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  1. This seems like an intentional plot by the developers to temporarily increase the player base on the PS5. I'm not too eager or worried about the outcome as I've recently learnt to touch grass.
  2. I gave up due to discomfort. The art style and graphics gave me a headache.
  3. I play on TV only, not in VR. This game made me feel uncomfortable. The art style and graphics gave me a headache. Couldn't play for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Gave up eventually.
  4. Your soundbar is a top tier one from Sony, known for it's passthrough / HDMI loop. Good decision to connect it first and then to the TV. I would most probably go for entry level ones, so I might connect to the TV first. Enjoy your Sound
  5. Happy to see a fellow surround sound user. Majority are headphone or Stereo users. How are you running your surround input? PS5>Receiver>TV or PS5>TV>Receiver? Any noticeable latency? I use Optical for my PS4. For PS5 I'm still using TV speakers as my receiver is ancient and doesn't accept HDMI audio.
  6. Even after playing/design/development of video games went mainstream, I remember to "Play the game, Don't let the game play you."
  7. Same issue. Contacted Ubisoft, transcript below It didn't make sense to inform the support agent about the flawless autopop in Rogue Company, Hitman III, Destiny 2, WarFrame, First party exclusives. It's not like if I inform him about it, he is going to wave his magic wand and my Rainbow Six Siege is going to fix it's sync. I need help from the Trophy hunting community to troubleshoot this.
  8. Rubberbanding the controller doesn't seem to work. The game is clever and kicks anyway. Eagerly waiting for a working solution to stay afk. Please share.
  9. The icons look like they've been directly lifted and cropped from the default blue theme!
  10. I logged in just to like your post which in a way rewards your effort and motivates you further. Rare to see people paying attention to finer things. The mainstream is all about numbers and figures, lack of attention to detail is the new norm in all walks of life, not just the gaming industry.
  11. Nice that you got some information from Ubisoft support, I will redownload and login after 27'th. But I have to say that only a few of us are affected. I clicked on the legend trophy to view the recent winners from this site, it seems that some people are unlocking it.
  12. Yes, I'm at 13 wins now, still no trophy. All my wins are from the ''Matches Won - Squads'' category. Have to admit that 1 or 2 wins were from Faction Wars limited time game mode. But I'm pretty sure atleast 10 were legit squad wins.
  13. Me personally, I quit everytime I realize my position/stand in real life. I wish I could be high on life, like travelling, buying adequately good cars, have a decent saving. Funny thing is, as soon as I realize gaming and ambitions in life have zero interrelation, I get back at it. Also, I liked gaming and trophy hunting when it was a niche. Now I see 8 months old profile with 150+ platinums and 4 stacks of each game. It has become mainstream.
  14. I had asked a similar question. Most of the answers which I got were justifying that there is nothing wrong with missing trophies.
  15. Edit: Traded