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  1. I felt pretty bad watching it...they were just abysmal on offense. The good news is I won my fantasy game and really had no business doing so. That garbage time TD pass with just over a minute to go gave me the victory. With the Valkyries...I found that the runics made a huge difference. I got my best results from using the Leviathan Axe runics, then switching over to the Blades of Chaos to use those runics. Usually by this time, my rage was up and I could use that. When that wore off, the runic attacks would be ready to go again. I wore equipment/used runes that sped up the runic timers, and then would cycle through. I also always made sure to carry a recovery potion that gave you max rage. The only one that gave me any real trouble was the Queen. I only died once or twice for each of the other ones, if I died at all. Good luck! I found them to be fun fights overall. If you are still looking for a French Hens entry...Fe was only $4.99. I picked up Blackwood Crossing since you have me intrigued. I also grabbed The Order: 1886 since it was 2.99. There's a lot of pretty good deals....I was tempted to pickup Shantae: Half Genie Hero, but I have so many games to play already I decided to wait. Fortunately the sale is a month long if I change my mind.
  2. lol I really hope not. So I know nobody cares about my fantasy team but me, but I'm down 12 points going into tonight's game...he is out of players and I have Cook going. I need 13 points out of him to win. It's not a ridiculous amount but it's far from a sure thing...if he's close to that total and fumbles it would be disastrous for my pretend team. I'm rooting hard for him tonight! It was one of the more painful regular season losses I've endured as a fan. It was a total team failure...the Pats O for being conservative and not going for the TD in the previous series. Coaching for having Gronk in on that play...he usually is in there for a hail Mary to bat down, but they were 69 yards way there was going to be a deep pass there. Defense for obvious reasons and Gostkowski for Blair Walshing it up. They will still win the division, but they need to figure out winning on the road. Good luck tonight!!
  3. Well I think I may have found a milestone trophy you might the Spider-Man DLC for Black of the trophy names is "Bye Felicia". Just food for thought! After that Patriots loss...I need to go drown my sorrows...
  4. Yeah from the complaints I've read it was that. I talked to a few people that felt like it was an incomplete game since there was the cliffhanger. I told them it was more like an Empire Strikes Back ending than an incomplete story. I personally thought it was great. I thought they did an excellent job of interweaving the mythology in with a story that made sense. It was original (as far as I know) and it really made me excited about where they take the story from here. I was really surprised by some of the people who complained about the story. I don't know when I'll play another AAA title...unless you'd consider the KH remasters AAA. I mean maybe they were 15 years ago, but not now. After VC4 I think I'm going to start up the Uncharted series. I was going to go with Alien: Isolation...but I think I want to have a few games to break up my series plan for 2019. Start with Uncharted and then mix in Alien: Isolation and maybe another game or two...then tackle the KH series with a couple stand-alones to break it up before finally getting to the Souls games. I think I should be able to get that all done in 2019...but we'll see Are you able to watch football while tackling some of the sidequests or are you limited to tablet/pc viewing?
  5. SO I NOTICED YOU SPREAD THE ASHES...WHAT DID YOU THINK? I UNDERSTAND WHY SOME PEOPLE MAY FEEL A LITTLE DISSATISFIED WITH THE END...BUT I REALLY LIKED IT AND AM LOOKING FORWARD TO WHAT'S TO FOLLOW! I FEEL A LITTLE BAD THAT YOU DIDN'T SPRINKLE IN A LITTLE OF THE SIDE MISSIONS DURING YOUR ZERG THROUGH THE STORY SINCE I FEEL LIKE THE REST OF THE PLATINUM MAY FEEL A BIT GRINDY FOR YOU...BUT FORTUNATELY IT ISN'T TOO HARD (OUTSIDE THE VALKYRIE'S). On my side of things...I just finished Spider-Man and I have to say....I wasn't expecting it to be as emotionally taxing of a game as it turned out to be. The story was actually pretty good and I like the direction they are taking things. My only gripe with the game is the side quests were pretty tedious. There wasn't a ton of variety in the crimes you need to stop. These fetch quests were more of a chore for me than Dad of War and that will be the thing that puts Dad of War as my favorite game released this year that I played. From a pure enjoyment level, I think Until Dawn takes the cake for games I played this year...but that was because none of it felt like a chore and it was a lot of fun. I think one of my favorite things about Spider-Man is there is absolutely zero need for a guide and nothing was missable so you could just play however you want and enjoy the game. I was able to move back into my house today, so my relatively dry couple of weeks of gaming is over! There's a ton of dust and shit to clean up, but it'll be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight. I think I'm going to knock out the 100% in Spider-Man and then start VC4. Next game is #75 and a milestone and I think Valkyria Chronicles deserves a spot on my wall. I know you have written the Vikings off tomorrow, but I'll be pulling for fantasy team needs a good game from Cook. With OBJ declared out tomorrow...I lost Emmanuel Sanders and OBJ (two of my three starting WR's...) going into the weekend due to injuries sustained from practice >< I don't feel quite as good heading into Round 1 of the fantasy playoffs. So heres hoping to a Derrick Henry game out of Cook and a Patriots win in Miami!
