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  1. I'll throw my selections into the ring here. Piece of Cake Award Déraciné I had a few that could probably have qualified here, but this game was really easy and not very good. Some of the ‘chapters’ were literally three minutes long. The only challenge present was the fact it wasn’t clear what you had to do sometimes….but there was no challenge here at all. This may also have been my worst plat of the year. It’s Like Dark Souls Jotun It’s not really in the mold of Dark Souls as far as gameplay. This boss rush game wasn’t so bad if you just wanted to beat the game, but completing the trophy list was another matter. Killing each boss without getting hit and without using god powers (doesn’t have to be at the same time) took a lot of practice and sometimes the RNG on the moves done made it more challenging but this was probably my most gratifying platinum of the year and I made it my 150 milestone. Bad Ass Award Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon DLC Not for the game itself, but for the DLC ‘Jaws of Hakkon’. One of the bosses in the DLC is in a mission that you can’t back out of unless you saved before entering. I had gone in on Nightmare difficulty not thinking it would be so bad and without really thinking about my party setup. I didn’t realize I’d be trapped in the zone until I beat the boss. I tried for a few hours and couldn’t get the boss under 40% health. The only backup save I had was from like 3 or 4 hours before I had started the DLC zone. I really didn’t want to lose everything I had done in the DLC because the gear was really good and it was quite a bit harder than the main game, but decided to bump the difficulty down to just finish the DLC and then reload that earlier save to finish the main game in Nightmare. After I did it, I felt really dirty about it and decided to go back in Nightmare mode to try again. This time I made sure my party was more optimally set up. It still took a couple hours, but I was able to beat that boss on Nightmare and proceed. I did feel like a bit of a badass for going back to tackle something that I legitimately couldn’t do a few days earlier. Overall, the game wasn’t that hard, but that part was! Grind of the Year Torchlight II Wrapping up this trophy list was pretty brutal. I didn’t mind the Hardcore playthrough that much, but going through another almost 3 times to get level 99 was pretty boring. There’s no real variation in the game at all and the story seems extremely thin so it wasn’t even interesting. It wouldn’t have been as bad if there was a purpose to running through multiple times, but this grind kind of killed this game for me. Finally Done Award A Hat in Time This technically wins since I went back and completed the DLC this past month after getting the plat in 2018 so it has the longest completion time for all my games for the year….this DLC was not very easy and felt good to finish up. King of the Internet Torchlight II Well, due to my lack of online games, this one wins by default. I did my first playthrough with @Cassylvania and got to play for a short time with @Jens. It was fun enough the first time through, but as I mentioned before the grind to finish was bad. I probably had more fun than Cass, but it wasn’t a great game either. Worst Online Experience Mount & Blade: Warband I absolutely adored this game, however the MP portion of it wasn’t really good. The controls for the battles are too stiff to be fun. I self-boosted most of the MP trophies by using my son’s profile on the PS4 and mine on the PS5 so it wasn’t that bad….but it would have been absolutely horrible if I tried to do it via normal gameplay. The single player campaign was so good and if they incorporated the fief side of single player into the MP, I might have enjoyed it….but it’s just not a good MP game as is. Best Music Hollow Knight The nostalgia side of me wanted to put WWE 2K Battlegrounds since I got to listen to a lot of my old, favorite wrestler’s entrance music….but that’s not what the spirit of this award is for. The music in Hollow Knight was really well done and fit the theme beautifully. None of the other games I played really stood out to me so this was a pretty easy pick. Sleeper Hit of the Year NeverEnd Don’t get me wrong…this is not a great game per say. I started this game while on my vacation to keep my trophy streak alive and didn’t really know much going into it. It sports Atari level graphics and no story to speak of, but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this rogue-like. It came completely out of left field and I had no idea what to expect from it and ended up being a mostly fun experience Biggest Bomb of the Year Maneater I had pretty high hopes for this game when I played it but it was just really boring and repetitive. It felt like I spent the first two hours of the game just eating catfish and avoiding crocodiles. The narrative