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  1. Well the good news is the slack has been picked up and we now have extra time and extra categories to complete Now your idioms won't end up on the scrap heap. I decided to add The Dwarves, which I bought for a couple bucks in January I think and Super Meat Boy because once I finally finish Space Hulk, I wanted my next Vita game to have a purpose. There is about a 3% chance I finish that one in time, but ehh. The biggest surprise for me is that there is an actual story. The last Wolfenstein I played was the original on PC back in the 90's when the guys shouted "Mein Leiben!" when you killed them. I wasn't expecting what I've got so far and they've done a pretty good job of diversifying the levels so they don't feel monotonous. I reached chapter 12 last night, so I think I have 5 left (including 12). I'm conflicted about whether to take advantage of the glitch with Uber mode so I can move on to my next game in camp, or to replay it all the way through on Uber. I've read it isn't terribly difficult, it'd just take a week or so out of another game. I still have a few days to decide though. Another thing I have been surprised about is all the sex in this game. It doesn't bother me or anything, it was just surprising. Most of the games I've played where sex has been involved, it is a more subtle nod...this was pretty explicit. At least it makes sense in the story and it doesn't really feel gratuitous. It kind of reminded me of the movie Enemy at the Gates with Ed Harris, Rachel Weisz and Jude Law (awesome movie btw if you like sniper/war movies.) I'm not sure I need to play another FPS style game for a while since I'm sure it would start to blend together, but it's nice to know that I can play one from time to time and enjoy it. I've spent a little more money than I planned...I picked up The Witcher 3, BattleWorldsKronos, Lords of the Fallen, NeverEnd and Grim Fandango Remastered. I think all of that was like $50...I'm sure it was money well spent considering how awesome I've heard The Witcher 3 is and I think Grim Fandango was pretty well received as well. I took a flier on those other games. Which games did you pick up?
  2. It's a little disheartening to see an event where there was nothing really at stake other than some friendly competition get disrupted like that, especially considering how enthusiastic everyone seemed to be about it. I'm not here to judge though, everyone has their reasons, but I would like to continue on since I've really enjoyed it so far and I really appreciate the effort that @ProfBambam55 is giving to try and keep a good thing alive. I've had fun with it and will continue to have fun going forward so the best of luck to everyone who is sticking around! Here is my list with the new games added: Make Friends - Tales from the Borderlands - Hang out at the Lake - Ratchet and Clank - 0% Play a Sport - MLB the Show 18 - Go Hiking - Valkyria Chronicles - Shoot Something - Shadow of War - 0% Make Something - Pic-a-Pix (vita) - Learn Something - Mulaka - Put on a Show - Fe - Tell a Ghost Story - Until Dawn - 0% Get Tested - Wolfenstein: The New Order - 37% Be a Hermit - Space Hulk - 91% Survive - The Banner Saga - Summer Vacation - The Dwarves (new addition)- 0% Go on a Scavenger Hunt - Super Meat Boy (new addition) - 76% Chill by the Campfire - Dark Souls Remastered (moved category) - 0% Good luck all! (But mostly to cabin Gidi'tikadii!)
  3. Today was very busy for me at work and I didn't have a chance to check my phone or anything. When I got home, I saw everything was gone and was left wondering wtf happened? I saw that other thread that kind of explains it. Pretty disappointing that it turned out that way considering all the people involved and how everyone seemed to be enjoying it. I plan on finishing up the event anyways since I was having fun branching out and trying new things. It's kind of ironic that your usual 'Sundae Fundae' update was called 'Sunday Bloody Sundae' update this time and the whole event went down the tubes. I'm having a lot of fun with Wolfenstein actually. It's not really all that hard, which is surprising to me since I was expecting to suck at this game. I'm only playing on normal for this play through so I'm sure that's a big factor.