  6. I'll throw my hat in the ring and list my choices Piece of Cake Award: I actually had quite a few of these this year I could choose from, but I would have to say that Burly Men at Sea was by far the easiest. You don't really do anything and it only takes like 10-15 minutes to complete a cycle. Other than the platinum...I'm not sure I really got anything out of this game. It's like Dark Souls Award: Well, for me the choice is easy...the game that was most like Dark Souls that I played this year would be Dark Souls. I plan to Platinum the entire series in 2019 back to back to back starting with the Remaster...but we'll see if I get distracted by new shiny things. Bad Ass Award: For this award I select Catherine. Defeating the Babel stages was probably the hardest thing I did this year in gaming with Final Fantasy IX Jump Rope a close second. I'm going with the Babel stages though since the Jump Rope trophy was just about getting the timing. It took me a week of exclusively doing the jump rope...but it was the same thing every time and Babel was a true challenge where there is no walkthrough. Grind of the Year: This Award goes to, with no real competition, Space Hulk and its god damned 40,000 kills trophy. I have been working on this trophy since March. I have killed close to 60,000 aliens over the course of probably 30 hours and have still not had this trophy pop. I discovered after about 45,000 kills that I was probably resetting the total each time I saved and rebooted my Vita to cut down on the lag. That realization was a real kick in the nuts and I took a bit of a break from the grind. I started back up again a couple of weeks ago and according to the calculator on my phone, am at 2500 kills. I won't get this trophy this year but I will next year. Honorable mentions go to Final Fantasy IX and the 10,000 kill trophy and Final Fantasy XV and the 999,999 KW farming DLC trophy. King of the Internet Award: I don't play much multiplayer. In fact I only played a few games with a MP component and none of them involved meeting people for more than a few minutes. I guess that Middle-earth: Shadow of War would be the MP I liked best? It's not even really that good, but it was a neat wrinkle to attack other peoples strongholds. I used mostly AI for Final Fantasy XV except for a couple of areas and I only played one online game in MLB the Show. I didn't utilize the MP portion of Demon's Souls and only did one time in Dark Souls to help with the NG+ version of Ornstein & Smough. Honestly these forums gave me the most opportunity to hang out on the interwebs and meet other people via events and I change my award to PSN Profiles Worst Online Experience Award: Goes to Final Fantasy XV for lack of a better option. The DLC was billed as an online experience and you really do not ever need to go online to complete it. Everything can be done with AI. Granted, some missions are much harder that way...but it could be done. I also was really disappointed that none of the boss battles even allow you to fight with other people. You have to use the AI there. It could really set you up to fail if you were used to playing with PC's and all of a sudden you have to fight the boss basically solo with useless NPC's. Fortunately for me, I played almost AI exclusive so was ok prepared for the boss fights. They were really challenging, but I think it was a weird choice for them to exclude co-op play for those fights. Sleeper Hit of the Year Award: I have a lot of good choices here (fortunately!) It's a tough choice between A Hat in Time (5000 players), Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (5000 players), The Banner Saga (12,000 players) and Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (26,000 players). While I think I liked Valkyria Chronicles Remastered the most out of those games (I pre-ordered VC4 as soon as a finished VCR) I think 26,000 players is a pretty decent amount to experience it's a remaster. I think my award here goes to The Banner Saga. I really liked the Oregon Trail feel of the game and I also liked the turn-based grid layout of the battles. The game isn't perfect by any stretch, but it was my diamond in the rough this year. Biggest Bomb of the Year Award: I really didn't play a bad AAA game this year. I'm really enjoying Marvel's Spiderman right now and loved God of War. Technically, Final Fantasy XV didn't come out this year and I played it on release...but it seems to be the game that won't die as they keep releasing stuff for it and I continued playing it into 2018. While overall I did enjoy playing the game, it didn't live