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  1. I really was going to take a break from some events to focus on some longer games, however this one kind of lines up with my current short term goals of finishing the Mass Effect series among some of my other older games. Plus I love the year long event so sign me up! My PS3 Backlog: Mass Effect (100% complete) Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 The Wolf Among Us Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Battle Vs Chess Zone of the Enders Steredenn: Classic The Bridge Serious Sam 3: BFE Bound By Flame Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut Divekick Sparkle 2 Master Reboot Another World Amplitude Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Batman: Arkham Asylum (JP) Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age: Inquisition Dragon Age II Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 The green games are the ones I definitely plan on playing and getting the 100%. The blue games are mostly PS+ freebies that I could take or leave (probably leave)....I could do CoD MW3...but I have to research that one a bit more since I'm pretty sure that's one of those games that will get you flagged for joining a shitty lobby. I have no interest in that, but it was actually the first game I ever bought for the PS3 (I don't really like CoD games, but I bought it in case someone came over that wanted to play a MP game) so wouldn't mind actually finishing if possible. While I love TWAU, I already have it on my profile twice....and three times seems like a lot. The first time was because I like the genre...the second time was so that I could try and make it my fastest platinum so it would be in my Milestones...that's one I may save for nostalgia to play in like 5 years since I really have no good reason to play it again right now. Having said that...I do have Arkham Asylum on my profile twice already as well, but I have a personal goal of beating every 'Arkham' game there is so will be playing the JP version at some point. I do already have one completion under my belt. I finished up ME1 last week and will be starting ME2 in the next couple of days. Playing a couple other things first as a palate cleanser I really enjoyed ME1 and am really excited to carry my character over to ME2. Even though the game is ancient....I found it still a lot of fun to play. Thanks for hosting!
  2. Not's easy enough to delay a platinum until I get the one to pop I want. For example, I started Leisure Suit Larry towards the end of my KH run. I have a few active games now that I'll wait to pop. I've really enjoyed breaking up the ME run with Battle vs Chess. It's actually pretty fun and challenging. Absolutely no one is playing it though so the multiplayer trophies could be a challenge. I have a standing 'Gaming Session' in case anyone new starts to play and wants to play with me. When I pop ME Andromeda...I'll probably end up popping three or four games right after. I'm slowly working on Hollow Knight as I creep closer to my milestone, I'll have BvC ready to pop too most likely...yours and my favorite Phil as well as Gunhouse. It might be cheating a little bit since I'm 'forcing' my completion order...but it's my profile so I want it to look how I want it to look I'm pretty sure that Trophy Hunting is a mental disease that we're all just feeding anyways lol We each have our own idea of what Trophy Hunting means and our own little idiosyncratic ways to go about doing them...My current short term goal is to finish the ME more longer term goal is to get my trophy percentage stat to less than 40%. It's completely arbitrary and means nothing....but it's something I'm shooting for. I'm currently around 40.5% and your boy Phil is making that a little tougher...but it's fine...I want to be in the cool kids club lol Jens has been making a push a bit via Discord lol It is a series I would like to play at some point....I think...but that is a mountain of games to climb. I want to finish the UC series and the Soulsbourne series first. After that, I don't have any other series in my backlog so it might be a time I try to squeeze it a year. Maybe I'll make 2023 a Platinum Rain year where I don't pop any Platinums until 12/31 and I'll pop the entire series in order, and then any other game I played throughout the year on top of it. That could be an interesting challenge, but we'll see!
  3. lol maleShep. I did femShep with one of the cleanup runs for the biotic abilities, but I was the dude. I'm looking forward to see the continuation for sure. Thanks! Good luck getting it done! It's hard sometimes to stick with some of the games that aren't as good, but I think it shows character to finish things that are tough. Did you take a break from gaming for a while? I see a pretty large gap in your profile....also congrats on getting a PS5! I struck out every time I tried to snag one. What do you think of it so far? lol me too doing a little bit of a palate cleanser by playing a Chess game a bit. My friend who turned me onto ME has me playing Chess online with him and this one is pretty fun too.
