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  1. This was a rare instance where I thought all of the DLC's were actually good. Citadel was just exceptionally hard on Insanity. Even the first part where you only have a hand gun and one block of health was pretty challenging. As an Infiltrator, I tried a few times to sprint that long hallway invisible to get past the enemies, however they would see me instantly, even invisible. I ended up having to move really slowly get through. Citadel DLC was a bit more silly than the other DLC's, but it was still pretty decent. I thought the Leviathan DLC was great and even Omega was pretty good. It was all great for added depth to the story. I forgot to mention it above, but grenades were the bane of my existence throughout lol. I'd say at least half, probably more, of my deaths were due to grenades. To get past the boss in Citadel, I had to get to cover...use a few abilities to try and take out the other guys and then sprint to the other side of the area. Rinse and repeat. It probably took me ten or twelve times before I got it. I'm sure I'll like it just fine...I'm more trying to decide for myself if I need to keep the Platinums consecutive or not...I probably will. I've found that I generally don't agree with the consensus on what is a good game lol Those are a lot of fun, however range greatly in difficulty. Some of them are as easy as getting one out to get a save in the 9th to getting 8 hits over 3 games with 3 extra base hits or something. They are a great way to get stubs and cards though, however I found the Conquest items to be the best way to get cards. But yeah, as a baseball fan it is a lot of fun to try and re-live a huge moment in a way.
  2. Platinum #130 Mass Effect 3 It's done folks, the original trilogy is in the books. I can safely say that this is a top 3 favorite series ever. The Banner Saga and Final Fantasy's are in that trio as well. FF probably doesn't belong in there since most of the games have nothing to do with one another, but since that series sparked my love affair with gaming...I feel obligated to put them in there. This series had made me laugh (way more than I expected), made me happy, made me was just an excellent story and an amazing experience. After reading somewhere that BioWare screwed the pooch with the third game in the series, I went into the game wondering what would make it go south....and for me it never happened. I thought it was a pretty perfect end to a really good story. The character development was fantastic and so was the voice acting. After checking out IMDB, I was surprised at how many famous actors were in the game. In general, I'm a sucker for games that have a continuation from game to game. i love when decisions made in game one have ramifications in games two and three. With my save that I brought over for each game, I played as a male Shepard and was as Paragon as I could be. I did every quest that I was able to and I talked to everyone that I could whenever I could. The side conversations were my favorite part. There was so much humor sprinkled in there and a ton of character development. In game one, Ashley was my romance option, however in ME2, with Ashley not an option...I went with Tali. I was really curious what she looked like under the mask and thought if she was my romance option I'd get to see she was the most genuine character of the group and felt like the right choice based on how I chose to play Shepard. Much to my disappointment, I didn't get to see her face in ME2, however I continued our romance in ME3 and finally got my wish. Due to our relationship in the game, I tended to have her in my party whenever I could to see the banter. My biggest disappointment in the game was with the Citaldel DLC. I had Tali as a squad member, but since I hadn't gotten far enough in the main story line when I tackled the DLC, she wasn't at the party at the end. It was really kind of stupid, and even though she was in my squad for the missions...she wasn't at the party, but said thank you after the DLC for having the party. The continuity was really off there, and it was the only real time I was disappointed in the story. I played the whole game on Insanity mode...DLC's included. For the most part, the game was pretty easy. Cover wasn't as broken as it was in ME2, but it was still pretty buff. Enemies try to flank you much much more in this game. The Citadel DLC was the hardest part to play in insanity. The last boss in the DLC was really a pain in the ass...he was just relentless in coming after you and really didn't allow me to stay in cover long. The mirror match in the Arena was also pretty hard on Insanity. I could get through the first two rounds pretty consistently, but that third round with all six Shepards out at once was really tough. The Vanguard Shepard was the bane of my existence for a while. After about twenty five to thirty attempts though, I was able to beat it. The only part of the game that really pissed me off, was a game mechanic at the very end. It's a mini-game of sorts where you only have a pistol and the sway is insane...everything is in slow motion, except when you try to move the crosshairs onto the target....then the crosshairs