up to the hype nearly enough. I waited 10 years to play this game and I just felt the story fell kind of flat. Watching the movie helped fill in some of the gaps, but I don't think people should need to watch a movie to fully understand the story in a game. Final Fantasy XV unfortunately just did not live up to the hype for me and overall was a disappointment because of that and is my winner of the Biggest Bomb. Best Trophy Image Award: Here are some of my favorite platinum images with The Wolf Among Us being my favorite: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered: The Banner Saga: The Dwarves: Shantae and the Pirates Curse: The Wolf Among Us: Worst Trophy Image Award: This award goes to The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker....every single trophy image is the same and it is the cover about lazy... Best Female Character: I really wanted to choose Aloy since she was awesome...but sadly I 100% HZD in November of 2017. I would have to say Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles Remastered. She is a really likable character who becomes really OP later in the game. Honorable mentions go out to: Shantae, Little Girl from Yomawari: Night Alone and Snow from The Wolf Among Us. Best Male Character: I really enjoyed playing as Kratos in God of War and I loved Bigby Wolf from The Wolf Among Us...but I think my favorite character this year, and maybe it's because I'm playing it right now, is not even a playable character. Dr. Octavius from Marvel's Spiderman has been such a good character in this game. I've really enjoyed his story arc. If it has to be a playable character then I choose Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein: The New Order. I'd pick him because I really wasn't expecting any kind of story really at all with that game. I was very pleasantly surprised by the depth of the story in that game and about how well they actually developed Blazkowicz. Best Plat of the Year Award: God of War was my favorite game of the year probably, however it doesn't win this award. Even though I loved that game and everything about it...there were a couple of grindy spots that felt a little like a chore. Until Dawn wins the award for best Platinum of the Year. I've never really played a horror game before and I'd never played a game that felt like a movie really before. This game was awesome from beginning to end and the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style made the replays not feel like a chore since the story was different each time. I can't recommend that game enough. Worst Plat of the Year: My worst Plat of the year is one I haven't gotten yet which is Space Hulk. The game sucks, the trophy list sucks...everything about it sucks...but I refuse to let that game beat me so I will get it eventually...but since I don't have it is disqualified for 2018. My choice for this game is a little strange...I didn't really like the story and it made me question my trophy hunting habit several times...but it was also my most satisfying platinum of the year and the one I'm most proud of this year. That distinction goes to Catherine. I truly hated all of the characters and really thought the story was dumb. The mechanics on some of the puzzles were really frustrating and the monotony of the 128 Rapunzel stages was brutal. Having said all that...I was really happy when I finally got the platinum and I'm really proud that I stuck with it despite my troubles and frustrations. And finally Most Anticipated Platinum of 2019: Final Fantasy VII Remake....lulz...I did just get an email today from Amazon saying that the release date from my pre-order of the FFVII Remake back in 2015 was moved to 12/31/19...but we all know that game isn't coming for like 5 years. My actual most anticipated platinum for 2019 that will be released and playable is probably Kingdom Hearts III. I missed the boat on that series the first time around due to playing an MMORPG...but I have bought the entire Remix set and plan to play the whole series in 2019. I have an ambitious goal of platinuming all of the Soulbourne games and the KH series since I'm sure I'll get distracted by an unexpected game here and there...but I'm going to give it a try. Anyway...that took a lot longer than I planned lol luckily it is a slow day at work and I'm in an office with some privacy