  4. Looks great. Thank you!
  5. Platinum #128 Mass Effect It's happened! I did it! The game I've been saying will be my next game for almost two years has finally been done lol This is a game that my best friend had recommended a few years ago and I bought when it was on a decent sale shortly after. I've heard tons of good things about the series and the only real reason it has taken so long to start is the fact that I have been participating in so many events over the past couple of years. A lot of the events require ten games or so to be finished over about a three month span in general. Since I would like to play these never seemed like a good time to start. I've decided to (most likely) take the winter off from events so I can do some general housekeeping of unfinished games/games that I've wanted to play for a while done. All of the on the longer side. I had generally heard that this was the worst game in the series and that it did not age very well. Well, I disagree lol I found this game to be very good....for a 13 year old game, I didn't think anything felt that dated. There were a lot of things I liked about the game. I thought the the story was really interesting and I liked that you could play as a good guy or bad guy. I liked how vast the game was and how much there was to explore. I thought the graphics were pretty good considering how old the game is and once I got used to it...the combat actually wasn't too bad either. I generally like to play as a more virtuous character that 'does the right thing' but it was kind of funny to play the 'renegade' role in this game. There were a lot of quests where you were like, 'yeah I had to do it cause you suck at your job' or you have an opportunity to save the hostages and you're like 'nah, people die sometimes'. I knew I wanted my final playthrough to be of the 'paragon' variety, so I was a dick during my second playthrough I saw that there was a way to cheese Hardcore and Insanity, but I wanted to play them so didn't bother with it. In all honesty, the harder modes weren't that hard. Your gear is so good by then, that so long as you keep moving and's really hard to die. The only hard part about the later modes is how freaking long it takes to kill stuff. Everything seems to have immunity and immunity lasts forever so it takes a long time to kill anything....especially the Krogans...I found that switching back and forth between the ammo for +40% damage to organics and synthetics helped speed stuff up...but that was the only thing that made those modes hard. In general I was able to blow through the game once I knew where to go and what could be skipped. While I don't think the game aged as terribly as some seem to think. There were definitely a ton of areas that could use improvement. Things that bothered me was the Immunity ability....I wouldn't have minded it if it lasted for a few seconds....but it literally lasts like 10-15 seconds which is too long. I mean it makes Insanity and Hardcore easier to survive....but it also prolongs battles waaaaaaay too long. The fact you couldn't select multiple things to convert to omni-gel at once was annoying. It would have been nice to check off a bunch of things to convert at once and it ended up being poorly executed as well. It would have also been nice to have a shared inventory screen instead of having everything sorted separately by what it was. With an inventory max of 150 items, you have to spend a lot of time clearing inventory. I didn't love that the button to skip text was also the same button to select text. I didn't skip any text my first playthrough....but once I knew what was going on, I tried to skip more text the next couple of playthroughs and I ended up accidentally selecting a ton of things I didn't want to. I would have liked to have seen them be two different buttons. The final thing that I found pretty annoying was how closely your teammates followed you...I mean they would be right on your ass and would get in the way all the time. I ended up having them hang back quite frequently when I knew I had to be able to move around. These were all relatively minor nuisances...but it left a lot of areas for improvement on an otherwise stellar game. While the game wasn't terribly hard....getting the Platinum is pretty challenging. There is a lot of annoying things with regards to 100% this game. Having to repeat 45-50+ mission/assignments on each playthrough to get all the different teammate trophies was brutal. The counter for them seems somewhat glitched as well. I didn't notice it on my first playthrough where things seemed to pop when they should, however on the next two playthroughs I was nervous the game glitched out on me. My hardcore playthrough I used Wrex and Tali as teammates. I got them both at about the exact same time and only used the two of them on all missions/assignments together (except the first few before you get them) and for some reason Tali's trophy popped on time and I had to do like 10-15 more quests before Wrex's trophy did. I was certain it wasn't going to pop lol They should have popped at the same time or Wrex should have popped first since I think you technically do one mission with him before getting Tali. So those trophies sucked....the other trophies that sucked were the 'use *blank* ability 75 times' trophies. It wouldn't have been as bad if it counted your teammates, since you'd have access to everything if they counted...however the trophy list forces you to play under multiple different job/class types to get. Fortunately they are relatively easy to farm....but I would have rather been able to do them organically by playing the game. The rest of the trophies weren't too bad...but this trophy list was far grindy-er than it needed to be. Based on my complaints, it probably doesn't sound like I liked the game as much as I did, but as I was mostly little things. Overall, this was a great experience and I'm super psyched that I get to carry my character over to the next playthrough On to ME2!
