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  1. is there any missable trophies? I googled and not much of information
  2. Taeyeon - what do I call you since she just released new mini album and its been a while that I listened to taeyeon's songs,so keep repeating her songs for now like fine,rain,I,why,time lapse,better babe and etc..
  3. there are few games for me.. 1. Last of Us - this game is way too popular that made me so anticipated to this game,plus this is a game from naughty dog too, should be fun to play but found out gameplay put me off, nevertheless, story is great and graphics is top-notch 2. Shadow of Mordor GOTY - I heard this game won a lots of awards and have a GOTY edition, I decided to give it a try after I watched the combat gameplay but I found out it just a failed-copy of batman arkham game, there are so many flaws I cant express in words, the 1vs30 mobs(or infinite) combat,I just hate it. 3. FFXV - this is another great disappointment , I cant enjoy every moment even though I already finished the game, I just rush it to the end, I tried to get into story but it just so weak and the driving ,the brotherhood thing and the empty world map ,I just cant bear with it.. 4. COD series - some titles from this series are free on ps plus several times,I played every of time and just meh,even with online multiplayer,I just dont get it why its so popular and sold millions of copies of each COD title.. 5. Monster Hunter World - finally have a chance to play due to free on ps plus asia, I played MH during ps2 era and the gameplay put me off(everything so SLOW till I cant bear with it), I have a fb group which always talking about MHW so I thought that this game may be improved from last-last gen,so I give it a try, found out gameplay is literally same for me,everything is slow too yet they have the combat-chase-combat-chase-combat pattern which annoy me the most, nevertheless, graphics is top-notch , I rather play toukiden series, more fun than this dont bash me,maybe I just have different game taste as I put attention more on gameplay more than anything else(graphics/story/musics/art)
  4. this game is way too underrated, decent turn-based RPG with amazing soundtrack along with simple easy plat , I had fun with it
  5. me as a programmer, I wonder whats so hard to fix this bugged trophy, they could have just write a code to check whether won count in last man standing is equal or more than 1,trigger this checking whenever back to menu..
  6. make sense,thanks for your effort for developing the website,this one definitely come in handy!
  7. Cantonese(Hong Kong), Mandarin(China), English and Malay are mine learning japanese when playing japanese RPG game and watching japanese drama/movie/anime learning korean during kpop era(SNSD) and watching running man
  8. great job there! I wonder if "lowest price history" feature can be done?
  9. I really hope this get ported to ps4/ps5, I played FF12,FF9 and FFXV this year and found out I was quite missing FF13 especially the battle system/paradigm, I still remember I was having fun while farming trapezohedron for few hours straight, this still better than FFXV driving around the lucis completing side quest, this really put me off and I got all trophies except fishing skill,photography skill and survival skill.... I really hope to play this game again on newer gen console..
  10. FF13 defnitely not the worst,I was actually had fun while plating the game,battle system itself is quite smart and need strategy to what to perform next,the only downside for me is the story,I just cant get into it I would say ff12 is the worst but I changed mind once I played 9-10 hours on FFXV and FFXV takes the crown of the worst in FF...where's why: -cant get into story -huge map but empty -pace is slow -slow loading -slow driving -some places can be fast travel ,some places not(dont know what determine it) -combat system is worse than kingdom hearts -Allies AI is stupid(even worse when fighting adamantoise,they just move around me whereas I was the only one who fighting it alone) -magic skills/qty/uses is very limited -sidequest is same/repetitive(unlike previous FF7-10,tons of different quests reward with ultimate weapons/special skill/special item/easter egg) -limited playable characters(FF series is known for heavily focus on RPG with several characters but not in this game not,I see no difference and only 4 playable characters) -ost just not catchy as previous FF titles(I keep using portable player to play FF7-X musics for most of the time) I played FF12 HD on ps4 and plated it ,it wasnt that bad after having speed modify I played FF9 HD on ps4 and plated it as well,I enjoy every moment literally
  11. since this thread is brought up again,so I just comment my opinions.. once I heard that this game server will be shutdown at end of year so I quickly bought an used copy of this game after I watched the gameplay much like assassin creed + batman arkham, so i guess it should be ok... I played it for few hours to get my online trophy and progress more on main missions,found out it is completely overrated rubbish game...why? here my summary: PROS: way too many cons CONS: - ground execution(dizzy symbol on enemies) animation should be invincible or just like batman arkham series,press the exceution button,flashy finishing move which is enough - combat execution(>8 combos in order to perform) , how the hell on earth you need combo to perform execution,poor game design - 1 vs 20 enemies at once, some with heavy armor,some with spiky guard along with annoying archers.... - additional to previous point, enemy even calling reinforcement and make the battle into 1 vs 50, just act like unlimited fight battles - stealth mission should not be mandatory,if you get caught during mission,should turn the stealth mission into battle mission, fight to survive I dont get how this game can have GOTY edition,completely overrated rubbish piece of junk
  12. advice for all,just leave this for last trophy,update 1.06 patched this method uninstall the game , start new game on easy then play till thule and you gonna do a mission camp and follow video above,I got it on 1st try btw, how do we do it in legit method? I dont really understand how this trophy actually works...
  13. literally title says it all,what should I do now to gain exp to level up to level 60? I saw vanguard quest reward is millions of xp but I tried beat ebon tower(not solo version) and failed miserably,tried instance matching and keep searching only.. *Edited* Figured out can do daily quest solo hunt,now already level 65, time to finish up the rest of trophies
  14. its working for me,it pops in result screen,not after crossing finish line, I did neener emote only, animation did not finish yet and i already cut it and cross the line
  15. 1.07.90 on stage 1 still getting unranked, man.. I cant do it better anymore
  16. Is the flying L2+R2 still working? I tried it and it doesnt goes into flying mode, debug cheats still working though
  17. Me too, i gonna wait for game to be patched until to a stable version,hope more users provide more feedback on this patch
  18. 2K seems like doesnt admit its their problem,it was literally no one achieved this trophy on ps4
  19. is multiplayer server is region based? I ma having Chinese version,guess hopeless >_<
  20. I done almost everything,except rank25/50/hero ship kills/killstreak with interceptor/bomber/starfight objectives/500 kills with hero.... I hate those air combat,control is stiff and I keep getting killed when I just spawn into the game, you literally playing with all other players with upgraded ships...its kind of...not fair..
  21. Offline with latest patch
  22. you cant continue your game because your current gamesave has dlc content whereas you uninstalled everything and reinstalled only the based game,so what you gonna do is download all dlcs and then turn off your internet connection and it will read your save again and continue I play the rest of game and dlc with offline after new boss trophy glitched on me
  23. you CAN play offline with dlc, this is how I did it exactly for the rest of game and dlcs once the new boss trophy is glitched
  24. I forgot to mentioned that, yes, each underboss district must be equally distributed, each underboss with 3 any districts, in sitdown event, they say something like proud of me/support me/believe me And to avoid trophies glitched, highly suggest turn off internet connection when playing this game