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  1. Damn this trophy, now i have this issue, i crafted everything except sniper weapon which i get it in chap 15, so the trophy locked? Damnit
  2. they replied "not available in your region" T_T
  3. they could have make it more rewardable like extra skills/powers/unlocks/easter eggs/funny stuff after collecting collectible instead of trophy only(or even for nothing sometimes)...
  4. I just contacted PS ASIA, lets see whats their reply, I will update here from time to time
  5. I just started this game and clocked in 5 hours and crashed 2 times which really put me off...I really want to enjoy this game and plat it but I think I just pass.... literally unplayable due to crashes...
  6. it is still happening now...I just clocked in 5 hours and already crashed 2 times(random)...what the hell...the dev team seems to not bother fixing this issue...
  7. I just started this game on 26th Jan, bots are NOT easy especially when opponents team consists of blackbeard(high attack and def) , mysteen(spawn another herself every now and then) and Amphora(turn to stingray(?) every now and then, their accuracy are super high , few hits on you can be megablasted whereas you hit them when in full red bar sometimes not gonna megablasted , plus they are like having infinite dodge or infinite special...totally unfair game is fun if only in rocketbot attack mode
  8. thanks for the info! I may pick this game up some time later , I really hate missable trophies sometimes, had to put some attention on trophies when playing the game is not fun, I prefer to enjoy 1st playthrough without looking any guide/trophies then cleanup during postgame...
  9. just found out PS PLUS ASIA is different, Control UE only for ps5 but with additional games of biped and bloodstained
  10. what a great month eventhough I platted concrete genie, I always heard that control is a decent game and now comes with ultimate edition ! not sure about destruction all stars as I am not interested in this kind of game
  11. is there any missable trophies? I googled and not much of information
  12. Taeyeon - what do I call you since she just released new mini album and its been a while that I listened to taeyeon's songs,so keep repeating her songs for now like fine,rain,I,why,time lapse,better babe and etc..
  13. there are few games for me.. 1. Last of Us - this game is way too popular that made me so anticipated to this game,plus this is a game from naughty dog too, should be fun to play but found out gameplay put me off, nevertheless, story is great and graphics is top-notch 2. Shadow of Mordor GOTY - I heard this game won a lots of awards and have a GOTY edition, I decided to give it a try after I watched the combat gameplay but I found out it just a failed-copy of batman arkham game, there are so many flaws I cant express in words, the 1vs30 mobs(or infinite) combat,I just hate it. 3. FFXV - this is another great disappointment , I cant enjoy every moment even though I already finished the game, I just rush it to the end, I tried to get into story but it just so weak and the driving ,the brotherhood thing and the empty world map ,I just cant bear with it.. 4. COD series - some titles from this series are free on ps plus several times,I played every of time and just meh,even with online multiplayer,I just dont get it why its so popular and sold millions of copies of each COD title.. 5. Monster Hunter World - finally have a chance to play due to free on ps plus asia, I played MH during ps2 era and the gameplay put me off(everything so SLOW till I cant bear with it), I have a fb group which always talking about MHW so I thought that this game may be improved from last-last gen,so I give it a try, found out gameplay is literally same for me,everything is slow too yet they have the combat-chase-combat-chase-combat pattern which annoy me the most, nevertheless, graphics is top-notch , I rather play toukiden series, more fun than this dont bash me,maybe I just have different game taste as I put attention more on gameplay more than anything else(graphics/story/musics/art)
  14. this game is way too underrated, decent turn-based RPG with amazing soundtrack along with simple easy plat , I had fun with it