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  1. It's been a week and a half since I finished it, but my next UR game is checked off the list with Rayman Legends (Vita). It took me almost 6 months to get to 'Total Awesomeness', however it could be argued that I was totally awesome before I started. It would be my wife that would be arguing against btw I had previously beaten the PS4 version a few years ago and really enjoyed it then. When I saw that the Murfy Challenge was glitched for a whole week back in December, I took advantage and started playing on the Vita. There was a server issue scare in the middle of the chase where it was down for about a week and some were speculating they may just leave it down since only a couple hundred people are actively playing (probably less now that people who took advantage of the glitch are finishing it up), but thankfully they fixed them and this wasn't left as my first unobtainable plat. The good news about me finishing up Rayman is that my Vita is now free to start tackling the RNG Grind known as Shiren The Wanderer. I've gotten about 12 trophies in the last 10 days there, however I have a feeling it'll be sometime before I get 12 more. I've got a couple of non UR games that I need to finish up and then I'm eyeing Jurassic World Evolution 2 as my next UR plat. 1) Rayman Legends (Vita) (4.62%) 100% completed 2) Team Sonic Racing (4.26%) 100% completed 3) Jurassic World Evolution 2 (3.52%) 49% completed 4) Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (0.15%) 74% completed 5) Shiren The Wanderer (0.80%) 21% completed 6) Shiness The Lightning Kingdom (1.81%) 7% completed 7) DriveClub VR (2.41%) 65% completed 8) Super Meat Boy (0.25%) 79% completed 9) Griftlands (0.99%) 0% completed 10) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (4.20%/0.47%) 100% completed
  2. Now we're cooking with gas! That top right corner starting to make some bingos look like a possibility now. Since my last update I've finished up the Genshin Impact DLC Trophy Pack 2. I love this game, but my goodness did it take forever to finish that DLC pack. Getting the Inazuma Reputation to level 10 suuuuucked. You only get to do 3 reputation quests each week and 3 bounty hunts each week for a max of 420 points per week. You get some points for uncovering the map and completing quest as well, but there's a cap on that. It took about two weeks for each level after level 5. I've probably been working on that DLC since some time in March and just finished it up. It earns a spot in O1. I also finished another game with a hell of a grind that is capped on how quickly you can earn it. Rayman Legends (Vita) took me about 5 months to complete the grind for Total Awesomeness. I started this one the first week of December during the weeklong Murfy Challenge glitch to get the Diamond Cup. Then it was just a matter of logging in every day to complete the daily/weekly challenges. Getting higher than a Silver Cup is not terribly easy due to how low the player base is (you need to finish in the top 20% of daily player attempts for a Gold Cup). Rayman is a handsome fellow who does NOT have any facial hair. He slid nicely into O4 giving me 3/5 in the O column. The third addition to my card was originally released in February of 2022 in Horizon Forbidden West. It did not live up to its predecessor in my mind, but was still a good game. In my mind, you can wait for a sale on this one, but it's still worth playing. It probably could have qualified as "Favorite Genre' since I have like 5 genre's tied for first place, but I don't play a ton of new games so it's quite possible I go the rest of the year without a game released in 2022. Because of that, it landed in G2. I've got three directions 3/5 for a bingo...which probably means my next games will not help me right away lol. I hope everyone is enjoying filling out their bingo card!
  3. Couple more games to add to the list! I finished up Oxenfree which was a pleasant surprise to be a 1/10 game. It was harder than I thought to find a game that didn't feel like a throwaway game that had a 1/10 difficulty. It makes sense that it's a 1/10 game since I don't think it's possible to lose. It's just a walking sim and so long as you keep moving, you'll finish the game. The other completed game was Rayman Legends (Vita). That one rolls in at a 5/10 for difficulty. That's probably a fair rating. Nothing in the game is terribly hard, it's just the total Awesomeness grind that makes it really hard. In theory, the Vita version should probably be a 10/10 due to the Diamond Cup in a daily/weekly challenge trophy. Only the top 1% can achieve that trophy, however occasionally there are glitched challenges where it becomes impossible to progress beyond a certain point. Everyone that reaches that distance ties for first and all get the Diamond Cup. I happened to start this game during a week where such a glitch existed so that trophy ended up being no problem. Looks like I got the 'easy' stuff out of the way. Plenty of time left to get the hard stuff! 1/10 - Oxenfree2/10 - The Forgotten City3/10 - Langrisser I & II4/10 - Team Sonic Racing5/10 - Rayman Legends (Vita)6/10 - 7/10 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 38/10 - 9/10 - 10/10 -