  4. Another plat for cabin #7 and another category completed! Mulaka and Learn Something is in the bag. I'm kind of surprised Mulaka only has 101 owners (on this site) so far. It was actually a pretty good game. Graphics are basic, but make sense for the story and game, but the story was interesting, the game play was fun, it's not overly long or challenging but it has some challenging moments. I would say wait for a sale and if you can get it for $10, pick it up. My progress so far: Make Friends - Pic-A-Pix Color - Hang out at the Lake - Ratchet and Clank - 0% Play a Sport - MLB the Show 18 - Go Hiking - Valkyria Chronicles (Completed) - Shoot Something - Shadow of War - 0% Make Something - Dark Souls Remastered - 0% Learn Something - Mulaka - Put on a Show - Fe - Tell a Ghost Story - Until Dawn - 0% Get Tested - Wolfenstein: The New Order - 0% Be a Hermit - Space Hulk - 91% (bane of my existence right here) Survive - The Banner Saga - BONUS CATEGORY: Summer Vacation - Tales From the Borderlands - I think I'll do Wolfenstein next...I have nothing in my profile that comes close to this style of game so that will be something fun and different. A monthish to go and I'm halfway done! Thanks again Toogie for putting this thing together. I probably would have never played a few of these games without the inspiration and it's been a blast. Good luck everyone this last month!
  5. lol fair enough! Those reckless days are long past for me. I still like looking at a fire but that's as far as it goes for me. However, a fire-crisped sausage sounds good right about now... a strong word. I enjoy the challenge of getting rare trophies, however mixed with my compulsion to finish each game to 100% and the challenge of SMB...this is more of a love-hate relationship. I will get it eventually...I think...but I'll need breaks. However, Crash games now seem like something I should be adding to my ever increasing stack of games to play. I think I was about 10-12 hours on that one too. I should have had it a few times earlier than that, but something stupid would inevitably happen and I'd choke. I actually didn't realize I had done them all perfectly when it popped. I thought I still had a couple of levels to do when the trophy popped. I gently set the game down and have been trying to wrap up Space Hulk since. After Space Hulk...I'll tackle The Rapture and see how it goes. I may need to switch over from my Vita to the PS4 to finish it up. I saw Shantae on the mid-summer sale and considered picking it up, but I just have too much in my backlog now to add that to the list. Maybe there will be an event coming up that will make me add that. I saw the artist formerly known as @Toogie53 is making a Halloween event based around phobias...I just have to decide if being a genie is a fear of mine...I mean as you all know....PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS....itty bitty living maybe claustrophobia.. I finished Mulaka last night and I would recommend it. Again, not going to win any awards or anything, but it was enjoyable and I had fun. Oddly enough, right after I posted above about the controls not having any issues. I fell through the game twice and had to reload a save. Both times involving the snake transformation too. The boss battles were pretty decent as well with some fun twists thrown in about how to beat them. Have a good weekend everyone!
  6. I think the question on everyone's mind is...when do you plan on tackling the Crash Bandicoot DLC!? They snuck those two trophies in there on you. Seems kind of random for that series, but in all honesty I know nothing about those games so I'm completely judging this book by its cover. I'm personally channeling my inner Homer Simpson looking for Lincoln's gold in the White House. I started to tally my kills in Space Hulk on the calculator on my phone...I should have done this the whole time, but I've been slaughtering and undo slaughtering and redo slaughtering aliens for a few months now and have no clue how many kills I'm at. I would guess between 10-30k...I realize there is a slight margin of error there, but I was paying little to no attention to how long I was grinding since I knew it would be a while. Since I started the calculator earlier this week, I have killed exactly 3,900 aliens. Now I'm more curious what the number will be on my phone when the trophy finally does pop. I'm going to avoid Space Hulk games like the plague going forward. I do want to say that I'm playing Mulaka right now and it is actually a fun little game. It only has 100 owners on this site. The graphics are nothing to write home about, but the story is interesting, the game play and controls are really responsive and there are some fun puzzles to figure out. It's not terribly difficult overall, but it has it's moments. I didn't like the combat at first since you have a spear and are trying to kill small, little scorpions and just whiff over and over...but once I got the hang of it it's pretty good. If you see it for $10 or so I'd say it's worth picking up. I think you mentioned explaining your fascination with fire a couple of weeks ago...I've always liked it cause it's shiny and mesmerizing...I was a bit of a pyro growing up. I remember after my last day in 7th grade, I took all of my notebooks, threw them in the fireplace and set them on fire since it was such a miserable year of school...only to have the smoke come billowing into the living room. Who knew that fireplaces had flues and that these contraptions needed to be open in order for the smoke to go up the chimney? I'm lucky I didn't set the house on fire. I put the fire out, opened all the windows to air out the smell and figured no one would ever know...I think I got away with it all the way until my mother got both of her feet in the front door and she smelled the overwhelming smoke smell. Needless to say...that wasn't the best start to a summer vacation in my life. Another time in high school my classmates were having a bonfire down on the beach. Someone rolled a bail of hay from a field nearby to add some extra seating. If you guessed that I was the one to roll it into the fire and then stand on it pretending I was a Salem'd be correct. In addition to my lack of knowledge about chimney's and flues...I also didn't realize what a pain in the ass it is to bail hay AND that it was someones income I helped destroy...the kid who bailed the hay was actually at that fire and was really pissed about it. Fortunately for me, there was a lot of blame to go around, but I sure felt like a dick afterwards. Anyways, those are my pyro stories...what you got?
