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  1. The Candyman guts another victim! 6. Dementophobia complete with a shiny platinum for Batman Return to Arkham Asylum. The game was just as good as I remembered it and I had fun playing the remaster. I had forgotten that the fighting wasn't quite as smooth as the later iterations, but once I got used to it again it was smooth sailing! I've decided to add Lego The Hobbit as my 2. Arachnophobia entry. I'll teach those Attercops and Lazy lobs a thing or two with Bilbo! Let's go team Candyman!
  2. I'm trying! Space Hulk and Super Meat Boy will test that for sure, but I plan on trying! I would love to use headphones, but I'm afraid my wife would find that extremely anti-social. She's not a huge fan of me playing on the couch while she's watching TV, but at least we can talk. If I had headphones on, I might be sleeping on the couch I've got it pre-ordered, but I'm not sure if I'll be playing it right away. I'll see what I'm in the middle of...maybe it can be my Fear of Technology game? I haven't been able to figure out you phrase yet. I was thinking it has something to do with Phil, but I can't work it out yet. I was also thinking 'Beef, It's What's for Dinner' but that is much too long. I'm not great at word games lol and you have a lot of letters! Also....what in the actual fuck is going on with the Vikings right now?
  3. Phil: Alright Pat...I'm ready to solve the puzzle...What is butters?! Pat: You don't need to answer in the form of a question Phil...that's a different gameshow. Phil: I know I don't need to Pat...I want to... Pat: Well congrats Phil you solved the puzzle! (well technically @Cassylvania solved the puzzle, but who's counting) Thank you all for playing and we'll see you next time on Wheel of Fortune! B atman Return to Arkham Asylum U ntil Dawn T eenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger of the Ooze T he Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker E ekeemoo: Splinters of Dark Shard R atchet and Clank S hantae and the Pirate's Curse Thank you @Dr_Mayus and @Kristycism for a great event! Seven letter word complete with time to spare good luck to everyone still working on their word!
  4. This sentence is the only reason I said anything at all. You are implying that you are happy that Telltale is going bankrupt because it makes easy platinums for people. Not that you don't like the episodic model. Not that the games are bad. That they make easy platinums and you are celebrating their demise so people can't get those easy platinums. I said it was an odd statement coming from someone who's profile is littered with games that take a few hours or less. You have almost as many platinums in two months on this account as I have in five years. That in and of itself doesn't mean anything, but would lead someone who is looking at your profile to believe you are trying to squeeze in as many 'easy' platinums as possible to boost your numbers. That's perfectly fine and dandy if that is what you want to do as a trophy hunter, but it is going to lead to people assuming you'll scoop up anything that has a platinum. If you had started off with what you said here: I probably wouldn't have had much to say other than your celebrating people losing their lively-hoods was in poor taste. But you didn't, you made a point to mention the easy plats. I'm going to give you a little Dave Chappelle clip here to illustrate what I'm saying. So having said all that...I apologize for assuming you would like Telltale games for the easy plats.
  5. I wasn't trying to imply that there is anything in common about the games. I just found it ironic that someone that is sporting a grocery list of 'easy' platinums would be celebrating the fall of a company based on the fact they released 'easy' platinums. I would have thought these games were up his alley since they would be a way to boost his plat count. No skill involved; all it takes is a little time if you're looking for the platinum, which again I don't judge since it doesn't effect me. (Just want to say that I never know the right time to use effect and affect so I may be using the wrong one...) Unsettling is a really good word for the game. I've started to explore a little more and I find the pebbles helpful. There aren't nearly as many ghosts as I would've expected (yet) so it makes it even more unsettling when they appear. It's not even just the media...Jackson has said he needs to look at the tape before he decides who will start next week...Not only would the Cuyahoga River light up...but Jackson should be fired on the spot if Mayfield isn't out there. This sounds like a great idea actually...I have one right down the street from me....hmmmm I'm with you here. I worked at a Casino for 8 years and saw several rounds of layoffs due to the market collapse in '08 and an over saturation in our market area and it was extremely upsetting every time...the layoffs always happened as we were rolling into the holiday season and it was never done with any kind of bedside manner. In one department, they had the entire crew in a room (it was about 30 people) and they called off 15 names and asked them to meet outside the office. After they left the room, the manager in the room told the remaining team members "those people no longer work here..." I was like how in the fuck can you be so cavalier about their jobs like that? They have families to feed and bills to pay. I'm happy to see that some of the other companies are reaching out here and I hope the people affected(?)...effected(?) land on their feet. I actually bought The Wolf Among Us right after I saw the news since I don't want to miss out on that game. I really enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy and also really liked the soundtrack. If you've liked their other titles at all, it's worth picking up imo. I wouldn't really worry about it too much dude...I would guess, based on your reaction, that you're pretty young and have maybe not experienced a sudden layoff situation so I would chalk it up to a live and learn scenario. I know we're on the internet here...but layoffs aren't ever really a 'lulz' situation so if everyone seemed harsh on your comments...that would be why. Don't dwell on it and move on my friend...tomorrow is another day and another Patriot's victory!