  4. I feel you here. I often will try for the hardest trophy first when possible as well. I feel like it makes the rest of the game more enjoyable once you have the hard stuff done. I'd rather go into a story/game knowing the terrible grind is done and end with a positive taste in my mouth than the other way around where I liked the game all the way until that last grind. I've had more than one game I've enjoyed playing take a hit in the end because of that post-game grind. Considering my recent experience in COD MP, I lol'd pretty hard at your experience 😂 You take your life in your hands every time you try online MP, but similarly to you, I've found some really cool people in my MP travels. This is online MP in a nutshell:
  5. I didn't notice it being generous necessarily, but I did notice that on more than one occasion, my arrow pulled a 'magic bullet' and seemed to curve towards a machine when it was clearly going to miss. I thought the range was a little wonky too actually. There were times I'd fire an arrow at a Thunderjaw or something giant, and the arrow just disappeared because I'm assuming it was too far away. I'd just move closer and try again, but I thought that was a small gap in the combat. lol I thought the exact same thing. Outside of the bow and spear, I would occasionally use the sling shot if I wanted to but some sort of debuff on a machine, but that was it. Who had time to learn the boomerang thingy or whatever that spear launcher was? I also didn't use many combos beyond the light > light > heavy or light > light > light > heavy. It was mostly aim for components and try for stealth kills or dodge roll around until my slow down timer was refresh and pick apart components again. I appreciate what they did to try and diversify the combat, but as you pointed out, outside of the forced pit or hunter scenarios, we never felt obligated to use them. I also ran 98% of the time as Aloy. Riding a mount was a bit clunky (except for on the Sunwing) and I only rode the Charger in that first quest and then the Raptor one a couple of times towards the end to have a buddy help me fight. I tried to do everything I could as I went until I just wanted to move the story along. It was probably right about the time I hit level 50 that I started to skip the side content and just follow the main quests. I haven't checked my overall completion but it's probably around 70% as well. It didn't last that long, but I remember thinking at the time 'oh man, they made her talk like Ray Lewis....' After re-watching the opening clip from below, it may not have been as bad as I thought, but she was quite a bit 'breathy' in her speech. Compared to how much more natural Varl sounded, I was nervous for how the rest of the game would go. It's funny, you and I both see this as flaws but for different reasons. I actually enjoyed the technical sci-fi nonsense lol While I agree that the combat and overall feel of the game was phenomenal in HZD and is easily a huge part of what made that game great, it wasn't what made that game memorable and in a spot in my top 10 for me. I absolutely loved the story in the first one. I went out of my way to read all of the information on the collectibles to add context and depth to what the story was providing. I was blown away by the reveal and just remember thinking how cool of a concept it was. I wanted more of that and didn't feel like there was enough or that the dialogue honored the setting the story took place in while you ignored it for being too much lol I do agree that Sylens was underused. After Aloy, he's the most interesting character in the game. I'd play a DLC where you play as him and see where he came from. lol I remember those two characters from the very start in this game because I had absolutely no idea who they were from the first game. I remember thinking, 'oh man, I'm going to have some real trouble following this if obscure characters from the first one are making appearances like this.' Thankfully, that was never really a problem, but yeah I pretty much only remembered Aloy, Sylens and Elisabet coming into this one. I completely agree here, I just wish they were more creative with making the side quests meaningful. To your example of racing lol, that could have easily been a post-game quest that unlocks some special mount that becomes to Aloy what Silver was to the Lone Ranger. I feel like there could have been some more imagination than, 'please get this special gizmo so we can put on an amazing light show'. Maybe you get that special gizmo for the light show, but it's because that engineer won't make you the armor you need to be able to swim under water. Every time I was doing that, I just kept on thinking how this does not help Aloy at all in the overall quest of the game. Considering the urgency with which she speaks during the main quest line, it just was weird for her to say, 'sure, I'll find that lost Carja stranger who wandered into your camp and then just left'. Even if some of those quests turned out to be dead ends so there could be more of them, at least she was working towards her final goal. They did that with Hekkaro so I don't see why they didn't do that more. Hekkaro wouldn't let her into the temple until she helped him. That kind of quid pro quo makes sense in the environment they lived in. Honestly, it's not a bad game at all, it was just the huge level of love I have for the first one that had me a bit down on this one. There's only one Michael Jordan and no matter how good Lebron is, he'll never be Michael. Forbidden West is a bit more Lebron.
