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  1. I caved and ended up getting DS Remastered (shipped this morning!) Considering I just played it...I could probably knock down my playthrough time by quite a bit so I may end up doing that for 49 before moving on...however I'm not sure. I like your top 10 idea and I think the bottom 10 idea is pretty interesting as well. Either way it would be interesting to read about the why's for both lists on your front page Are you planning on diving into Dark Souls right away or are you going to play it later? lol it is pretty low....but in all fairness...when I started to actually hunt trophies, it was like two years after I got my first trophy and my 'trophies per day' was at like .46 per day. When I played Batman: Arkham City...I discovered there were now trophies in games and decided that if I played a game, I wanted to get 100% of that game. Later that year, I started playing FFXIV online and if I was going to stay true to my goal of 100%, I would have to 100% that MMO also. I went about another whole year with only a handful of trophies. I ended up really liking the game so I did way more than was required past the platinum. However, once the Heavensward expansion came out...a lot of the content was locked to Pick Up Groups and I wasn't a part of any guilds to participate in the newest stuff. I got frustrated so decided to try a regular console game again since I had pretty much maxed out what I could do in FFXIV to that point without being in a guild. I had heard great things about the God of War series and there was a multi-game sale at the time so I picked them up. I really enjoyed the series and blew through them pretty quick. I decided to hang up my FFXIV spurs and move back into console games. I'm trying to catch up on a lot of years of missed gaming due to MMO's so it's still baby steps at this point Any ideas on what my next goal should be? I understand the feeling of not wanting to lose your's just so pretty looking. You could always hide your current game until it's done so that you keep that shiny 100%, however that cheapens it a bit and I know some people attach a stigma to hidden trophies but to each their own. I'll be curious to see what you come up with for 5k.
  2. @Cassylvania So I noticed an addition to your profile page. I don't recall you having a trophy cabinet up there and now I see one. Do you have any good stories or themes behind why you selected those trophies? You have many, many to choose from so I'd be interested to hear why they made the list. I'm sure XCom 2 is there since it is one of your favorite games. Is that true with all of them? Any closer to a filler game before your event starts? I do have one small announcement of my own...I finally hit 1.00 trophies per day! I reached my goal half way through the year, so now I need to come up with another goal. I really like this Batman game, however I suck at making the choices to make the relationships I want. I want to be loyal to Gordon and all the choices I make seem to alienate him lol. I want to be accommodating and nice to 'my new friend' to get some information but I end up making him jealous. It's an interesting story, but I'll probably want to play it again to see how it goes with the other choices since I think I'm seeing the opposite story I wanted. There are so many surprises. I wouldn't say that Telltale stays true to the 'canon' of Batman so it's an interesting new take on the series.
  3. Great job!!That's real dedication Once you got that Batman monkey off your back I knew it was just a matter of time! Speaking of Time...I got the plat for A Hat in Time yesterday. The game itself was a ton of fun and while I think it was a good trophy list since there was really no stone left uncovered...a lot of the level specific ones were pretty frustrating lol. Most of the frustration was due to exiting to the hub every time you failed. It would have been nice to have a "Restart Mission" option, but overall it's a small gripe. For me...climbing that god damn mushroom was probably the most challenging trophy for me. I was either too twitchy with the stick and landed on a spot and fell off, or the depth perception was off and I'd miss the next step altogether. That trophy was the only time I found myself thinking "this sucks." Otherwise, it was fun and there was a lot of good humor and the puzzles were pretty fun to figure out. I wouldn't put it in the 'best game I've played this year' category, but it was a fun change of pace and I thank you for the recommendation. I started Batman: The Enemy Within last night. I'll hopefully get through that this week a little bit each night after my wife goes to bed. I'm not sure how it affects it...but I was able to import the choices from the first Batman game into this one. I thought that was pretty cool and maybe that is standard for Telltale games, but this is the only one I've played so it was a pretty neat surprise for me. Congrats again! Which game off of your "Upcoming Games" are you tackling next? Or will it be a late, surprise entry?