were on ice skates. You have to be quick and accurate or it's game over...and there's no way to skip the cutscene at the beginning of the segment. Fortunately, the cutscene isn't long....but it got really annoying after try 30. Other than that really annoying section....ME3 was amazing. The story was great, the number of ways things could turn out is great. The replayability of this game is exceptionally high and I'll have no problem at all playing the Remasters when they come out. I'll maybe be a renegade and have a different love interest. Combat was a lot of fun in this game. I liked how they changed up the leveling in this game...I liked that you could combo abilities with your squad mates. You really need to also to beat some of those enemies....Banshees suck ass on Insanity. Playing as an Infiltrator wasn't as beneficial in this game as in ME2. It felt like the enemies could see me much better. It was useful in about three different areas, but for the most part...I didn't go invisible much since it can really mess up the timers. I played as an Infiltrator in ME3 again since it was very useful in ME2 in Insanity mode. If I had to do it again, I'd probably try as a Sentinel or an Engineer. It was a little annoying that I had to do another partial playthrough to get the Overload trophy. Fortunately, it only took a few hours to do cleanup in NG+. Without spoilers (I probably shouldn't worry since the game is like 10 years old now, but I'll be nice), I chose to go straight up the middle in the end. I was tempted to go right and choose red...but since I had been playing as the Paragon type, felt choosing the middle option felt like the right way for this particular story to end. I grew attached to all of my squad members based on their backstories, however generally went with Liara since her crowd control abilities were insanely helpful and either Tali or EDI. If I wasn't sure what kind of enemies I'd be facing, I tended to take EDI since her abilities work well against Synthetics and Organics. I'd take Tali if I wanted to see some unique dialogue. Javik was a great addition and really entertaining to talk to as well. I can't say enough good things about this series, and if you're like me and hadn't played it yet....definitely check out the Remaster when it comes out...or if you still have a PS3, it's worth the investment. While I've been told Mass Effect: Andromeda really isn't a part of the ME series....I will most likely play that next. I'll probably start something else first...or maybe finish something I've already started first...but i feel like I should get ME: A done as well. This game will stick with me for a long time, but now it's off to bed!
  3. lol glad to hear I'm not the only one! I was really happy with how quickly you could get a stacked team without paying money. I've only played like 5 online matches so far and everything I've done has been through playing the different game modes. Conquest is so quick and easy for getting tons of card packs. I usually get three or more of the 'Ballin' packs and I've gotten several diamond players through there. Plus there are several other diamond packs I've gotten as well. I was able to get Bob Gibson with a 99 rating by beating that conquest map. It's also a great way to get stubs! i haven't used the auction house much at all yet...every 50k stubs I get I've bought the 50 pack of normal cards to round out my collection of the basic players. I usually get at least one diamond player in all those packs as well. I think that is part of the fun of having a profile though. For me, it's almost like having a bedroom wall as a kid again. I used to pick out posters to hang or a shelf to display different things...this kind of reminds me of that. I get to pick which trophy images to display and have a decent amount of control over what appears where. My profile is a mix of a journal of my gaming journey and a bedroom wall to put up pictures. I feel like this site and my profile is big part of the reason why I still have fun gaming. Sure it's 90% about the games....but this does add that 10% element to it. So I guess for me it's not so much a pain point since I choose to do it that way. If it ever got to be too much, I'm not so OCD that I couldn't change...but for now...this is what works I like your idiosyncratic thing too. I never though about the 'blues vs green' thing. I know I prefer the blue to the green and check mark....but I usually let those fall where they may lol I'll need to be on the lookout if other people do the same thing!
  4. I'd like to join! I plan on playing tons of RPG's this year so this'll work out nicely. I have no opinion on the rules and will just have fun racking up points however they come. I've already done the 'Let's play's' of the game series I think I'd play but that's fine. Should have saved my Kingdom Hearts marathon for this year lol however I'm think of trying to tackle the Dragon Age series and also the Soulsbourne series as well. We'll see if I have the stamina for all that or if I mix in some other stuff. Thanks for hosting! I'll make Dragon Age: Origins my triple point game and Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Inquisition my double point games.
