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  1. So I saw the movie last night. No spoilers but I left with the same feeling I had after The Force Awakens. There was a lot I liked and a lot I feel they left on the table. It's worth seeing though, but set aside 3 hours to get it done between the 25 minutes of previews and the 2 and a half hour movie. I like the front page. Did you make the picture. I apologize if that come from a well known anime or something but the only anime I have ever seen is Ninja Scroll so I'm not too good with the different characters. Either way it looks good! Congrats on this! That's pretty cool. I'm happy I stumbled onto this by randomly seeing the XCom 2 conversation. After reading the whole thread, I wish I had seen it earlier since it's really been an entertaining read. It gets a little better as you get more weapons and arrow types. I didn't use the spear much unless it was a sneak attack kill. You get your ass handed to you in most scenarios using straight up melee. I mostly used 4 different arrow types. I equipped stealth gear, hid in tall grass, used the focus to find the glowy parts and would try to pick off those parts to cripple the machines. If I was discovered, there was a lot of diving and sliding into more tall grass to try to have them lose my trail. Most of my deaths came from falls due to strafing/barrel rolling out of the way. Not much gaming for me today since it is a football day. Big game between the Steelers and Pats this afternoon. I'll get some FFXV multiplayer stuff out of the way at points (btw...this multiplayer dlc sucks pretty bad) Hope the Vikings can get back to their winning ways for you today against the Bungles.
  2. Congrats on your headway in EG. Seems you are making some good progress. Do you intentionally leave easy trophies when you know you have hard ones coming up or did it just work out that way for Batman? My wife is the type of person who eats her dinner from her least favorite thing on the plate to her favorite, that way she always finishes with the tastiest bite. Me, on the other hand, eat my favorite thing on the plate first because I don't want to get full before I get a chance to eat it. Not sure why you mentioning that you left those easy trophies there made me think of this...but it did. The movies have been out for years, but I'll give fair warning that there are spoilers below except for the new movie, which I haven't seen yet. I love the Star Wars movie series. I haven't read any of the books or comics and am not up on what is or isn't canon to the series, but my father introduced me to Star Wars when I was pretty young, and I've always loved them. While I still think the original trilogy is the best, and I'm a purist who didn't really like the re-releases with the added CGI, it won't ever stop me from watching them. While the special effects for the original can't come close to the recent episodes, I think the story telling in the original series blows the others out of the water. The chemistry on the screen was much better too. As a kid, Return of the Jedi was my favorite because I actually liked the Ewoks. As I got older, Empire became my favorite since I think it had the best mix of story and acting. I really wish I was old enough to have seen Empire the first time when I could understand it better, because finding out Darth Vader was Luke's father did not have the same effect on me as it could have. That would have been a 'Sixth Sense' or 'Se7en' moment for me I think. Phantom Menace came out when I was a senior in high school and I went and saw the midnight showing of it with my best friend. We weren't Cosplay sized fans, but we were both big fans and really excited to go. I didn't like Jar-Jar and hated the actor that played Anakin, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I left the movie theater really happy. The explanation of the Force didn't really bother me the way it bothered a lot of people, but it did take away some of the mystery. The special effects and especially the last fight scene with Darth Maul made that movie awesome at the time. We thought it was weird and a little stupid that they made the fight scenes/technology appear better in the prequels than the original series since technology generally doesn't go backwards. But we were willing to overlook a lot of those types of things because we were just so happy they were making new Star Wars movies. My least favorite of the series is without a doubt the Attack of the Clones. Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman's chemistry was so bad and awkward. It was never believable to me that their love was on the level of a Romeo and Juliet. It was truly just horrible acting and really took away from some of the awesome moments like Yoda fighting Dooku. I thought that their chemistry improved in Revenge of the Sith and I liked that episode much more than the first two. While Lucas had the technology to make great Star Wars movies with the prequels, I just felt like the story fell very short from the original series. I was very optimistic with the Force Awakens, despite Lucas losing control of the saga and Disney taking over. I started the movie with a smile on my face as the music played and again left the theater happy with a smile on my face...probably more due to nostalgia than anything else. I hated the anti-climactic end to Han, but other than that liked it initially. However, as I talked about it with people, I realized I didn't like it as much as I thought I did. I thought the overall story was mostly just a rehash of A New Hope, however with MUCH lazier story telling. In A New Hope, each sequence had a purpose where in the Force Awakens everything seemed a coincidence. Oh no, we need to get away! Let's take that garbage spaceship...oh wait it's the Millennium Falcon. Oh, you mean when we get into outer space, Han Solo who has been searching for it for years and years just happens to be flying how lucky. I felt like a lot of the flow of that movie was kind of like that and it ended up souring my opinion of it a bit. I still like it ok, but not as much as I originally thought. I actually did like Rogue One better than the Force Awakens. I thought it was really cool/freaky how a dead actor had a significant role. I thought the story made more sense and was driven by rational plot ideas rather than coincidence...I really liked Vader's presence at the end and how this movie ended at the literal moment that A New Hope began. I hope the other stand alone films are able to pull that off as well. I am going to see The Last Jedi tomorrow night and am looking forward to it...because no matter what my criticisms of the series may be...I am a fanboy of the films and will continue to be optimistic about what is coming down the road.