  4. Wow! Congrats on two more Plats!! You are sooooo close to 100% That DLC looks like a bitch...but are you going to power through it to see that 100% or will you add a new game in the mix? I just ran into this last night. I did ok with Secret Intruder. It took a few tries, but I was able to get that done in about 20 minutes or so. The Perfect Parade was a completely different animal. It took me an hour or so on just this trophy...I found the cut scene thing really annoying as well at first, but then I noticed there is a countdown in the bottom corner. Once the blue bar fills up it moves to the next stage, so I was able to time it so that I was never mid-jump when the cut scene started. My biggest issue was the camera angle, the telephone wires and the chasing birds. You have to keep moving due to the owls playing the instruments and there were several times I landed on a telephone wire by accident and the following birds shot me into the stratosphere. Or the camera angle would be funky and I'd bounce off a building. It's the only time I've been frustrated so far and despite that one...I'm still very much enjoying the game. There is a lot of humor and randomness that I'm enjoying. It's been a crazy week so far at work and I haven't had a ton of energy to play at night so far. I'm off this Saturday so it should give me an extra nap time window to play a bit. I'm hoping to ding this platinum by Sunday night. Good luck with Shantae!
  5. That's pretty cool actually. The order of operations for difficulty makes a lot of sense too if the items and stuff are carried over in TBS2. Based on what I read, it does seem like getting those three trophies in one playthrough is tricky. I believe the Forced March is for beating it within a certain number of days while the Warmonger is for winning 40 battles and the High Spirits is never getting low morale. It seems like it would be impossible to do that all in one run and trying to would end up screwing up all of them. I feel like I'd do forced march on Normal, Warmonger on Hard and High Spirits on Easy. Unless battles are too difficult on hard. I did read that if you utilize some mechanic at the end of the battle (continue on?) each fight can count as two battles. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I have put a lot of thought into maybe doing that one again on release...however I'm not sure I want to play it back to back...but then again I might since everything is fresh in my head. I'll have to see where I'm at with the march to 50 plats. I got the 100% in FFXV the other day without issue so it's back on the shelf until the next DLC comes out. I read somewhere (probably on here) that they have four more DLC's planned for 2019...It's already to the point where someone who only played the base game and got the platinum has a 50% completion on the game. I wonder how low it will go. I started AHiT right after and my initial thought was how much it reminded me of Super Mario 64 (which is a good thing) with some added wrinkles. I stumbled into three trophies really quickly by accident and have already had one glitch for me in a positive way. The trophy for going down the big slide popped at a weird place. I tried several times sliding down the slide with no luck on it popping. I kept running down it or getting stuck when sliding and it wasn't working. I decided to come back to it later. But then when I was doing "She Came From Outer Space" Act, I was chasing the mafia guy for the time piece and jumping from section to section to follow. I missed one of the ledges and as I was falling the trophy popped. Not sure exactly what triggered it, but I'll take it. The game is a ton of fun so far. There is a lot going on in the screens and you were right that the camera is a little wonky. I don't like that you can't really look up, but that's my only real gripe at this point. It will take me some time to figure out the areas, but it's a game that I won't mind exploring. I'm really glad I picked it up since I haven't played a game like this in a long, long time. I noticed your signature has a new game on it. How is "Life is Strange"? Based on the trophies it seems like a Telltale game with a little extra for trophies. Is that pretty much what it is?