  6. lol what a dink...I do remember that now...thanks for the reminder! It's funny...I thought the same thing too. I remember thinking the game was longer but I was able to motor through it pretty quickly. It was incredible how quickly what I needed to do came back to me. I remember hating saving the doctors as well, but it wasn't bad at all this time through. Thanks and good luck to you as well!
  7. I wrapped up the story mode last night in Arkham. The hardest part for me on both of my times through this game was the Titan and all the thugs going up the caves where the elevators are. The space is just so small, I had to do that spot like fifteen times. All that's left is to clean up the Riddler and the Challenge mode. I'm hoping to wrap that up today I started Yomawari: Night Alone the other night...I'm only into chapter 2...but it is freaking me out lol I don't know if I like it yet. It's really hard to see on the tiny screen so avoiding the ghosts is pretty challenging. It's got a very 'The Tell-Tale Heart' feel to it that is really neat though. The other thing that is making it hard is that I generally play Vita with the sound off while my wife is watching TV so it doesn't bother her. Can't really do that with this game so I have it up just enough to hear those things. Between the crickets and the heartbeat though, it is legitimately scary. I'm looking forward to Midnight Shadows since I'll be playing that on my regular TV. The reason I was able to start Yomawari is that there was a Vita upgrade where I needed to restart my machine...which closed Space Hulk....with reset my kill count keep my sanity I'm going to shelve that game for a while. I will beat that game at some point...but seriously fuck that game right now lol. On the bright side, I got Maggot Boy in SMB which leaves only three levels left to platinum. I'll have to look up this event too since I plan on doing this whole series after Soulsbourne is done. Dark Souls will be my last game for the Halloween event, then it will be that whole series and on to KH! That game was actually pretty fun to watch. Taylor looked pretty bad. He missed a ton of throws. I can't imagine they don't give Baker Mayfield the reins after how he looked the other night. He was accurate, he made good decisions and he was able to look past his first few progressions. It is really early, however I think the Browns made the right choice with the #1 pick this time. Darnold has looked ok so far, but he is much more conservative. That's too bad you didn't end up going...if Mayfield turns out to be anything...that would have been a cool ticket stub to hold onto. Vikings are down Cook this weekend, but fortunately you have the Bills on tap so I could probably line up in the backfield and you'd be ok. I'm taking them in my survival pool so they better not blow it lol Pats are the Sunday night game and I'm feeling much better about this match-up against the Lions (obviously) than last week. I'd love to see Josh Gordon turn into a Randy Moss type for the Patriots...but that is probably wishful thinking. Hopefully he can learn the playbook in between bong hits. SotN was my favorite non-Final Fantasy game that came out for the Playstation. This would be marvelous if it happens! To each their own, but this is kind of an odd statement from you considering the amount of 'easy' platinums you've taken advantage of. I mean, I personally don't care at all what other people have on their profiles since it doesn't effect me in any way. If someone wants to play My Name is Mayo for an easy plat...more power to's not my money or time. But I just find it odd that you would celebrate a company's demise since they make 'easy' games when you seem to enjoy a lot of 'easy' games in your own right. Personally, I'm sad since I generally enjoyed the stories. The games were somewhat nostalgic for me since they reminded me of the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books I used to read as a kid. There aren't a ton of places that make games like that and I think it is unfortunate that an entire genre of games just took a major hit. I'm hoping so since I'd still like to try some of their titles. I've rattled on long enough...I should probably get back to work
  8. @Mesopithecus I would like to make two additions please to my list: 11. Metatesiophobia - Yomawari: Night Alone I don't think I've ever really played a game like this (according to what I've heard anyways) where there is no fighting or anything so that would be reaching a little out of my comfort zone. Apparently the town you are in changes completely as well so there is that fear of change as well. Let me know if you think this is not an appropriate title for this category. 12. Gynophobia - Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Main character is a little girl and I'd like to finish the whole series since I've heard great things. Thanks!
