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  1. As a huge Brady would have been nice for him to end it on that. As a Patriots fan...I want him to play as long as he can if he is anywhere close to the level he was this year. The story book ending would be nice, but it's going to be a big drop off when he's gone (most likely.) As it turns out, I killed them on my first try after that post. I use Quelaags Furysword normally as my primary weapon, but I was swinging and missing too much. I switched to the Crystal Halberd for a little better reach and I used the item to infuse lightning on it. That change made all the difference. I was able to down the fat man pretty quickly (I also got lucky that little guy got semi stuck behind a pillar for like 15 seconds so I was able to focus on fat guy.) Once little guy grew into big guy, it got really hard. I used all of my flasks, had maybe 10% health left when he died. I started him off by using the Chaos Fireball, which took him down to almost half of his life. I had a hard time getting melee strikes on him though and I was certain I was going to die when we each had only 1 hit left before death. I pulled it off though and I was pretty excited. After him I beat the boss in the painting on my first try...but I screwed up since I didn't cut her tail off. I need that dagger for a trophy so I need to make sure in NG+ that I get it. I also beat a big moth boss as well in the Darkroot Garden. I think I'll test my luck on the wolf tonight before I go to bed. I feel like I got a lot done today I didn't watch any games this year, but I always do a bracket. I used to follow it religiously, but outside of football, I've slipped in my sports watching. Is that a grindy requirement for this game? I have no concept so what would your normal prison hold that you were building before? This game seems kind of interesting (as most of your games do since we like the same genres) and if I ever get done with what I have now, I may have to circle back. I'm excited for you that your Karma will run over your Dogma soon....I feel like I need to duck a pie toss after that last joke...
  2. lol yeah that's a tough break...but at least the AFC East may be more competitive this year. New England's free agents are jumping ship like rats. They haven't held onto a single one of their big free agents so far. I mean they still have Brady and Belichick...but in the first three days they've lost Dion Lewis, Malcom Butler, Nate Solder and Amendola. None of them really 'stars' but all were major parts of their team last year. So far not good lol I beat the shade Lautrec after a couple of tries right before the golden brothers. I've tried about five times so far and only got the fat boy down once. It's pretty hard to stick and move since I seem to dodge from one of their attacks into the others attack. I'm going to give it a few more tries before I look up strategy but if the Iron Golem was the easiest boss so far...these guys are the toughest. That sucks that the full trophy list isn't available with the main game only...if you're going to play the DLC anyways I guess it's not that big a deal...but that is still pretty lame on the developers part. You do any brackets for the NCAA tourney?
  3. lol I like that analogy. I guess it's good that you at least like him. I agree though that Keenum definitely seemed to 'fit' the system there. I didn't watch them too closely so you would know much better than I if he was more lucky than good, but at the end of the day, he won. I hope he does well for Denver. I like to root for the underdogs and nobody seems to give him any credit. Yeah this area is hard. It is amazing how seamless the world flows together. It is amazingly big and it really is somewhat awing. I spent a couple of minutes at the top of the cathedral just looking around at the scenery and noticing where I came from. I died like 10 times on the archers when you have to run up the buttress. That part was brutal. I've also had several frustrating deaths against normal skeletons while I was trying to learn their different attacks. It's really hard to level or buy items in this game since I tend to die frequently and randomly so I often lose my souls. After this area, I may have to farm for a bit to upgrade my equipment and soul level. Basic enemies take off like 1/3 of my health if they connect. I'm about to try the boss I think. I got to a large fog door, but I'm doing a little more exploring before I go in there. According to the guide on here I need to find a big blacksmith. I haven't played either game, but it seems like you are making quick work of this game. Are you enjoying it? You mention it is tragic and gruesome. Is that a good thing here or? I didn't get as much gaming in today as I would have liked. We got 20 inches of snow today from the Noreaster so I spent a good amount of time outside shoveling and then I built a snow fort with my son. That's the best part of the snow...the fort. I'm gonna give this boss a try and then go to bed. Happy hunting!
  4. Looks like Case Keenum is going to the Broncos and that Kirk Cousins may be heading to do you feel about that? I'm a little surprised that the Vikings didn't give Keenum another year.
