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  1. It was fine...it wasn't worth $10...but it was fine. It was by far the easiest of the DLC's and I like that they attempted to develop Ardyn, but it did fall pretty flat. The voice acting was pretty poor and the story felt very X-Men Origins: Wolverine to me and it didn't make much sense. I had some fun phasing around and leaping tall buildings and his attacks were so overpowered so it was amusing for a while...and in all fairness, I did say I was enjoying it a bit, not necessarily that I liked it. I'll say I liked it more than the Comrades DLC, but not as much as Gladio's DLC (which I thought was the hardest one too). From soup to nuts...FFXV just can't hold a candle to any of the predecessors in the series and I'm glad to finally be done with it.
  2. So @Kent10201 was right... this was a trick question lol... you are playing both!!
  3. Yeah, the Ardyn episode is all I have left. I stopped last night after defeating four of the towers. I'll finish up normal mode tonight and then go back and redo it on easy for that last trophy. The only reason I'm enjoying it is because Ardyn was basically an unknown bad guy. I don't really remember any information about his motivations and/or how he got his powers. I think this DLC fills in a lot of the gaps. I think it's a tad bit cliche and maybe even unrealistic...but I like that they are attempting to develop the character some. We'll have to see if I like it at the conclusion as well.
  4. The only downsides are that you don't have any max level characters and you don't start with a knock-back item so super Alette isn't as broken. The big plus is that you at least start with all the ingredients to get all the trophies on the fewest number of playthroughs. I found Alette's battles to be slightly easier than the other caravan's, so it may not be a big deal, but I figured I'd give you the heads up! I'll probably sit this one out since my current goal is to beat all the KH games back to back to back. I don't want to try and force those games into categories they don't fit and I'm not straying from that plan at this point. If one of the games in the series makes me want to pull my hair out, then maybe I'll sneak a random game or two in there...but at this point it's Kingdom Hearts all the time until July probably. I found myself watching some April fools videos yesterday, but I'll have to check these out. I generally like a good prank video. And by prank video I mean it's harmless and funny like the one I saw yesterday where they had a guy on a construction site trying to get an air sample using a garbage bag. Not the ones bordering on assault where guys will like run up and grab someone and start to run away or the one I saw the other day where a grown man bumped over his two year old and dunked on him. I don't find those ones as funny since the person it's happening to won't find it funny when it's done. But Tech Scammers aren't human, so all bets are off there! Sidenote...I am actually kind of enjoying the FFXV DLC
  5. While I agree Master Tactician was a stupid trophy considering there isn't enough renown in the game to achieve it without exploiting the horseborn level or carrying over a very large amount from BS1...at least it was doable! Chirpnado sounds like that should be the stupidest trophy of the year. Either way, congrats on the platinum! If you're sick of playthroughs...you may want to give it some time before going into BS3...that one needed even more playthroughs since now you have two games worth of stuff to mess up on. Fortunately not of them are renown related...just do you have the right characters, etc. It might even be worth skipping your own save files just to cut down on playthroughs. SPersonao 5? Sing Star-o? Spider-Mano?....Space Hulko? ...oh n/m I just checked your profile and it's Spyro! Good choice since the trophy names are clever and the image is snazzy so your 7000 will look nice! I figured out early on Saturday that I had no chance to finish my Proud run before midnight last night, so I did some other stuff. The Final Fantasy Comrades DLC took 10 minutes since I beat Kenny Crow on my first attempt. I had deleted FFXV off my PS4 after the last DLC...there was 8 hours worth of downloads so I took that time to do some Arkham City yesterday. I'll try to wrap up FFXV in the next couple of days before I finish up Proud and continue on. I'm happy the last couple of events I'm in are year long. I've been staying up later than I should a lot recently to try and get stuff done under a deadline. I'm going to slow down a bit for a while and just play when I can and sleep when I'm tired. You planning on any kind of mental break after this event and how challenging your recent slate of games has been?
  6. So for March I got 3 plat's and I re-100% Final Fantasy Comrades so that last one doesn't count really. Rayman Legends is the only one that counts for the challenge but gets HC status for the mosquito thing you get to ride on. Here's my new stats: This month: Platinum trophies: +3 79~>82 100% completed: +2 86~>88 (Damned FFXV...) Completion: -0.02% 96.96%~>96.94% This year: Platinum trophies: +8 74~>82 100% completed: +9 79~>88 Completion: +0.66% 96.28%~>96.94% I'm in good shape for April's theme since I'll be playing the Kingdom Hearts series from start to finish. I'll also finish up the Ardyn FFXV DLC that was added this past week.
  7. Well I ended up three trophies shy of finishing the event. I'm about halfway through my Proud run in Kingdom Hearts, so while I got the trophy for the speed run, I'm missing the platinum. I'll take the 9/10 Thank you for an awesome event. I'm sorry that you weren't able to enjoy it @eigen-space since it was your brainchild, but I hope things are going well with you and I wish you good luck these last weeks! Thank you to @gruffiiti and @BigHonkingOne for keeping the ship afloat! Happy April Fool's day!
