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  1. Welcome to my Diary of a Madman and my quest to 100% all of the games I play. For a 'much too long bio' about me, take a look at the bottom of this post. I tried to make it my second post...but the website insists on merging the two I guess the top is just for my games and updates and the bottom my bio. Without further ado, here's my stuff! Currently playing: I will come back to add brief synopsis to each of these over time. Platinums 1-10 Platinums 11-20 Platinums 21-30 Platinums 31-40 Platinums 41-50 Platinums 51-60 Platinums 61-70 Platinums 71-80 Platinums 81-90 Platinums 91-100 Platinums 101-110 Platinums 111-120 Platinums 121-130 Non-Platinum Games PS+ Backlog of games that I'll probably only ever play a few of: Games I spent actual money on and I really will/should play: Events/Badges: BIO
  2. All done! Very appreciative of the extra time to be able to complete my list Wrapped it all up with Tearaway on the vita. It was a pretty neat platforming game that utilized the vita to the fullest. Was short enough that I had no problem getting it done, but enough challenge to make it not a cake walk. Probably worth about $10 if you can find it on sale. Thank you for another great event and I'm looking forward to my fully colored picture! 0 - The Last of Us 2 1 - Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Mass Effect 2 - Erica 3 - Enter The Gungeon 4 - Everybody's Golf 5 - Goat Simulator 6 - Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered 7 - Ash of Gods: Redemption 8 - Rogue Aces 9 - Tearaway
  3. I didn't mean anything particular about completion rates...I just meant that because completing games is important to me with trophy hunting, I can acknowledge that sometimes games are better than I give them credit for because I give more weight to the trophy list than most. Objectively, I think games like Heavy Rain and the like are pretty good games. When I write a review of my experience with a game, I try to do a part objectively on the game and then make a mention of how the trophies influences my impression. Sometimes the trophies have no weight as they come more naturally and sometimes they have quite a bit. I can relate to this a lot...I have two really long DLC's to finish in the near future...and I'm not necessarily in a rush to do them. While I thought KH3 was fine (not great but fine) I'm not looking forward to that DLC at all for a couple reasons. One, it seems like a lot of work for one trophy in particular and two...when I 100% it, it will move out of order with the rest of the series in my log. I had thought about (but 99% won't happen) redoing them all on the PS3 version of the games and maintaining the order...but I don't think I liked them enough to do all that. TLOU2 is another that I'm not in a rush to do just yet. I had just got the plat and deleted it from my PS4 to make room for other games when the DLC was announced. I'm not quite ready to pick that one back up again right away...but I'll get there. Platinum #123 Tearaway I had never heard of this game before last week. I needed a game that ended in 9 for the Gaming By Numbers event and (at the time) only had a few days left to try and finish something. I checked the spreadsheet to see what games others had played and this was on the list. I checked several of the games on the list and many were way too short and some were way too long. I don't mind a short platinum if I feel like I'm not just buying trophies and this seemed to fit the bill. I bought the game and it turned out to be pretty fun. It's a platformer that utilizes all of the functions of the vita, which was pretty cool if not a little frustrating a times. My least favorite thing about the vita is how the back of it is a 'button'. I mean, I assume most people hold the vita similar to how I do and it means I'm almost constantly touching the back. Most of the time it is no big deal, but in this game, touching the back of the vita will bang on a drum (if you're standing on one) that will bounce you. On more than one occasion, I adjusted my grip or moved my fingers slightly and the game registered it as pressing the button, mistiming the jump. It wasn't that big of a deal, but was annoying when it happened. Generally, dying is no big deal in this game except for three trophies where you have to complete the level without dying. Most of the time you just reappear really close to where you were. The game is a story about a letter/envelope who is trying to deliver a message in a world made from construction paper. The world is influenced by the 'Yous' (you playing) and your face appears in a hole in the sun. I'll be honest, I didn't realize the Vita had a camera to take a real picture and it was a little surprising to see my face in the game lol The 'Yous' have the ability to manipulate the world and create things from construction paper to customize the letter and some of the characters he/she meets. You can move structures and extend really is quite a creative game. The controls were pretty solid, however the game suffers from some pretty poor camera angles. Sometimes you can move the camera around and sometimes you cannot. I found that if I was struggling to see something, it helped to take out the in game camera, as it gives you a first person perspective to look around. I'm still not entirely sure what the hell happened in the story, but the game was quite a bit of fun Having said that, I feel like I overpaid a bit at $19.99. It would be a good deal around $10. But, it finished my GBN event card and also was good for the Halloween Bounty list as there are Wendigos in it, so I won't complain. I started Hollow Knight the other day, however I think I'm going to play Mad Max next. I got it for free a couple years ago and it's something I've wanted to play at some point, now that I see the servers are closing at the end of October, I'd rather play it now before the plat becomes unobtainable. I'll get back to Hollow Knight in a few weeks. Thankfully I haven't gotten that far yet.