attempts to be funny, but felt mostly stupid. The DLC also dropped with a ton of bugs that ended up glitching out on me. Thankfully they fixed it, but this game was just a major disappointment for me. I would say at least it was free, except the DLC was overpriced at like $15 and I don’t think the game + DLC is worth that. Best Trophy Image Tie: Hollow Knight & Mount & Blade: Warband Artistically, Hollow Knight was very well done. Almost all of the trophy images were well done and I chose one as a milestone. While I earned the majority of the trophies in 2020, the couple I earned in 2021 were still artistically superior to any other game I played this year. Mount & Blade: Warband gets credit for adding humor to the trophy art. Nothing was amazing, but none of them were lazy, all with clever names referencing something and I appreciated the effort. Honorable mention goes to the Mass Effect and Dragon Age games as those are pretty intricate as well. Worst Trophy Image Ghost Giant VR So lazy….they all looked like this Best Female Character Tali’Zorah nar Rayya (Mass Effect Series) This was probably the toughest choice I had to make. I played several games with great female characters. I played The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitve Series where I fell in love with Clementine. Jotun also had a badass female lead with Thora as the Viking warrior, but this came down to how much I actually got to experience with the character. Since The Walking Dead is more story driven and Jotun was less about story and more about battle mechanics, Tali in Mass Effect got the slight edge. I loved Tali in the ME series. I loved her loyalty, I loved her humor and awkwardness and she was also badass as a teammate with her abilities. She was strong and independent and wasn’t afraid to do what she thought was right, even if it went against the tradition of her people. She was the Shepard love interest throughout my playthroughs (well in ME2 and ME3 anyway). I was loyal to her and was rewarded with some really well done extra cutscenes where her character was really well developed. Tali is probably one of my favorite characters of all time in games and deserves to be my best female character of the year. Best Male Character Commander John Shepard (Mass Effect Series) This was less difficult…Shepard is perhaps one of the greatest video game heroes of all time….you really just can’t compete with him. I mean, I did play a few Batman games and Batman is my favorite super hero of all time….but I’m not counting him here. I enjoyed the characters from the Dragon Age series as well (I played the main characters as male), but you didn’t get to play the same character throughout the series so didn’t develop the same attachments. Best Plat of the Year Slay the Spire This game came recommended by @Jens and was another game I had never heard of. This rogue-lite card game was probably the best game I played this year. I played several good games and Jotun, Hollow Knight and Mount & Blade: Warband are close runners up…but no game this year captivated me as much as StS did. I stayed up waaaay too late on several nights caught in the ‘just one more run’ mode. Each of the characters is unique and fun to learn to play and the challenge of the game is hard but fair. I cannot recommend this game enough Wurst Plat ov the Yeer Secret of Mana I had played this on the SNES when I was a kid and remembered liking it, but never finishing because I got stuck. I was looking forward to playing this one and it was just wretched. Between not being able to have more than three enemies on the screen at one time and the delay between attacks due to the stamina….it was just a horrible experience and it probably turned me off to the other games in this series. Most Anticipated Platinum of 2022 Demon’s Souls (PS5) I bought this game at the same time I bought my system and I’ve really been looking forward to playing it. I plan on doing the complete Soulsbourne series in order for 2022 and it’ll start with this game here. I don’t really know of any new games coming out that I’m frothing at the mouth to play, but I’m pretty hyped to play this one right here.
  2. @DrBloodmoney, you do not give yourself enough credit sir! They look great and kudos with how quickly you banged out so many! Thank you for your efforts! Also, thank you to @Beyondthegrave07 and @Starrk_01 for keeping up with the massive amount of games completed! What was the final damage? $2 a game is a bit too rich for my blood, but my company is doing a matching donation campaign and I donated $200 to the American Cancer Society in honor of the event in the name of my co-worker that passed from cancer in October. The overall contribution will end up at $400. I won't have a receipt like the last event since I took it as a payroll deduction, but I have made the donation. Thank you again for running a very meaningful event and I look forward to what you think of next!