  6. It is a slog, but it's not one you have to put aside a ton of time for. Once you've finished the main game, you just have to log in daily and do the two daily challenges and once a week do four in a day for the two weekly. You could honestly spend just 10 minutes a day working toward the grind. You're absolutely right though, you need to go in expecting three months at a minimum to get it done, but since it's in small doses, it doesn't feel like quite the slog that RPG farming or open world fetch questing can be. After roughly three months of a platinum desert, they seem to be raining in lately. Today I finished another platinum and it was for a game that I was extremely excited about. Platinum #167 Horizon Forbidden West Horizon Zero Dawn is probably in my top 10 favorite games of all time. I don't have nearly the discerning eye, memory, or scientific method that list guru's like @DrBloodmoney have, which means I probably have about 15-20 games in my top 10....but HZD blew me away when I first played it. Aloy is an amazing personality, the world was beautiful, combat was slick and the story just pulled me in. Based on my experience with that one, I was super excited when this game was announced and pre-ordered it right when I heard it was coming out. In all honesty, this game had extremely high expectations it had to live up to and it was somewhat destined to fail because of that. While Forbidden West isn't a bad game, it just fails to reach the lofty heights its predecessor had set for it. Some things the game does well. The graphics and world is stunning. The desolation of the desert, the vibrance of the under water areas, the beautiful vistas from the mountaintops. It really is breathtaking. My son was watching me play a bit one day, (he loves Aloy too and really likes the machines as well) and as I ran around a bend in the mountainside, he said 'wow, that really is a beautiful place, huh Daddy.' When your 8 year old says 'wow' about the scenery, and comments about the virtual world you're exploring, I think it's safe to say they did a good job. The combat is still pretty smooth and responsive, however I found the reliability of the accuracy to be a little frustrating at times. I mean, I guess it's more realistic to miss your target some times, but when you're in the thick of battle with a Thunderjaw, you don't want to have your arrows skimming off the armor when you had the components in your sights. They added a few new weapons and status effects as well as created combo's with the melee attacks, but my bread and butter was still ranged with my trusty bow and arrow. While the scenery was stunning, the zones felt a bit smaller in this game. It didn't feel like you had to delve as far into the Cauldrons and everything just seemed a bit short. It wasn't a huge deal, but I figured it's worth mentioning. Unfortunately for me, that was about the extent of the things I thought they did really well and I thought they missed a lot of opportunities. The flying mount was really cool and added a whole other dimension to the game...unfortunately you don't get the mount until you're about an hour or two away from beating the game, so you don't get to use it much. I mean, I get it....having the flying mount too early would trivialize the traveling around the beautiful worlds and exploring, but this felt like a missed opportunity to me. I'm sure it would make post-game cleanup a breeze, but I tried to do everything as I went so really don't have much of a need to play anything post-game. This might be nitpicky, but I also had some issues with the voice acting. I felt like Aloy got better as the game progressed, but in the beginning of the game, she did this thing where everything was like a whisper-talk. Where everything she said felt like it was the most important thing anybody had ever said before. I mean, it kind of was, but at the same time I just found it a little annoying. By the end I felt like she was talking more normal, but it was a rough start. I also didn't like most of the voice actors for the Tenakth. Here is this war-like tribe of people, who only survive by their sword and their grit against the harsh realities of their homes and circumstances and they almost all speak perfectly, with crisp, clear, nice sounding voices. It just didn't match up with the image you're seeing on screen. I would have liked the speech for these characters to be more harsh and guttural to match their lives and the challenges they all went through. I wanted voice actors that smoke a pack or two a day. The voice actors for Regalla and Kotallo did an amazing job, but most everyone else just seemed miscast and out of place. Sylens was great again and I didn't have an issue with most of the other peripheral main characters, but the quest givers and NPCs just didn't fit. Speaking of rough start, it took a while for me to get into this one. I probably should have watched a 'let's play' or something beforehand to be refreshed with the story, because I had forgotten a lot of the peripheral characters and had to be re-introduced to them. I completely forgot about Erend and Varl and even the Carja. My lasting memories from the first game were of Sylens, Hades, Zero Dawn and the big reveal. This game really suffered from that lack of a big splash like the first one had. In the first game, you spend the vast majority of the game trying to figure out where the machines came from and what they're for? Why is Aloy able to get into the areas she is able to? What is Zero Dawn and who Elisabet Sobeck? The lore in that game would fill in the pieces of that mystery as it slowly evolved and unfolded for you as you progressed in the game. The story here just felt like one giant fetch quest and the story doesn't hook you the same way. The downside to HZD, is the story will never be as good as the first time you go through it. Once you know the mystery, it's cool, but the journey loses that mystique. It's the same in movies too. The Sixth Sense will neeeever be as good as the first time you see it. When you're mind is blown at the end, you can never get that back. Sure, subsequent viewings will give you the opportunity to pick up on the clues you may have missed leading up to the big reveal...but that impact moment is gone and cannot be recaptured. Forbidden West suffers from that same phenomena that a second viewing of The Sixth Sense've seen the story already and kind of know what happens. You know why the machines are there and what their purpose is. You know who Aloy is and why she's so important. You know (for the most part) what the threat is. That 'wow' moment is lacking in this game and it is a glaring problem with the story. My final big gripe about this game has to do with the side quests and whatnot. I won't spoil the story or anything, but I'll just say that it is clear that time short and they need to move quickly to complete their mission...yet most of the side quests in this game involve 'please go find my friend who was attacked by machines' or 'please go find our missing salvage' or 'please find me this part so I can build some armor'. Why, in the name of the Ancestors, would you stop to find find salvage when the fate of the world could be at stake if you take too long to complete your mission. I get that the game needs to have quests and I get that one of the things that makes Aloy so likeable as a character is her willingness to help anyone in need....but it just felt so stupid in this scenario. Some of the missions felt like Seal Team 6 decided to put their crucial mission on hold to go get a cat out of a tree for a stranger they passed in a warzone. It would have made waaaay more sense if they at least made the person you had to rescue have vital information, or a vital skill you needed in order to complete the task. Then you could justify the distraction from the main quest to help out. The quests just seemed like your basic open world quests and didn't really fit in with what was going on with the rest of the story. I wanted to love this game, I really, really did, but it just missed the mark by a wide margin for me. It took too long to get going and by the time it gets going you have to pause to do some side quests that don't really make sense considering the gravity of the situation only to have an unsatisfying 'ending'. Not unsatisfying in TLOU2 kind of way where there is an ending, just a lot of people didn't like it, but unsatisfying in that it was pretty predictable how it was all going to go down. If you love Aloy and you want to see how the story progresses, then you should play this game just for those reasons alone. Under no circumstance would I recommend paying full price for this. A lot of my negatives above might be very specific to me, however I can't say you should spend anything over $20 for it. I'm going to pre-buy Horizon 3 probably when that comes out, but I won't have the same excitement that I did for this one (which probably means I'll like it more). It's not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination and there is a lot to like about the game, but it just is vastly inferior to the first game and I wouldn't get your hopes up if you haven't played it yet. Wait for a sale, continue the story, and you'll probably be ok with this one.