  6. Congratulations on another Plat! You are banging them out left and right I have decided that Banner Saga will be my 50th platinum. I will make sure to follow your advice when going after the trophies and do three separate playthroughs. The playthroughs seem short enough and it'll be nice to have a stress free play through on easy. Definitely do easy as the third playthrough for cleanup? or is it worth doing it that way first? I'll also have to look more into how the two games relate since I'm a little lost on how the ending of the first Banner Saga will impact the second. Do you have to play the first one in order to play the second? or is that just an added wrinkle if you did play the first? You may not know either since you haven't played the second one yet, but it seems like an interesting dynamic. So, I decided to play AHiT at the same time as you. It has gotten rave reviews and I want a change of pace for my next game. I should finish FFXV today or tonight and then I will get immersed in AHiT too (as much as I can.) My order to 50 right now will look #47 will be AHiT, #48 will be the Telltale Batman: The Enemy Within #47-49 could be Space Hulk, but I really have no idea how close to 40,000 kills I am. It could also be #60. I play it for about 30-60 minutes every few nights while I'm watching TV, but damn is that a stupid grind. If Space Hulk does not ding by 49, it will go on hold until I beat Banner Saga. I may do Ratchet & Clank for #49 since I still have that queued from when it was free or I may do Dark Souls 2. I may wait until 51 to get back into the Dark Souls series since I would like to just get to 50 and that may slow things up a bit. We'll see how it goes. I also want to change my stance on my FFXV rant slightly. It has been actually fun playing the game again. I'm a little mad at SE since I think they rushed this release...which is ridiculous when you realize it was in the making for several years...but the Royal Edition seems to be a more complete version with a better told story (at least the end) and it is what they should have released all along. It's like they released a director's cut version of the game with an alternate ending. That's fine for movies but is a little ridiculous for a game when you spend over $100 on it. I thought that getting 80% of the data log was going to be me repeating a lot of the game over, but it's actually uncovered some new stuff. I never did the "Menace" dungeons on my first playthrough since there was no reason to, but I had to for this trophy and it was kind of fun. Some of the things they added make you ridiculously overpowered...but that was actually kind of fun too. I should have finished this yesterday, but I got sidetracked in a secret dungeon that was not necessary for the trophies, but was a puzzle zone with no enemies. It was interesting/frustrating at the same time and took me about an hour and a half to beat. To top it all off, I forgot to save it after I beat it and I ended up crashing the car/airship into a mountain on my takeoff and my previous save was right before I entered the dungeon. I beat it in about 45 minutes the second time...but it was a wasted 3 hours or so altogether with regards to trophy hunting. Having said that...the prize made the Omega fight ridiculously easy. After this weekend, FFXV will be back to 100% (for now) and I can move on again. I hope you have a good weekend!
  7. Yeah so I couldn't sit on the Plat I got it last night (well early this morning.) Overall the game was pretty awesome. There are too many good things to say about it so I'll just say it's one of my favorite games ever and lived up to my's what Final Fantasy XV should have been (in my mind.) My only really small gripes were the over the shoulder camera, that I got used to but still could have been better, and the world map. It was really hard to figure out where some zones were. Most of the areas just say "Lake of Nine" even though you can clearly see you're in another area. During normal game play it wasn't an issue at all, but when you are going back to get the collectibles, it gets very hard to find all the areas on the map to see if you've completed them or not. I decided to just finish the game since I haven't really been paying attention to the milestones so far and none of the trophies are really anything significant to me. Similarly to you, I would like to set my own milestones. If it changes to every 25 Plats, then I'm sitting pretty since my 25th Plat was XCOM 2. I'm four Plats away from 50 now so I'll pick something from my backlog that is good. Maybe Bloodborne...maybe Shadow of War (however that Plat is pretty boring to look at.) I like my first trophy "I am Batman" but most of my milestones double up on games. First trophy from Arkham City...first Plat is Arkham City; 500th trophy Dad of War III...tenth plat is Dad of War III and so on. I'm definitely in your camp though that the milestone customization needs some work. lol gdi...I'm quickly getting a backlog that I will never be able to finish. With your gaming experience, that is pretty high praise and worth taking a look at. I'm going to get the 100% in FFXV and then maybe I'll sneak that in before The Banner Saga. Speaking of which, thanks for the heads up with that game. There is no trophy guide here but I did see one on that I'll probably use. You seemed to get through that game pretty quickly, so that is promising. The version of the game I bought has TBS2 as a part of it so maybe I'll bang those out back to back if they're quick enough. Actually...I kind of like The Banner Saga plat trophy image so maybe that can be my 50th. Too many decisions! Well I have the day off and no kids home so this will be a day completely dedicated to video games Hopefully I can knock out most of these FFXV trophies today. Slight rant on one of them though. For the "Pursuit of Knowledge" trophy you need to get 80% of the data log filled out....which normally wouldn't be bad except they added this in a DLC and you don't get credit for areas you've already been to when playing through the first time....seriously wtf is that bullshit. I have to revisit most of the game for that one trophy AND i read that if you utilize the chapter select to get to certain will mess up the log and not save properly. I'll be following a guide for that one for sure. I'm really hoping this doesn't end up being a three week trophy...well happy gaming!