  9. It wasn't too too bad. I had to do the two hour one twice. The first try I was about an hour and twenty minutes in and could tell I wasn't going to make it so started over. I used a guide after that. To me the two hour any% is way harder than the four hour 100%. I think the gold should be the any% one. I had about fifteen minutes to spare when I was successful. It really wasn't hard with the guide. It is really hard without it since it's easy to get lost/forget an item since there is some backtracking. I definitely think you could do it though. I did that no problem. My challenge with Squiddy was the triple jump after he gets his armor. I kept mistiming my jumps. I also learned that I had a hard time letting go of the R2 button to stop floating. I'd let go of the jump button but kept holding down R2 which caused several restarts. I think I would have had an easier time without the hat to be honest since I kept mistiming jumps. My favorite boss was Dagron (Massively Misspelled Monstrosity) I tried that on my own at first and just couldn't reach, so on my first play through I went through the whole level. When I did my speed run, I saw that it could be done and I was able to skip past it. I'm glad I did them on my blind play through, but I'm not sure I would've been able to do the any% run in time if I didn't skip them. That is absolutely the definition of a tie....I was really happy that game was the one televised in my area. Normally, it would have been the Giants, however since they were the NBC game, I was able to take in the Vikings and Packers. That was painful to watch that young kid miss those field goals. His second pro game and he may never recover...but those were just brutal. In all fairness to him, that game should have never gone into OT. That was such a horseshit call against Matthews on the INT. He hit him with his shoulder and landed mostly on his knees to avoid the impact. To the Vikings credit, they took that BS roughing the passer call and capitalized(ish?) by even getting to OT. Once they got there though, it should have been game over. You have to be pretty happy with Cousins so far though. That deep ball to Diggs was a beautiful play. He had a tough luck tipped INT, but mostly looked really good. The Vikings D was solid too and mostly kept Rodgers in check. That Browns loss was even more brutal...missed PAT for the potential win and then missed FG for the tie? I read today though that the kicker had a groin injury and Hue Jackson didn't even know....he really shouldn't have been out there, but I guess they released him or IR'd him today. For all intents and purposes...Cleveland should be 2-0 but keep figuring out excruciating ways to lose. Mahomes has been ridiculous. Ten TD's in his first two games?! and his efficiency has been nuts. What was he, 23-28 with 6 TDs...absurd. I'm rooting for them a little myself. A girl I know married one of their defensive positional coaches and she posts a ton of stuff on Facebook. So I'm pulling for him, plus I just admire Mahomes talent. I hope he's not a flash in the pan like RGIII and maintains. There could be a lot of young, exciting QB play if Watson ends up recapturing his form from last year. I had no doubts the Pats were going to lose this was one of the few times I've picked against them ever in my pick'em league. I hated doing it...but it just felt like a game they'd lose. If Bortles continues to play like that (granted the Pats D didn't make it hard for him) they should be Super Bowl favorites. On a side-note...the Pats picked up ever-high Josh Gordon from Cleveland today. I'm hoping for a Randy Moss clone. The 2007 Patriots were so fun to watch. I've never seen anything like Vontae Davis...unreal. Fitzmagic looks like Conor McGregor's twin. I loved that press conference lol. Jimmy G is a good looking dude. It'll be Rams vs Jags in the Super Bowl this year barring injury. That was a brutal way to lose for Gruden. It feels like the Steelers ship is sinking between the Bell debacle and Tomlin's bug-eyes having his team play down to the opponents level. Trubisky looks good so far tonight...we'll see if they can keep from collapsing in the second half! This has been a long enough post...back to football and Batman!
  10. I'm less than 100 trophies from 3000 and I easily could have done Batman first and one of my quicker Halloween games to get me in striking distance to use one of Shantae's. I'm not sure yet what I want to use yet. I'll have to look at my Halloween lineup and see what is available. After I got the cannon, I realized that would have been very helpful... however outside of the Squid Baron, none of them took me more than 10 tries. Once I got the pattern of attacks down, it wasn't too bad. It was nice though not to have to worry about it in my speed run. I did the any% run in about an hour and 47 minutes. Being able to get the health upgrades really let me be a little reckless getting through stuff. This made me lol What if I told you they are the same thing! Generally for me it's my time, but with how expensive games are... money is starting to play a bigger role. I'd probably just do Code if the trophy list isn't forever long.