  7. Cabin 7 check-in. I got my summer sport out of the way and got the platinum for MLB The Show 18. I hadn't played a baseball game since Ken Griffey Jr. baseball on the N64...probably won't get another one for a long time again. The game itself is fine, the Road to the Show portion could use some work...but it added a neat dimension to an otherwise typical sports game. I had way more trouble breaking my bat to get my last trophy and the platinum than I should have, but now that it's done I'm on to Mulaka and my learn something category. I'm about halfway through the category's and I think I'll be able to do all but one of them. Dark Souls and Shadow of War may be a bit too aggressive, but I should be able to get at least one of those in addition to the shorter games on my list. I feel like Cabin 7 is playing rope-a-dope...going to let everyone else jump way out in front and then come in strong at the end when everyone is fatigued....right guys? Bueller?
  8. Thanks for the reply! I actually have been swinging at everything. I've probably struck out 100 times today on balls in the dirt. I started watching TV while I'm hitting just to keep my sanity with this one. Since I posted that question, I've been playing non-stop except for about 2 hours with no luck....I've been able to watch Spiderman Homecoming, and Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown in Hong Kong and I just finished watching A League of Their Own and still have not broken a bat...I know Jimmy Dugan says there's no crying in baseball, but this dumb trophy is starting to make me wonder... /edit To wrap this up, after 4 more hours of trying, I ended up uninstalling the game to get back to the default settings on everything. I changed the batting from dynamic to all-star and in the 3rd game I played I broke my bat on a down and in pitch just off the plate...thanks again!
  9. Does anyone have any advice on this or is it completely luck. I wouldn't have expected to have so much trouble with a trophy this common. I have only seen two bats break so far and I was pitching both times. Once in rtts as a pitcher and once during online play. I've been playing on all-star setting for batting and legend for pitching. I haven't touched any of the slider options. I've been playing as the Padres vs Houston with Verlander starting. I've been skipping the pitching portion and only been hitting. I've played over 100 innings like this and it just bad luck?
  10. Late night Cabin 7 Plat rolling in! Tales from the Borderlands and my bonus game complete! I wasn't sure I was going to like this one when it started but I ended up really enjoying it. Next up is either The Show 18 or Mulaka. I'm 9 trophies away from 2500 and I'm trying to decide between 'PETA's been informed of your behavior' in Mulaka, 'Git Gud' in The Show orrrr I repeat my first trophy of 'I am Batman' with the Return to Arkham series. It would have been fun to make all the milestones Batman related...too late for that but I guess I'll sleep on it. Good night all!
  11. Chalk up another Platinum for Cabin #7! Fe down and on to my bonus game Tales From the Borderlands! By the that Puddy from Seinfeld that's the voice of Vazquez?
  12. Sorry for the double post but I hit submit before I mentioned all of the things I wanted to! I feel like doing a Superman title well is such a hard thing to do. I mean Superman is basically indestructible, can fly and has super human strength. How do you make a compelling game or movie where the challenge/drama is believable? I mean, I understand they were able to do that in the comics so you have to wonder how hard could it really be...but other than Doomsday, I never felt that Superman was ever really in danger. Batman is easier to do since he is always a step away from death. Even though he is Batman and in the back of your head you know he'll come out on top, he's not invincible so it's easier to make the drama and the danger feel real. It also makes sense for his health bar to go down in a game. As Superman, if you are battling normal thugs in a game, he should be able to just stand there forever without taking damage, unless there was Kryptonite laced in all of their gloves. You could have him battle supernatural beings all the time, where maybe you believe he could get hurt, but in the end...he's Superman...he doesn't get hurt. While Superman isn't my favorite superhero, I do like him and would love to see a good game in his name. I actually don't really dislike his movies. I know they don't get the same acclaim as some of the other superhero's...but I was generally entertained by them. lol I think everyone had something like this. My brother, my best friend and I used to play DOOM in the woods as kids. It was basically Manhunt (or flashlight tag) but we pretended we were the characters in DOOM fighting aliens. We renamed Capture the Flag when I was in school to Warcraft (that one was a bit of a stretch.) I also used to name myself as the main protaganist in the Final Fantasy series and all of the girls names were changed to whoever my crush was at the time. It wasn't Cecil that saved and then kissed Rosa in the Tower of Zot! It was me, Sean and I got a thank you smooch from Liz! It wasn't Locke Cole the Treasure Hunter that rescued Celes from the Empire in South Figaro but again Sean that this time saved Jacqueline! Once I got out of high school I stopped changing the character names, but it's still embarrassing to think I lived my love life vicariously through Final Fantasy games in Middle School and High School...I was really cool though i swear!! I was the same. My father was a network programmer that had early release licenses to test out the new versions of Windows. His hobby on the side was to build computers. My computer used to be his lab rat to see how the software worked so I always had a pretty top of the line system for the 90's. I was playing point and clicks all the way back to the Leisure Suit Larry days and have always enjoyed them.