  8. lol I should have known. Last nights Purdue vs Tennessee game was pretty good too. The others were pretty boring though. I was able to make some awesome progress in KH...I only have the Defender shield to farm and I'm done with all the trophies except my Proud run. I spent an hour or so on the Defender last night with no luck. If I can get that quickly tonight...I may actually have a chance to finish up a Proud playthrough this weekend. It depends on how much the ramp up is in difficulty. That horsey bridge level was the hardest for me, especially in the boobs run. Their bird of prey ability and their higher STR total had me bent over a table for a bit. I ended up waiting for them to get closer to me and then try to take out the ranged as fast as possible. Battle 40 wasn't bad for me on the easy and two normal runs, but I beat it with only one character remaining. Eyeless is a bitch. The fact that poison spreads to anyone that is standing next to you makes it even harder. I accidentally poisoned most of my team by taking a bad route. It was pretty intense I don't generally like the NBA game...too much isolation play and not enough team play. The college game is much different and I generally like to watch college basketball...which is funny since I'm the complete opposite with football. I don't really care about the college game but watch the NFL like it's a religion. Yeah it is sad...my first real love in gaming was the Final Fantasy series and the reason that I followed the Nintendo system as a kid. My favorite gaming experience of my life was the first time through Final Fantasy 3...XV didn't feel like a traditional Final Fantasy to me...it felt more like an MMO between the fetch quests and the incomplete game at release requiring many, many updates/DLC to tell the story. Like I said though...it wasn't bad, but it wasn't a Final Fantasy for me. I'm a fanboy though so will play whatever they put out.
  9. It is definitely better than the PS3 version. Still no luck on the Wizard staff last night, but I got most of the synth materials needed. I've got a few of the miscellaneous stuff left and I think one more unique heartless and I'll have fought everything. I'm hoping to hit 100 tonight and defeat Sephiroth. If I can finish up the odds and ends stuff tonight...there is an outside chance I can finish a Proud run in 3 days...Fortunately the NCAA tournament starts back up again tonight and my wife has had enough basketball for the year and will banish me to the basement. I can watch the games on my PC while I grind away at KH. Normally I'd go down to play around 10:00 pm, but I'll get to at 8:00pm tonight, so there's a couple extra hours to work with. Speaking of 7'6" guys...did you see any of the Duke vs UCF game on Sunday? There was a guy on UCF that was like 7'6"...he was sooooo big. I actually think they lost because he fouled out with 12 seconds left. Zion missed the FT and Duke was able to get the offensive rebound and take the lead. If that Tacko guy hadn't fouled out...I bet he gets that rebound and UCF wins. It was the best game of the tournament that I've seen so far. I actually heard on the radio that an old friend of yours may be on the Pats radar to replace him..According to radio in the Boston area, the Pats may try to sign Kyle Rudolph. He's no Gronk, but he's not terrible either. I'm glad it was helpful! I saw that you finished it up last night so congrats! Did you have any issues with the later battles? I rarely used the horseborn so I didn't actually know that...my bread and butter team was Alette, Aleo, Eirik, Hakon, Krumr and Iver. I was a big Varl fan, however Canary is really good for a horseborn since she is ranged and almost hits as hard as a Varl. Well if you do choose to start up TBS3 next, I don't think it's quite as hard as BS2 and didn't take me nearly as long to do. It would have been much quicker also if I didn't use my own saves...but I traveled with them that far...I wanted to see them through the end.
  10. I meant that sarcastically but after I reread it, I realized I didn't give any indication of that lol I totally agree on the too many DLCs. The game just won't die and keeps randomly ruining my completion percentage! Overall I enjoyed it even if there's a ton of flaws... but I'm really happy it's over.
  11. Yeah, that seems like a lot back to back. Probably need My Name is Mayo sandwiched in there soon... What are you planning next? It sounds like you need another game that plays itself... Well this should help alleviate some of that stress! It's amazing how much of a difference that makes. So awesome news....Final Fantasy XV added TWO new DLC's...one for the main game and one for the Comrades spin-off that used to be part of the main game. This throws a potential wrench in my plan of having all the KH plats on my profile consecutively and in order. I'm shooting to finish KH1 on Sunday...won't happen but that is the goal to try and finish up the TTIHAG event. If by some miracle I do that, then I will wait on the FF DLC's until after I have finished the series...If I don't then I will take a short break from KH to knock out those DLC's quickly. Thankfully it seems like this is the end for FFXV. With KH, I'm really enjoying it so far. I've found the platforming much easier since I got the high jump and glide and I haven't found anything to feel grind-y yet. I just started farming synth materials last night and made some good headway...I'm nervous about the Wizard's Staff since the drop rate sucks and I've killed like 400 Wizards so far with no luck. Tonight, I will beat the game on Easy, without changing gear or using a continue and the speed run. I finished up all the gummy missions, which didn't end up being so bad. I'm really happy that I enjoyed this game because it would have been a real bummer to have the rest of the series to go with no enthusiasm for playing. The unchanging armor trophy is really the only stupid one so that helps make it more enjoyable. A little football talk...super bummed about Gronk retiring, but I can't say I blame him with all the abuse he's taken. I will think of him as the greatest TE ever...I know his numbers aren't nearly to Tony Gonzalez levels, but Tony played a decade longer so he was never going to reach those numbers. No TE I've seen has been as dominant and I'll miss his enthusiasm and ability.
