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  1. Wow dude, that is super kind of you! It's funny that you relate to my account like that because that is the exact same reason I've been following yours lol We're about neck and neck with our play history, plus I feel like we could have a beer together outside of gaming and talk sports just as easy. We'd throw up at each other's chosen teams of course, but I get that same vibe I actually look at most of these profiles as well, but end up being more of a lurker with admiration than an active participant in the threads. I find that I have about an hour or two a day to myself and the more time I spend on here posting, the less time I have to game. I could probably find a happy medium if I was better with the keyboard on my phone, but as it stands, I do all of my posting from my desktop. You are correct though, that there are a lot of interesting personalities, with great takes, who obviously care a lot about their hobby. Keep up the great work my man and you'll be blowing past me in no time!
  2. Finished up my fourth game that qualifies with World Wrestling Entertainment 2K Battlegrounds. I would like to request that @Jens list it that way on the spreadsheet since if you use the anacronym version, the title won't be long enough for my liking This game was free, short and just what was needed if I plan on getting anywhere close to done with these numbers by the end of the event! The game was more frustrating than anything else, but if you're looking for a '9' game, this one can be a good filler game! 0 - The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series 1 - 2 - 3 - The Bridge / Celeste / Secret of Mana 4 - 5 - LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Video Game 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - World Wrestling Entertainment 2K Battlegrounds
  3. I also loved the Bushwackers. I liked the British Bulldog too, but if I remember right, he had a long time feud with Brett Hart, who was one of my favorites as well so I backed Brett.
  4. WWE 2K Battlegrounds To explain why this game is making it's way onto my profile, I'm going to modify a quote by Turkish from the movie Snatch, 'It's hard enough to finish all the games you need to in a timed trophy event, so every now and then you gotta do something that might not agree with your principles. Basically you have to forget you got any.' The Gaming By Numbers event is a really fun event with a cool badge for completing. To finish the event, you need to finish 10 games in about 3 months that each end in a different number on their game page....which isn't a ridiculous number of games to finish, but considering some of the games I play are very long, it can be hard to do in time. In order to finish 10 games with unique ending numbers, sometimes you have to play some games that may not have been on your radar. This game is one such game for me. When I went to add this month's PS+ games to my backlog, I noticed that this game ended in a '9', which I didn't have a game in mind for yet for the event. According to the trophy guide, it only would take about 7 hours to complete so I figured this would be one of those games that might fall outside my principals that would make the list. I've watched wrestling two different times in my life. Once in the late 80's and early 90's when Hulk Hogan was king and guys like Randy 'Macho Man' Savage, The Million Dollar Man, Tatanka, The Rockers, Lex Lugor, Yokozuna and a young Undertaker were roaming the ring. I was a big Undertaker fan and I remember being upset when he 'died' during a casket match or something. At the time, I was still thinking it was all real and was super upset and stopped watching. My second era of following wrestling was around 2000 towards the end of the 'Attitude' era. Some of my college friends had a Pay Per View on and I saw a match with Kane and I thought it was pretty cool. Guys like the Dudley's and the Hardy Boyz were nuts with the stuff they were doing. The Rock and Stone Cold were super entertaining and for about a year or two, we watched every show every week and bought all the Pay Per Views. Once the World Wildlife Fund made the WWF change their name to the WWE and then the WCW folded and was basically absorbed by the WWE, shit started to go downhill for me and I lost interest. Similar to my watching history, I've played two wrestling games in my life. Pro Wrestling for the NES where I played exclusively as Starman and then WWF No Mercy for the N64. No Mercy was actually a lot of fun and that game was in our rotation of heavily played games in college along with Golden Eye and NHL Hitz...but it's been a long time in between