  6. Ned! Ryerson! Needlenose Ned. Ned the Head. Come on, buddy. Case Western High! Ned Ryerson. I did the whistling belly button trick at the high school talent show. Bing! Ned Ryerson, got the shingles real bad senior year, almost didn't graduate. Bing again! Ned Ryerson, I dated your sister Mary Pat a couple times till you told me not to anymore.
  7. It took me a little bit to get that was what was happening. At first I thought the sound and the effect was just to let you know you were asking a question that had been a locked wasn't until you start being super aggressive towards some of the people you're talking to that it dawned on me that it was some sort of mesmerize ability. I was also cool with it once I figured out what was happening...but for a while I was like, this is super easy for him to get this kind of information out of these people. lol it was the shame that caused me to start. Things kept coming up that was delaying the start. I would have started a while ago if I didn't have this thing about them being done in order on my profile...but it's hard to finish events with four long games like that listed...especially if I can't pigeonhole it into a category. I'm going to take the winter off I think from events (unless something very low stress pops up) to just get some longer 'housekeeping' stuff done. Once I finish the ME series and the profile clean up....I'd like to finally tackle the entire souls series as well. We'll see how that goes lol I've really enjoyed it so far. I've had some frustrating deaths that have caused me redo more than I'd like....check points aren't very forgiving in some areas and I'm not terribly good about saving frequently. My only real complain so far is how ridiculously quick you have to be with the QTE's for unlocking the encrypted lockers and stuff. I swear you have less than half a second do act. I have like a 30% success rate so far. The ones required for story progression are much more forgiving thankfully...but outside of that I've really enjoyed it so far. We'll see if I'm singing the same tune after my third time through the game.
  8. Platinum #127 Vampyr This was another game that I had thought about buying on various sales over the past couple of years, but never pulled the trigger. Not that I knew anything about it, but I like Vampire movies and thought this might be something that could be interesting. I had no idea what the game play was like or anything and I was pretty happy to see it being offered for PS+ last month. I wasn't in a rush to play it necessarily, however there was a mini-event for plat'ing this game on Halloween and I was looking for a holiday themed game, so figured why not? While I didn't know what to expect, it was not really what I was expecting at the same time. The game is extremely dialogue/story driven that is split up by some hack and slash-y kind of combat. The story takes place around 1920 in London during the Spanish Flu epidemic and you play as a recently turned vampire who is a renowned doctor and a war veteran. It's a cool time period for the story to take place and you spend the majority of the time talking with the citizens, trying to learn about your newfound immortality while also trying to end the epidemic. I thought the story was decent enough, however I felt that the game didn't really do a great job of explaining the Vampire's ability to 'mesmerize' people. As you learn clues, new dialogue options open and your character is not very subtle when asking about these discoveries. For example, you may learn that a citizen has committed will just meet the dude and be like 'You murdered so-and-so, why did you do it and shame on you as well' and the dude you are accusing, who you just met, will just spill the beans and then continue to talk to you after. I mean, a weird sound happens when you select the option and the screen kind of goes wavy for a second to imply you're imposing your will on them to get the answer...but it's never explained really (unless I just missed it) and felt kind of weird. Outside of all the time you spend talking...there is some combat. You get some vampire skills, a ranged weapon (if you choose a one handed weapon) and a melee weapon. I tended to use the two-handed clubs and only broke out the guns during some boss fights. I was very unimpressed with the game at the beginning. I found the combat to very clunky and was very frustrated. This is a game that has a stamina bar that depletes as you attack and it seemed to run out too quickly and I died quite a bit at the beginning while figuring things out. The other challenge at the start is there is a trophy for not embracing (feeding) on any citizens, however you get a ton of experience points for doing so. You level quite slowly and there isn't really any other great source of experience points. Killing enemies gets you about 10xp at a time while embracing someone will get you 1000-6000xp (you get more the healthier they are and the more 'clues' you uncover about them). You get a decent amount