  5. No, not usually. I generally like to see the story continuity so playing them in close succession is good for that. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering what happened in which game since they can all blur together...but since I can delay a platinum pop as long as I generally is never an issue. For example, in between ME1 and ME2 I was playing Battle vs. Chess, which I didn't anticipate liking as much as I did there either, but I have a relatively easy (I think anyways) trophy left to pop for the platinum. MLB 20 was supposed to be the same idea between ME2 and ME3. I was expecting the same kind of game as last year and was fully expecting the Silver rank to be a grind and left it for my last trophy. I was pleasantly surprised by the additions to the game and in the future I'll make sure I'll leave a more random trophy in this situation instead of one I'll have to hit if I play enough. While I suppose the self-imposed rules could be a ball-and-chain at some point, I think it's one of those things that can make a profile more unique....not that that is my goal either...but when I check out other people's profiles...I'll try to look and see what their 'thing' is. Some people have none...some plan milestones a certain way or stack their trophy cabinet a certain way...I feel this rule of mine is one of the things that makes my profile mine.
  6. Well it's been a couple of weeks since it happened, but I hit the 6000 trophy milestone. I had been debating between a couple of trophies and at the end of the day opted for Hollow Knight's Pure Completion trophy: #6000 Pure Completion In addition to being a really nice trophy image...I felt it encompasses my gaming goals as well. I may never get back to 100%...SMB may be my block. It's not necessarily that I don't think I could do it if I practiced's just that every time I've sat down over the past couple of years to get back into the groove of playing...I just get bored after about 30 minutes so I lose focus and do something else. I have so many games that I want to play that it is just so easy to keep putting it off. I'd like to think I'll get back to it...but I may not and that's ok too. As some of you may know, one of my idiosyncratic things about gaming is to try and beat games that are in a series in order and consecutively if I can. I'm currently halfway through my Mass Effect series run and I made a silly mistake in one of my 'in between' games. Having played baseball my whole life and through college, I have a soft spot in my heart for baseball games. I haven't watched much real MLB in recent years since it bores my wife to tears and my kids don't have much of an attention span for it either, but I still love the game. I picked up MLB the Show 20, not expecting to like the game much. I figured it'd be fine like the prior ones I'd played, but it'd scratch my baseball itch and I'd move on. Turns out....I'm really, really enjoying the game a lot. I would like to keep playing it while I play other games, however I left my last trophy as a leveling up trophy instead of one where I have to do some arbitrary task....and I'm about 5 minutes from popping that leveling trophy. The last trophy I need is for getting to the Silver rank (level 100). It's like a prestige trophy in some FPS games where you reset back to level one at a higher rank. MLB did something brilliant this time around, which really pulls at my collecting/trophy hunting ways...they added a 'Collection' part to the game. You always collected cards in the prior games, that's how you build your team...but now you have like a baseball card book where you keep your cards and if you put them in that book, they are in your inventory forever and can no longer be sold. Normally, it'd be a 'big woop' kind of thing, except by collecting specific sets of cards, you can unlock better, unique cards and so on. To unlock some cards, you need to finish up different game modes etc to earn points that unlock even better cards. You win baseball card packs in most of the different games you can's just been a lot of fun and very addicting. The best part is, you can get a really good lineup without paying a dime. You can buy stubs to buy card packs if you want....but it's really easy to get card packs, especially in the Conquest mode. I've been targeting specific cards and stuff and it's just been a lot of fun. I might play this game well past the platinum to try and collect as much as I can. But, my dumbass left the leveling up trophy for last and I'm currently at level 99 1/2 and am stuck since that'd mess up my game order see my dilemma I know it's a self-imposed thing....but knowing myself, I should have been smarter about the trophy I left to get the Platinum. So part of my plan is a personal 'Platinum Rain'. This plan started because I got the Plat for ME1 and wanted the order, but also wanted to play some stuff in between. I also turn 40 in May and thought it'd be kind of neat to have a mini-rain event for myself. I'm not sure yet how many games I'm going to save to platinum on that day...maybe just for each decade, but we'll see as it approaches. If I didn't want to play MLB, I would have saved all of my Platinums in 2021 until then....but I'll probably get ME3 and Andromeda done back to back so I can work on MLB again and maybe some of my non-100% games that are due to DLC (looking at you KH3 and TLOU2). I figure I'm also going to give Hollow Knight the old college try as far as doing the final Pantheon without the glitch. I played the main game without it, however I figure I'll practice and try up until my birthday....If I can't do it legit by then, I'll probably beat it using the glitch on my Bday. It's pretty freaking hard though lol Anyway...figured I'd check in with the milestone.