wrestling games for me. On the surface, this game seemed like it would be fine, graphics were kind of neat and there was a lot of opportunity for nostalgia. You can waste money with micro transactions if you want to pay to unlock a bunch of wrestlers, but it's not needed at all for the trophy list. The playstyle of this game is to wrestling what NHL Hitz was to hockey. Over the top in the caricature graphics with over the top moves and damage. This game actually had the potential to be pretty fun, however ended up being quite frustrating and pretty annoying to play. Firstly, the trophy list is pretty small compared to what it could have been. There's honestly enough content for this game to have a platinum if they actually wanted you to try and do everything. There's a handful of trophies that revolve around the main campaign, which resembles a comic book story, and the rest are for just doing certain things in the ring or unlocking random items. They could have had a trophy for finishing each area, getting all the stars for the campaign and for unlocking different %'s of the wrestlers, but the trophy list really only has you do the bare minimum to get through. I didn't even look at most of the screens in the game. The beginning of the campaign is pretty easy and is a good way to learn the controls. One thing you learn very early is this is a game that feels like it 'cheats' when you are playing the computer. One of the status bars you have is for your special move, and when it gets full you can press the R2 and L2 buttons at the same time to do the move, same goes for the computer. Well, in this game, the computer player seems like they can do their move whenever they want if the status bar is full. You could be mid combo and all of a sudden you're being jumped thirty feet in the air for a giant choke slam. It also feels like the computer (especially during the Wrestlemania part) counter more than half of your moves. It can be really frustrating at times and make the game feel unfair. In addition to these annoyances during the match, the controls feel a bit clunky. You can get temporarily stuck in objects on the screen. Trying to do moves while then trying to counter the computer's moves put you in a tough spot. If the computer goes to do a move against you, there is a QTE where one of the buttons pop up and you need to press it to counter. You have like half a second to respond or if you were hitting buttons for a combo and the QTE pops up, you'll fail if the QTE isn't the button you were pushing for the combo. It's just really annoying. Additionally, the mini game for pinning, submissions or throwing people from the ring during a Royal Rumble involve alternate mashing of the R2 and L2 buttons. I don't know if you have to fully let go of one before pressing the other, but it didn't seem very responsive to me and there were several times where I lost to submission or got tossed from the ring when I shouldn't have. The good news with the Royal Rumble is it is relatively easy to cheese. Only four wrestlers can be in the ring at the same time (which is also clunky to switch who you are targeting and/or tell who you switched to) and usually two of them will face off against each other, leaving one against you. If you stand on the turnbuckle, the one you are up against kind of walks just out of distance for a bit and when they finally start in towards you, you can press to jump off the turnbuckle and punch them and they go down. You can go back on the turnbuckle and rinse/repeat while the other guys bash the shit out of each other. Once the energy level is low enough, you can toss guys out of the ring. It's not fool proof, but considering how often you get countered and stuff, I don't think it'd be really possible to beat without doing that. It's not the worst game I've ever played, but my favorite part of the game was going through the roster of wrestlers and listening to the old entrance music. This game could have been a lot of fun, but ended up being more frustrating due to game controls than anything else. It was free so the price was right, it crossed off '9' for me in the event and it was short, so in the end I can't bitch too much. Unless you are a huge WWE fan or are looking for a quick game for some event, this game is easy to pass up.
  5. Been a while since I could post something, but I finished up some nostalgia, trash game tonight in Secret of Mana. I can't in good conscience recommend this game at all....find your RPG points somewhere else! Coming in hot with: 100 + 26(26*1b) + 14(7*2s) + 24(4*6G) - 19.64 - 0 = 144.36 I should have quite a few RPG's coming up in the near future so won't be as long between updates.