  4. I don't love platinuming these games, but generally enjoy the first playthrough or two so it is worth the monotony of the replays. My overall opinion of these games is lower only because I am a completionist, however I can recognize that most people aren't and try to keep that in mind when playing these games. I choose to take on the extra effort to get the platinum and know what I'm getting into generally. I have really enjoyed all of the stories so far in every one of these interactive drama type games. I agree with your take on Heavy Rain and it was a lot of the same for Beyond: Two Souls. The benefit those games had at least was chapter select, however in Beyond you have to replay the last level like 6 times. I think people who don't care about getting the plat will enjoy these games quite a bit (if they enjoy story driven games anyway). I'll be playing Detroit pretty soon and then I think I'm out of these games for a while. I think I have The Walking Dead full series in my backlog...but not sure when I'll get to that. I swear I plan on playing Mass Effect before I turn 40 lol I think I'm going to take some time off from events for a few months to take my time with some longer games. I enjoy the events to support people who are trying to make the community a better place, but it is not always conducive to playing longer games if you wish to complete the events. I want to play the ME series and the Witcher 3 sometime soon. Witcher will probably take a couple months, but it's something I've wanted to play a long time.
  5. Platinum #122 Erica This game is not something I had ever heard of until it was given as a free game on PS+ a month or two ago. It was also nothing that was on my radar until I needed a shorter '2' game for the Gaming By Numbers Event...turns out I could have done something different, however I generally have liked these 'Choose your own adventure' type games, and this was no different so do not regret the choice. This review won't be terribly long since it is all story driven and there isn't anything as far as game play....not even QTE's. You have to do some actions, but you can't die so there is no penalty for doing nothing. Several times the game/movie will not go on unless you do do something, however a lot of the game will just move on if you do nothing. The biggest wrinkle in the game is the ability to use your phone to play it. I didn't love it at first, but the actions you need to take are either swiping or tapping the screen and the motion pad on the controller is pretty small. The app was quick to download and didn't drain my battery thankfully so it wasn't too bad. I wasn't a huge fan of using my phone at first, however it ended up making it extremely easy to play while I was working. I had the game up on my TV with my phone next to my keyboard. The game went on like a movie and when I needed to make a choice, I could just swipe/tap on the phone and continue on. The story is ok. Seems strongly influenced by the movie Shutter Island and the story really leaves a lot up for your own interpretations. The biggest drawback of the game is no chapter select...meaning you need to play through it fully about six times (seven for me since I f'd up on my last run). The good news is the game is pretty short...maybe an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. The bad news is it is like watching the same movie back to back to back to back to back to back with only a few deleted scenes during each playthrough to change it up. I mean, it's not terrible since each path/ending shows you a bit more information to make up your mind about the story...but a lot of it is truly the same bit again and again. As I mentioned, I f'd up my last run...the very last f'n decision in the game too lol You have to make a choice whether to do something or not...I needed to not do something. Normally the screen will tell you your options and give you the direction you have to swipe to make that choice...for some reason my game glitched or something and the dialogue was missing. I thought my game locked up or something and I was swiping on my phone to try and clear it...turns out I swiped in the direction to do the something and the game ended....I was soooo pissed lol It was literally the last decision in the game. But as I said, the game is short and it wasn't a big deal to let it play again until I got to the end. The girl who played Erica was a pretty good actress. She showed quite a bit of emotional range. For a free game, I got my money's worth and it was worth the playthrough. If you don't care about the platinum, it's definitely worth a playing and it really wasn't too bad to do for the platinum either.