  3. Ok, I've gotten home and looked through my backlog/outstanding games and here is what I will plan to target in 2022: 1/10 - Energy Cycle 2/10 - Bugsnax 3/10 - inFamous Second Son 4/10 - Alien: Isolation 5/10 - Driveclub VR 6/10 - Dark Souls II 7/10 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 8/10 - Dark Souls Remastered 9/10 - Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition 10/10 - Super Meat Boy Energy Cycle was the only 1/10 game in my backlog so I guess that is the winner. Planning on playing through the Soulsbourne series this winter so those slide in nicely. Driveclub VR, Injustice and SMB are lingering incompletes on my profile that I will aim to finish in 2022. Call of Duty was one of the first two PS3 games I bought and is still in the shrink wrap....guess I'll bust that open for the event. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the lineup I have. Look forward to finishing!
  4. Cool concept! I'm in but on the road at the moment, will come up with a list and post it later. Thanks for hosting!
  5. Good read as per usual! Quick gave Infinity War and Endgame the same rating, yet you have Infinity War as a 'watch again' and Endgame as a 'zero interest'....just curious why? I've seen both about 15 times and absolutely love them and actually slightly prefer Endgame. I know that the end of Endgame was either too over the top or too pander-y for some people, but I absolutely ate it up. I am also a movie buff and own over 600 movies myself. I haven't done what you have yet as far as a rating system, but I've recently decided that I'm going to watch every movie I own, in order that I bought them, from beginning to end. The first movies I bought were the original Bond movies and my goodness are they trash lol Entertaining trash, but trash. Austin Powers makes a lot more sense now too. I had bought them on sale forever ago and just never watched them. I'll have to dissect your list a bit further, but that first part jumped out at me since it was at the top. /edit ok just had another look quickly and some of your zero interest to rewatch I need a follow up to lol The Big Lebowski is one of those movies that gets better with each viewing since you pick up all the subtleties you missed the first time. I actually didn't really like that movie the first time I saw it but it is now one of my favorites. I also feel like I've answered my first question by looking at your other Superhero movies....the majority of them seem to fall under the zero interest category so I'm going to guess that just may not be a genre you enjoy a lot. The Nolan Batman's are some of my favorite movies as well but are a zero interest entry for you. LA Confidential is in my top 5 favorites of all time so I agree with your rating much to unravel here
  6. I'll enjoy the feeling once I've accomplished it I can deal with the grind because I know it will be a challenge ahead of time so nothing will be surprising there. I just have learned that I don't love platforming games all that much. They are fine when it is a piece of the game, but pure platformers get a bit boring for me. I'm not sure how many more of those I'll do, but who knows....I may get the itch for something else at some point. Speaking of completing a satisfying challenge, I just beat Yozora in the KH DLC. Man was he a pain in the ass....the first couple of times I fought him, I died in seconds and was legitimately wondering how I would ever be able to beat him. I probably spend a good 4 hours practicing that fight before I beat him this afternoon and all I can say is that Ariel was the MVP of that fight. I have no idea how anyone can beat him without Ariel. The hardest part is he is slow mixed with super fast. It's so hard to be patient for him to start his attack, but once he starts his attack, it is quick and punishing with just enough pauses to mess up your timing. While it is extremely hard and fast paced....I do agree that it is a pretty fair fight. The mechanics seem to work as intended and there are opportunities to take a breather to collect your bearings....the hardest part is he has so many different move sets to remember. I ended up needing 4 elixirs and a lot of Ariel, but I was able to get through it. After beating him, the story continues and I'll I have to say now is what!?!!? I won't go any further than that, but KH went into the multiverse with this DLC. I have no idea what direction they plan to take this story. It has been a mess to follow and it's starting to reach the level of Inception in some regards. I'll work towards the last two trophies now, but I feel pretty confident I can do the rest. I feel like beating Yozora means you should be able to do the rest...we'll see I guess!