  7. Am I considerably older than you lol? I turn 41 this month but I thought you were in your mid 30's or so but I could be wrong lol I'm older for sure, but I'm not quite ready for my AARP card yet I didn't play a ton of racing games...basically just Mariokart on the SNES to Mariokart 64 to Mariokart on the Wii and that's it. I've never played many others. I did play Super Offroad way back (that game was awesome at the arcade) and RC Pro-Am further back than that on the NES but I never really got into your regular racing games. It's taking me forever to finish DriveClub VR since I simply get bored playing it. I'll get around to it sooner rather than later, but I'm not looking forward to it. My Platinum #166 write up is a week without further ado... Platinum #166 Rayman Legends (Vita) I had played Rayman Legends on the PS4 a few years ago and really enjoyed it. This game's platforming style is more my speed as opposed to the crazy platforming games like Super Meat Boy and Celeste (minus assist mode). Those latter two games are super satisfying when you beat them, but make you pull your hair out while trying. Those style platformers are more about accomplishment and pride than fun. Rayman is more fun than anything else. Sure it has some frustrating parts, and the further you get on the Daily/Weekly Challenges the harder it gets, but nothing even remotely close to SMB. I had never really planned on playing this game on the Vita. For starters, there is the trophy for getting a Diamond Trophy on a Daily/Weekly challenge, which requires you to finish in the top 1% for that day/week's challenge and it will give you 50 points towards your 'Awesomeness' rating. For 99.99% of players, that would be a hard block on the way to the platinum. There are some serious professional Rayman players that play this game daily. When you feel great about getting 1500 meters on a 'go as far as you can' challenge and you see the dudes in first at 9 kilometers realize you have no shot. There are usually between 150-200 players daily that attempt a given challenge. That means you would have to finish first or second to get that trophy for a Diamond and no way me (or most people) are good enough to get that. Fortunately, there are rare occasions where a 'Murfy Challenge' will glitch and becomes impossible to pass a certain point in the level. Provided you get to that point, everyone will tie for first. So there are a handful of different types of challenges and within those types, a few different objectives. There's an infinite Tower Climb, where you run up a tower as far as you can while it slowly sinks into the ground. You leap back and forth, trying to dodge inconveniently placed thorny vines among other things. If you aren't fast enough, you will sink into the sand too or run into an obstacle. There's a bottomless pit, where you helicopter float or dive bomb drop down until you run into vines with thorns or fire eyes or whirling saws. Wind and moving vines add to the degree of difficulty. There's a Dojo where you run through 'one screen' rooms with varying obstacles and break as many pots or floaty eye monsters as you can collecting Lums. There's your normal horizontal platforming zone where you are being chased by a wall of fire, so you can't slow down and need to think quickly to progress jumping over vines and pits and catapulting through bone walls to get through the area. The final type of challenge involves Murfy's Dungeon, where your selected NPC will run at his own pace while you play as Murfy, the insect-y thing, who moves different obstacles out of the way while the NPC runs as far as he can. Murfy is a bug looking thing that reminds me of Zipper from Chip N' Dales Rescue Rangers. In each of these zones, there can be one of about three different objectives. One will be 'get them as fast as you can' which involves getting a set amount of 'Lums' (usually 150-300) as fast as possible. Once you hit the designated amount, the timer stops and the run ends. It usually takes 45 seconds or less for one of these runs. Another type is 'get there as fast as you can' which similarly has you reaching a set distance as fast as possible, usually around 200-300 meters, which also takes 45 seconds or less. The last type is the 'go as far as you can' which can take several minutes depending on how good you are. These types are my favorite since there's usually a 'break point' where the average gamer won't be able to get by on their first few tries. Since it can take a few minutes to run one of these, most people won't try too much and if you can just get a little ways past the 'break point', you can pretty much guarantee a gold trophy (top 20% finish and 10 points). The other two types, while faster, end up being harder to place in the top 20% (in my experience anyways) since the margin for error is razor thin. The difference between getting a top 20% finish and a top 50% finish (silver trophy and 5 points) could be less than a tenth of a second. There are most definitely some tricks out there to improve your times, but I'll never know how I can run (what appears to be a near flawless run) and lose to the Diamond winner by 3 seconds or more on the 'get there quickly' or 'collect them quickly' days. Anyways, that was a lot of talking about the challenge mode to talk about how getting a top 1% finish is a platinum blocker under normal circumstances. I decided to pick this game up because during the first week of December, I saw a thread on the main page that said there was a 'weekly challenge Murfy glitch'. So what is this glitch? As I mentioned above, the Murfy's Challenges involve an NPC that runs through the dungeon at a consistent pace and you play as the bug Murfy that moves obstacles and pulls levers so that the NPC can progress through the zone. If you mess