  6. This is awesome news lol I was looking through my 'shorter games' backlog to see what I have that might I have some time to play something longer so thank you! Finished up Erica this morning. It was not bad....definitely needed a chapter select though. Six full playthroughs (seven in my case since I messed up once ) is a tad bit excessive....The good news was it only takes about an hour and twenty minutes or so for a playthrough and the different things you have to do add depth to the overall story...but it's kind of like watching the same movie six times in a row with a few different deleted scenes sprinkled in each one...Anyways only one left to go! 0 - The Last of Us 2 1 - Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Mass Effect 2 - Erica 3 - Enter The Gungeon 4 - Everybody's Golf 5 - Goat Simulator 6 - Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered 7 - Ash of Gods: Redemption 8 - Rogue Aces 9 - Tearaway
  7. Finished up two more with two left to go! Not sure I'll get both done in the next week, but I'll do my best. I finished Enter the Gungeon last week and finished Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered tonight to knock out 3 and 6. Gungeon is close to being my favorite game I played this year. I don't have any rogue-lite style games in my profile and I don't remember if I've played anything like it before. While FF7R is my favorite game of the year (big nostalgia boost there though), Gungeon was something new and exciting for me. The gun puns were fantastic and the game just played really well. It is not an easy game at all, however if you get lucky, there are runs that become much easier than others. While I would highly recommend Gungeon, I can't say the same for Ghostbusters. I love the movies and the original cast doing the voices was cool, but everything felt very meh about the game. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. It was quick enough to get through and wasn't painful to finish as a trophy list, but unless you get it on a really good sale, your money is probably better spent elsewhere. Good luck all this last week! 0 - The Last of Us 2 1 - Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Mass Effect 2 - Erica 3 - Enter The Gungeon 4 - Everybody's Golf 5 - Goat Simulator 6 - Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered 7 - Ash of Gods: Redemption 8 - Rogue Aces 9 - Tearaway (?)
  8. He's one of my all-time favorite actors. The Life Aquatic is one of my favorite movies and he is awesome in that. I like most of the stuff he's been in actually. He seemed like he was playing a caricature of himself though in the game and it came across weird.
  9. Platinum #121 Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered We started the bounty Halloween Event and I'm on Team Ghostbusters so it only seemed fitting to start the event off with a Ghostbusters video game. I had bought this a few months ago during one of the big sales. I didn't really know anything about it, but I had read on the forums a lot of people seemed to love it on the PS3 and were excited to see it remastered. I absolutely love the movies and actually saw Ghostbusters II in the theater when I was a kid. Some great quotes in the movies and if the trophy images were better...Spores, Molds and Fungus would have been a milestone trophy 100%. They aren't bad, but they aren't great either...I also have quite a ways to go before my next trophy milestone. Having said all that...this game is the very definition of mediocre lol. I think it was awesome that the original cast were signed on to voice their characters. That was unexpected for me to see and was honestly my favorite part of the game. Even with the presence of the original cast however, the voice acting wasn't great. I thought Aykroyd and Ramis did a pretty good job, but if felt like Murray mailed it in a bit...the script wasn't great, but there didn't seem to be a lot of enthusiasm or any kind of inflection with a lot of the acting. It felt like they were sitting at a table doing a read-through for most of it. Having been written by Aykroyd and Ramis, it would make sense that they might be a little more Murray and Ramis hadn't spoken in about 20 years prior to doing this so there may have been some lingering effects from that. On a game play wasn't terrible. Shooting the proton pack was pretty fluid and responded well to controls and moving around wasn't bad either. Getting knocked down though just looked so robotic and awkward. The puzzles were generally very easy and the collectibles were pretty easy too. From a trophy hunting standpoint, this is a really easy game. There are numerous check points in each chapter that make going back for things you missed very easy. It also makes beating it on Professional a lot easier as well. The only really annoying trophy is the Nice Shootin' ,Tex! trophy for beating the game with causing $100k damage or less. It wasn't hard to do actually, you just have to make sure you are aiming towards the ceiling or the floor when you're wrangling a ghost...but some of the things are very expensive if you blow them up. My original plan was to try and go through without doing much damage the first game, and I hit a bus with my proton stream in chapter 2 while firing at a ghost and my bill shot up like $130k lol needless to say, that one errant shot blew the trophy on that playthrough. Restarting the checkpoint doesn't seem to wipe out the damage done. It wasn't that big a deal since a lot of the other trophies involve breaking shit. Fortunately, each chapter is only about 30 minutes long if you skip the cut scenes, so running through it one time quickly wasn't too bad. I had read some people recommended save scumming if you did a checkpoint well, however I found I didn't really need it. I got through the whole game with only $20k in damage on that run. The game was inexpensive and had a few laughs. It wasn't good, but wasn't terrible either. Nothing I would say go out of your way to play, but if it's on sale for $5 you could do worse. I have one week to try and finish two games for the Gaming By Numbers Event. I should probably be able to get one more done for sure...not sure about the second one but we'll give it the old college try!