  6. lol this is a fantastic list...unfortunately all of the games appear to be $40 or more. While I'm usually good to go all in on a good joke....that's more than I'd be willing to spend Good looking out though! Good news! I finished my 3rd '3' game of the event, which I think qualifies me for a dummy badge or something. Bob Ross is spinning in his grave right now at my ineptitude for finishing games that end in a different number....Secret of Mana was my third '3' and it is probably the game I enjoyed the least on my profile. Nostalgia had me buy it and reality had me regretting it....don't play this really didn't age well. Going to try and mix in a game that might actually help my list here... 0 - The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series 1 - 2 - 3 - The Bridge / Celeste / Secret of Mana 4 - 5 - LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Video Game 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 -
  7. Platinum #148 Secret of Mana I had bought this game right when it came out. It was a pure nostalgia purchase. I had the game on the SNES back in the early 90's and I remember getting stuck somewhere and never finishing it. With no internet to look up what the next move was and no way my mom would let me call a gaming help line, I moved on to something else. Other than getting stuck and not finishing the game, I didn't remember a whole lot about it. I wasn't in a rush to play it when I got it, but I was looking for something shorter (I thought) to play on my Vita to help get me closer to Platinum 150 so I could pop Jotun. I'm just going to come out and say it....this is the worst game I've played that I can remember...and I remember playing Space Hulk. I can think of nothing at all redeeming about it. For starters....only three enemies can appear on the screen at the same time. It was weird more than it was any kind of problem, however later when you are trying to farm the rare gear you need, it was somewhat frustrating to have things appear or not appear due to how many enemies were on the screen. The missing enemy would appear once you killed something to bring the enemy count below three...but you had to move the visible screen out of their spawn area (not into a new zone) and return for them to was super clunky and annoying. When you do fight the enemies, you swing your weapon and your stamina goes to 0%. If you miss, your companions do nothing since they won't attack until you hit something. You then have to wait two seconds for your stamina to go back to 100% if you want to do more than 0-5 damage. You could always swing at less than 100% so your companions will start doing something, but you won't do any real damage yourself. If you hit the enemy, most of the time it falls over. While the enemy is on the ground, it won't take more damage. You have to wait for it to stand up before it will register any more damage, which makes fights longer than needed and ruins any kind of potential battle flow. It is really bad. This next mechanic wasn't uncommon in games back then, but the stun lock when you are casting magic or magic is cast on you is insane. It made the bosses a joke. You can start casting the next spell while the previous spell is landing on the boss. If you time it right, the boss be almost completely stun locked and will barely move the entire fight. It took any potential strategy or challenge out of the game. So melee sucked and magic was brokenly OP. The music is also mostly garbage...which kind of surprised me for an SE game since most of the games I've played from them have at least had a decent sound track. I get that it is an SNES remaster...but man is it loopy, annoying trash. In addition to the garbage music...the god damn vendor does this stupid dance the whole time you aren't in the buy/sell screen. Has no effect on the game, just made it feel exceptionally cartoon-y. They did a decent job with the graphics and voice work for the remaster....but it wasn't nearly enough to save this turd. Now for the worst part of this game....the trophy list. Getting all of the torso gear, head gear and arm gear was absolutely brutal....I got to the Promised Land zone, which is the first area you have to stop to farm some of the missable gear for that trophy, at about 14 hours of play time. There is only one dungeon after that zone and I didn't get the platinum until 32 hours of playtime. That's right....14 hours of actually game and 18 hours of going in and out of a room to fight a respawn hoping for a rare drop. My worst offender was the Ninja Gloves from the Dark took me almost six hours of going in and out of the same room, killing two dark stalkers, before I got that drop. Here is how drops work in this game (I looked it up since I thought mine was broken). When you kill a monster, it has a chance to drop a treasure box. According to what I read, it's about an 8/64 chance for a monster to drop a treasure box when it dies (it's 1/8 and it drove me nuts that it referred to it as an 8/64 chance lol) . It is then another 8/64 chance that the treasure box that drops has the rare item in it. So in theory, you should see a treasure box about every 8 kills and then get the rare drop about every 8 treasure boxes....would you believe it took NINETY-SEVEN treasure boxes from the Dark Stalkers