  5. Thanks for the tip! I definitely wouldn't have found that on my own. I was able to defeat the Iron Golem yesterday and he either glitched for me or was the easiest boss I've faced so far. I rolled between his legs and then started hacking at him. He didn't really move until he fell on one knee. I kept hitting him and he eventually died. I think he maybe took two swings at me the whole fight. Beat him first try so I'm not sure if those are his normal mechanics. I'm in Anor Londo and will probably get some good time in the game tonight. Another Noreaster is set to hit us and they have forecast up to 18 inches of snow in my area. If I don't have to go into work tomorrow, I should be able to make a great dent into the game. That's a bummer. The theater down the street from me is a "Luxury" Theater with leg rests and assigned seating. I generally buy my seat in advance now so that what happened to you doesn't happen to me. As far as the theater being yours and yours alone...I recently found out I can do that at another theater in my area. They do birthday parties and for $50 you can rent out the theater and watch first run films. They also let you bring in a DVD or Blu Ray of movies that aren't in theaters to watch. You could have a private viewing of Braveheart on the big screen if you want! My son turns four next month and I'm seriously thinking of doing this for him and putting his favorite movie on the big screen for him. Maybe a theater near you does something similar. I had no idea Orange Julius was still in business! They used to have one in a Mall near me when I was a kid. That mall has since closed and I haven't had an Orange Julius in easily 25 years. That was a happy consequence of the movie being sold out! I didn't end up going either on Saturday night. My brother and sister in-laws came over for dinner. A few adult beverages were consumed and by the time they left the movie had already started. I may go Wednesday night now instead. That's all those channels are now. There is no news reported...just talking heads spewing our versions of the "news" that further their agenda. I never watch any of these channels since they don't actually do any reporting. It's all opinion based and I don't care what they have to say. I try to stick to more local news if I watch anything...while it isn't perfect it is far less inflammatory. I may have to check this out too. My brother-in-law is playing this game right now and was telling me about it on Saturday. In addition to strategy/RPG games, I'm a sucker for any game with a good story.
  6. I personally shoot for 100% because I want to experience everything the game has to offer. I started trophy hunting a few years after they began, so I have been playing a lot of older games where the DLC is included, trying to catch up. However, with the newer games I have played, I'll buy the DLC for the 100% AND to see how they continued the game. So far, I haven't had a really negative experience with the DLC's outside of FFXV...this game simply won't end and the only DLC I've enjoyed in that game was the Ignis chapter. I'm generally not OCD, but it bothers me when I don't see a 100% next to my games. I don't generally care how other people choose to play, but for me it is 100% or bust. I've seen plenty of profiles where I see a lot of very low % games and I'll wonder why they spent the money if they weren't going to play it. Or I'll see where they stopped in games that I have played too and think "bah, they quit before the game got really good and didn't give it a chance." While the end goal is 100% for me, I also have other things related to trophies I aim for that make them fun. I like to get multiple day streaks of trophies and see if I can keep them going. Since I generally only have one game going at a time and a full time job with small children, I may only get an hour or so a day to play so it is a really fun challenge. I also tend to appreciate the rarity of the trophy over whether it is a platinum or not. I will admire someone's sub 5% bronze trophy over their 75% platinum. I guess to me there is more to it than 100% vs platinum because there are so many different ways to chase your trophy. I guess so long as you are enjoying the process it doesn't matter which you aim for but I definitely appreciate the rare and the 100%.
  7. I know I can get at least one more of them...maybe two. I really think I am going to have a hard time with the last two. I use "The Kid" almost exclusively and the only character you can use in the last two areas is Bandage Girl. I'm going to take a break from SMB again and try to finish up Space Hulk and then I'll try to beat the Rapture Light and Dark worlds. I knew when I started that this game might put my 100% in jeopardy, but I really wanted a challenge. So far I've died 14,484 times lol. I do like how they track that stat. I know you said a lot of these trophies are luck based, so hopefully you have a mini-shrine to the RNG Gods and can make the proper sacrifice so it's as painless as possible for you. Any ideas on what your next game will be? That is pretty exciting about hiding the purchases since I have a lot of free avatars and other random stuff that clutters my list. In general I buy physical copies since I like to have the disc, but the PS+ free games or big sale games I'll buy digitally. It's always nice when they come out with something like this. It's the little things in life that make us happy! I haven't had much time for Souls the past couple of days so I'm still at Sen's Fortress. I got through most of it last night and then had a careless falling death so I decided to stop for the night. I'll probably get through that today. I'm thinking of going to the movies tonight to see Black Panther, but I haven't decided yet. It has received amazing reviews and I've seen every other comic book movie so far so I'm sure I'll like it. I'll just have to see if my desire to play Souls outweighs my desire for movie popcorn.