  8. Congrats on the Platinum! You had a good week We finished The Office about a month ago now. I was getting pretty nervous that it was going to end poorly, however I think they did a good job. It's worth seeing to the end when you get the time. I agree though, Spring finally showed up and it has been pretty beautiful out. I mowed my lawn for the first time this weekend and started some of the spring clean up chores. Not quite as fun as ripping apart Draugr's in Dad of War...but it was nice to be out in the sunshine. lol you're right with the Bugs Bunny one. That episode perfectly encapsulates everything I love and hate about the show. He was hilarious playing the game and yelling at Bugs...but then it just got too weird for me with all the shit stuff. He actually was mellowing out a little bit with all the shit jokes through the past few episodes I watched...until the Deadly Towers review where he let the fans write the script. Considering how many awful shit similes and jokes were in that one...I guess he was just giving the audience what they wanted. The Battletoads one was pretty good. I had forgotten there was friendly fire in that game. The Batman Episodes were pretty good too. I'm off from work tomorrow and Wednesday and maybe Thursday so I'll definitely have Dad of War done by then. I'm toying with the idea of saving it for my 50th plat since I've enjoyed the game so much...however, I've never saved a platinum before and I don't know if I have the discipline to wait. I'm 5 plats away, and at the pace at which I get to play it could be Christmas before I ding it. We'll see how I'm feeling at the time. If I don't I have several other good games lined up that would be a good 50th choice.
  9. That is one of the Hallmarks of the series. In general the music has been great. That was actually my favorite part of FFXV. To gain AP I would just have Ignis drive back and forth between long distances and listen to the old soundtracks. I really wish they were complete soundtracks of the previous games...but there was enough to keep me happy. In addition to Aeris' theme song, I'd say my next favorite is Celes' from FFVI theme song. Fortunately, that one is available in FFXV. There were a couple of songs in XIII-2 that I liked. My favorite was in the Archylte Steppe. There are different weather patterns you need to select, and the music is different for each one. The Cloudy or Sunny weather was my favorite and much more upbeat than the others. I have the Royal DLC left to do with FFXV and I'll be 100% there. Going to get that done after God of War. Good luck!
  10. I've only seen about 15 of them so far. I just finished watching the Superman 64 one last night which was pretty good. I never played that game before and it is truly amazing how horrible that game looked. He has a perfect frowny face look when something happens that is truly asinine in a game. Actually, the last three I watched were all good. The Indiana Jones one was pretty funny and so was the Star Trek one. I laughed pretty good at the NES accessories one where he was wearing the Power Pad as a cape. I see quite a few coming up on the episode list that I'll be pretty interested in. Which one is your favorite? While we're on TV shows...did you finish The Office yet?