  10. It is really fun. I did cheat a little and play during work hours a bit...shhhhhh. My PS4 is setup right next to my workstation, so if I have some downtime it is really easy to play for 15-20 minutes. Gungeon comes with that problem of 'just one more' run and I also stayed up too late some nights as well. I'd say it took me about 50-60 hours overall. You can actually save at the end of every floor so if you only have 10 minutes to spare you could do a level quickly. This is also how the game is able to be cheesed if you were so inclined. You can save after a good level and quit. Upload your save to the cloud or USB and try the next level....if you have no luck, you can reload the save and try again. I tried not to do that but am guilty of doing it on my Daisuke trial run. That was a really hard run as it puts you in 'challenge' mode where each room gives you an extra challenge (reloading your weapon causes fire to start at your feet; lights are out; that kind of stuff). It's really time consuming if you are committed to save scumming so I only used it a few times.
  11. Platinum #120 Enter the Gungeon I bought this game for the same reason i bought SMB...just in case I felt like challenging myself to something. This isn't nearly as hard as SMB, however it is challenging enough to stay fun. I knew nothing about it really, but it came highly recommended by @Jens as a great 'rogue-lite' game. It was on sale and while I was pretty intimidated by the 50+ playthroughs it says it takes on the Trophy Guide...I figured I'd stash it. It's been in my back log well over a year and after playing a few open world style games like FF7R and TLOU2, I wanted something a little different. I threw it on my Gaming By Numbers Event card figuring I'd never really get to it, but on a whim I started it up and figured what the hell? This game was awesome. From the fantastic gun puns to the very responsive controls and nice feels nearly perfect to me. For those that don't know what a rogue-lite is (I didn't)'s a dungeon crawler with randomized maps where each run in is somewhat unique. You unlock different weapons and items each trip as you hit different milestones that could show up as rewards for defeating a boss or in a treasure chest...but you start with your basic gear every time. Due to the shear amount of weapons and items and the infinite possible combinations....the replay value is exceptionally high. There are 5 main floors with a bonus 6th floor after you kill all of the main character's past (I won't go into detail on what that means, but it is basically why you Enter the Gungeon). One run takes about 45 minutes to an hour if you get all the way through. Sometimes you get very lucky and get some gear that makes the game have a bit of an 'easy button' but generally it is quite challenging. There are four main characters to start. The Marine, the Pilot, the Convict and the Hunter with two unlockable playable characters (the Robot and the Bullet) as you play through the game. Each has a slightly unique set of skills that make each different enough to add even more variety. I started out playing as the Marine almost exclusively while I learned the game. At first, it seemed like plat'ing this game would be impossible. Just getting to the second floor was challenging, however once I got the hang of it I could get to the 3rd floor in my sleep before it ramps up a little. After playing through all of them, I liked the Hunter and the Robot the best probably. The Hunter is nice because she has a dog with her...he doesn't attack or anything, but after each cleared room there is a chance that it will find an item. This is especially useful for finding keys to unlock treasure chests. She also comes with two guns to start, which is helpful on the first floor. The robot doesn't have health like the others, just armor, and he is much harder to replenish health with (you don't find armor nearly as frequently as hearts). But he is extremely accurate and I found I played well as him. I got exceptionally lucky on a few of my playthroughs with him with gear selection, so that probably helped why I liked playing as him so much. I didn't play much as the Convict or Pilot other than to do a run through to kill their past. My favorite thing in the game is probably how awesomely named everything is. From the bosses Eye of the Beholdster, Gorgun and Dragun to the cleverly named guns like Pea Shooter (shoots peas) and the BSG (Big Shooty Gun), it's just full of plays on words and it is really, really creative how they put it all together. The controls are as sharp as I've seen in a game and if you get hit, you probably earned it. The only problem I found was if you hugged the wall, sometimes the aim would disengage. You can use the auto aim feature or aim yourself...I'm not skilled enough to aim myself and used the auto aimer. While the controls were very responsive...I did not like how they had the default controls set up and changed them all around to suit my style. The trophy list is pretty fair with the only really annoying trophy being Weird Tale for finishing Frifle's Challenges. It's basically a list of different enemies in the Gungeon to hunt down. There is a specific number of them you have to kill before moving on to the next. It is annoying that you can't work on multiple at once and even more annoying how rare a few of them are. One of them, for example, only shows up on the third floor...and may not even show up at all and you have to kill 20 of them. I probably had to rerun the third floor about 45 times before I found/killed enough to satisfy that bounty. It wouldn't have been as bad if it occurred during normal play...but I had finished everything else by this point and it was just a matter of farming. It took me 4-5 days of just farming floors to finish off the entire list. Nothing else on the trophy list felt like a chore. If I wasn't such a fanboy of Final Fantasy, this would probably be my favorite game that I've played this year. It was a lot of fun and I recommend it highly.