  7. Only beat one game in December with Mass Effect 2. It's old news at this point, but the game was amazing. It qualifies for the monthly theme but I don't think the hardcore. I've never really played a Cyberpunk game before, but I'm pretty sure it's a dystopian society which I don't think Mass Effect does. I mean Omega is a piece of shit colony....but I still think it's looking for something different. The game is over 10 years old, counts towards a different PSNP event (PS3 game event), beat all the DLC and I started the game in not a lot of games played but I covered a lot of bases with my entry. It doesn't look like this event will continue on next year so I want to make sure I thank you for all your hard work over the past few years. It is a thankless job and a lot of work to boot. It's been a fun event for for me and a good way to keep track of my progress (or lack there of) year to year. Thank you again and if this ends up coming back in the future, I'll most likely be back! December Stats: Platinums: 128 + 1 ~> 129 100%: 142 + 1 ~> 143 Completion: 97.53% ~> 98.27 (+0.74%) Totals for the Year: Platinums: 102 + 27 ~> 129 100%: 117 + 26 ~> 143 Completion: 99.14% ~> 98.27% (-0.87%)
  8. Finished up one PS3 game in December with Mass Effect 2. It might be one of my favorite games ever. I thought they took everything great about the first game and just made it better. I'm going to start ME3 in the next couple of days so hoping to have another PS3 game done for January. Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and here's to a new year of trophy hunting!
  9. I agree completely. I'm not one that ever wants an artist to change their work to something I would like. I can generally appreciate something for what it is, even if it differs from how I would have liked it to go. I've liked a lot of things that may not have been popular with the masses so I'm not terribly concerned. This is another reason why I try to stay as spoiler free as I can with these kinds of things.
  10. Platinum #129 Mass Effect 2 Well it took a while to get going, but now I'm on a roll! Two Months and two ME plats. After how much I enjoyed the first one, I didn't want to wait too long before starting the second one up. After a couple weeks of a few palate cleansing games and setting Hollow Knight up to be ready for my milestone....I was back as John Shepard for my second go-round. I really enjoyed this addition to the series. It might be one of my favorite games of all time to be honest. I thought they improved in virtually every facet of the game and there were only a few things that they didn't. Things I liked...I thought the continuation of the story was really good and I was very interested in how this journey would end up. I could see how people might feel the story was a little cheap, since the majority of the game is finding team members and then earning their loyalty, but I really liked it. I thought it gave valuable back story and made you feel more invested in each of them. I used everyone at least a couple of times. My main team was usually made up of Kasumi and Miranda. Miranda was useful against both organics and synthetics and Kasumi's flash bang and stealth attack's were extremely useful too. I did every mission/assignment possible and tried to talk to everyone as much as possible too to get as much of the story as I could. I'm really looking forward to the 'finale' of the trilogy (even though I've heard the story sucked in the end...trying to make my own opinions). I felt like the combat was improved as well with things like aiming much better. I loved that they got rid of that invincibility ability since that just seemed to drag fights on forever in the first game and I liked that they got rid of the inventory as it was more annoying than helpful in the first one. I also liked the idea of upgrading you weapons as well. I didn't notice much of a difference as far as graphics are concerned, but for a 10 year old game, they were pretty good and there was a lot more detail in each of the zones. The zones felt much smaller, but there was a lot more variety and they weren't nearly as sterile as the first one. I liked how they adjusted 'leveling up' and didn't like it as much at the same time. Every one of my characters (except Shepard) had a wasted stat point since anything past the first point into an ability required more than one point to upgrade. Due to this, every character had one stat point that I couldn't assign. At least in the first one that didn't happen, but the improvement in an ability from level one to level two was much more noticeable. I also felt it created a lot more room for customization. I played the first game as a Soldier however wanted to try something different in this one. I was happy that the story made it so that it was possible to change your main 'job' path if you wanted. I ended up playing as an Infiltrator (stealthy type) and found it a ton of fun to play. Since I wanted to do this in one play through, it also ended up being very, very helpful for playing in Insanity. On several occasions, turning invisible and running to cover saved my ass. It was also very helpful getting some of the combat trophies done as well. I