  3. My PS4 has gotten pretty loud lately too. I thought that something was rattling that was causing the noise, but it wasn't. I've just started to tune it out at this point since it's been going on for months. I didn't find HZD to be particularly challenging to play, just a lot of fun. It's easy to get a stupid death for falling off a cliff or something. Happened a few times to me while strafing around trying to avoid certain death. I'm glad that you seem to like it so far I'm sorry if I've forgotten something from a prior post...but can you only access that hole online for EG? The shot sounds like something out of 'Tin Cup' which would make it hard enough...but with all the other people around it sounds nightmarish. I actually want to play that hole now. It's snowing here in CT so hopefully I'll get some time to play a little later. We picked up our Christmas tree last night and my wife wants to decorate tonight, followed by our DVR'd episode of the new season of Top Chef. It's a nice little Saturday we've got planned, I just hope I have enough time!...ok enough Will Ferrell. Good luck!
  4. HZD really isn't THAT long of a game. I did two play through's to get the ultra hard mode trophy and the DLC in less than 60 hours and I took my time a bit in the first play through. I did that one on normal to get a feel for the game. It is pretty fun too so I wouldn't be too concerned about it being lengthy...well I suppose if you take the time to read/listen to ALL of the lore in the game it could take a while, but I found the story so interesting that it didn't feel like a long game to me. Plus Aloy is a pretty likeable main character.
  5. I like the new format on the first page. I have a huge backlog right now (especially for me since I'm only getting a few hours a week to play right now) but you are slowly selling me on this golf game. I could use a casual game to mix in with what I have on tap...only the new South Park game seems like it won't be stressful. Have you picked a 100th Plat yet?
  6. Ha, I was going to ask if you play Fantasy Football because you are definitely more than a casual fan. I have four teams and the one I had Gronk on is the one that didn't make the playoffs. My other three leagues playoffs start this upcoming weekend, so it's about to get real. I have truly never understood the amount of vitriol spewed at Tom Brady. The guy has had to work for everything he has ever gotten. Sure, he has had some luck along the way (Tuck Rule, Rex Ryan time out in 2007 that ended up keeping the Patriots undefeated at the time). But he was never the anointed son like a Peyton Manning. I mean, I love Peyton Manning as well because I appreciate people who are masters at their craft...but Peyton came from NFL royalty and was always the hyped one. Tom Brady more mirrors the American Dream. He was a backup at Michigan and had to win the job from another anointed son Drew Henson; he was the 199th draft pick and was the fourth string quarterback for the Patriots when he came up. Then, last year when dealing with the fallout of the witch hunt that was deflategate, his mother battled cancer. His mental toughness is off the charts...When he got the job, he was more the game manager type, but worked himself into what he is now. He also worked himself back from a very bad knee injury. He never blames anyone when they lose and despite all the success and money he's earned, he is still the hardest working guy on the team. He never says a bad thing about anybody and he wins. I guess it all boils down to whether you (the royal you, not you specifically) believe he cheated or not. If you believe he cheated, then it means you never read past a headline because Deflategate was an absolute embarrassment and turned into a whether Goodell did or did not have the authority to do what he did instead of whether Brady actually did it or not. I love Brady, not just because he's on my team, but because he just goes about things the right way and always bounces back. With Lebron, he was loved until 'The Decision' and his complete lack of social awareness. Since then, he has always been a 'me first' type of personality which is why he will never be on the same level as a Michael Jordan. Arod admitted to steroid use and lied about it for years before coming clean. And again, both of those guys were