before I got the Ninja Gloves? Then just to further piss in my Cheerios, when I was farming the Fiend Heads for the Axe Orb needed for the weapons trophy, I killed a Dark Stalker and got a second pair of Ninja Gloves in a row....I was so mad lol...actually, I was so mad at this game most of the time I was playing it. Not only was I unlucky with these bullshit drops....but can you believe that one of the monsters you need to get a rare drop from is actually spawned from another monster? There is a slime that spawns monsters...and one of those monsters is the 'Eggplant Man'. So to farm this item, you have to go into a room that has the slime...wait for it to spawn a monster and hope that the monster it spawns is an Eggplant Man THEN hope that the Eggplant Man drops a chest and THEN hope that it is the rare chest. The good news is that the slime appears to be able to spawn monsters indefinitely so long as it isn't killed or spawns an enemy that replaces it...cause you know...only three monsters can be on the screen at once. The bad news is that the slime can spawn any one of five different monsters. While getting this rare drop wasn't as bad as the Ninja Gloves for me, it still took around four hours to get. The person who thought to add a rare drop to a monster you wouldn't even see if you killed the slimes too fast, should be dragged out back and shot. I had to restart the game once because something like that happened to me. One of the trophies in the game is for completing the 'Guide' which includes beating all monsters. In my first play through, I beat a zone where a regular 'Goblin' spawns a 'Ma Goblin'. Apparently, I was killing the Goblins too fast for them to spawn a Ma Goblin and I missed it. Clearing a zone removes the monsters and that was the only area a Ma Goblin appears so I had to restart the game. I was only like three hours in so it wasn't that bad....but I definitely paid closer attention to the trophy list after that. At the end of the day, I can give you no good reason to play this game....there is literally nothing redeeming about it. At the time, the story might have felt more original since it was 30 years ago...but now, it is a basic the are our only variety kind of story line. I guess there is one other redeeming thing about the's an RPG and will count as points in the RPG event....but stay far, far away from this one. Honestly though, I like almost everything and even I think this game is bad so that should say something right there lol
  8. Finished up LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Video Game for my next number. This one accomplished two goals: 1) it was not a '3' game and fills up my '5' slot and 2) it's another game with a really long title that will not fit nicely in @Jens spreadsheet I started this game with my son a few months back and he had enough good sense to see this game was not very good pretty early and kicked it to the curb. I got tired of seeing it incomplete on my profile so pushed through it this last week. This game was not terribly good. It felt a bit rushed and unpolished. Camera was pretty wonky and this game just seemed to suffer from a lack of imagination. Unless you have a small child that likes Ninjago or are looking for a '5' game and got this for free last year....there is no good reason to install this one. Now to find another game with a really long title.... 0 - The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series 1 - 2 - 3 - The Bridge / Celeste 4 - 5 - LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Video Game 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 -
  9. Watched a review on Youtube and it looks pretty sweet. Thanks for the tip! I've added it to my wish list for now. I won't be able to play it right away so I'll see if it pops on sale, but it is definitely something that looks like something I would really enjoy! Platinum #147 LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Video Game Another game I added that my son picked out. He really likes the movie and he also likes the show on Netflix so he was quick to pick this one after finishing LEGO Batman 3. This game isn't quite as crisp as the other LEGO games we've played together and it seemed a lot more chaotic on screen. This game also suffers from a lack of variety and only has nine campaign missions. It is much shorter than the other LEGO games I've played. It also is the worst of the bunch I've played too. Unfortunately for me, my son lost interest in this one pretty's not all his fault though, when he saw me playing as Miles in the new Spider-Man, he lost all interest in this game. He also has been playing Don't Starve on my iPad....not a game I would have gotten him into, but he saw my sister playing it on her iPad and by then it was too late to say no to him lol I also busted out my Raspberry Pi and hooked it up to show him some old NES and SNES games. He is in love with Zelda: A Link to the Past (top 5 game in history in my opinion) and we've been playing that a bit. Anyway, we weren't going to be coming back to this game soon, if at all, and I was tired of seeing it incomplete on my trophy list. I also needed a '5' game for the GBN event so focused on this game for the last week or so to finish it up. I mentioned it wasn't as crisp and it is mostly due