  7. For some reason I can't open that keeps jumping me to the top of the screen. Did it on my phone and desktop. I think I vaguely remember what you're referring to though, but it is still a pretty brutal catch phrase. I have made a solemn oath that can't be broken to @Arcesius that I will finish SMB for my 200th milestone. So I either complete that game for 200 or forever had 199 plats and a bunch of games that are 2 trophy's away That will be very hard for me to do since I just lose interest so fast in that game, however the challenge has been issued and accepted, so I will get back to it in the relatively near future. I had pre-ordered it like 5 years before it came out. I don't exactly remember all of the things that were missing...but the DLC content for each character should have been included. There were major gaps in the story that were kind of answered with the DLCs....but yes that one fun dungeon was not include or the Omega fight. The big fight on release was with Adamantoise, which was just a ridiculously long fight that wasn't terribly challenging. My favorite part of the game was driving around and listening to the sound tracks from the other games. They should have just released the Royal Edition, with all of the dungeons and DLC included. I don't mind paying for DLC when it is an addition to the game or something extra....but these DLC's felt like they omitted part of the story so they could later sell it to you. It felt like buying a house where they didn't include the bathroom but let you buy it piece at a time over the following year and then decided to sell the house with everything included. I didn't hate the game, but the way it was put out.
  8. Got my first pink game done with Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut . It was a pretty fun puzzle game that I got free a few years ago. While I have a couple of games that I could potentially beat that would qualify....I'm not sure I'll have enough time. I did take some time off from work for Thanksgiving this week so I should have a little extra time to play, but I'm happy to at least get one of each color done. Good luck to everyone these last 10 days!
  9. Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut Slowly starting to whittle away at my active games. Q.U.B.E. was a free game that I got some years ago with my PS+ subscription and was nothing that was really on my radar as a game that I needed to play at some point. I had figured it'd fall under the category of games I never play actually. I had downloaded it to my PS3 as a part of the PS3 event that ended at the beginning of the month and it was all of a sudden on my radar. After finishing up the Dragon Age series, I was looking for something a little more casual to break up some bigger games and this game turned out to be the perfect tonic (well mostly). You might be thinking, what the hell is Q.U.B.E.? (maybe not though since most of you guys are way more knowledgeable about games than I am) Q.U.B.E. is a first person puzzle game that was apparently developed by three college students as a part of their class project. You play a dude that is trapped in a cube. You were apparently unconscious and thought to be dead. After regaining consciousness you hear a voice. According to the voice that is coming through your coms, you are in outer space and are humanity's last hope before the Earth is destroyed. You need to solve the riddle(s) of the Cube and destroy it before it collides(?) with the Earth, destroying life as we know it. The person who is speaking to you claims to be in space with you, in orbit, and is drifting in and out of coms range. Since you wake up and appear to have amnesia as to why you are there, the voice tells you about your history as you progress to try and give you a reason to complete the puzzles. There is another voice that appears that is trying to warn you that you are not in space, but are a lab rat being tested. Solving the Cube will end in your death, not the saving of the Earth, and you should stop trying to get through. The story really has little to do with the puzzles since I don't think you really have a choice in the matter. It'd be cool if there were a couple of endings depending upon which person you choose to believe, however there isn't and the story just unfolds as is. As far as the gameplay goes, the puzzles are pretty fun but were not terribly challenging. The movement is pretty stiff and the reticle you have to target the different cubes seems a bit too small. In the main game it's not an issue, but when you are doing the timed puzzles for the hardest trophy, there's not much room for error with the targeting and it got to be pretty frustrating. The puzzles consist of different color cubes and you have to figure out how they need to interact with each other to get to the next room and ultimately to the next sector. There is a new wrinkle added in each sector which made the puzzles more interesting. Each color cube does a different action. The Blue cubes serve as a launcher/catapult, the Red cubes can be extended up to three lengths, the