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  1. Major kudos if you can actually pull off a complete card! You have some epics in there...I also really like your card setup with the links. I may have to 'borrow' that idea as well Good luck!
  2. I missed it as well the first time through I didn't do the stationary one. I did do the other ones in my initial attempt and was expecting the trophy to pop as soon as I did the stationary one on my second play-through, but it didn't pop until I did it on the Titan in that second run. Well enjoy your day!
  3. Yay! It's made it to the internet so I guess it can now be official that I am a dork! I've been trying to tell anyone who will listen for feels good to be recognized about 800 more points to go for me....hopefully no more lost trophies due to server issues
  4. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! It's Phantom Menace all over again He should have channeled his inner 'Taken' instead of his inner Star Wars...that's a tough blow for sure. At least your boy Trump can be the replacement Heavy. Drain the swamp of all those aliens my man...drain the swamp. Happy Valentines day...and if I remember right...Happy Birthday?! I think it was around now. If so I hope you have a great day! I'm sure you've already had your date with the Calendar Man...I almost forgot about it and need to do that right when I get home today. I may play it for a while tonight as I've reached my first frustrating issue with The Banner Saga 2. There are two annoying trophies, Master Tactician and Intense Repossession that are starting to cause me to lose my mind. Master Tactician wouldn't be bad if I could even attempt it, however I'm not sure there is enough Renown that you can earn in the game to get six characters to level 10...which seems like a pretty stupid oversight. I didn't have enough Renown in my Normal play-through to make six level ten characters and I've been focusing during my Hard play-through on hoarding renown and only using it on the characters I want for the battle. I only have one chapter left and I don't think I will earn enough...There is a way, but it involves an exploit where you need to waste a few hours in one map. There is one level where it doesn't end until you kill one specific enemy. So long as you keep him alive, other enemies will keep being summoned. It's pretty easy to do this since there is a new ability called 'Insult' where your target goes to the back of the line for his turn. I did not want to do this since it seems boring, but I may have to go back to this chapter this battle just for this trophy Of course if you bring over enough renown from BS1 it's not a problem... The other one is Intense Repossession. For this, one of the enemies can possess the dead (you only have two opportunities to face this enemy) and you need it to possess the dead ten times. The problem is, it needs to use it's will to possess and it ends up wasting its will points on walking farther or breaking armor...I've done this first encounter about ten times, and the most I've had him possess is four. I really want him to get at least halfway there so I can get the rest on the second encounter. He only has 21 will points to use under the Hard difficulty setting and he burns through them really fast. If you do plan on doing BS2, just be aware of these two trophies when you do your play through. The rest aren't too difficult, but these need planning.
  5. I would assume the save files would transfer since it is for the same system...but I don't know. I'm going to play Banner Saga 3 immediately after I finish up 2 so I can let you know if the whole trilogy is worth it. So far I would say yes. I started my hard difficulty playthrough the other night, and it is pretty challenging for me with my Alette run. I imported my save where I got the 'Innocence' trophy for Alette, so she is very under leveled. I also don't have a ton of the characters for some reason. I had way more on my Rook completion and way more renown too. If you did have to replay could zerg through an easy run and bank up all your renown and it would make BS2 much easier. I like the Klitschko one. I remember the Sports Illustrated that had he and is brother on the cover. They were going to save much for that idea, but they are still an incredible duo. Whenever I hear the Ukraine, I think of that Seinfeld episode where Newman and Kramer are playing that epic game of Risk and Kramer is about to invade the Ukraine. He makes a comment about how the Ukraine is weak and that Ukrainian on the subway flips their board over because he is so mad at them. I'm not familiar with Ameera al-Taweel and didn't have any other suggestions for Saudi Arabia. Margot Robbie is a great choice. I was going to suggest Liam Neason lol so I like that one too. Trump as your Russian would be fantastically awesome if it weren't possibly real life lol... Either way, he should probably stay a Rookie the whole time . Does it have to be actual celebrity names? or could it be their character in a movie? Some of these might be pretty challenging! I think Ivan Drago would need to be the Russian guy if you can use movie characters...if you're using real celebrity names you'll have to wait for a Swedish dude for Dolph Lundgren. If not and the Russian guy is a sniper you could use Vassili Zaitsev from Enemy at the Gates. Technically, Jude Law played that character but it is based on a true story so there really was a Vassili Zaitsev. Van Damme is Belgian but you need a girl...Rutger Hauer from Blade Runner is a dutch guy and that's a pretty cool XCOM name. There are a million awesome options for a Chinese guy...Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Yun-Fat Chow, Jackie Chan to name the most obvious that jumped to mind. Karen Gillan (Nebula) is the only Scottish girl I can think of...not sure why I'm limiting myself to actors when you said celebrity...but that's where my head went. I should probably just leave the naming up to you since your form of satire will be much more enjoyable to read about than my literal picks I can't wait for the next installment!