  7. I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut everyone once and a while The Pats loss didn't hurt you at all in the division since every team in the NFC North lost. It's a little unfortunate the Vikings couldn't gain any ground, but at least they didn't lose any. This weekend is probably your biggest game of the year. I feel like the Bears will fade as it gets closer to the end, and you guys will win the division anyways, but if not this will be a crucial tie-breaker to have. The Pats are in Miami this weekend, where they have lost 4 of their last 5, so I hope they change that trend. KC and Pitt have opened the window for the Pats to get the #1 seed again, which I really think they'll need this year. They have not looked good on the road. If Baltimore can upset KC, that puts the Pats back at #1 and back in the driver's seat. Even without Hunt, going into KC to win in the playoffs won't be easy...despite Andy Reid's track record. THIS IS HOW I PLAYED IT AS WELL. I DID HAVE TO DROP IT DOWN TO EASY TO BEAT THE LAST VALKYRIE...THAT BITCH IS HARD!!! THEY ARE ALL FUN FIGHTS THOUGH! I'LL BE INTERESTED IN YOUR TAKE ON THE STORY AS YOU PROGRESS. I REALLY ENJOYED THE HEAD MYSELF AND WOULD OFTEN STALL TO FINISH HEARING HIS STORIES. Both Father of the Bride movies were pretty funny as well. I saw an interview he did a few months ago on the CBS Sunday Morning show with Martin Short cause they are doing a show on Broadway or something. He looks the's kind of bizarre that he fell off the map with movies. I haven't seen him in anything new in a really long time. Fred Savage in his heyday. I loved that movie as a kid but remember being mad at that movie when I saw it. I had already beaten Super Mario III and knew about all the whistle locations. I remember thinking that I should have been the Wizard and not that kid lol I remember how badass the kid with the Power Glove thought he was playing Rad Racer and me thinking how much the power glove sucked lol The AVGN had a great episode on it. Amen to that lol. I don't really have any recommendations for this...I had to Google PS4 games and European developers to get mine. Chaos on Deponia was on sale or something and seemed quick so I chose that one. I think VC4 would kind of be European since (if it's like VC) it takes place in a WWII/European theater setting, but I think you got that Plat before this event started. Looking over my list, Fe was made by Zoink Games which is a Swedish based company. I think it was on sale for Black Friday, but may not be anymore. Eekeemoo is $4.99 and made by Cogg Games...but the internet doesn't seem to know where that developer comes from lol Steamworld Heist is from Image & Form who is also a Swedish company. I really enjoyed that game...It's a humorous puzzle/strategy game...but that appears to be $14.99 right is on the higher end of things. I personally think it's worth $15 but it's also not a must play and could probably wait for a sale. Good luck finding something!
  8. This was a good idea. I was thinking of starting a new Vita game instead, but this is a great opportunity to get a big chunk done here. I've probably been able to get about 4 hours worth done this week. The bad news is that not all of the materials have arrived to finish our renovation by today...the good news /sarcasm is that I get to live at my in-laws house for one more week until everything shows up and they can finish the work. This will give me the chance to get more Space Hulk done. I was able to play Spider-man for about an hour this week when I went back to check on the work. I was able to even get a couple of trophies. My wife told me that if I wanted to hang out at our house tomorrow to watch football, it was cool with her I'll get some Spider-man in before the big game at 4:25. I have no idea what to expect...both our teams have shown an ability to play well and stink up the joint. I'm happy the game is in Foxboro since the Patriots have played so poorly on the road. I'm mostly hoping for a good game, but a Pats win would be nice considering the Steelers gifted them the #2 seed back last week. crazy is this Kareem Hunt story? I'm shocked they released him...I mean they should...but it's not often you see teams do that. With Ray Rice, he was just about washed up when he was released...Hunt is one of the top backs in the league. I'm sure he'll get another chance, but what a crazy story. Considering how much I loved the Rocky movies (except for V), it's borderline criminal that I haven't seen Creed yet. It's on my list, I just haven't gotten around to it. I'm glad to hear that Creed II was good. I took my son to see Ralph Breaks the Internet today...I'd give it a C+. It had some good moments, but I just didn't like it the same. There is one big continuity thing right out of the gate that kind of soured it for me...I mean one