Green cubes can be moved around via the other cubes, the Yellow cubes always come in a pack of three and can either make stairs if you select either end block or something resembling a middle finger if you select the middle block. There are also blocks that will rotate the room or shift the room up or down. They introduce magnets, fans and balls as well that you have to maneuver into certain areas. It really is a pretty fun game when there is no timer and you can take the time to survey the area. You interact with the different cubes with gloves that you are wearing. It kind of seems like magic is how you interact since you just wave your hand and the blocks move. One hand will move them out and the other will move them back. You have a small reticle to target as I mentioned above to select which block you want to activate and it's all pretty intuitive. The trophy list is pretty straightforward. Nothing is missable since there is a chapter select at the end, but you'll probably need a guide to find the hidden areas. I doubt you'd need one to solve the puzzles though. The main game could probably be beaten in just a few hours as it is a relatively short game, however having been a school project and a free game, I won't complain about the length of it. The only challenging trophy is the first trophy on the list Whatever Floats Your Boat, which is part of a racing/challenge section of the game. The trophy itself isn't that bad, but it is blocked behind 20 medals you need to earn to unlock the level needed. There are 10 levels and the one you need to beat is level 9 and you need to earn 20 medals in the prior 8 levels in order to unlock that level. You can earn up to 3 medals per level depending on whether you get Gold, Silver or Bronze (Gold is 3, etc). The levels are relatively short, only about a minute to a minute and a half each, however there is not much room for error in order to get the gold. Thankfully you do not need the gold in each level to get 20, but you do need quite a few golds. I tried to do the levels blind the first time through them, however you need to get powerups throughout the levels in order to finish fast enough to get a medal so you'll probably need to watch a video to see where some are hidden. The biggest challenge in this area is two fold. First, the movement is kind of choppy since the camera is a bit stiff so it can be hard to aim on the move. Hand in hand with that is the small reticle you have for aiming. As I mentioned above, it's not a big deal with no time limit, but when you only have 52 seconds to beat a level and you have to try and hit a small block or powerup while moving, it can be frustrating. Even with those issues, I would have beaten that mode in just a couple hours, however I hit some weird glitch. It wasn't saving my times or the medals that I was earning. It saved all of my medals properly the first time I played a couple of days ago, but when I went back to finish tonight, I got a few gold medals and had earned 20 so that I could attempt the trophied level, however it wasn't showing as available from the race screen. I backed out to see why and saw that none of the times/medals I had earned tonight registered and I was still sitting at 11 when I had earned 20. I reset the game and tried again and again the medals didn't save (I checked after beating the first new level this time). Thankfully, this was a known issue and there was a thread on the forum here that had the solution of disconnecting from PSN and resetting the game and trying. Doing that ended up working and after about 45 minutes, I was back to where I was when the glitch happened. It was pretty frustrating since I did not enjoy this mode of the game as much as the story mode....but the levels were short enough and it was just a matter of getting lucky with my aim on some of the power up items. If you have the game in your backlog, it was fun enough for me to recommend. If you do not already have the game, I can't say it's worth much more than $5. It was a fun puzzle game and with the pink in the thumbnail it counts towards the Cancer event and since it starts with a Q it also gives me my first Q game for a 100% ABC list. With this PS3 game done, I really only have about 8-10 PS3 games left in my backlog to play. I would like to finish them all in the next year and then I may officially be able to retire that console. I'll keep it of course, as I have with all the consoles I've owned, but it will take its place on my retirement shelf with the other consoles that have been put out to never know when you may want another ride!
  10. This is actually surprisingly close to how I would explain the KH story too 😆 When do you think your luck will change and you'll accidentally play a good game? You've had a rough stretch of it lately.
  11. lol this is how it starts my go from only one or two active games to all of a sudden looking at your profile and have something like 11 'active' games. Hopefully you have more willpower than I did Congrats on the first achiever as well! That's a cool thing to have under your belt!