up, it'll fall to it's death or jump into spikes and the run is over. The cool/hard thing about the Murfy's Challenge zones is that you control the bug by using the touch screen, You have to quickly tap or pull on obstacles to clear the way for the NPC running. When there is a glitched run, there is a spot in the level that no matter what you do, the NPC will die. He'll jump at a spot where he shouldn't and will always fall down a hole or jump into spikes. On those occasions, the god-like Rayman players can get no further than the scrubs like me. Usually, the glitched area is pretty far in the zone and you still have to be pretty good to get there. What made this particular one so special, was not only that it was a weekly challenge so you had a whole week to do it, but it was very near the start where the glitched jump was, so really anyone who wanted to should have been able to get it. I had seen threads in the past about the glitched Murfy zones, but it was always on a daily challenge and was always super far anyway. The ability to try the daily/weekly challenges also don't unlock right away. You need to get to different levels of Awesomeness (points accrued from trophies you get from beating campaign levels and challenges). It never seemed like there would be enough time, and while I liked the game quite a bit on the PS4, I wasn't interested in playing this version until that weekly challenge glitch occurred. Once I saw that Diamond Trophy was available, suddenly the whole game opened up again for me and I took advantage of it. The rest of the game is quite fun. I enjoy the 2D side scrolling action and this game doesn't take itself too seriously. The levels aren't too tough and they are bright and colorful and the soundtrack is pretty fun as well. My favorite levels are the musical levels where you run through a gambit and the music mirrors when you break stuff or collect Lums. The Black Betty level is my favorite, mostly because the first time I played it on the PS4, my children were very small and they thought it was cool. They liked the dragon in the level and would ask me to play 'ooo mommy mommy pa pa pa' which is what they interpreted the words the enemies sing throughout the level. Even now, every once in a while they'll ask to watch 'ooo mommy pa pa pa' on YouTube. These levels aren't hard and are meant to be fun, but that's a tiny glimpse into what the game looks like. The only really hard trophy is the Total Awesomeness trophy and that's only because of how long it takes. You need 6000 points to reach the final level of awesomeness and you only get around 4000 points from beating all of the levels in the main game. Those points are earned in the form of beating the levels and saving the 'Teensies' that have been capture and by collecting Lums. If you save all of the Teensies and collect the required amount of Lums, you'll earn all of the available cups for the level, which ends up being a couple bronze, silver and gold. Once you clear all of the levels of a zone, you earn a Diamond Cup. As mentioned, beating all the levels gets you around 4000 points and the last 2000 have to come from the online daily/weekly challenges. If you were to get a diamond trophy for every attempt, it would take you about 18 days to get the last 2000 points. The fact of the matter is that won't happen so you need to target Golds and Silvers. Bronze trophies only give 1 point and it would take several years to get the points needed if you only ever got bronze. The trophy list isn't too bad outside of the Total Awesomeness trophy. You'll collect most of the grind-y ones just from going for Total Awesomeness. There are a handful or random ones for doing something specific in the game, like kicking ducks back at a shark who's throwing them at you, but they are pretty easy as well. The hardest levels are probably the Invasion levels that require you to beat a level in a short amount of time. It's a flat out sprint to the end and most will probably take a couple of tries to figure out where the traps are...but even those aren't too bad. While I really enjoyed this game (enough to beat it twice and make a trophy a milestone), I would only recommend the PS4 version and not the Vita. There are more players on the PS4 version and it is easier to get golds and silvers. The Vita version is much harder, if only because the margin for error is slimmer. The levels are 90% identical between the games with only the Murfy's Dungeon being different. Despite my enjoyment of the game, I'd be hard pressed to recommend it because you never know how long these servers will be up for. The fact that it'll take a few months (for most) to could be opening yourself up to an unobtainable platinum if they close while you're still after it. There was a minor scare a couple months ago while I was going for it. The servers were down for about a week and it was unclear whether they would bother trying to fix them. Thankfully for me they did...but if it were to happen again...who knows? The gameplay is a blast so if you're not worried about the platinum and just are looking for a fun platformer, this is a good choice. It was free a few years back on PS+ so you may already have it. If not, it's probably worth the $10-15 range. For the rest of my games, I'm hoping to finish Horizon in the next week or so. It's a good game, but it hasn't captured me the same way the first one did. I've been chipping away very slowly at Injustice and am spreading some time around a couple FPS games with COD: MW2 and DOOM in between getting the daily commissions done in Genshin. The biggest benefit to me finishing Rayman is I'll be able to focus more on Shiren The Wanderer on my Vita. That game will be quite the grind, but I'm enjoying it for the most part so far. I hope you all are enjoying your games!