of xp from completing quests and uncovering citizen clues....but nothing comes close to embracing a citizen. You really need to get some of the side quests done early if you want to stand a chance against the enemies. I tended to try and finish every side quest I could in each district before moving on with the main story line. This helped quite a bit and once I got a few skills upgraded and got used to the combat a bit....I didn't die for a long time. I ended up being level 30 when I beat the game. I had done all of the side quests when I beat the game, and I don't see how you could be any higher really without embracing. As a comparison, when I reloaded my last save from the cloud for trophy cleanup, I 'embraced' every character except for four and was level 50 when the Platinum popped. Overall, I ended up enjoying the game a lot more than I thought I would after the rough start. I got about 30-35 hours out of the game (I read about 1/2 of the notes/lore and listened to every conversation and watched every cutscene), so I can't really complain about a 'free' game that provided that much entertainment. I was able to pop it successfully on Halloween for the event and was able to get into the spirit of the season, so all in all a win in my book. I would say the game is worth about $10 if you didn't get it for free and wanted to try it out. It has flaws, but overall was pretty solid. In other news on the gaming front....I have finally started Mass Effect. I wasn't going to start it since I want to clean up some of the outstanding games on my profile (DriveClub VR, Last of Us 2, KH3, etc) but figured I could keep coming up with reasons to put off play it or just finally start the game and play. I have chosen the latter Sooooooo, my game cleanup will occur after I have finished the series. I will be playing the Mass Effect series while I work gradually on Hollow Knight to prepare for my upcoming milestone. I will also sprinkle in some LEGO Batman 3 with my son....but that'll be it! I'm about six hours in so far and I'm pretty impressed. I had heard that the first one in the series was by far the worst, which has me excited for what's to come since this game is pretty good considering how old it is. I'm hoping to be able to play a lot over next week. I'm having my tonsils removed on Friday (apparently I'm entering the 2nd grade) and will have several days off of work to recover by eating ice cream and playing video games. I've heard getting your tonsils out as and adult kind of sucks, so we'll see what I'm actually in the mood to do...but it'll be the first time in quite a while I'll have some day time freedom to play.
  9. Finished up four games in October, but only one counts I think. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - I think this one qualifies for the theme. If you try to act on something with the wrong hero, the PC will turn and look at you and put his arms in the air like 'What am I supposed to do with that?' I also used it in the Halloween Bounty Hunter event. Mad Max - Doesn't count for anything but adding for posterity. Final Fantasy VII Remake - ibid Vampyr - likewise Every game I beat this month was pretty enjoyable however. I played Mad Max to beat the server shutdown and actually had a lot of fun with that. FF7R is my favorite game of the year so far (rated higher due to rose colored glasses, but still was good regardless I think). Vampyr was something I had thought about buying previously and was happy to see it free on PS+ for Halloween. Beat it today for the Vampyr event thread and was also a game I enjoyed quite a bit. LEGO Batman was special since it was the first game I plat'd with my son who is 6. I played 99% of the game only if he was playing (did the secret level alone since he didn't like that level when we played it together). All in all a pretty good month for me. I finally started Mass Effect so hopefully that'll count some how for the November theme. I haven't looked at what it is yet so fingers crossed lol October Stats: Platinums: 113 + 4 ~> 127 100%: 137 + 4 ~> 141 Completion: 97.85% ~> 97.20 (-0.65%) Year to Date: Platinums: 102 + 25 ~> 127 100%: 117 + 24 ~> 141 Completion: 99.14% ~> 97.20% (-1.94%) lol I remember that part. I've beaten that game twice and thought that the Riddler was asking Batman if he was looking stuff up on the internet, however I think it makes more sense in the context of the Riddler's side quest that he is talking to you.
  10. Done and done. Almost forgot to do this. Had just turned on Mass Effect to play while my kids nap and happened to look at my profile page and was like 'oh yeah!'. Sorry you didn't get a chance to play it! It's really not too bad.
  11. I'll hop on the apology train too lol My post was meant to make things easier not harder. Didn't intend for it to eat up so much of your time! Anyways, I appreciate you taking the time to double check my work. If your bounty list didn't look so cool I wouldn't want it lol I actually want that more than I would have the cash prize.