  12. I notice you just finished it up yourself so congrats! What difficulty did you play it on for the challenge mode? I played the game through on Standard originally and have been doing the DLC on that mode so far....I'm leaning towards beginner mode just to make it as painless as possible....but I beat all the other games on Critical so I'm sure I could do it here....just not sure I want to. This absolutely should have been a free DLC...or $4.99 at most. It's similar to TLOU2 DLC with the grounded mode and permadeath modes....nothing really new there either, but at least they had the decency to make it free. I'm sure your letdown her felt similar to my letdown with FFXV. That was the series I held sacred growing up and was really disappointed that they released an incomplete product after so long. They should have just released that as the Royal Edition and it would have been far better...I'm not sure why I didn't play this series when I was younger...I have a feeling it was because I thought it was a 'kids' game and just never gave it a chance. Despite not having that nostalgia to hold onto, I did look through rose colored glasses at this series when I played it a couple years ago. I really did want to like this series...I mean I love FF characters and I love Disney and this started as a clever idea....but they M. Night Shyamalan'd it up and just got too convoluted and took a cool idea and made it a mess. I enjoyed the combat in KH2 the most and this game isn't terrible either. I'll probably skip most of the cutscenes as well when I go through the main game again. Most of the voice acting was ok when I went through it the first time....but Xigbar having a 'bro dude' voice doesn't fit the character (at least in my mind) and Axel has the worst catchphrase in history with 'Got it memorized?' while pointing to his head...There was also a few FFX style laughing scenes that were just painful as well lol I completed the 'story' part of the DLC and that was exceptionally easy. When I say easy....I mean it was easy. It was shocking to me how easy it was lol I took next to no damage and I was beating things in like 5 seconds. The Organization XIII fights are not so easy. They're not that hard either. I've beaten 9 of the 13 so far and I've only been at it a couple of hours. I beat 6 of them in 3 tries or less and 3 of them took me a bit. The 6 that I beat in 3 tries or less you could pretty much brute force through without much strategy. Between Ariel and the Ultima Weapon form change they went down without much strategy. The remaining ones I have left though, I will need to learn the mechanics of the fights a bit since they don't seem to stagger as easy. I wouldn't worry too much about the difficulty to be honest. I'm sure if you could beat the other games on Critical, you'll be able to beat the 'Risk-taker' trophy mode. It's taken me a little bit to get used to the controls again, but I'm sure you'll be fine.
  13. Had a surprise DLC finish yesterday Tripwire was able to fix the trophy issue with Maneater with the last update that dropped yesterday and I was able to login and they all popped! Score one for the little guys! They actually fixed something and it worked! They all autopopped when I logged in so if you fell victim to some Maneater glitched trophies, they should work now! Got a couple of trophies down with the KH3 DLC and boy will this one be a slog. I could not be less impressed with this DLC so far and whoever decided that this DLC should be $30 has a special spot in hell saved for is astonishing to me that they have the balls to charge that much considering how little new content there is. It's a replay of the end of the game with some subtext and the addition of the Organization battles from KH2 and apparently one unique boss and a challenge mode. SE is lucky that I have no willpower and like to 100% my games....thankfully I got it on sale, but even what I spent was too much.