  6. Nothing really at the moment. I only have one experience with VR. My uncle bought a PC with a VR system and I played of really short demo games that came with it. It was a really cool experience, but I don't know if I'm ready for the type of gaming full time. I already had the camera and I've wanted to test out VR in a setting beyond a few demo' I saw a few interactive things with the VR that I think my wife and kids may enjoy. My wife is a Titanic buff and I saw there was a Titanic 'game' that she might like. My kids love dinosaurs and I saw several things there. I feel like this may be more of a novelty, every once in a while type thing than my new long term gaming solution...but who knows? I game by myself generally so no worries about the awkwardness. I haven't decided if I'm going to still play Hidden Agenda for my peripheral category in TTIHAG or switch to a VR game. I already bought Hidden Agenda, so I'd still like to play it. Maybe I'll do what Cassy did and move it to my Multiplayer option. I doubt I'll get Castlevania: Harmony of Despair done in the next seven or eight weeks. I finished my first run through in The Banner Saga 2...and it has quite the Empire Strikes Back kind of ending. I'm really glad I didn't play this when it first came out, because if I had to wait on that cliff hanger for a few years...I would have been really frustrated. Overall it is an excellent installment in the series. They made some excellent enhancements to combat and overall travel. I didn't have to spend a single renown point on supplies and I was able to easily get most of the trophies I could in one play-through.
  7. Nice! I just checked your profile and I noticed are about to overtake Jenny "@Jens" Chicken on the world leader board. I know how ultra competitive we are in here about our standing...but you are within 200 places of him I'm wondering if this platinum will push you past. So I made, potentially, a really bad impulse purchase last night. I won my fantasy football league this year and a few bucks to go with it. I took some of my winnings and bought a PSVR...not sure exactly what made me look at it on Amazon...and what made me add it to my cart...but I've been intrigued for a while so here I go. I'm really interested in checking out Skyrim for it at some point since I loved that game so much...but I think I'll start with the Batman VR...not sure. I'll let you know how it goes. I never anticipated buying one of these...but I would hate to keep that money in my pocket for too long
  8. I was going to suggest something like this where you play the level legit, but at least have some sort of safety net just in case the worst should happen, all your time wasn't wasted. I'm really hoping they remaster this at some point. All this talking about XCOM has me fiending for it a bit. Maybe I'll do a playthrough with one mission a day as well so I don't get too distracted from my trophy hunting addiction You seem to be juggling more than usual in your active game list as well. Are you going to be whittling it down at all or are you going to be juggling a bit more this year? I'm trying hard to refocus mine back down to only a couple. Batman will be active all year since I am trying to do Calendar man legit as well and the Rayman Legends challenges will keep that game active for another five weeks or so (900 more awesomeness points to go!) I've decided to give SMB another try on the Vita. That and Space Hulk are the only two games on my list that I started over a year ago and I have that spot on my bingo card. I played it for a little bit the other day and didn't get too frustrated, so that was a good sign. I meant to ask earlier when you mentioned it and forgot...why nothing Rayman? You generally seem to enjoy a good platformer and I thought it was pretty good. It is not without frustration (what platformer is?) but I assumed you must have had a bad experience with one of the previous entries in the series. The challenges to get to 6000 points is definitely tedious, but they are generally pretty quick.