of the biggest premises of the first one was that Vanellope was stuck in her game due to her glitch, however in the opening credits she's sitting outside her game talking with Ralph...and they never mention it or acknowledge she can do this now. I feel like it would have been easy too to say that since her game was reset when she won, she is back in the coding and can now leave her game...but they didn't and it really bugged me throughout the movie. I wish we saw the Grinch instead and waited for this one to come out on video. Oh well, there is always next weekend Speaking of awesome 80's movies, I'm a little mad at myself for not watching Plains, Trains and Automobiles this year at Thanksgiving. I usually do every year and this year I just forgot. I'll have to add it to my annual Christmas list which includes Home Alone, Die Hard and Christmas Vacation. lol I really hope you like it. Having played two of the major AAA 'Game of the Year' games this year, I will say that I think I liked Dad of War slightly more than Spider-Man. I say this knowing that I haven't yet finished Spider-Man so it is an incomplete comparison...but I think my love for Mythology may surpass my love of comic book themed things...It'll be close though. I put in for a new position at work which I think I will really enjoy in the long-term, however in the short-term it sounds like it may be A LOT of hours and a big commitment It could really put a dent into my trophy hunting habit. Since I plan on tackling some epic games in the near future, it may be a month per game (or longer) so I may have to really pump the brakes on these events going forward. I guess we'll just have to see! Good luck tomorrow Cassy!
  9. This sounds a lot like how Thanksgiving used to be for me. Once I had kids, my wife and I decided that we didn't want to do the big family dinner, but make it smaller. My Grandmother was one of 12 kids and my mother used to host. I'd have great-aunts and cousins that I'd only see once a year there, and there always seemed to be some dumb family drama. I remember one year, we were sitting around the table and my mother said to my grandfather "Dad, I really love that ring of yours. Do you think I could have it when you die?" I almost spit my milk out I was so shocked...but the worst thing was my aunt (her older sister) saying "Why should you get the ring? I'm the oldest and I like it too...Dad I should have the ring." Here we are having Thanksgiving dinner and my mother and her sister are arguing over who gets their father's front of him....WHILE HE'S ALIVE!! I had to get up and leave I was so mad....they were like Vultures. Breaking away from all that has made the day much more enjoyable. Don't get me wrong either...I love my family too...but sometimes I love them from a safe distance more It's really too bad when things devolve like that and I'm sorry it happened to you yesterday;; Today was my friends annual flag football game. It was about 18 degrees out and the ground was frozen. I was wearing rubber cleats instead of metal and man was it a problem. The field was so slick. I twisted my knee pretty badly actually from it. I intercepted a ball and started running up the field. I stopped to cut and my plant foot started to slip. But before I slipped and fell, one of the cleats gripped and I turned my ankle and my knee bent under me. My brain still says I'm an 18 year old athlete, but my body says whoa!!! you're actually pushing 40 old man. I'm going to walk it off, but it's swelling a bit and hurts like a bitch lol I guess I'll have to rest and play some Spider-Man I've gotten better at the combat and it really is a lot of fun. I suck at fighting the big brawlers, but I've gotten the hang of everyone else so far. I still like Batman's combat better, but this is growing on me a little. I'm hoping this isn't the case...but I may be taking a forced week off from gaming. My house only has one bathroom and it's upstairs and we are having a half bath added downstairs. Unfortunately, the work will put the only bathroom we have right now out of commission for the week and we are staying at my in-laws. I won't have access to my PS4...I'm debating bringing my Vita, but I feel like that would be anti-social so may just bite the bullet and go cold turkey. It will make finishing the games I want to for the events harder, but the good news is I've already qualified in both so if I can't finish it's no problem. Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales? I saw a couple of games I was interested in, but decided to hold off until I clear out some of this backlog.