thought the Brawler trophy, where you have to punch and then shoot and kill 20 enemies while they are staggered was going to be challenging, especially on Insanity...but I ended up killing all the enemies in an area until one was left and then just went invisible and ran up and smack him then shoot. It only seemed to register about half the time...but It made that trophy much easier and I didn't feel like I would run out of time to do it. Maybe it was because of the job I selected, but I didn't find Insanity to be that hard at all. Only a couple spots took more than two or three tries and most of them I was able to do on my first try. You are basically invulnerable when in cover (unless flanked) so as long as you remain shouldn't really die much. Things I didn't like....I didn't like that they didn't fix the 'skipping text' button being the same as the choosing an option button. I always play with subtitles since I don't always hear what is being said, and I find reading the lines to be faster and I miss less of the story that way. I hate that several times throughout the story, I'll hit to skip to the next line of text, and the decision pops up just before I hit the button and I don't even see what conversation selection I've made. It almost always seems to end a conversation too....I would rather it default to something that keeps the options up there...or better yet, I could hit another button to skip text that won't make a decision for me. I liked that they added the ability to fly the Normandy around the star maps, but it really sucked looking for materials. It felt like a major waste of a world, press to scan, move the scanner up and down the longitude lines while very slowly moving left or right along the latitude lines until your scanner reads a mineral...shoot the probe...get a small amount of materials....rinse repeat. It took like 5 minutes per planet and you could only carry 30 probes in the beginning. I'd spend about 15 probes per planet and have to waste time going back to the system that had the fuel supply ship to buy more, then trek back out to the system I was probing. It was just really annoying. I'm hoping they improve on that in ME3. The last thing I didn't love was them switching from weapons that required no ammo, but could over weapons requiring ammo. I never really ran out of ammo....but it really limited my ability to use my favorite guns since they didn't have as much ammo. I enjoy using a sniper rifle...but you only get 10 bullets (at least with the starting gun) and I'd run out far too fast. Other than those minor issues, I thought this game was amazing. At this point, I can't tell if I'd play the remaster's or not. I really enjoy the games so it's not that...but I think it'd be a few years before I'd jump back into it since I'm just playing them now. Who knows...maybe it'll be like a game from SE and be in production for 10-15 years after being announced. Whatever they do....I hope they learn from Cyberpunk and don't rush it. Since I'm a glutton for punishment....I'm going to start MLB 20 tonight and play that for a little before jumping back into ME3. Hope everyone has had a nice holiday season!
  11. What's the worst game you've played and why is it Space Hulk? 😋 Since you've been gaming since the beginning....which era or system was your favorite?
  12. lol thanks for the shout out. I can see how the 10 hours might seem misleading...I put that to reference the 'game time' to beat. Each run through takes around 2 hours or so according to the clock. Depending on skill level/luck it could easily be double or triple that depending on how much you have to restart. I'm really happy that you enjoyed the series as much as you did! It was one of my favorite series as well and I also really enjoyed the DLC quite a bit. I must have been a bit luckier than some because I really didn't think it was too bad (using the save cloud). I used the cloud save more out of an abundance of caution then really needing to redo a ton of levels over and over. I had maybe four or five levels that gave me problems that took a lot of trial and error to figure out what worked best, but for the most part I employed a similar strategy for most of the levels. I'd target anything ranged first if I could and otherwise just try to use the terrain to the best of my ability. I tended to let the enemy come to me so that I could soften them up a bit before they got really close. It was interesting to read about your choice of characters that you used. I personally liked Eyvind and used him a ton. Nothing made me happier than seeing a line of enemies, diagonal to one another. But my main group was always Aleo, Eirik, Alette, Iver, Hakon and Bolverk. I abused the hell out of Overwatch when possible. I think you would enjoy Ash of Gods since you liked The Banner Saga so much. It is heavily influenced by TBS and was really quite good. If you try it....hang in there with the controls...they are super frustrating until you figure out what is going on....but there really is a good game hidden there. The trophy list isn't the most friendly to do quickly...but there was a pretty good Steam guide that I followed for the trophy clean up. Best of luck on your hunting!