  8. Yeah, I really didn't like it much to start either, but as my skill improved I started to enjoy it a bit more. I don't really like the 'team' aspect of it, especially when the AI is so bad, but it could be fun as a co op. I could see how when I was in college, I would have enjoyed playing this with my friends, but as a single player racer, the team part kind of sucked. Platinum #165 Oxenfree This game was on sale a couple of months ago for $0.99 and I snapped it up. I didn't know what it was about, didn't know when I'd play it, but I had heard that it was a good game and figure for 99 cents, even if it sucked I wouldn't care. With one of my favorite events started with the Trophies for Mental Health II, I saw that this game was recommended as a game that would qualify there and decided to start it now. The game is completely story driven in the 'choose your own adventure' style where the way you interact with characters changes some of the dialogue throughout as well as the ending. Due to the heavy story nature of this game, I won't say too much about it. The general premise is that a group of high school classmates decide to go to an island off the coast of their home town for an over night party. The island was a former army base that was decommissioned years ago and is basically abandoned at night. There is one resident who lives there all the time and other than that person, everyone is off the island when the business day is over. This makes it a great place for high school kids to cut loose and maybe get themselves into a little bit of trouble. There are tons of superstitions surrounding the island and the kids decide to do some investigating. I won't say much else about the story except that I don't quite understand why people felt like it is a good choice for the Mental Health event. The back stories of the characters involve some general trauma (death, divorce) and your typical high school age issues (school/graduation stress, peer pressure), but most of the problems in this story seem to stem from sci-fi/supernatural influences. Those influences create extra stress and I guess that perhaps how you choose to deal with that stress could make the game qualify, but I didn't really find many lessons to be learned about mental health here. I thought it was just a very interesting story, that borrowed ideas from several different things I've seen before and put them together to make a nice little game, and less a story that shines a light on mental health issues. One playthrough is probably 2-3 hours long if you don't do much investigating and I needed three playthroughs to get the platinum. I did my first playthrough blind, followed by the playthrough where you have to be silent throughout the whole game, followed by the playthrough where you have to have everyone hating you by the end. Only one of those playthroughs needs to involve getting all of the collectibles and doing that only takes about 20-30 minutes to do so there is no kind of grind at all. The cool thing about the game is that I feel like while only three playthroughs is needed for the plat (maybe only two if you don't do one blind), you could probably play it six or seven times and get a little different story each time. The graphics are nothing special, but perfect for this game. The music is pretty eerie, which also plays well here. Overall, there is a lot to like here if you like story driven games. One thing that frustrated me early on is that the dialogue choices you need to select will pop up while someone else is talking. If you take too long to select something, you lose the opportunity to speak but if you select something on time, you'll interrupt the person speaking or you'll be talking over each other. I thought it was annoying at first since I felt like I was missing part of the story and thought it was laziness on the developers. However, after I started my second playthrough, I realized that it was intentionally done that way. Probably to mirror real life more accurately. People talk over each other and interrupt all the time and there's an element of frustration in real life when that happens too. I think they wanted to capture that kind of realness and frustration in the story here and it worked. I also realized on the second playthrough, that if the dialogue is really relevant to the story at that moment, the person who was interrupted will generally start up again. It was mostly the side conversations that didn't pick back up if you chose to speak and interrupt. While I didn't find anything truly groundbreaking in this game, they did what they did well and the story had enough originality to it to keep it interesting. For $0.99, I doubt you'll find too many better games out there. It was polished and you could tell the creators cared about this game. I would recommend this game to anyone that likes a good story. There's really no puzzles or action and there's no need for a guide at all, other than to find the collectibles. While some trophies are 'missable' in a playthrough, the game is short enough where it doesn't really matter. If you ever see it for $5 or less, pick it up, you won't be disappointed!
  9. Good to know, but in the spirit of the event, I'll swap it out. The UR trophy was only UR since it was unobtainable at the time the event started. I didn't anticipate it being as high as it is. I'd rather pick something else.