  10. Yeah, that was tough to watch. Either the Bears are better than I gave them credit for or the Vikings aren't as good. They were playing from behind so that probably factors into it...but that running game was abysmal...and since I have stock in Cook that led to a fantasy loss lol The good news is they still have a great chance to get into the playoffs since the NFC seems very top heavy with the rest a bunch of mediocre teams. I'm still pulling for them for you! I have to admit myself that I'm really intrigued by this game now. I haven't really ever played a game that moved me quite like that game moved you. I've played plenty of games where I was pumped up about something or super competitive...but only a few ever really hit me in the feels. Generally only PS1 and earlier Final Fantasy games came close...I might just have to pick this one up. I started up Spider-Man last night and it's pretty cool so far. The travel is the best part for me so far. I don't find the combat to be as smooth as's much more spastic and chaotic for me so far, but I'm sure once I get the hang of it more it'll feel smoother. I'm really early in the game, but so far I do like Batman a bit better...fortunately Return to Arkham City ends in an 8 so that may end up being my next next game. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is up next for #75. Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year. Food, Football and Family (in that order ) We're having it at my house this year so I get to keep my sweatpants on all day and not feel bad about it. Staples at dinner in my family include the usual suspects (turkey, stuffing, mashed potato's) and also some not so typical food. We have pepperoni bread (I usually don't have room for dinner since I fill up on this) and beef tenderloin as an alternative option to turkey. In my house, it's cranberry sauce shaped like a can or bust...none of that real cranberry sauce shit...what about you?
  11. My European Vacation is complete with the Chaos on Deponia Platinum! It's a funny little game and I'm actually surprised at how high the completion percentage is considering almost all of the trophies are missable. If you like point-and-clicks it's worth picking up. 12 Drummers Drumming: Energy Balance 11 Pipers Piping: Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night 10 Lords A-Leaping: Marvel's Spiderman: 9 Ladies Dancing: Catherine 8 Maids A-Milking: Life is Strange: Before the Storm 7 Swans A-Swimming: Burly Men at Sea 6 Geese A-Laying: Alien Isolation 5 Gold Rings: Valkyria Chronicles 4 4 Colly Birds: The Wolf Among Us 3 French Hens: Chaos on Deponia 2 Turtle Doves: Rocketbirds 2: Evolution And a Partridge in a Pear Tree: ???
  12. Thanks! It was definitely one of the more challenging games I've played, which isn't necessarily a good thing for it. I didn't love the story or characters and found myself very frustrated several times while playing. Having said all is in my top 5 most satisfying platinums I've ever gotten due to the struggle. Babel is a bitch, but the Rapunzel ones aren't as bad since there isn't a timer and they are set boards so you can develop a strategy (or watch a guide) and get through them. The hardest part of Rapunzel is that there is 128 of them. It is doable but the struggle is real! I finished up Chaos on Deponia last night which satisfies my 4 game. Next on the docket is Spider-Man! Happy Thanksgiving to those that are celebrating tomorrow! 0: (6490) Burly Men at Sea 1: (781) Catherine 2: 3: (8143) Marvel's Spiderman 4: (6964) Chaos on Deponia 5: 6: (8366) Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood 7: (3087) The Wolf Among Us 8: 9:
  13. Mortal Kombat. Nicely done!
  14. 7 Swans a Swimming with Burly Men at Sea...It's free now so if you want it grab it...but definitely do not pay money for this game unless you are just looking for trophies. There wasn't really anything interesting about it at all. Either way...another entry complete! 12 Drummers Drumming: Energy Balance 11 Pipers Piping: Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night 10 Lords A-Leaping: Marvel's Spiderman: 9 Ladies Dancing: Catherine 8 Maids A-Milking: Life is Strange: Before the Storm 7 Swans A-Swimming: Burly Men at Sea 6 Geese A-Laying: Alien Isolation 5 Gold Rings: Valkyria Chronicles 4 4 Colly Birds: The Wolf Among Us 3 French Hens: Chaos on Deponia 2 Turtle Doves: Rocketbirds 2: Evolution And a Partridge in a Pear Tree: ???