony person in charge to deal this kind of issue, if developer/publisher tends to no fix game/trophy issue, game should not be published in ps store or get free purchase or get dimerit This job hopper trophy is bugged and demotivate me to achieve other trophies
  3. finally cats vs dinos event is up,atleast until 7th Oct,I hope I can gain the trophies during these period left boss rush mode trophy and new faces trophy
  4. Totally agree! I been waiting for months to get my hope up to see boss hunt event and cats vs dogs event but they just never scheduled in. I am all left boss hunt crazy and the 2 cats vs dogs trophies only
  5. dev team should make a visible tracking in achievement progress or atleast a status rather than we counting it ourself, btw I just got 100 Free Play Completed trophy,so I just count onwards from this value,currently 114/250,still got a long road to platinum
  6. Is there anyway to keep track of the FP completed?
  7. Thanks for the info, yes, i have deekin,minsc and shandie,who is the latest hero, 3 of them speed up game progress hell alot, i currently keep doing it in mad wizard freeplay as well, it took around 16-17 minute per one free play, but still a lot of more go....i cant imagine T_T
  8. Same goes to me, normally i dont do this kind of stupid mistake but i guess their data tracking is confusing. Now i all left of 1m monsters killed and free play 100+250, there is no way of tracking this free play completed amount
  9. I wonder if anyone faced this issue,I completed 37 variants in 1st campaign, 14 variants in 2nd campaign and 21 variants in 3rd campaign but trophy doesnt pops after I reset the adventures...thats only for the main 3 campaigns,if other event variants,I think I might have around 90+ variants completed nevermind,after I recalculate the completed variant and also from the milestones,I got the trophy after 2 variants,the previously I mentioned are the one from the text description beside the not completed adventure variant which are highly misleading.
  10. I completed whole game in easy mode, left two trophies which best game in hard+insane, now i am playing insane difficulty and it is quite unforgiving, enemies hit hard and defend hard, now i am stuck on stage 2-3
  11. 27/5/2019 time exploit still working Finally i got the plat! Thanks everyone😊 Ps:u can press X multiple times after musics ends after between 3-4secs,still works for me,works on 1st try,i was having trouble getting to last triangle puzzle actually, good luck everyone
  12. oops,I thought wanna outsmart the stupid glitch but just realsed you have tried that I thought I had hopes but end up another disappointing again,thanks for the info once again
  13. thanks this another method,I may try it out ,since this round 10 survival is my last trophy
  14. Thanks for the info, i try delete user account in my ps3 hdd and try to re earn the trophies, Becuz delete user account will delete trophy info which saved in hdd
  15. But despite i completed everything, it seems the season dlc trophies glitched on me,i got silver trophy in my ps3 but not in server as the trophies are bronze in the server. Damn it