golden children who were handed everything in life (I don't say that to diminish the work they put into their sport, more the public perception until they screwed it up.) I think it's too bad that Brady will never be viewed as a Jordan or Gretzkey, because I really think he's a guy people should be rooting for. I'm in the same boat as you here. I love Gruden and McDonough. Last night they eviscerated the officials with how many flags they threw and seem a bit more edgy. Aikman and Buck allow their biases to show too much when calling a game. I meant to comment on this before but got caught up in football. It honestly doesn't matter which one you would start with to be honest. Except for the -2's and Lightning Returns...they are all stand alone games and are different enough where you can really start anywhere. There are a lot of common themes, but the battle menus and even the way you progress varies quite a bit sometimes from game to game. Final Fantasy VI (III on SNES) will always be my favorite and I hope they re-release that at some point. Playing through FF3 on the SNES for the first time was one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I have pre-ordered the FF7 remake and I just hope they don't screw it up by being too cute. The earlier games you can get through quicker, so it may not be a bad idea to start there...but to do everything will often take 60-100 hours.
  7. Normally I would agree with you about the Seahawks, but they are just so injured I think they won't be able to go too far into the playoffs. Wilson is like Houdini behind that O-line, but the Eagles are healthy and can put pressure on the QB. I think you guys are sitting pretty right now provided nothing major happens. It's truly amazing what the Vikings have been able to do despite their own injury problems. Even though I'm a Pats fan...I hope Gronk gets suspended for that late hit yesterday. There is no doubt he was mugged on that interception and pass interference should have been called, but apparently his bush league late hit gave that other guy a concussion. Plus...I wouldn't mind him having a game off this time of year just for maintenance. The Dolphins trounced Denver yesterday, but they don't scare me too much. P.S. Chris Collinsworth is the WORST. Now that Phil Simms is out of the booth...Collinsworth is the most annoying, although Dan Fouts is pretty close. Is she still putting out new material? Outside of Jagged Little Pill and her appearance in the movie Dogma, I haven't seen or heard much about her. My mother played the Jagged Little Pill song into the ground and I know words to way more of her songs than I should...but I like her too so...
  8. I didn't really mind the MP too much in The Last of Us. I typically don't like the MP add-ons for single player games, but this wasn't too bad. You could skip most of the stuff and once you got the hang of it, 5 downs really isn't too hard. However, if I was forced to restart I'd be singing a different tune. The MP on Arkham Origins was a lot worse. It had a ton of potential and I loved the idea of Batman and Robin being the 3rd team in the map, but the disconnects were so frequent and the trophies were much harder. In general I tend to avoid games with a MP aspect. Thanks for the heads up on Demon's Souls. It's in my backlog and I was planning on playing The Fractured But Whole next, but maybe I'll wait on that. That golf game kinda reminds me of Nintendo graphics...I kinda like them. Not sure I'll ever get around to playing it, but it seems fun. I wish I liked mornings lol My 5 month old pretty much is making the night all blur since he is sleeping so poorly. I really need to start working out but have had no energy for it. I quit drinking soda two weeks ago to kind of get the ball rolling on improving my health. I bought a recumbent bike to exercise while I watch TV, but it's currently holding some books and some video games on it...someday I'll use it. I had to take any free time I would have had this weekend to play games to nap. I even fell asleep during the Patriots game today for a bit ><. BTW your Vikings looked solid again and if this Seahawks vs Eagles game holds guys will now be in the mix for home field throughout! Well I'm gonna squeeze 30 minutes of FFXV in before I call it a night! I hope the Seahawks hold them off for you!