  10. When it's free I'll think about it!
  11. Well, it's been 5 months so I figure it's high time I made an update. Sadly, Genshin Impact no longer has a UR trophy, so I'll need to swap that one out. The good news is I completed the replacement for it last night with Team Sonic Racing coming in at 4.29% rarity. The trophy guide says 4/10 in difficulty and if you believe that I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. While the game isn't in the 8-10 category of difficulty, it's probably a 6 or 7. Not that it matters for this event, but figured I'd mention it anyways! I also beat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 a few weeks ago. It's my first COD game and I actually enjoyed it. Not that I'm going to go play all of the others right away, but I won't be afraid to play one either. I've made great progress on Rayment Legends (vita) and only need about 150 points to reach the final level of Awesomeness and then the plat will be mine (saving one level related diamond cup since I've read getting the last points via the challenges can be glitchy). Haven't really touched the other games yet. Got one more trophy in Shiren The Wanderer and have started to chip away at Injustice: Gods Among Us but neither of those are anywhere close to being done. I'll probably tackle Jurassic World Evolution 2 or Shiness The Lightning Kingdom next to clear them from my uncompleted games on my profile. It's impressive the progress a lot of you have made with your games so far! 1) Rayman Legends (vita) (4.50%) 79% completed 2) Team Sonic Racing (4.26%) 100% completed 3) Jurassic World Evolution 2 (3.52%) 49% completed 4) Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (0.15%) 74% completed 5) Shiren The Wanderer (0.80%) 5% completed 6) Shiness The Lightning Kingdom (1.81%) 7% completed 7) DriveClub VR (2.41%) 65% completed 8) Super Meat Boy (0.25%) 79% completed 9) Griftlands (0.99%) 0% completed 10) Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (4.20%/0.47%) 100% completed
  12. Got two more difficulty levels finished off with Team Sonic Racing as a 4/10 (which is too low in my opinion but whatever lol) The other game is Langrisser I & II which comes in with a rating of 3/10. There's no rating here or on playstationtrophies but I did find a rating here and here and both have it as a 3/10 so that's what I'm rolling with. While I enjoyed both of them, I don't think anyone needs to go sprinting to the store to pick either of them up. 1/10 - 2/10 - The Forgotten City3/10 - Langrisser I & II4/10 - Team Sonic Racing5/10 - 6/10 - 7/10 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 38/10 - 9/10 - 10/10 -
  13. Finished a couple more games to add to my card. Langrisser I & II find its way to N2 and the 'Strategy, Simulation or Management' category. While I loved the game for its nostalgia, this version of the game dragged on forever and ended up feeling like a slog by the end of it. I love that style of game though and Warsong was a childhood favorite of mine so I will not speak ill of it here lol. The other entry is Team Sonic Racing which winds up in B5 and the 'No Jump Button' spot. While there are jumps in the game, they are done via ramps and such and there is no jump button. Since I feel like a lot of the games I play have a jump button, this seemed like the right landing spot for this one. I enjoyed the game quite a bit and the price was right so that never hurts. Horizon Forbidden West should be the next game I finish, however I'm easily distracted right now and it'll probably end up as something different. Looking at my bingo card....I have no rhyme or reason yet for getting an actual bingo lol Hoping to fill out the card by the end of the year regardless, but nothing close yet!
  14. I usually feel like games go on too long more than games are too short. I still like most of the games I play, but Marvel's Spider-Man was a game that felt like there was too much fetch quest-y crap to do that made it feel like it dragged a bit. Game was amazing, but was like 10 hours longer than it needed to be just from the repeated crimes and bad guy zones to clear. Langrisser I & II was also too long. That one was like 20 hours longer than it needed to be due to all the different routes that needed to be cleared. I don't usually equate the dollars spent on a game to reflect the length. I mean, if I spent $50 on a game that was over in a few hours, I'd probably feel a bit cheated...but if the game only needs to be a few hours, I'd rather spend $50 on a game that didn't make me hate it by the end than $25 on a game that took 100 hours because you had to do a million fetch quests or kill 40,000 aliens. A couple of games I felt were a bit too short were actually games that weren't that short. I would have loved to have had The Last of Us 2 be another 20 hours longer to flesh out some of the gaps in the time lines. The end of that game felt a bit rushed to me. I really enjoyed it, but for a story driven game like that, I wouldn't have minded it going longer. Same with the Mass Effect and Dragon Age series. The ends just seemed to come a bit quickly in them, especially if you didn't do all of the side content or companion quests. Dragon Age is an odd one actually because I felt like it was too short as far as the story goes, but too long as far as the grinding and fetch quests go. I guess at the end of the day, if the game is story driven it is far more likely to feel 'too short' for me if the story feels rushed than say a platformer or puzzle game. As far as money goes, if I enjoy the game, I don't really care how much it is but if the game sucks then any amount I pay will be too much.