  11. Good luck on your FF adventure! It truly is an amazing series and I hope they release them all at some point with trophy support. I've been playing Final Fantasy games since I got the original on NES back in 1988. I bought my gaming system based on which one was going to be carrying the series. My favorite video game experience of all time was the first time I played through Final Fantasy III (VI) on the SNES as a kid. That game blew my mind and I still love that one the best. So long as you don't get distracted, your goal is very attainable (even if you decide to do FFXIV). I actually did something similar a couple years ago and currently have all the Platinums available (as well as A King's Tale, Adventures of Mana and World of FF) and I think you will really enjoy the ride. Final Fantasy VII was released without a heads up just before Christmas. I loved that game the first go around and I bought it and played it for the nostalgia. I still have the FFVII theme with Aeris' song as my PS4 theme almost two years later. This was another game that blew my mind at the time and I learned the hard way about the biggest spoiler in games up to that point. Replaying this game got my Final Fantasy itch going so I ended up playing them all in order of release (what was out at the time.) IX wasn't out when I did my binge, but I just beat that a couple months ago now. Originally, IX was a game I beat over Thanksgiving break when I was in college. I bought it on my way home for vacation and beat it in the 5 days I was home. It was the only time I played it so the story wasn't one I was terribly familiar with when I picked it back up. It is a fantastic story and I like the combat system. The 'Trance' wasn't as good as the limit break in VII, but it was a new wrinkle. The jump rope almost killed it for me with this game. I wanted to get it done right away and it took me a solid week. I needed a break from the game after that so did the DLC's for HZD. X i ended up liking more the first time I played it. This time around I had a really difficult time with the chocobo rider trophy which ended up taking away some of the joy of playing. I also didn't like the voice acting as seemed pretty awkward at times. I almost regretted playing it again since my memories of it were so good. It is still a great game but it went from being in my top 3 to outside my top 5 in the series. X-2 was ok. That was a game I never finished on the PS1. I think I got stuck going up the floors to beat Trema the first time around. This time it wasn't too hard. The story wasn't as good as X but the battle system was pretty unique and there are enough good things about it to make it worth playing. But this one has always been one of my least favorite in the series. XII also wasn't out when I did my FF binge a couple of years ago, but I just plat'd it a couple of months ago and I enjoyed it. The story wasn't very deep and there wasn't a ton of character development, but I thought the gambit system was really pretty cool. It was a little limited in what it could do. I found several things I wished it did but didn't, but it was still a pretty neat idea. Nothing about it was particularly hard but I was happy that I finally got to it. I missed it when It originally came out. I was engrossed in FFXI (I played that game exclusively for six years). I personally loved XIII. I thought the paradigm system was awesome once I got the hang of it, the characters were interesting enough and I enjoyed the story. It was weaker than some of the previous releases...but it was still pretty good. The somewhat linear style didn't bother me too much because in all honesty...X and X-2 were also pretty linear. I never understood why that particular issue was the hold up for people when X, which was beloved, was pretty similar with the maps. I liked XIII-2 even more since I liked Noel and Serah better as main characters. I also kind of liked the limited choices for party members. It made you invest in these characters. The whole element of time travel was pretty new as well. Lightning Returns was...ok. I liked the game play a lot except the timer setup...constantly stopping time and sprinting around. Certain quests only unlock during a certain time of day, but there are only a limited number of days to try. This game would take several play throughs without a guide. I understand why this one is generally panned by the fans, but I enjoyed it more than it bothered me. XIV I beat first and I did that before I really became a trophy hunter. The leve quest trophy is the only reason it takes 6 months to beat. If you are going simply for the trophies, you can easily cheese most of it. You can spam low-level fates that are quick, bang out cheap, quick synths for those trophies and run through some of the shorter dungeons. I bet 100-150 hours is doable. Especially since they raised the level cap and nerfed most of the original content. The story in this game is really good though and if you liked the other games, won't be disappointed. The battle system takes some getting used to but I was able to do everything with PUGS (Pick Up Groups). Type-0 was the easiest to Plat for me but was the worst trophy list in my opinion. At some point I want to go back and really play this game. My biggest issue with the trophies was that you could get the platinum long before you did everything in the game. I moved on once I got the plat...but I feel like I left a lot of ground uncovered. I had a lot of fun with this one. It was the least like any of the other FF's I've played. Well I think I've hijacked this thread enough....I just get very excited about these games and I'm happy that you have chosen to undertake them as well! If you haven't already, you should also sign up on the project platinum thread! Good luck!