  12. I finished two games in August (almost 3!) with Rogue Aces and The Last of Us 2. Rogue is a fun little flight 2d side-scroller that I played on my Vita when I was on vacation. It was free a while back and was actually quite a bit of fun. A few weird trophy requirements, but nothing too bad. While it is a game that takes place during a war...I don't really think it counts for the monthly theme of murder. TLOU2 on the other hand, fits that bill in spades and should count for the HC for the month. The game counts towards a different PSNP event and is a game that was released during the last 6 months. I know that game is highly controversial, however I liked it quite a bit. I am 3 Dragun kills away from 100% Enter the Gungeon, but it'll take another hour or so and I'm too tired now to try. It could maybe have counted for the theme and the of the characters you play is a Convict, and one of the NPC's is trapped in the Gungeon due to a murder....but it's not really a 'crime' game so I don't mind finishing it for next month. Either way, Gungeon is one of the best games I've played in a while. I haven't played a ton of rogue-lite style games and this game is great. Hard plat, but in a good way. August Stats: Platinums: 114 + 2 ~> 119 100%: 128 + 1 ~> 133 Completion: 97.87% ~> 98.77 (+0.90%) Year to Date: Platinums: 102 + 17 ~> 119 100%: 117 + 16 ~> 133 Completion: 99.14% ~> 98.77% (-0.37%)
  13. This trophy popped for me on the first floor. I prayed at the alter to get my curse up and got the twins jammed when I got to the boss. Trophy popped for me after killing only one of them... thought it was weird but I won't complain. Don't remember if I got hit or not though. I've had bad luck with the adventurer showing up. He seems to only show up on floors I've already cleared. Think I only have the second floor left. Agree though, game is a ton of fun.
  14. The big thing kids did when I was in highschool was throw pencils at the ceiling tiles. Some of the ceilings were pretty high and the pencils couldn't be removed that easily. If you did it right, the sharp end would get stuck in the tile and stay there... forever it seemed. There was like 40 pencils in the lobby area and it drove our principal mad lol. I could never get one to stick, but it was a badge of honor if you did. Good times....
  15. I understand, but it's too bad because it really is a pretty good game. Ghosts looks like another game I would also enjoy, but probably one I'll never actually get to. This is too true. It's too bad it can't be discussed more civilly because there are a lot of good themes to discuss and tons of different ways you could interpret the story. I feel like there is a real lack of ability for people to remove emotion and think critically about things any more. It's a lot of 'I feel this, so it must be that' and people have stopped trying to see other perspectives.
  16. Does anyone have any advice on this or is it completely luck. I wouldn't have expected to have so much trouble with a trophy this common. I have only seen two bats break so far and I was pitching both times. Once in rtts as a pitcher and once during online play. I've been playing on all-star setting for batting and legend for pitching. I haven't touched any of the slider options. I've been playing as the Padres vs Houston with Verlander starting. I've been skipping the pitching portion and only been hitting. I've played over 100 innings like this and it just bad luck?