  14. It's been a good week! They fixed Maneater so I was able to finish up that DLC. I was a little bummed that it didn't keep the original trophy times and just autopopped them when I logged into my save....but I'll take it. The update notes said that a trophy could get stuck in the queue and block the others from popping when they should....based on that explanation, I would have thought they might keep their original earned time, but they all popped the moment I loaded my save. I'm glad I waited since I would have been annoyed if I played that again and they fixed it so soon after. In addition to the Maneater 100% re-achieved, I was able to get the 100% in The Last of Us 2 again. Grounded difficulty is extremely hard in this game. There are just some areas that feel impossibly unfair. The hardest part about this game is that none of the battle areas have a 'safe zone'. You can virtually always be flanked by something and not see it coming. Unlike with Maneater, I was very happy to return to this one. It was nice to play again and I still enjoyed the story. It was nice since I had forgotten a few things, but remembered the overall gist of it and was able to pick up on a ton of little things this time around. I was actually shocked at some of the things I missed the first time around. There's a rather large plot point involving one of the secondary people who join you and I really have no idea how I missed this the first time through. I went as far as I could in grounded without using the exploit for using the 'power ups' before I caved. It was just too hard in some areas and I didn't want to have the grounded run ruin my experience with the game. Even with the easy button enabled, some areas took several tries. I ended up dying 54 times in the playthrough and I think about 35-40 of them was the boss fight against It was really frustrating how aware that boss is during that battle. I kept getting spotted and it's basically one hit and you're dead for that part. Thankfully that fight was at the start of the chapter and you only lost about 3-5 minutes to retry. I got really frustrated at one point because I had been trying that fight for about an hour and finally beat the fight....only to step on a landmine during the cutscene....I must have got the final hit near one and as the game was transitioning to the cutscene for the end of the fight it tripped and killed me...took me another 30-40 minutes to finally beat it. It truly is a great game though and I would highly recommend it. I think it was a perfect follow up to the first one. Just so much of it makes sense and I really like how they explored the idea that what is 'evil' or the 'bad side' mostly depends on what side you're standing on. For me, the game has a real Breaking Bad vibe to it with regards to the character development and it is something I really enjoyed. You will not feel good about the story, but I think anyone has to admit that it is one that is compelling. I bought Jurassic World Evolution 2 and started playing that with my son. I had heard it was coming out and it was on my radar since I enjoyed the first one quite a bit....but I hadn't planned on buying it on release....well as I had mentioned earlier, I've started playing a Final Fantasy Randomizer a bit and have been watching some of the races on Youtube and my son has watched a bit with me. Well he saw a review thumbnail for the game and got super excited and wanted to watch it. He loved what he saw and I ended up buying it for him as a reward for being a brave guy when he got his first Covid vaccine shot last week. We're having some fun with it and I'll take it slowish to play with him. he's a little bummed that everything isn't unlocked right at the start so I may play a bit by myself to speed that part up for him. This game is going to be much harder than the first I can tell. There is sooooo much more to pay attention to. You need to hire scientists now to do anything, which is expensive. They can get tired/disgruntled if you overwork them and you need to allow them time to rest (which also costs money). You need to pay for gas for the jeeps and helicopters and it just seems like it will be very easy to get overwhelmed in this game. Beating the challenges on Jurassic mode will take some time I think. This will probably be a long time before I finish this one up. Even with those changes though, I have enjoyed the few hours I've played so far. Next up on my DLC quest is Kingdom Hearts 3. I started the other night and so far this DLC is highway robbery at $30. It is literally just the end of the game replayed with some subtext....and then some boss fights (basically the Organization fights from KH2 again) and a challenge mode. How they are able to sleep at night adding so little content and charging so much money for it is beyond me. I had forgotten how bad this story is and was surprised at how bad the voice acting is....Xigbar is almost unbearable to listen to. When I had played all these games back to back to back a couple years ago....the story didn't seem that bad. However, after taking two years away from it and to come is ridiculous. I'm really annoyed that I don't like this game so much because I really, really wanted to like this series...but I don''s a bummer but I don't. Next week is my favorite holiday! I always take the day before and after Thanksgiving off. Nothing beats food, football and video games!
  15. Another one bites the 100%. Finished up TLOU2 DLC. I'm one of the people that really liked this game the first go around and enjoyed it a lot this time too. The permadeath mode was super annoying at points, even with the easy button activated....but I enjoy the game enough that it wasn't that big a deal. Took me just over 22 hours to beat and I lost 7 hours and 50 minutes due to death. I picked up several things in the story this time around that I had missed the first time....and I'm not sure how I missed them to be honest. I won't go into detail since it's still only a year old, but I'll say this is not a 'feel good' story, but I found it to be very compelling and enjoyed it quite a bit. My next DLC up is KH3...can't say the same about this story lol I played every game in this series in a row, back to back a couple of years ago and I have no idea what is going on in this play was fun enough if I remember so hopefully that will carry me through.