  9. I was going to suggest Day of the Tentacle since it's pretty nice and aptly titled...but you already have it. I think the Dorky Dogma Plat is pretty fancy so if you could time that to be your 100th that'd be nice. I know you said it was ok, but you're awfully close to that achievement. If time is not a factor and you hold off on platting the other games on your list...I personally like the Fallout Platinum. I kind of liked the Final Fantasy Type-0 plat. It's not a terribly hard game and I had some fun with it. I also kind of like The Last of Us plat. It's simple...but that's why I like it. I kind of wish I had paid a little closer attention to mine...I have a lot of overlap of the same game for milestone trophies. I guess maybe I'll have to break down and watch one or two. My PC is setup next to my PS4, so I have plenty of opportunity. My experience is probably slightly different than most. My father used to build PC's and was a network programmer. I always had a top of the line system for the time because he used to test out the newest toys on my PC. I REALLY wish i spent more time learning about what he was doing instead of just using the PC's for gaming, because I really don't know as much as I'd like. In his basement he had 3 or 4 computers setup and connected via an IPX network cable. We would play Warcraft, Warcraft II, Doom 2, Diablo, Civilization II and all sorts of other games there. My best friend lived down the street from my father's house so we especially liked games that 3 of us could play (including my younger brother.) I was the first kid in my school to have a CD burner and it used to take 45 minutes to burn a CD. I used to burn tons and tons of CDs for my friends and that was how I originally grew my collection. It took like an hour and a half each to burn at the time too. You had to convert .mp3 to .WAV files and then burn them. I spent a lot of time on ftp sites uploading songs to get enough of a ratio to download new songs. I also spent some time on mIRC in music sharing chat rooms to expand my collection. While Napster didn't come out until the very end of my senior year in high school, it was revolutionary and allowed me to expand my collection further. Sadly, my senior year in college, the fan failed on my motherboard and the processor melted which scrambled my hard drive. Oddly I didn't lose the files, it just renamed them all. Instead of Metallica - Fade to Black it was file0000001.chk. All of my files were named that..all 20,000+ songs. I really wish I had kept them like that and made a game out of renaming them, but since there was still Napster and Kazaa, I figured I'd just download them all again...I should have had some more foresight to see I would have had to pay for it. I think there are a lot of factors to this here. The biggest being what I mentioned above about the world being smaller and we now hear more information than we used to. Another factor is that science has vastly improved so people who were just labeled as 'odd' back in your parents and grandparents time actually have a diagnosis now. There is also sample size. I can't discount your personal experience and it might be that since you suffered from having some of these problems, you are more sensitive to it and notice it more than say I would, who fortunately did not suffer any of these issues (I had others though ). I do believe that living behind a screen has definitely contributed to this, since people are out of practice these days with communicating in person. My wife is an elementary school teacher and she conducted a social experiment one day. She would stand by the door in the morning to welcome students into her room by saying 'Hello, good morning'. Many of the kids would never reply. She would continue to say that to the student until they responded. It would bother her a bit that her 1st graders would not acknowledge her when she greeted them. She then asked her class one day how many of them eat dinner at the table with their parents. Only about 4 of her 20 kids raised their hand. She asked how many ate dinner at the table without their parents. Only 2 raised their hand. She then asked how many of them eat dinner in front of the TV and 14 kids raised their hands. Granted the sample size is quite small, but she teaches in a pretty affluent school and 14 out of 20 kids don't even communicate at home. That was astonishing to me, however in all honesty I would have been one of those 14 myself as a kid. As much as I enjoy talking about this...I think we are kind of high jacking Cassy's thread and should steer this back towards her exceptional achievements in gaming, unless of course, she doesn't mind! I haven't been able to lift a controller myself for three days due to sick kids at home and no sleep, but I'm hoping to be able to 100% Final Fantasy XV this weekend. Let us know what you decide for 100 Cassy!