  12. Yeah, sorry, should have mentioned that. About half of the games were mentioned in our team thread. Once the winner was announced, we didn't really keep up with the thread so anything in October I looked up. Like I said, it's not a huge deal, I just wanted to have a nice, finished Bounty List to throw on the events section of my Trophy Checklist. It really isn't the end of the world if we don't get it. Let me know what questions you had. I think our card only had like 5 checked off when I started looking into it so I wasn't sure what was already claimed. Thanks for all your due diligence with the event!
  13. Finished up Vampyr earlier (waiting to pop Plat on Halloween for the mini-Vampyr event but I'm taking credit now!) so took the night off from gaming to watch some football. With only a little time left in the event, I wanted to see if my team could complete our bounty list and decided to multi-task during the game...I believe The Ghostbuster's can complete our bounty list in time lol. I think since the event ended so quickly with the prize being claimed, we haven't been as diligent updating our bounties. I've gone through my team's completed games, checked the web for monster's present in the games/DLC's, and have come up with this list so far (some have already been claimed and are also included): @Briste games in ORANGE @Mesopithecus in PURPLE @Kent10201 in GREEN @Sardavanua in RED @Bumperklever in BLUE Biblical Monsters o Heavenly Creature (Angel, Astral, Celestial, Lovecraftian) - Final Fantasy 7 Remake (One-Winged Angel) o Infernal Creature (Demon, Hellspawn, Imp, Hellhound) - Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal (Demon) o Gods (Cthulu, Zeus, Osiris, Ganesha, Thor) - Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered (Gozer) Created Monsters o Human-like (Scarecrow. Frankenstein’s Monster, Possessed Doll) - o Object-like (Mimics, Flying Books, Food) - Overcooked 2 (Food) o Abomination (Everything else) - Mad Max (Scrotus) Sci-fi Monsters o Extraterrestrial (Xenomorph, gray man,) - LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (Brainiac) o Robot /Android - Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (Robo-Zombie) o Giant Insects - Demon's Souls (Giant Mosquito) o Mutant - Killing Floor 2 (Zeds) Undead Monsters o Zombie - Cosmic Star Heroine NA o Skeleton - Downwell o Vampire - Vampyr o Mummy - Gauntlet Incorporeal Monsters o Specter (Ghost, Banshee, Wraith, Poltergeist) - Nioh DLC 100% (Ghost) o Elementals (Wind, Water, Earth, Fire) - Unrailed! (Lava Blobs) Mythological Monsters o Goblinoids (Goblin, Orc, Ogre, Trolls) - Cosmic Star Heroine EU (Trolls) o Hybrid Animals (Dragon, Manticore, Hippogriff, Chimera) - Monster Hunter World (Dragon) o Hybrid Humans (Minotaur, Werewolf, Mermaid, Centaur) - The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (Werewolf) o Cryptid and Folklore (Sasquatch, Yeti, Moth Man, Wendigo) - Tearaway (Wendigo) Beasts o Aquatic (Kraken, Sea Serpent, Shark) - Cuphead (Octopus/Kraken) o Giant Animals (King Kong, Dinosaur, Mammoth) Borderlands 3 DLC 100% (Saurians) o Swarms (Bees, Rats, Ants, Beetles, Bats) - Resident Evil 7 (Bug Swarm) Evil Humans o Magic User (Witch, Warlock, Wizard, Genie) - Minecraft Dungeon (Witch) o Psycho (Insane Person, Cult Member, Serial Killer) - Erica (Cult Member) Seems to me like the only one left is for Human-like and with 9 days left, hopefully one of us will get it done. I didn't play most of these games obviously, so if I'm off let me know. I added any completed game our team had in September and October. I know the rules stated that games started in August wouldn't count...but that was to qualify for the prize. Now that that's out of the way, I think it'd just be fun to fill out the card so I hope these are ok. If not, no biggie Only game that I did that I'm unsure about the bounty is Mad Max for 'Abomination'. I mean, I think Scrutus kind of counts...he does have a chainsaw stuck in his brain and he is freakishly large....but I'll defer to you guys. I think I gave the monster type that would count in all the games where it was multiple choice...and sorry team if I didn't give you your favorite color
  14. I've got this ready to pop so count me in for a Halloween Platinum. Just have to go to sleep in game and wake up for my last district to fall into a hostile status The game grew on me the more I played it. I thought it sucked after the first hour or so...combat wasn't very smooth...but once I adjusted it was more fun. Wasn't at all what I was expecting...85% of the game is just talking to people, but I enjoyed the story enough so it wasn't too bad. Definitely could do worse for a free game.