  13. Only one game in November. I beat Mass Effect which has multiple endings. While some of your teammates die, the main protagonist makes it through to make Mass Effect 2 and 3. I really enjoyed the game and am looking forward to finishing the rest of the series. It counts for the monthly theme, is more than ten years old (2007 release) and counts towards a different event (PS3 game event). November Stats: Platinums: 127 + 1 ~> 128 100%: 141 + 1 ~> 142 Completion: 97.20% ~> 97.53 (+0.33%) Year to Date: Platinums: 102 + 26 ~> 128 100%: 117 + 25 ~> 142 Completion: 99.14% ~> 97.53% (-1.61%)
  14. I really was going to take a break from some events to focus on some longer games, however this one kind of lines up with my current short term goals of finishing the Mass Effect series among some of my other older games. Plus I love the year long event so sign me up! My PS3 Backlog: Mass Effect (100% complete) Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 The Wolf Among Us Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Battle Vs Chess Zone of the Enders Steredenn: Classic The Bridge Serious Sam 3: BFE Bound By Flame Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut Divekick Sparkle 2 Master Reboot Another World Amplitude Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Batman: Arkham Asylum (JP) Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon Age II Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 The green games are the ones I definitely plan on playing and getting the 100%. The blue games are mostly PS+ freebies that I could take or leave (probably leave)....I could do CoD MW3...but I have to research that one a bit more since I'm pretty sure that's one of those games that will get you flagged for joining a shitty lobby. I have no interest in that, but it was actually the first game I ever bought for the PS3 (I don't really like CoD games, but I bought it in case someone came over that wanted to play a MP game) so wouldn't mind actually finishing if possible. While I love TWAU, I already have it on my profile twice....and three times seems like a lot. The first time was because I like the genre...the second time was so that I could try and make it my fastest platinum so it would be in my Milestones...that's one I may save for nostalgia to play in like 5 years since I really have no good reason to play it again right now. Having said that...I do have Arkham Asylum on my profile twice already as well, but I have a personal goal of beating every 'Arkham' game there is so will be playing the JP version at some point. I do already have one completion under my belt. I finished up ME1 last week and will be starting ME2 in the next couple of days. Playing a couple other things first as a palate cleanser I really enjoyed ME1 and am really excited to carry my character over to ME2. Even though the game is ancient....I found it still a lot of fun to play. Thanks for hosting!
  15. Not's easy enough to delay a platinum until I get the one to pop I want. For example, I started Leisure Suit Larry towards the end of my KH run. I have a few active games now that I'll wait to pop. I've really enjoyed breaking up the ME run with Battle vs Chess. It's actually pretty fun and challenging. Absolutely no one is playing it though so the multiplayer trophies could be a challenge. I have a standing 'Gaming Session' in case anyone new starts to play and wants to play with me. When I pop ME Andromeda...I'll probably end up popping three or four games right after. I'm slowly working on Hollow Knight as I creep closer to my milestone, I'll have BvC ready to pop too most likely...yours and my favorite Phil as well as Gunhouse. It might be cheating a little bit since I'm 'forcing' my completion order...but it's my profile so I want it to look how I want it to look I'm pretty sure that Trophy Hunting is a mental disease that we're all just feeding anyways lol We each have our own idea of what Trophy Hunting means and our own little idiosyncratic ways to go about doing them...My current short term goal is to finish the ME more longer term goal is to get my trophy percentage stat to less than 40%. It's completely arbitrary and means nothing....but it's something I'm shooting for. I'm currently around 40.5% and your boy Phil is making that a little tougher...but it's fine...I want to be in the cool kids club lol Jens has been making a push a bit via Discord lol It is a series I would like to play at some point....I think...but that is a mountain of games to climb. I want to finish the UC series and the Soulsbourne series first. After that, I don't have any other series in my backlog so it might be a time I try to squeeze it a year. Maybe I'll make 2023 a Platinum Rain year where I don't pop any Platinums until 12/31 and I'll pop the entire series in order, and then any other game I played throughout the year on top of it. That could be an interesting challenge, but we'll see!