  9. I only have two games on my list over 80% complete, Blackwood Crossing and Eekeemoo. I wouldn't necessarily recommend Eekeemoo. It wasn't terrible necessarily, but it really wasn't good either. It had a few interesting things going on and it's short. I think I got it for like $2.00 during the Spelling Bee event. It was worth two bucks. lol...come on! You're among like-minded individuals. Christ, I'm 37 and made Catherine my 69th Platinum just because it made me giggle. Which ones can you share? Sign me up for another season of PSNP Bros. My concern for you would be that you were going to attempt it without the PS button exit out/flash drive backup in case shit hits the fan. In theory you could finish it at one mission per day if you succeed every one. What happens on day 26 when that Sectopod runs roughshod through you soldiers? You'll be painted into a corner there. If you use the PS button trick, I think you can do this no problem...your masochistic desire to play it legit will make the timeline much more challenging. Either updates! Did you do the Lone Wolf during the first UFO crash? I found it too difficult in the other missions. I used a heavy and I think there's only four or five aliens to deal with. Also, I'm really enjoying Banner Saga 2. It feels a little easier than the first one...but I'm playing on Normal for my first playthrough and it may be because I'm familiar with the battle system. They also added some wrinkles that make your characters beefier. If you like the first one, this one is definitely worth picking up. The story picks up almost immediately where the first one left off. Based on which characters survived your save file, impacts the story in this one...which is really pretty cool. It seems like there are some pretty easily missable trophies...but other than that I have no gripes. It's much easier to get supplies and it takes less renown it seems to promote characters.
  10. What'd you end up making? We got a taco bar with tortilla chips and guac. Worked out well except I ruined my appetite snacking on regular chips and onion dip lol The good news is we have tons of leftovers for the week Well, I can't say that was the most exciting Super Bowl I've ever seen...It's nice to see defenses step up and the Patriots looked like the '85 Bears out there...but for a game with very few penalties and zero seemed kind of sloppy. Only commercial I chuckled at was the Avocados from Mexico commercial where the lady wearing the cone of shame tried to eat a chip with guac on it. The NFL 100 commercial was ok too I guess. I did lol when Brady said 'Hold my rings' to Baker Mayfield. Felt good to see the Patriots get number 6, but I never felt any real drama or uncomfortable moments while watching. The Rams offense just looked putrid, which I'll credit the Pats D for. I really hope that Flores does well as the head coach in Miami (not too well I guess since they are in the division). That Super Bowl had to be the worst though for Patriots haters...Brady and the offense didn't play well and still won. Many people felt like the Rams shouldn't even have been there and that the Saints would have won that game and that blown call now handed the Pats another Super Bowl win...the saltiness of this off-season will be awesome lol. I took the day off of work today to relax and enjoy some Boston area sports-talk radio. Managed to finish Murdered: Soul Suspect while listening. The controls and collectibles absolutely sucked, but I thought it was an interesting story involving the Salem Witch trials and there was enough twists and turns to end up being pretty enjoyable. I spent a few bucks on it so I have no regrets. I'm going to be starting the Banner Saga 2 today...just waiting for Banner Saga 1 to download...apparently I need the first game installed on my PS4 in order for the second one to read the save file. Going to try to fit Hidden Agenda in there too sometime soon. I think I've got my wife convinced to try the versus mode with me I can't believe you're tackling another -a-pix title lol There's no Phil...but that's taking your life in your hands right there.
  11. N5 complete! Seems like I'll be getting that bottom row done first since all of those games are a part of my 10 Things I Hate About Gaming list. Back to it!
  12. Bad Rep entry completed! Murdered: Soul Suspect was the text book definition of mediocre. Not terribly smooth controls, waaaaay too many collectibles (why do I need to find 14 rocks to tell me a story involving that rock?) but I enjoyed the Salem Witch story...maybe since it takes place in New England and I live there. I got it for like $3.00 and it wasn't terrible so I guess if you can get it for that cheap, it's worth a play, but there's nothing really memorable about it. Probably going to tackle Banner Saga 2 next. Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Blackwood Crossing Completion 84.4% Ultra Rare Rayman Legends Completion 4.36% Platinum-Less Papers, Please Unpopular Banner Saga 3 281 Owners DLC Return to Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge Difficulty Banner Saga 2 Hard Difficulty Speed Run Kingdom Hearts Speedster MP Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Boned Peripherals Hidden Agenda Playlink Bad Rep Murdered: Soul Suspect Metascore 59
  13. Got my platinum-less entry complete with Papers, Please. I actually really enjoyed it. The graphics took me back to my childhood, sitting on my dad's lap playing Load Runner on our Apple IIe. It took some getting used to how to use all the options to scrutinize the documents, but once you figure it out the game gets quite fun. Can't ask for much more from a free game 😊 Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Blackwood Crossing Completion 84.4% Ultra Rare Rayman Legends Completion 4.36% Platinum-Less Papers, Please Unpopular Banner Saga 3 281 Owners DLC Return to Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge Difficulty Banner Saga 2 Hard Difficulty Speed Run Kingdom Hearts Speedster MP Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Boned Peripherals Hidden Agenda Playlink Bad Rep Murdered: Soul Suspect Metascore 59
  14. My stats at the conclusion of January are: Platinum trophies: 77 (+3)100% completed: 82 (+3)Completion: 96.04% (-0.24%) I'm playing several RPG's this month that deal with changing accessories, but not clothes so I'll have to see what is in my backlog that would qualify. Good first month everyone!