  15. He turned 6 in April. We started Batman 3 tonight and it is much more challenging than 2 was. The controls are slightly different so he struggled a bit tonight trying to figure out why his guy wasn't acting like he was used to. He'll get it. It was a real 'whoa!?' kind of moment when I saw him figure some puzzles out on his own. I figured he could run around and have fun, but to see him work out which character he needed to use to get past specific obstacles was pretty cool. He'd get super excited when he figured something out and point it out to me. He also liked to see what I was doing and try and guess what I needed to do in certain parts. It was legitimately a lot of fun to play with him. It takes a lot of patience too while he figures certain things out and you're waiting to move past a puzzle...but it's worth it For me, it was because our lives weren't consumed by screens. We played with toys and went outside a lot more. I'd say 2-3 hours of my day could involve a screen if you include TV I feel like that is up to probably 8-12 hours in a day considering the distanced learning going on as well. I think 'limiting screen time' is more a thing now than it used to be. My kids get more screen time than we'd like...but we do our best to keep it in check. Playing games is a reward for good behavior generally. A typical day for my kid is, he wakes up around 6:30 and goes downstairs and turns on the TV. He usually picks an educational show like the Wild Kratts however last week he found Avatar: The Last Airbender and seemed to like it. I have no idea what that show is about (shame on me lol) but it seemed ok. Usually, he'll watch TV for 30 minutes or so until I make his breakfast (my wife is usually making their lunch while I get breakfast ready), then we get ready for school and he'll play with his LEGO's or dinosaur toys until it is time to either go to school on the days he goes in person, or he has to log into his 'morning message' Zoom meeting. When he's doing the remote days at school, he's on the iPad for about 3-4 hours during the school day...which is a lot for a 6 year old. After school, he'll play with his toys or LEGO's until my wife gets home from work. She let's him play a game if he reads her a book first. If I'm done with work, he'll come play Batman with me...if I'm not done with work he'll play some PBS game for about 20-30 minutes while my wife is making dinner. If he does something that requires discipline during the day, playing a game is the first thing to go. Then it is tubby time and dinner time. Most nights, my wife and I are pretty tired so we have about 45 minutes of 'family tv time' before we do books and bed time. So on a good day, he'll get between 45 minutes to an hour and a half of TV, 30 minutes of gaming and 3-4 hours of iPad distanced learning. Overall, I think we do a decent job limiting screen time but it is really easy to let that 45 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes turn into 2-3 hours if we're not paying attention. I'm honestly shocked how humans have survived at all lol. Raising kids is hard lol It's exhausting and they seem prone to doing things that would kill them some how. I don't have any idea how we survived the stone age or medieval times. Having said all's hard to explain what having kids is like because it truly isn't something you can understand until you have one. It is 100% cliche, but for a lot of people (at least those that would be good parents) some sort of switch gets flipped inside you and things are just different. I won't get preachy or anything and I completely understand not wanting them lol Thanks! I could write a lot more, but in the interest of keeping it spoiler free, I feel I did the game justice. I completely understand what you mean about your 'passion' for Final Fantasy not being as strong as it was. I enjoyed the XIII trilogy more than most probably and had a lot of fun with Paradigms, but I was kind of disappointed by XII since I didn't enjoy the Gambit system as much. I liked XIV fine, but I don't really consider that a FF game. XV was a pretty huge disappointment considering how long I waited and I thought WoFF was pretty garbage as well. It had been a really long time since FF had put something out that made me feel 'WOW'. If FF7R failed to deliver...I was no longer going to be a day 1 buyer of whatever they put out so I was very pleasantly surprised with how much I liked it. I can completely understand where some people are critical...however I choose to remain hopeful and optimistic that this will be an enjoyable ride. I also saw the trailer for XVI and was kind of meh about it. I'll still play it when it comes out, but I'm way more hyped for FF7R pt II whenever that gets done. Based on how hard a lot of the games you play are, I would say this would be a good game for you to play when you want to relax lol I actually found Hard Mode easier than my first play through since I figured out how to play the game properly...but it can be challenging at parts. I never died more than three times to any boss though so it really wasn't that bad.