  12. Awesome! It's not often one finds themselves in 'the zone' but when you are there...nothing beats it. You seem realistically close to getting 100% completion ratio. Are there any crazy trophies standing in your way? I'm going to throw my support behind Dad of War again for your next AAA game. This game is AWESOME. It has taken so many things I love about other games in this genre and has pretty much perfected it. I have had zero crashes, glitches or game play interruptions due to bad programming. It has some challenging puzzles and zones, but they aren't so massive that you spend several hours exploring. You can feel like you've accomplished something even if you only have a little time to play. The story is fantastically deep and interesting and I'm having a hard time finding a stopping point each night because I want to see what happens next. Even the downtime due to traveling is filled with interesting lore and backstory due to the conversations between Kratos and Atreus. You don't feel lost because it has markers similar to HZD that sends you in the right direction and the game play itself is as easy or hard as you want it to be. There is a very steep difference between the difficulty settings. While I was originally going to go back and do the Souls games after Dad of War...I may hold off for a little bit and do a couple of shorter games. One of my goals for the year was to get my trophies per day up over 1.00. I've been sitting at .98 and it's taking me about 4-5 weeks per game with these epics I've been playing. At that rate I won't hit my goal. I did buy The Banner Saga the other day because i did a little more research on that game and it seems like something I'd really enjoy. I also have picked up a couple of the free PS+ games that seem a bit quicker that I may sprinkle in there as well. Another note...I stumbled upon the Angry Video Game Nerd on Amazon Prime last week. I know he has been mentioned in this thread before and it showed up on my "Things you may enjoy" feed so I figured I'd give it a whirl. You can't see season 1 for some reason so I started in Season 2. I have to say I really enjoy and really don't like it at the same time. His reviews and reactions to the actual games are hilarious, however he seems to have a major fascination with diarrhea and shit. I mean, I get that he reviews shitty games so that he may say the word shit a lot. I say the word shit often enough where I can't really give him too much shit for using the word shit so much...but shit, does he have to do skits where things are being shit on constantly? He has the phrase "buffalo diarrhea in his ear" during his theme song. I think if I was 9 years old, that stuff would be funny...but those jokes aren't particularly clever and I just cringe at those parts of the episode. However, the rest of his stuff is clever and interesting enough that I'll probably watch them all. It's also nice that they are only about 10-15 minutes each.
  13. @Cassylvania Congratulations!!! I see that nice shiny new 100% sitting on your profile After getting that monkey off your back, you should reward yourself with that AAA game you were talking about. It seems like you got that last challenge done pretty quickly, how many times did it end up taking? These are the types of trophies that take a fun game and make it a bad experience. Back before trophies, you wouldn't have cared since you probably wouldn't even have known that part of the game existed. I never understand why developers intentionally add trophies that will detract from the gaming experience...Considering how nutzoid people are about trophies these days, they have to know people will avoid their game if the trophy list looks too ridiculous. I'm not saying get rid of hard trophies. I love hard trophies that are in the context of the game. Another area where XCOM has it figured out. That is a very challenging trophy list and the only really grind-y and maybe unnecessary trophy I can recall from that series was beating the game from all 5 starting locations. But even that trophy wasn't just took patience. It's those completely reliant on RNG or those that take something from the game and make you do it a ridiculous amount of times (I'm looking at you 40,000 kills in Space Hulk). It's too bad since you seem to enjoy that game otherwise. He is really old...older than me even. I remember when he was drafted my senior year in college. I used to pay more attention to the college game back then. I want to say he was a rookie in the Madden year that had Vick on the cover. I had the game on Xbox and used to play dynasty with my friends. I used to draft the best O-Line you could and then just draft the fastest rookies available. I think my QB was Seneca Wallace and my RB was Willis McGahee (who wasn't fast but had a high rate of breaking tackles). Good for Newman. It's not like he plays a position where speed and quickness isn't the hallmark quality. Hopefully he isn't getting burned all season for you guys.