  15. Platinum #164 Team Sonic Racing This was never going to be a game I planned on playing. I don't love racing games (since I'm not very good at them), however I do have a soft spot in my heart for the Kart style games since I grew up on Mario Kart and have a ton of fond memories playing that series. But this one....I saw it was free, figured I'd add it to my backlog and that'd be the end of my time with this game. Fortunately, I did not read a sarcastic comment on Discord as being sarcastic. We were looking for a potential game we could play as a group and someone said (jokingly I know now) 'How about Team Sonic Racing!'. Well, there were crickets at that mention but a couple weeks went by and we were looking to start something new and I said 'How about Team Sonic Racing!' since I figured there was some interest. Well @Cassylvania and I both mistakenly believed the other wanted the play the game and said 'sure, why not'. After about 10 minutes of playing, we started to realize that this wasn't going to be a fun game to play and Cass lovingly started to refer to it as Sarnic Racing (which I find very funny for some reason lol). Anyway, based on the comments, I could tell Cass wasn't looking forward to it and I asked 'then why did you recommend playing it', to which Cass replied 'I didn't recommend it, you did!' to which I discovered, the original recommendation a couple weeks prior was sarcastic. Well trophies had popped and now we were in it for the long haul. The trophy guide said it was a 4/10 in difficulty so I wasn't too worried about it. We played a little co-op for a couple hours and then moved on. Cass decided to tackle it before I did and based on the comments, could tell this game wasn't that great and I wasn't in a rush to get back to it. Plus, I had a ton of games going on at the same time and had planned on pushing this to the back burner. Once I finished MW3 and Langrisser though, I wanted to get this one done sooner rather than later. I had already done the MP stuff so just figured I'd start the 'story' mode. I won't lie to you, I skipped all text in this game so have absolutely no idea what the 'story' is. I did the first few races and the game seemed like a typical Kart racing game and I figured it'd be fine. 4/10 difficulty so I should be fine. The first few races made the game feel like a 4/10 and I assumed I was on my way to the Plat....when I got to the first 'Challenge' track I quickly decided to call bull shit on that 4/10 rating. The margin for error is razor thin and you need to run basically a perfect run to get through a lot of these. There are 5 different challenges. One is like a giant slalom where you have to pass through gates that arc off of a pole. One side is red and the other side is yellow. The red side will give you a +0.1 multiplier bonus (up to +0.5) to points and the yellow side gives you bonus points. You also get bonus points for drifting through the gates, however you get no points and your multiplier vanishes if you touch the pole. The multiplier also has a timer and if you do not go through a red gate in time, the multiplier resets. You have about 75 - 90 seconds to try and get as many points as you's hard. Not the hardest, but hard. Another is a ring challenge where you have to get a certain number of rings within about 25-30 seconds. If you collect rings while drifting, it adds fractions of a second to your timer (but caps at about 30 seconds so you can never have like 45 seconds of clock). There's a 'traffic' challenge where you have to drive between gates while robots try to block your path. There's one where you have to shoot/break targets for points and another where you have to destroy as many 'Eggman' as possible. By far the hardest challenges for me were the ring challenges. You don't get a lot of time and it takes a while to get used to handling/steering while drifting. The early ring challenges easily took me an hour to hour and a half each to beat. Most of the other challenges I got done in five tries or less, but those ring challenges were a bitch and took a while. Some of the tracks also have specific challenges that will reward you with a key if you finish successfully. For example, one was to finish in the top 3 while collecting 75 rings and not spinning out more that 2 times. I didn't find most of them to be too bad, but some took a couple tries. The Grand Prix's could be annoying since your team had to finish in first place to get the star for the level and your teammates AI is just pure trash. I played Team Sonic exclusively and that team was Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and Knuckles was just a Knucklehead...many races end up something like 1. Sonic 2. Tails 12. Knuckles. Then Green team would finish 3, 4, 5 and win the race based on the team points. It was pretty frustrating, but fortunately I didn't have that much trouble with them. There are 3 difficulty settings and you need to be all of the racing levels (not challenges) on both Hard and Expert levels. I decided to play each world to completion before moving on to the next, meaning I beat all the tracks on both Hard and Expert before moving to the next. Expert difficulty isn't unlocked until you beat it on hard. What I'd do is start on hard, then beat expert and then if I didn't unlock all the stars or the key with those two tries, I'd go back and race it on normal. I was able to get most of the stars/keys however without having to do a Normal run through. What I found about this game is that the learning curve is extremely steep, but once you get the hang of it, it really isn't that hard. Once you figure out how to properly drift (which isn't easy) and that doing stunts off jumps will give you a boost if you land it right, I came in 1st or 2nd almost every race. When I first started, I felt like the game was an 8/10 in difficulty, but by the time I finished it, it did feel like more of a 5/10. What I liked about this game was that I could see myself getting better each attempt. Because of this, I didn't get all that frustrated playing it and actually ended up really enjoying it. It was super frustrating at the start, but as I tackled those ring challenges over and over...I kept getting a few more rings or a little further on the track before time expired and I ended up achieving all of the challenges. Due to the nature of it being a Kart game, there were plenty of BS moments where you get Earth Pillared near the end followed by a lightning zap and you go from 1st to 9th in a matter of seconds....but I found that didn't happen so often where it made the game feel like it was 'cheating' (any of you that played RC Pro AM on the NES know what I'm talking about). So while I never planned on playing this game and thought it was a mistake to have started initially after playing, this ended up being a very satisfying platinum to achieve. Not because it's a great game per say (but it really is a pretty good Kart Game), but because of how you can see improvement in a relatively short amount of time. It felt good being able to beat challenges that seemed literally impossible after the first few attempts. While I've played a lot of good games over the years, the platinum often can feel a bit anti-climatic since it just signals the end of this game and to move on. But occasionally, you get one where there's some significance to you because of the challenges you undertook to get it and this was one of those for me. It can be terribly frustrating and if you don't have a ton of patience, this game probably isn't for you....but the price was right and I ended up having a lot of fun, much to my surprise. If you like Kart racing games, this one is pretty decent.