  13. So you're telling me there's a chance! I read ya... Well...I need to finish the Dark Souls series first...I've already got a taste for the series and I've got a hankering to spankering those games back to back to back (to back). So after Toogie's event, that will be priority one. With VC4 coming out in September, I'll probably want to play that one straight away and it'll be a nice break between series...and then maybe I'll try to bang this series out before KH3. Fortunately all these games are available to play through the remixes. I didn't realize that alllll of those games were included in the two PS4 releases. I used the google to look that one up. It's a mountain of gaming, but if I could tackle the entire Final Fantasy Series to date, this should be doable. Thanks for the timeline!
  14. lol I haven't been called buckaroo in ages. So I guess the remix edition isn't the KH smorgasbord I thought. I knew there were a lot of games in the series, but I thought they were mostly spin-off titles and playing the main series would be enough...well maybe I won't be ready for KH3 on release after all... On a happier note...I got an email from Amazon that said: "Valkyria Chronicles 4 - PlayStation 4: Previous estimated arrival date: December 31, 2018 New estimated arrival date: September 25, 2018" Wisest lesson to be learned of them all (other than when you're married...she's always right.) There's also something to be said about the mystery of games back then. Before internet, and to some extent even gaming guides, you just had to play a game to figure it out. I'm sure it hurt some games where you would just get stuck and people would give up, but outside of if Nintendo power had a clue...there was a lot of guess work and trial and error to solve games. I generally try to play games without a game walkthrough so I can play without spoilers, however with the advent of trophies I will always look at a trophy guide to make sure there are no missable trophies or glitches so that I can be a more efficient trophy hunter. It takes away some of the mystique...but since there is such a large volume of games to get to that are much more affordable, you're not trying to grab every last second out of your investment and it's easier to move on. I think games were much more 'groundbreaking' and had much more of a 'wow!' feel when playing them when I was younger. The first time I saw the graphics in Final Fantasy II over the original NES version was O.O. Same with the first time I played Donkey Kong Country and Mario 64. Having said that, I feel like there are a lot fewer duds now as far as unplayable games than there used to be. I mean on my whole trophy list of 55 games, the only one that really wasn't any good was Space Hulk. That's a pretty good ratio of enjoyable experiences to bad. All you have to do is watch an hour of the AVGN to see the volume of some of the trash released before. Speaking of Space Hulk....I may have royally f'd myself with that game. To get the 40k kills quickly (I use that term extremely loosely), you have to trap 10 aliens in a room, use the flamethrower to kill 83% of them, press the undo button, rinse, repeat. Well my vita was starting to lag extremely badly, so I saved my game, closed the program and restarted the machine. Well, unfortunately for me, I saved and rebooted after shooting the flamethrower. When I reloaded the game, the redo button was not available. In order to trap the aliens in the room, I had to sacrifice half of my team to get them there so I died and failed the mission. The timer said I had been doing that for about 16 hours (over a couple of months). So if a failed mission doesn't count my kills (which it fucking better) I will have lost 16 hours of spamming 3 buttons over and over and roughly 25k kills. Since there is no counter in the game to let you know how many kills you have...I'll just have to set up that situation again and keep going to see...It's my own stupid fault for picking up this game...but man does this trophy list suck...
  15. In my mind, Appetite is one of, if not the best, debut album of all time. Every song on that album rocks and it only gets better with age. Also on my list of greatest debut albums of all time is the Black Crowes $hake Your Money Maker. Sadly I feel like they peaked there.