  17. Finished up a couple more games...neither on my original list lol. Went on vacation last week into the mountains of New Hampshire and brought my Vita along for the ride and made a good dent into Rogue Aces. It proved to be pretty fun so finished it up when I got home so that slides nicely into my 8 spot. I got it 'free' from PS+ a year or two ago and never really thought about playing it. If you have it in your backlog, it's actually a pretty fun 2d flight fighting game. Some gimicky trophies, but nothing crazy enough where trophy hunters should actively avoid it. The other game was a big one in The Last of Us 2. I could write a college paper on my thoughts about the story in this game (mostly good thoughts), but will spare you all that in this little update lol I was able to stay 98% spoiler free before/during playing it and can't say I agree with all of the criticism. It doesn't have quite the same magic as the first one...but is a damn good story in its own right...anywho...a month left and four numbers to go....could be a photo finish. 0 - The Last of Us 2 1 - Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Mass Effect 2 - Mass Effect 3 3 - Enter The Gungeon 4 - Everybody's Golf 5 - Goat Simulator 6 - Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered 7 - Ash of Gods: Redemption 8 - Rogue Aces 9 - Driveclub VR
  18. My play time is very structured (for the most part). My wife isn't a gamer and I try to respect that when she's awake. Generally I can play for about 45 minutes to an hour after my kids go to bed and then another hour or two after my wife goes to bed. My kids generally go to bed around 8:30pm, then my wife will take a shower and call her mom or something. This gives me the 45 minute ish window. Sometimes it is longer, sometimes shorter...but when she is done with her nightly routine, we usually will sit and chat or watch TV or something until around 10:30-11:00 when she goes to bed. I then stay up to about 12:00-12:30 to play. On weekends, my kids still nap so I'll get a couple hour window mid day then. My wife likes to sit and read during nap time so I take advantage to play for a bit. It's a decent routine and I still get to play quite a bit...but my basic rule is if my family is awake, I'm not playing. My oldest is getting to play for about 30 minutes a day if he's having a good day, being kind and friendly and a good listener. If he isn't kind and friendly then he misses out. It's a decent motivator lol I feel you on the need for structure with a baby around. I finished up a pretty big game just now and I'm going to try and keep it spoiler free. If I mention anything story related, I'll make sure to put it in the spoiler box. Platinum #119 The Last of Us 2 The Last of Us Remastered was one of the first games I played after finishing up the God of War and Final Fantasy games way back when I started trophy hunting. It was a game I found by Googling something like "Best PS4" games or something. TLOU was one of the best games I had ever played. Having missed out on a decade of games from MMO's, it was the first really epic 'new' game I had ever played. Once I got punched in the mouth during the prologue, I realized I was in for something I had never experienced before and was pretty excited. That game did not disappoint and is still one of my favorite gaming experiences. Outside of Final Fantasy games, I generally don't know when new games are being released, or what is hyped. I had honestly forgotten this game was even in the works until the major leaks came out. I heard that people were super pissed about what was coming and decided right then and there that I would stick my head in the sand and not look at anything TLOU2 related. Not the forums, not the trailers, not the trophy list....nothing. I pre-bought it and then actively avoided anything to do with it. Due to Covid, my game was like five or six days late after it was released. It was pretty challenging to log into the forums and not see a thread talking about this game. I didn't open any, but the general gist of the title's made me think the game was going to be that good. After finishing it, I can say that I didn't get that same feeling that I got from finishing the first game...but I really enjoyed this game as well and I am really happy I was able to stay in the dark and not let other people cloud my expectations. This is going to be a weird review as I can't say most of the reasons why I thought this game was great without mentioning the story and I'll give my story impressions in the spoiler section below...I'll keep this portion to the game play, etc. My first impressions were a mixed bag. The graphics were amazing and the controls were smooth, however I was kind of bored for a bit. The zones felt a bit too big with nothing in them and it felt like I was just riding a horse around. My biggest gripe was the lack of ammo you could carry. For example, the shotgun holds 6 rounds in the gun...but you could only ever have 8 shells on that means that Ellie only could keep two extra shells in her back pack? She picks up every piece of paper and trading card she can find...but will only keep two backup shot gun shells? It makes no sense at all and seems like just a forced way to ramp up the difficulty, which is kind of lazy. I would rather resources be more scarce, but you can carry more ammo. Another gripe of mine is another stupid oversight in my mind. When playing as Ellie, she's immune so I don't mind her putting the infected in headlocks, since if she gets hurts but her life isn't over. When you play as someone other than Ellie, it seems like a HUGE risk to put an infected in a sleeper hold to snap their neck...especially wearing something with no sleeves. These are small gripes, but considering how immersed you're supposed