  11. Phobophobia complete! Shantae and the Pirate's Curse has been platinummed (not a real word.) If you like 2d side-scrolling platformers, I can't recommend this game enough. It is challenging, it is funny, it has a great trophy list and it was a lot of fun! Next up my main man Bruce Wayne!
  12. I finished up Shantae last night. I have to say...that was one of the best games I've played in a long time. I really wish I had saved at least one of the trophies for a milestone since the artwork and names are so good. My personal favorite is Prefectionist. There really is nothing to complain about with it. The music, artwork, gameplay and script are top notch. It was pretty hard too. My biggest challenge was the no damage run against the Squid Baron...I probably spent an hour or so on that fight alone. The last dungeon was also quite challenging and I'll admit the urge to throw my controller on more than one occasion. I will definitely be playing HGH at some point. Great recommendation and great guide! Next up I will be returning to my good friend Batman for a spell. I have two weeks to finish this game for the spelling bee, which shouldn't be a problem since I did it in about four days the first time. I was home on paternity leave though then so I had a lot of free time so we'll see how long it extends with a work schedule and two kids that require attention Big games today for both our teams! It looks like Rodgers will be playing. I'm hoping to be able to watch both games since the Pats are on at 4:25 today in Jacksonville. I don't have a good feeling about the Pats today but I think the Vikings are going to win. I don't think Rodgers will be able to make it through the whole game with how good your defense is. I hope so since I love to see good football, but the Vikings D is pretty suffocating and I just think he'll re-aggravate it. Happy Sunday!
  13. I was just going on the description on the first page with what is acceptable: I was having the same issue thinking of something I'd want to play and decided to go this route.
  14. You could also play Shantae and the Pirate's Curse since it is Pirate themed. It's only $9.99 on the NA PS Store right now and is a fun little platformer. This game also would work for Gynophobia too if you're struggling to find a game with a female protagonist.
  15. I was reading some NFL blogs today and they were saying that Patricia has already lost the locker room in Detroit due to his disciplinary tactics during practice. A game like last night won't do much to win them back. The Lions offense is too good to look like that each week...but apparently the Jets D said they knew what plays were coming since they figured out Staffords hand signals. I hope that's true considering how bad he was... I love when people do this lol, or when they update a Wikipedia page to list the date of death after some huge loss (Re: Falcons). It never lasts long before it gets fixed...but it is funny every time! I think it was about ten or so? I made it to the last screen on my first try and then died like 9 or 10 times before I got back there rushing stupidly. It wasn't so bad when I took my time. That last screen the soldiers surprised me with how close the jump was to get past them. That was where I died the first time but I was able to make it through the second time I reached that screen. Most of my deaths were in the first three screens trying to rush to the hard parts. I'm glad that is out of the way though. I just beat the Spider Queen and will call it a night after this post. I'm really liking this game so far. Now that I'm used to the controls, it plays smoothly, it is really quite clever and it's a lot of fun. I'm really liking the music as well. Eventhough it is's not annoying at all which isn't usually the case with repetive musice. I really like the boss music. I may have to play another one for the Halloween Event since Shantae would satisfy the Gynophobia category. I'm not sure though...I did just put a hard freeze on my game purchasing lol I'd hate to fail after only eight hours. I'll have to see if I have anything else in my backlog that would qualify. lol this is hilarious. The fact you got this on 9/11 seems pretty ironic too. 9/11 was on of the most memorable days in my life as well, but to be honest with you...I don't remember much from that specific day other than watching the second plane hit the tower on live TV. I was studying for a French test on my couch when I saw the second plane crash...needless to say, I didn't move from my couch for the rest of the day or much the next day either. I just remember staring at my TV thinking WTF is going on? My father died on 9/13 (unrelated) so that kind of distracted me from a lot of what was going on nationally. I was actually starting to feel pretty old today too. The topic of 9/11 came up a little at work today and one of the girls I work with said she doesn't have any memory of it since she was only five when it happened. I'm now old enough to be working with people that can't remember that day...which seems pretty crazy considering it doesn't feel like it was that long ago and that day altered everything and changed how people live their day-to-day lives. I guess that's probably how the people that lived through Pearl Harbor felt too.