  12. Sorry for the late reply, but I started a new position at work and have lost my private office so don't have quite the same ability to distract myself on the forums Thanks! I owe a lot to my man @Jens for helping make the grind go by quickly. I don't think it would have been quite as fun without a partner. Sadly, I think it is highly unlikely I can finish Kingdom Hearts by Sunday. Tonight after I put my kids to bed, I will beat the game on easy, getting most of those trophies done. I have some farming left for synth materials and I have been pretty unlucky with drops for the Wizard Staff. I doubt I'll be able to blitz through a Proud run before 4/1. I'm going to give it my best shot...but if I don't get it done...9/10 ain't bad.
  13. While I loved the N64, I still feel like the SNES was the best console ever. Probably due to the nostalgia factor and that Final Fantasy III and Link to the Past were two of my favorite games all time contribute to that. Gamecube was arguably the biggest waste of money I've had in consoles...I think I only bought like six games for it and the only one I put any time into was Metroid Prime. For me, Ocarina of Time and Mario 64 were the best single player games on the N64 with me putting more hours into Goldeneye than any of them since that was THE game in college. We also played the WWE game a lot, but I can't remember which one. I don't think so...I'm doing the monthly madness and bingo events, but those are a little more casual. I have nothing but epics on my docket for a while. I'm sneakily chipping away at Space Hulk again and then I'll focus on Darkest Dungeon on my Vita. Were you able to do the Varl run without using the horn or did you have to do an additional run? I got the knockback item on my Hard run but not on my Boobs run, which made that run very challenging. I saw there was a new Survival Mode DLC trophy guide that was published...probably some good info in that 🤐 I started my new position at work on Monday. The good news is I'll be doing something I enjoy more...the bad news is I lost my private office and ability to get easily distracted on the internet without getting in trouble. They didn't give me any new work to do last week since they knew I was transitioning out of the department so I was quite bored. I took advantage of that time by making my first ever guide. I was actually pretty surprised it was published on my first submission. I was really expecting to make some changes. Overall, I'm happy with the information I gave, but I think I'll need to add some video's or images because it feels a bit too much like a wall of text. I think I would like to do another one at some point, but now I'll have to do work at work so who knows if I'll find the time lol In my gaming life, I finally finished up Rayman Legends...but I can't delete it just yet since my kid really likes the game. It's a lot of fun, but I agree with what @Jens said about doing it with a time constraint (event) diminished the potential fun that it could have been. I really can't complain though since I got a ton of content from a free PS+ game. Hidden Agenda was ok. There were a ton of plot holes and the playlink aspect felt very forced. I don't understand the whole point of the 'hidden agenda's' in the competitive mode since it really didn't add any value or fun. It was actually quite stupid. Thankfully, it was quick and felt a bit like playing through an episode of SVU. My sole attention now is on KH and trying to get it done in the next 12 days. I think that Proud Mode playthrough will end up making it so I can't finish it that quickly. I hope so. It's not that it's bad so much as I don't think it has aged very well.
  14. I finished two games the past couple of days, but only one of them counts for the monthly challenge. Rayman Legends counts for monthly HC since there are a few levels where you ride a mosquito looking thing. It was a great pickup for a PS+ game and I had a lot of fun with it. I also beat Hidden Agenda which was pretty meh. It definitely didn't sell me on playlink and the whole Hidden Agenda thing in the game was pretty pointless. So with my Banner Saga 3 plat, that gives me three platinums for the month so far. Kingdom Hearts series is up next!
  15. Two games to update! I finished up my MP game with Hidden Agenda and my Ultra Rare game with Rayman Legends I'm not quite sure how playlink is needed or enhances Hidden Agenda, and my wife found it kind of annoying when we played together...but I let her know she was doing it for a good cause by helping knock out this category. Rayman was a lot of fun but I kind of regret doing it with a time constraint. The grind would have been more fun if I didn't feel like I needed to do the daily challenges every day and/or if I felt like accepting a silver trophy was ok instead of needing a gold every time. Good pick up though for a PS+ game. All that's left is my Speed Run category and Kingdom Hearts. I may be able to finish it in time, but I doubt it. I'll give it the old college try though! Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Blackwood Crossing Completion 84.4% Ultra Rare Rayman Legends Completion 4.36% Platinum-Less Papers, Please Unpopular Banner Saga 3 281 Owners DLC Return to Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge Difficulty Banner Saga 2 Hard Difficulty Speed Run Kingdom Hearts Speedster MP Hidden Agenda The Rivals Peripherals Batman: Arkham VR VR Bad Rep Murdered: Soul Suspect Metascore 59