  8. Finally!!!! Demon boy is mine!
  9. Forrest Gump also makes my best and favorite lists. I love the story and it has so many interesting characters. It also has an amazing sound track. Most of my favorite movies are there because they have great one-liners or awesome dialogue. Snatch is loaded with good one liners and Bullet-Tooth Tony has one of my favorite monologues of all time in that movie. I actually just watched it again last week. I haven't watched Braveheart in a couple years now, but when I was in high school and college, it was almost a monthly watch. I wish I had thought of that because I would have liked to see that animation. I'll probably do it that way in NG+ I just didn't think there was any cover there so I always sprinted to the area where he hangs out. Well it doesn't sound so bad with the chicken or steak on it too. I'm not much for vegetables when I get a salad. Most of the time, if I'm eating salad, I get a Caesar salad. My tossed salads general consist of Spinach, green olives, croutons and shaved carrots with either ranch or Italian dressing. If I'm feeling saucy, you might find some red or green peppers on there too. However, I'm typically a carnivore and I don't often run into salads. How many more weeks did the ground hog say we had?
  10. lol I can't count either which is why there are at least 15 movies in my Top 5...not to mention I count trilogy's like Star Wars or Indiana Jones as one movie. Of your top mentioned movies, I haven't seen Gran Torino, Pitch Perfect, Coraline, La La Land, Kingsman (wow this is actually a lot I haven't seen) Music and Lyrics or Gone Girl. Groundhog Day is in my favorite category but not best. Braveheart falls under my favorite and best category (I've seen that fifty times easy). Rocky is fantastic and it drives me NUTS that my wife won't watch it since it is a 'boxing movie' is so much more than that. I'm not as big into the mob movies as everyone else. I enjoyed Goodfellas and Scarface...but I never loved them as much as my friends (I also didn't really like The Sopranos either). I am also a sucker for Disney and have seen most of their animated movies several times over. I think I actually had kids just so that I had an excuse to buy and watch Disney movies all over again. I'm extremely excited that my oldest son seems to share my passion for Disney movies and even more excited that he loves my personal childhood favorite movie...Flight of Dragons. My wife isn't into the fantasy stuff as much as me and I am definitely fanning the flames on my sons love for dragons and fantasy creatures. I bought him dragon figurines to play with and he pretends they are the different dragons from Flight of Dragons. I'll probably wait another year or so before I introduce video games. My wife is very concerned about screen time and I'm not actively looking for a reason for her to divorce me I have a Raspberry Pi and I may break him in with classic Mario or something and see how he does. Well I've already beat him so I don't mind if you tell me how you did it. I'm pretty curious now actually. I know you have a huge area to work with since he comes at you the moment you enter the fog gate. I'm with you on the Ranch dressing on both...spicy fries with ranch dressing is the cats meow. Is it a regular tossed salad with like tomato's, onions, olives and cucumbers? Or is it a special kind of salad? I also hate ketchup (and tomato's in general). It is so damn sweet and I don't understand how people smother everything with it. Luck is the thing that drives me nuts about games. I used to play Candy Crush years ago and I was at like level 150 or something and I ended up quitting the game because the randomized boards used to piss me off. Sometimes it would generate a board that was simply unbeatable and it felt like I was wasting time. I always wished that it was a set board and that I just had to figure out the course to win it. I guess so long as the game is fun the luck thing would be less of an issue.