  10. Wow...I take a couple days off from looking at the website and I stumble into a very interesting discussion. Way too much to catch up on, but I'll throw my 2 cents in...I'll start by saying I'm 36, my first gaming system was the Intellivision II and my first computer was the Apple IIe where I used to play Load Runner with my dad until we wore the floppy disc it was on out. While I am old enough to remember a lot of the 80's, I consider myself a child of the 90's and I honestly feel like it was the best decade to grow up in. I'm going to be an old man yelling at a cloud for a couple bear with me! Music had transformed from 80's hairbands to something darker and more interesting. While my favorite band of all time is still pre-Load Metallica...I love Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, STP and pretty much any alternative-ish style music from then. While those are my favorite bands...pretty much I like anything I can sing along to in the car. My iPod ranges from Celine Dion and Michael Bolton to Rammstein and Megadeth to DMX and Lady Gaga. Only thing I can't really get into is country music. We had the internet, but it was fledgling and going outside to play was still a thing. When I was in 6th grade I used to ride my bike across town to my friends house to play two hand touch football and then go inside for some Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo. I feel like nowadays the kids would end up in DCF and the parents in jail for negligence if they let their kids do that. Napster was a thing and I learned about so many different bands. I really was upset that Metallica was the force behind Napster's demise. Social media has made the world get much smaller. When I was growing up, you may hear a few national stories each night, but things were more local. Not everyone had a cell phone so you used to have to talk to people. I'm positive that the downfall for social skills today is because most peoples interactions these days happen behind a screen. I'm sure the world was just as crazy back then, we just didn't hear about every damn thing that happened so there was some insulation and we weren't afraid to go outside. We have become terrified of everything because all we are bombarded with every day is all the horrible in the world. This fear is why we have a reality star as President now who spends more time on Twitter than actually doing his job. For the most part I try to tune out the news so I don't have to sleep in the fetal position each night. Of course, I'm a hypocrite with all of this. I use social media and love the fact that I can deposit a check into my bank account from my mobile phone or order subway on my phone and just walk in and pick it up. I like social media because it allows me to keep in touch with people I would normally not be able to, but I HATE the amount of misinformation that is spread as fact. It scares me how people will read a headline and share it. Nobody has any idea what is true anymore due to all the misinformation being spread. My wife is constantly telling me the people I need to remove from my friend list for the amount of insane stuff they post, but I refuse because I like to know where the crazy is. I miss AIM for that reason. You used to be able to keep in touch with people and give little bits of news on your away message, but you didn't have people posting their stream of consciousness onto Facebook and Twitter. I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old at home, and half the time I day dream about moving into the woods of Maine to protect my family from the amount of crazy that shows up on my feed everyday. But that's not productive, wouldn't solve anything and they'd end up being unprepared for the world...but I do dream. For TV Shows...I can't lie...I get sucked into the 'it was better in my day' crowd with this. Shows like Scooby-Doo and Inspector Gadget were awesome as a kid. I used to come home from school everyday to watch the Disney afternoon with Duck Tales, Talespin, Chip N' Dales Rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck. My first crush was Sam Malone from 'Who's the Boss?' When I got a little older, I was a huge Saved By the Bell guy. Shows like Seinfeld and the Simpsons were awesome and original. I was too young to really get into drama's but I'll agree with someone in an earlier post that said we are in a good age for Drama's. I can watch any of the Law & Orders and other similar crime drama's. I loved Breaking Bad and Dexter (did not really like the Soprano's though) and also love shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation. I despise reality TV shows...I hate that we film people that are showing humans at their WORST and glorify them as stars. I should probably cancel my cable too. I only watch sports for the most part (like this pretty bad game on right now) and basically watch everything else on Prime. I've never really watched anything on Youtube as far as episodes from people. I tend to watch music videos if I'm on there or card tricks or something if I'm really bored. Occasionally, I'll watch someone else video for strategy on a game if I'm having trouble in a particular spot...but I'd rather play the game than watch someone else play in general. There were a lot of other topics like magic, Millennials, personal issues growing up, 9/11, the kitchen sink and some stuff about video games...and I have to say I have been very impressed with the back and forth. There have been no trolls or any disrespect, and having grown up on chat rooms and forums...that's an impressive feat in itself. Keep it going because when I was a kid, gaming was for nerds and it wasn't really something you shared in school with your friends. I'm always fascinated to hear others experiences growing up and how gaming became an outlet for them.