to the camera. It was really hard to control in certain areas and seemed to have a mind of its own. It was really hard to turn the camera to see hard I mean it just wouldn't go as far as you may want or would return to center unprompted. The loading times also seemed exceptionally long for a LEGO game...but it is what it is there. Generally, the combat is your typical LEGO combat, however they did jazz it up a bit by having different moves you could do. You can mostly get by just spamming , but in some of the Dojo fights, you need to get a high multiplier to up your stud count for a gold medal. In those situations, it pays to try and do some of the different moves since they can beef your combo up really quickly. Nothing is terribly hard and this game follows the same formula as any other LEGO a campaign that mirrors the movie, collect gold bricks, unlock a buttload of characters and do some side quest-y stuff and races. Where this game really lacked was in characters. There's not nearly as many unique characters as the other game and a lot of the 'characters' you unlock are more different skins for the main ninjas. You've got normal Kai, Kai with no mask on, Kai in high school, original Kai and I think one other iteration of Kai. It's the same for all six main that's like 30 characters to unlock that is just the same wasn't nearly as interesting. I had 'bought' this game last year when it was being given away for free, knowing my son would probably want to play it some day. If you didn't pick it up when it was free last year...there is no need for you to pay real money for this game. I think this is LEGO's version of shovel-ware....not that any LEGO game has a lot of polish, but this one didn't feel like they put a ton of time or energy into it. It was just a really uninspired game and unless you also have a seven year old that loves Ninjago or you need a '5' game for GBN....leave this one in the backlog....
  10. Was not my most productive month with PS3 games. I did finish up The Bridge so it wasn't completely wasted. July may be a bit stagnate as well since I'm working on some games for a couple of other events at the same time, and unfortunately they don't line up so well with this one. We'll see though....I might be able to do one of the puzzle games on that list and start chipping away at it. Mass Effect (100% complete) Mass Effect 2 (100% complete) Mass Effect 3 (100% complete) Battle Vs Chess (100% complete) Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate (100% complete) Batman: Arkham Asylum (JP) (100% complete) The Bridge (100% complete) Dragon Age: Origins (98%) Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon Age II Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots The Wolf Among Us Zone of the Enders Steredenn: Classic Serious Sam 3: BFE Bound By Flame Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut Sparkle 2 Master Reboot Another World Amplitude Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Divekick
  11. I think I agree with you as far as the story goes. It was really well done...but I think most of the other games they did felt like you had more control over the direction of the story. I don't ever remember thinking, 'what was the point of that decision' in the other games and I thought that several times in this series. I still think that The Wolf Among Us is my favorite Telltale game with Guardians of the Galaxy probably being the weakest one I played.
  12. Game three since the start of the event and game two that counts completed! It was the first time I played through TWD and it took about 45 hours or so to get through the entire series. Clementine is super badass and I felt a bit cheated that she didn't play a bigger role in season three, however I thought the overarching story between all the seasons (minus Michonne) was really good. I liked the Michonne story just fine, but it had nothing to do with the rest of them. It felt a lot like watching Game of Thrones...don't get too attached to anyone lol I guess it could also feel a lot like watching The Walking Dead on TV...but I've never seen an episode so I don't know As much as I liked the overall story of the a game this one failed pretty miserably as a 'choose your own adventure'...most of the decisions you make felt irrelevant since the story did what it wanted anyways. This made the gaming experience a lot less enjoyable than it should have been considering how well the stories were. Don't knock over any walls or anything to get this game, but if you're stuck looking for something to could do a lot worse. Let me see what number I can duplicate for my next game to play 0 - The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series 1 - 2 - 3 - The Bridge / Celeste 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 -