  11. This is one of those movies that gets better every time I see it. There is soooo much subtle humor that makes this movie brilliant. The first time I saw it, I didn't get what all the fuss was about, but this movie has easily creeped it's way into one of my top 5 favorites. When it comes to movies I have several lists. I have my Top 5 favorites and then like my Top 5 best, and they aren't at all the same thing. My favorites are movies I can watch over and over. They may not be the best cinema, but they are entertaining. There are about 15 movies in my Top 5 probably and they include movies like Snatch, Dumb and Dumber, A Few Good Men, Pulp Fiction, etc. An example of what a Best movie I've seen may be something like a Sixth Sense because of how blown my mind was by the end. It is not one of my favorites because it will never be as good as the first time I saw it. I'm using the trophy guide on this site to make sure I don't miss anything trophy related as I go through so it is dictating which areas I'm tackling, but I'm trying not to use a guide for the game play. This is one of those games where there is a lot of satisfaction in solving something on your own. If I truly run into a wall, I know there are resources to see how to cheese by probably...but I'm trying to give it my best try before checking those out. With Ceaseless Discharge, I was trying to fight it like the Hydra up close. The first couple of tries I got him down to about 50% before I got smoked. Then I was trying to use the mountain passageway as a shield, but I kept getting hit by the fire through the wall. I found that when I went full fire resist gear with the sweat pyromancy, it was only taking down about 1/3 of my health bar per attack so I ended up using that method. I'm sure there is probably a way to cheese him using that corridor, I just didn't figure it out in the dozen or so attempts I tried. I just started Sen's Fortress last night for about 30 minutes before losing power to another Noreaster. We didn't get much snow, but it was very wet and heavy so there were trees and power lines down all over. Fortunately we got power back pretty quickly, but I went to bed on the early side because I knew I'd have to get up to shovel this morning before work. I'll do some more tonight. Salad AND French fries or Salad WITH French fries? We get salad and fries often too, but it's never occurred to me that you could/should mix the two. Some things are a marriage in heaven...Macaroni and Cheese with Hot Dogs for example...Salad and French fries sounds a little scary. Is there dressing on the fries or a gravy on the salad? I'm pretty curious now. My active game list is up to four, which is getting well outside my comfort zone. I'm considering removing Super Meat Boy as counting towards my active list since I feel like that will be more of an ongoing challenge that I maybe will never beat. I got 19 levels in a row last night before a vita frame rate hiccup caused a very frustrating death. I will get that trophy before this week is over...Final Fantasy XV just will not stop coming out with DLC's so now that game isn't 100% anymore. Once I finish Dark Souls, I'll have to get that one done (again...) before I tackle Bloodborne or Dark Souls 2. How's Peggle 2 treating you?
  12. It was Ceaseless Discharge. Fortunately he is easy to get to so that each time I died, I just had a straight shot run to get back to him. It would have been much more frustrating if I had to navigate through part of the level each time. I have a little more farming to do and then I'm off to Sen's Fortress it looks like. I'm glad you found a game that seems like a de-stresser for you Another game I've never heard of and the art looks pretty interesting. My experience with Plinko is from watching The Price is Right. I'm a little curious how they made a video game out of something like that, so maybe I'll check out youtube on my lunch break. This is the most important topic we've covered so far...what kind of pizza do you get? I'm in the camp where vegetables don't belong anywhere near a wife is in the camp that meat belongs no where near a pizza...which works out for both of us since it means more pizza for us. My general go to is pepperoni pizza, but if the pizza place has a good buffalo chicken pizza, that would be my favorite. I also prefer thin crust over Greek style pizza. However, there is a local Greek restaurant that has a great small pepperoni pizza...their large tastes different for some reason.
  13. Green Day put on the best sounding concert I've ever been to and Marilyn Manson put on the best show I've ever seen. I saw Green Day back in like 2000 or so at an all day music festival. Blink 182 was the headliner (and they SUCKED live). Green Day sounded amazing and for one song Billy Joe pulled people out of the audience to play. Some 10 year old kid was playing the four or five chords needed for the song and Billy Joe sang while these people from the crowd played for him. He let the kid keep the guitar afterward too. It was really awesome. I saw Marilyn Manson at Ozzfest in 2003. I'm not a huge Manson fan and most of the crowd that was there was older people waiting to hear Black Sabbath who was touring with Ozzy. The crowd couldn't have been less interested in Manson, but he put out sooooo much energy. He was so entertaining and good. If I liked more of his songs, it probably would have been the best show I've seen. Ironically, when Sabbath came out...the crowd was super into it and Sabbath sucked. Worst concert I've been to was Counting Crows followed closely by Blink 182. Only reason Counting Crows was worse was because I had much higher expectations for that show. Adam Duritz was so drunk/stoned during the show though that you couldn't understand a word he was saying. Half the time I couldn't tell what song they were playing. It's the only show I've ever left early.