  14. Well done! I sneaked a peak at your profile and saw you got one of the other combat ones completed too. Only one to go! Hopefully it went pretty smoothly for you and it didn't feel quite like pulling chattering teeth. That last one you have to do is very similar to the Joker's Funhouse one from Arkham City. It's annoying considering how long you have to keep the free flow going to get enough points, but it is a little more forgiving since you can get hit or lose free flow and still get the trophy. It's just easier if you don't. There is light at the end of that tunnel! I didn't watch any of the draft after the first round but it seems like there were a lot of troll jobs during the second round. I saw Akers, which was made even funnier by his high squeaky voice, and there was also Deion Branch of the Pats trolling Dallas. It was pretty funny but after the first ten picks or so, I didn't know anyone so stopped paying attention. Yeah I was puzzled by that choice as well. It felt like the consensus was one of the other guys would go first, so they could have easily taken either Barkley or a defensive guy (or traded down slightly for more picks) and still gotten Mayfield at 4 or 3 if they could have swindled the Jets. I mean, I guess good for them to get the guy they wanted...but I can totally understand the fans thinking they could have gotten more. Hopefully it's not too late. Do they know when he's coming back for sure? He may be damaged goods at this point. Irsay originally said he'd be back for week 1 last year and then he missed the whole season. It would be too bad if he never regains his form because Indy never protected the guy.
  15. @Cassylvania Happy Saturday! HM sounds interesting to say the least and incredibly random. I feel like the randomness would aggravate me so it may not be one that's in my future but I'm glad to hear you got some of those trophies out of the way. I checked the trophy page for Banner Saga and that seems right up my alley. If the page banner is any indication of the graphics, it has a very 1977 "The Hobbit" look to it and if it comes with a chance of dying to Cholera on the Oregon trail then sign me up! I'm hoping you enjoy it and give it a good review. While I'm excited to see what your new game is...I'm a little sad that Batman is getting shoved back into a locker. I feel like that game is the lima beans on your dinner plate for you. Having done it, I can't deny that those trophies are annoying as hell...but you'll feel awesome when you finally get past it. You're sooo close to getting dessert and just need to hold your nose and power through! I bet you could get it done in a weekend np. A few of them you have left are easy like the stopping Penguin and two 'Matter of Family' trophies. Looking at my trophies, I got those three combat ones you have left on the same day and it took me about eight hours. Based on the times stamps, it looks like I completed them on my day off from the Casino when I was doing overnights so was able to dedicate the time in one day. I remember being frustrated and annoyed with all the close calls and I was a little rusty since there was a two week break in between me getting the Platinum and the DLC being released. I am hardly a pro at those games and considering some of the difficult games you've done, I bet you could get it done in a similar amount of time. That 'A' game is getting mighty far down your list If you do decide to go with Dad of won't be disappointed. I haven't had a ton of time to play consecutively, but I'm making great headway. The story is quite good and the combat is getting better as I get more proficient (I'm liking bare hands the most so far). I could be a little further, but I went and saw Infinity Wars the other night so that took about three hours away. No spoilers on the movie, but WOW! and yet not quite as WOW! at the same time because it can't be that WOW! I'm going to a comedy show tonight to see Anthony Jeselnik so that will be another abbreviated night of play...but tomorrow my wife is going to visit a friend who just had a baby so provided my kids naps cooperate...I should get a good session in. I am currently conflicted about whether to explore the areas I've discovered or to continue the story and come back. I generally like to explore everything as I go...but I'm quite interested in the story and there are some roadblocks preventing you from exploring areas completely until you get to certain parts of the main story so I may continue down the main path for now. NFL aside...I don't know anything about the college prospects outside of the radio/TV hype, but I have been semi-paying attention to the draft so far. Nothing sexy about what the Patriots or Vikings have done so far but have you been keeping any kind of tabs? I used to do the same thing with South Park, The Simpsons and Family Guy, but I have been doing that more with movies I've seen a million times recently. I tend to do this more than listening to music. When I was younger, I used to have a CD or something playing on my stereo when I was doing stuff, but now it has morphed into TV. Not sure why, especially since my whole library of songs is portable with my iPod...but here we are.