  13. Platinum #146 The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series Well what an emotional rollercoaster ride this series was. I bought this game because I have enjoyed the other Telltale games I've played and generally enjoy the 'choose your own adventure' style of story telling. I have never watched the TV series, but from what I understand, this game has nothing really to do with the show. Spoiler alert, the stories are about the world after the dead rise and start eating people. If you get bit, you become one. Pretty standard zombie stuff with only one or two wrinkles thrown in. There are four and a half(?) seasons overall. Four that follow the story of Clementine, a little girl who is swept up in the madness of the new world, and one that follows the story of Michonne, a widowed mother of two who is trying to get rid of the inner demons that have been chasing her since the world came to an end. With Clementine, each season she's a little older, a little wiser, and a little more hardened. She is also an extremely likeable protagonist. The Michonne season is an off-shoot that has nothing to do with the main series. I ended up enjoying it. I didn't think I would like playing a story that didn't involve Clementine, so I played Michonne a lot less sympathetic than I would normally play someone in these types of games, and I ended up having fun with that story. I usually play as a trusting person (who ends up getting screwed, but I'll keep being me anyways!) With Michonne, I was not trusting and much quicker with the trigger than usual. I picked like two people I would trust and then was just super aggressive the rest of the time...for the most part. It takes a looooong time to get through this series. Each episode is about an hour and a half to two hours long and each season has roughly five episodes. It's about ten hours per story so 40-50 hours to get through it all. I once again applaud Telltale for their ability to tell see what I did there . These games were heart-wrenching and emotional and filled with gut punches. While I found the stories to be compelling....these games were the most annoying of the Telltale games I've played so far. The reason I like these games, is I feel like the choices I make creates a somewhat unique gaming experience for me as I play through them. Here, I've never felt like my decisions mattered less than in this series. Usually in these games, when you are faced with a tough decision...there are lasting implications to the story. Not here....these games are littered with 'tough choices' that end up being pointless due to how the story progresses. You get given a scenario to save person X or Y and it feels like this is a big decision....more times than not, it makes no difference who you save since the one you do will die shortly after anyways. It felt like they wrote a story and shoehorned every decision you make to fit into that story...whether some of the dialogue choices or decisions make sense or not. In those X-Y scenarios, I wish the game just made the choice for you so that the 'big' choices you do make actually have an impact....or they could just have created more story lines. I have to give credit to Quantic Dream since I never remember feeling like a decision was pointless in their 'choose your own adventure' games. Main characters can die in their games and it can completely change the story. Another scenario that proves the point of a one track story and happens quite a bit, is when you have to decide to help someone or not. More often than not, if you help them....they turn on you....if you turn them away they come back and rob you. In either scenario, the story moves along the same making that choice once again pointless. This mortal sin for a 'choose your own adventure' game was very prevalent in the first three seasons, but less so in Michonne and the Final Season. In those two entries in the series, I did feel like my decisions had more impact. My other big complaint with the series was how many loose ends were never really tied up or were hastily tied up to get to the next story line. For example, at the end of season two you have to make an enormous decision...I ended up choosing to side with the new blood instead of the old blood...and the game kind of ends on a big cliff hanger. My choice at the end of season two was never even referenced in season three. I thought I missed something or something got messed up, but apparently the backstory to what transpired between season two and season three hinges on a choice you make during the first episode in season three. If you go with one person, you get a flashback scene that explains what happens....if you go with the other, you don't. I went with the other and the major cliffhanger at the end of season two never came up once. I ended up Googling it after I finished season three to see what happened since I was like wtf?... From that Google search, I learned that the save being carried over between seasons is a bit glitchy. Turns out the choice I made at the end of season two didn't carry over correctly to season three. The way I could tell is apparently Clementine has a different scar depending on what you choose at the end of season two. The scar my Clem had did not match my choice...but all of my other choices carried over correctly. The same thing happened during season four. At the beginning of season four, there's kind of a brief recap of the first season where it goes through some of the biggest choices you had to make and has you verify them through the flashback while Clem gets you up to speed. It wouldn't let me pick two of the big decisions I made since apparently it didn't fit in with the Canon of the series or something...It made no sense to me. One of the most impactful and emotional scenes of the