  14. Same for me. I'm the only player on this game right now. I guess it is based on a board game. You are a team of 'Terminators' (guys wearing suits that look like the mech suits in Avatar) and you are being attacked by aliens in a ship. You get 4 moves per turn and an additional 1-6 moves from the 'community pool' of moves. The weird thing is that changing the direction you are facing uses up a move. It is very claustrophobic and the animation moves very slowly at the default setting. I got rid of the shooting animation that shows up sometimes and put the speed up to very fast and it has made it a little better. The load times are still pretty slow, but so was it for XCOM. It's not terribly hard, but I'm having fun with it. It will take a long time to Plat since one of the trophies is for 40,000 kills. I might get like 20-40 in a level. There is a way to undo your last move without having to save scum and apparently those kills still count so I just have to get a bunch of aliens together, flamethrower them and have them die and then redo the turn. Based on my math, that will take about 14-15 hours when I get to that point....yuck. Me too. Especially if they never knew this site existed until after they were hacked. I've always kind of wanted to play a CoD game or something since I loved the campaign portion of Ghost Recon and Golden Eye back in the day, but the multiplayer always turned me off. And now that I see people can hack your trophies and it could affect your profile, I have no desire to touch any of them. It's too bad that people have to play those games with a specter over their shoulder about whether the trophies are legitimate. My wife enjoys Yuengling too. She has family in VA and before Yuengling started distributing to more areas, they used to stop at a liquor store in PA to pick up a couple of cases when they would come to visit as a gift. I think it's fine, but I'm pretty picky with my beers. I don't like drinking enough to drink bad beer. I hope this week is a better one for you! I'm probably up to about 8-10 hours on Demon Boy. I tried for about 4-6 hours in October and was getting burned out after Missile Boy. I have a good strategy for each level in Hell Dark World and can consistently beat every level without dying...I just haven't been able to string one together yet. I would have gotten it the other day if it wasn't for that ridiculous death on the elevator. On 4-18X, I was through the hard part, just standing on the elevator and when I went under the arch just before the end, I randomly squished...I beat the next three levels without dying so that would have been my trophy. I was so pissed I downloaded that new game. I'll probably go back to it tonight for a bit while everything is fresh in my head, but I've decided I won't let that game frustrate me. I may have to just play 30 minutes to an hour at a time at most. In Dark Souls, I killed the Lava sub-boss last night. He was the hardest boss for me so far. There was no margin for error because he would one shot me if I took any damage. His fire breath kept hitting me through the walls also which was pissing me off. I think I died about 12 times on him. I ended up going max fire resist and the sweat pyromancy. Eating the fire breath, doing some two handed sword damage and then healing. I needed all 10 of my flasks, and some luck but I finally got him down. I'm going to farm some souls for a little bit to buy up all of the spells and stuff available. From what I gather...NPC's disappear pretty frequently and I don't want to miss out on anything.
  15. I like sci-fi quite a bit, which is probably why I enjoyed the direction it took. I could see where it's not for everyone though. I would have liked to play as a mage probably...I'm just not too keen on the spell limit thing. I haven't really tried though and with bonfires being able to refill them it'd probably not be too bad. So far I've been using my bow to pick things off and have them run to me, then using the shield to block and counter attack with my sword. It's works pretty well, except in some of the more confined areas. My sword hits the walls a lot. I did beat Quelaag last night. It took a couple tries until I saw she got stun locked when you hit her human part. Then I just kinda cheesed it by stun locking her with arrows until she went down. She looked really cool though. Now I'll explore some of the new areas a bit before I tackle the next section I think. Super Meat Boy raged me last night. I got through 17 levels without dying and then like glitch died or something while I was standing on an elevator. I went under something and I randomly died. I was so mad that I downloaded a new game to play while my wife watches her wedding shows called Space Hulk. Only 66 people own the game. It's in the spirit of Xcom, but much more clunky. It took me an hour to figure out the controls. Some of it is touch screen and some of it is using the normal control pad. If you can get past the controls, it's kind of fun. It was a nice change of pace from SMB... That is the WORST...something like that happened to me with Civ II. My memory card got in the Vita got corrupted and I had to replay like 6 hours of the game. I'm glad to see you beat it though and can move on. I hope the next one isn't too maddening for you. I know this was directed at Cassy, but for myself. I tend to read the forums on my phone and I refuse to type out a response from my phone (unless it is really quick reply) since I am the slowest texter ever. I will only reply when I am at my PC. I only reply like once a day since I would rather spend my time gaming than typing on my PC. I generally only reply to this thread since it seems like we're a group of pretty similar gamers so it's worth my time to type something. I usually only check this thread and the game dispute threads since I'm always curious the motivation that would cause someone to cheat a trophy. It seems like such a waste of effort. I'm also fascinated by the people that are knowledgeable enough about trophies that they can tell just by looking whether it's save file use, etc. I never know enough to post, but it's usually pretty interesting. What's your poison? I like brown ales myself. I'm starting to like red wine a little, but I don't really like any hard alcohols.