  11. I wish I'd be able to comment on the games you're currently playing, but I've honestly never even heard of them lol. Just out of curiosity, how do you choose which game you are going to play next? For me, some are from me being a fan of the series i.e. Final Fantasy, some of the time I'll get a recommendation from a friend. That is how I got into the Batman Arkham series and the God of War games. Then the final way is the Google Search. That is how I stumbled onto the XCOM series (and I'm so glad that I did!). I knew I wanted to play a Turn-Based-Strategy game so did a google search and XCOM popped up as one of the highest rated. I played it, loved it and have played the rest of the series (except 1) because of it. The Last of Us and Shadows of Mordor were also highly rated games that I decided to play based on a Google search. How did you hear about Dorky Dogma (I have no idea what the game is about)? We've played some similar games and seem to enjoy similar game types so I'm wondering if there is a list I should find or if it is more word of mouth. I played Final Fantasy XI online exclusively for about six years so missed several years of awesome games that I need to play catch-up on. I bought the entire Demon's Souls series a few months back to play since I've heard they are awesome, but games on my profile that pull me under 100% keep popping up and I feel the need to finish them before I move on...but I'm always in the market for a good T-B-S game!
  12. Glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving! The Vikings have looked really good. I can't for the life of me though figure out why Zimmer won't just give Keenum the job. He has played very well for the most part, and now that Bridgewater has been activated, he really seems to want to start him. Granted Keenum has been pretty terrible in his career, but you gotta ride the hot hand. I'm a Pats fan (I know that's not very popular outside of New England) and watching them put a beat down on the Dolphins Looking at your trophies for Arkham Knight, I think it's doable for you. The last 3 in DLC 16 were super annoying for me, but if you got the rest I'm sure you can do that as well. I'm a pretty even keeled person and can proudly say I've never busted a controller in anger...but it was close for me on the Curtain Falls. I was so sure that I had done it after my Catwoman run (I did them in order listed on the trophy) and when it didn't pop I was sooooo annoyed. Nightwing was the only one I had questions on and it turned out I was right and after I did that one again it popped. I'm the same way lol I have been holding off on watching Game of Thrones for exactly this reason. Once that series is over I'll binge watch it. Oddly, my attitude towards this started with a book series. The Harry Potter series got really big when I was in my 20's, and because I was too cool, I refused to read a children's book. I remember a couple of months before the last book in the series was due to come out, some of my co-workers were already planning an all night reading party for its release. I kept calling them nerds for being so excited about a kids series, but then I started to think that maybe I was the nerd...I didn't want to be the only person who hadn't read the series and be out of the loop in the conversation so I decided to read the first book and give it a try. I liked it so gave the next one a try and before I knew it, had finished all of the books (besides the last) in about a month. I ended up loving it but was so sad I had to wait a few months for the last book to come out. I decided after that experience to wait for a series to finish, be it books or TV shows, before I watched them so I wasn't frustrated while waiting. You haven't gotten your tree yet have you? Needs to be December before you get the tree!
  13. I haven't played a golf game since Tiger Woods 2003 when I was in college lol I found the sports games more fun playing with someone next to you but good luck! What game sparked your love affair with gaming and what made you decide to hunt trophies?
  14. Congrats on the platinum! I'm the same way with the load times Part of the reason I like turn based strategy games is the ability to multi task while playing them. My PS4 is setup next to my PC so I often have a movie running or some sort of TV show on. Or in this case last year, the world series. My original passion in games was the Final Fantasy series. I was hooked after playing the original on NES and then bought my gaming systems based on which one was continuing the series. I just started FFIX last night after completing the 100% for Horizon Zero Dawn. That's the last Final Fantasy plat I need for the whole series that is released to date. I'm going to attempt to get the stupid jump roping trophies out of the way'll probably take most of the day if I can even do it. My biggest gripe with the FF series and their trophies is the damn mini-games they have attached to them. A lot of the times they are luck based and it's up to the RNG Gods whether or not you get them. I have the chocobo racing one from FFX in my trophy cabinet simply because it took me like 12 hours to get and I was so relieved to be done with it. What game will you be working on next?
  15. I wholeheartedly agree on this point. The only thing I hated was the load times when it first came out. I didn't notice them being as bad with the expansion, but I could literally watch a half inning of the world series last year while a map was loading. I'm really surprised this game isn't more popular considering how great the game play is. I think the expansion is more like an alternate universe version of XCom 2 than an XCom 3 since it runs off the same main story line, but I agree with your overall point that there is enough new stuff to it that it feels like a whole new game.