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  1. advice for all,just leave this for last trophy,update 1.06 patched this method uninstall the game , start new game on easy then play till thule and you gonna do a mission camp and follow video above,I got it on 1st try btw, how do we do it in legit method? I dont really understand how this trophy actually works...
  2. its working for me,it pops in result screen,not after crossing finish line, I did neener emote only, animation did not finish yet and i already cut it and cross the line
  3. 1.07.90 on stage 1 still getting unranked, man.. I cant do it better anymore
  4. Is the flying L2+R2 still working? I tried it and it doesnt goes into flying mode, debug cheats still working though
  5. Me too, i gonna wait for game to be patched until to a stable version,hope more users provide more feedback on this patch
  6. 2K seems like doesnt admit its their problem,it was literally no one achieved this trophy on ps4
  7. is multiplayer server is region based? I ma having Chinese version,guess hopeless >_<
  8. I done almost everything,except rank25/50/hero ship kills/killstreak with interceptor/bomber/starfight objectives/500 kills with hero.... I hate those air combat,control is stiff and I keep getting killed when I just spawn into the game, you literally playing with all other players with upgraded ships...its kind of...not fair..
  9. literally title says it all,what should I do now to gain exp to level up to level 60? I saw vanguard quest reward is millions of xp but I tried beat ebon tower(not solo version) and failed miserably,tried instance matching and keep searching only.. *Edited* Figured out can do daily quest solo hunt,now already level 65, time to finish up the rest of trophies
  10. Offline with latest patch
  11. you cant continue your game because your current gamesave has dlc content whereas you uninstalled everything and reinstalled only the based game,so what you gonna do is download all dlcs and then turn off your internet connection and it will read your save again and continue I play the rest of game and dlc with offline after new boss trophy glitched on me
  12. you CAN play offline with dlc, this is how I did it exactly for the rest of game and dlcs once the new boss trophy is glitched
  13. I forgot to mentioned that, yes, each underboss district must be equally distributed, each underboss with 3 any districts, in sitdown event, they say something like proud of me/support me/believe me And to avoid trophies glitched, highly suggest turn off internet connection when playing this game
  14. I just 100% mafia 3,I would say story and graphics are great but due to repetitive missions(except district boss missions) and technical bugs/glitches made the game boring and frustrating..and thumbs up to the creative idea of underboss's associate... and bugged trophies still exist,mine is "new boss" trophy,flipped all racket bosses and even journal-in-game mentioned all lived , but trophy no pops