  15. I haven't had an opportunity to post all week and it's been active in this thread so I'm going to try and touch quite a bit....Did you try the Double Tap snipers for this run? If so, how'd it go? I personally found the racing trophies to be more challenging than the fighting ones. Probably because I don't ever play racing games and I have played all of the Batman games. I found that patience is the key during the fights. If you abuse the X + X evade after each strike, you can generally be safe. I'd focus on taking out weapons first and then just evade and strike, evade and strike followed by take downs. It still took me several hours to do, but I was able to knock most of them out in one sitting. For the driving challenges, I needed to do them from the first person screen because I just sucked in third person for the bat mobile. Nice. I checked mine out and here were my stats: I played 38 different games with these games rounding out my top 3: 1. Space Hulk - 167 hours 2. Catherine - 124 hours (a lot of this was idle time while I was getting the gold trophies since you can't save in between floors) 3. Dark Souls - 112 hours (this one surprises me since my save file says 82 hours...must be some idle time from the menu?) I played for 1286 hours locally (which a lot of that is idle time I'm sure) Only 4 hours of my gaming was one with "Plus Hours Online" My longest gaming streak was 8 hours and I played 260 out of 365 days (I would have thought this was higher) I earned 1293 total trophies and 33 platinum in 2018. Pretty interesting stuff... I've been pretty productive. I'm actually really enjoying Papers, Please. It's a pretty straightforward puzzle game and if I have one gripe, it's that the graphics are so retro, it is really hard sometimes to notice discrepancy's. I have received citations because characters that look like men are women and vice versa. It's an easy trophy list and pretty fun for the it was free so kudos all around. I'm making good progress in Rayman Legends and I have to say that the levels that are synced up to songs are really fun to play. I'm partial to the Black Betty level. The 8-bit version of those levels are really tough on the eyes. I think I'll have all of the trophies for that game except the Total Awesomeness trophy by tonight actually. I'm close to the 3500 trophy milestone and I'm trying to make it the World Tour! trophy from Rayman (none of my other games have any trophies remotely interesting or artistic). I almost backed myself into a corner by making it a roulette. I only have two levels to complete to finish up the main game. If I do the Living Dead Party last, like 6 trophies will pop all at once and depending on the order they pop would be my 3500. I'm going to pop a handful of Murdered: Soul Suspect trophies first so I can isolate the World Tour! trophy. After Murdered: Soul Suspect I'm going to tackle The Banner Saga 2 and 3 back to back. I've been pretty happy with my progress so far Since I can't figure out how to carry a quote from multiple pages and have it tag the [email protected] I had the exact same thoughts. The bunny felt very Donny Darko to me (I'm still not sure who the bunny is in the game). Then I was confused too because I wasn't sure what was happening and then extremely depressed when I thought one thing happened. I thought the fire was more figurative than literal, however when I replayed the story to get a collectible I missed, I think it was more literal and accidental than figurative and self inflicted...either way tragic. It was definitely one of the better short-story games I've played and I also appreciate the recommendation. I actually like chiseling things in stone as much as I can. I feel like but putting it out there and setting the expectation, I can hold myself accountable. I will make changes if the whistle-blowers think it doesn't fit or if I feel like I'm up against the deadline and won't finish...but for the most part I'm a creature of routine and I like knowing what to expect. I basically have my whole year planned due to the Bingo event. I'm sure I'll sneak in a couple games here and there that aren't planned. @Spaz It's not that the events "tell me how to trophy hunt." I've only ever played one game I didn't plan on due to an event and that was Eekeemoo. I play the games I want to and try to fit them into a category that counts. I like the event because it's a somewhat social way to play the games I want and share the experience. So far, none of them have been actual competitions. There's a participation badges that are just a fun perk to playing. Maybe some people take it more seriously than others, but I look at these events as beer league softball teams. Minimum amounts of competition with a bunch of people doing something they enjoy a little more social than by themselves. Based on my experience the past couple of weeks, I'm going to say that will be a hard no lol