series happens at the end of season one where you basically have to decide between having mercy on someone or letting them turn into a zombie....I choose the mercy route but that wasn't an option during the season four flashbacks. It was super annoying to me since I felt like that decision helped shape the character of the Clem that I played throughout the series. Despite these annoyances, I thought it was a really interesting story line. Clementine is one of my favorite protagonists of all-time now and I felt really invested in her character throughout. If I had to rank the seasons, I'd put them as Season one, Final season, Season two, Michonne, Season three. None were that bad and the reason season three came in last was because Clem played a supporting role in that story. Since Clem was the character I cared most about, I just agreed with everything she wanted to do kind of made most of the decisions moot since my goal was to help Clem. If you played as Clem during season three, the story would have been better but instead you are introduced to a bunch of new characters that you don't really care about until the game is almost over. It just made it the weakest in the series. This collection of games is a lot of work for a Telltale platinum, but if you spread it out enough, I think it's worth playing through. I wouldn't pay more than $20 for this series and the only reason I think $20 is reasonable is because you get four and a half games for it and $5 a season seems fair. If you want an emotionally impactful story and don't care much about whether you choices affect the outcome, than you'll probably enjoy this series. I mean Clem alone makes the series worth it, but you do have to look past a bunch of stupid stuff to enjoy it. I can really only recommend this game if you like the Telltale style of gaming and even that is a stretch since the 'gaming' part of it can be really annoying. You definitely won't lose any sleep by skipping it (and you might lose some sleep if you play it!)
  14. Fair enough and makes sense. If you are going to put in that kind of effort to beat something'd be nice to have something to show for it. I don't think that botches a profile...I think a profile says more about a person than just a few games. Maybe it doesn't show what you want it to say about you as a gamer....but you have enough challenging games on your profile where you can tell it's usually more about the games and less about just a pure trophy count. I like this idea too. It would be a lot more fun for some of those really challenging games to have something like this. I agree that if this did have a trophy for using Assist Mode for the first time, it could be a good achievement to show where in the journey that you turned it on. It doesn't help with rarity % if that's your thing....but you could at least show how far you were able to get without help. I can't lie....I have chosen a few games just based on the rarity. I actually chose SMB for that reason and I also bought Attacking Zegata for that reason....however AZ seems like a bad joke so I never really tried it. Some of it was morbid curiosity (looking at you Space Hulk). This made me lol Seems @Cassylvania has the 'hot take' of my thread so far 😂 Thanks! I appreciate the kind words. Your profile doesn't have a ton of games yet, but it looks like you're choosing wisely when you choose something! Witcher 3 is on the short list of games I really want to play soon. I may play that one this winter as a nice, long game when it's cold out. The platinum rain was really hard lol I usually try to pop that plat as soon as I it took a lot to ignore that impulse. It started from me just wanting to pop all the Mass Effect games in order, but by the time I beat ME3, I had a good amount of games ready to go and then I just decided to wait. While it's cool to see all those games finished on the same day....I probably won't be rushing to do that again. Thanks again and good luck to you too!
  15. I agree with this. If the point of assist mode was to make it so more people could view the story, then I think it's a good addition since the game is quite challenging. However, I do agree that we shouldn't be rewarded with the trophy if we decide to use it. I think that would have been the best compromise and I would be forced to bang my head against a wall to attempt to keep my profile at/close to 100%. I agree with you here to a point. It is true that there are a lot of good, challenging games out there that if challenging games are your jam, you don't need to settle. For myself, I don't need every game to test my mettle though for it to be a good time. Some times I like a nice relaxing experience or something that is more story driven etc. You are a freak of nature when it comes to hard's a part of your DNA lol I like to really challenge myself occasionally I don't mind mixing in the odd cupcake for an event or something. My overall goal is to have my trophy rarity on the stats page to be sub 40% (at like 40.35 right now) but it's just a minor goal. So long as I'm hovering around that 40% mark, I feel like I'm keeping enough challenging games in my repertoire, but not denying myself the chance to play a fun game like Miles Morales either. I do have UR envy of your profile though if we're being honest lol