to be in the seems really unbelievable that someone would pass up more ammo in favor of a note someone you don't know left behind or that you would risk becoming infected by wrapping your arm around the neck, which I believe is pretty close to your mouth, to kill. I also felt the flow of the gameplay was a little off as well. There seemed to be a lot of downtime, searching areas for nothing but empty cabinets and not running into much resistance followed by sections of intense battle and difficulty spikes. Nothing was crazy hard, but the flow just felt a bit disjointed to me. Part of that disjointed feeling came from the amount of collectibles as well. I spent hours searching every nook and cranny (or so I thought) to find as many collectibles as I could. If you spend too much time exploring...a goddamn message pops up asking if you want a hint and it doesn't seem to go away unless you press to get said hint, or find where to go on your own. I could have probably disabled hints...but it would have been nice to be able to cancel the hint as well. They give you so much shit to look for yet they want you to hurry up and get to the next area as well. Which was also a bit annoying, because there are so many 'point of no returns' in this game. There is really no backtracking at all in this game. If you open the wrong door by accident and advanced the story a bit...well sorry but they just blocked that door behind you and you can't go back and explore. It seems like I'm doing a lot of bitching, but most of these issues are small in the context of the game. I really appreciated what they tried to do with the story. All I'll say outside of the spoiler is it felt a lot like Breaking Bad to me. Character's evolve and react to different situations...some you may like and some you may not...but no one is a hero and by the's possible you won't like anyone. That doesn't mean you don't understand their just may not like who they've become. I think that is a really hard thing to do as a storyteller and I think this game is as good as any in telling a hard story. If you finish this game and feel happy about the journey, you should probably seek therapy lol I think a lot of the complaints come from people that need/want a happy ending and a story that is black and white with good and evil etc. This game explores grey...deeply. It is a came about causality and consequences of choice. It explores the idea of revenge and illustrates how important the perspective from which a story is told affects how a situation is viewed. I really respect and admire what Naught Dog did here and give them a ton of credit. Having said that...I also feel like the story went one chapter too long... The story isn't for everybody, but I think overall the game is visually beautiful and a great experience, yet lacks that special something that made the first one so revered. If there's a third episode...I'll be picking that up too. Story Spoilers Contained:
  19. Question...I know one game I play won't count towards more than one bounty...but let's say we play Diablo III or something as a team and all plat the game together... would that be able to be used one time for each of us (assuming enough monster types are present)?
  20. Sounds interesting, sign me up for The Ghostbusters. I call Louis Tully!
  21. Yeah, this is kind of what I realized the other day when I booted it up. I wasn't in it to get better, just kind of going through the motions and figured why waste my time right now if I'm not going to do it right. I won't beat it that way. I'm with you 100% on that lol exactly where I'm at. In all fairness though, you are much more masochistic with these games than me The games you've been able to pull off are extremely impressive, especially in the context of the new baby and all. I look forward to when your kid is old enough that some LEGO games sprinkle their way onto your list You should register the name Laertes7 in PSN now actually in preparation for the username! Platinum #118 Rogue Aces This was another unexpected addition to my list. I believe this was a free game from PS+ a year or two ago and was just kind of hanging out in my backlog. Didn't know anything about it and was nothing I was looking to make time to play. However, on my vacation, after I realized my heart wasn't into Super Meat Boy, I looked for something else to play to pass some time during nap time and after my kids went to bed. After some intense scrutiny over my backlog and an arduous game of eenie meenie minie moe...Rogue Aces proved to be my time passer on my trip. It would appear that the backlog gods smiled upon me this time as I really had a lot of fun with this game. It is just a 2-D side scrolling air combat game, however I found the controls to be pretty responsive and it was actually quite a bit of fun. I motored my way through it much faster than I thought I would because I found myself playing this in my normal gaming time over the PS4 console. There is nothing earth shattering about it, it was just fun. A few of the trophies were gimicky, however most of them were something you would get through normal game play. Despite the relatively low rarity of the game, it is not particularly hard. It could be, but you can save after each mission which makes it much, much easier. On the Vita it is exceptionally easy to save to the cloud and reload. The game would be very difficult without that however as completing all 100 levels with just 3 plains would be quite the challenge. I found that security blanket made the game a lot more fun however as it allowed me to be a true daredevil pilot and not worry if I crashed into a cliff. I didn't play it on the PS4 at all, so can't really speak to how it plays there, but this seems like a game that was made for the Vita. The graphics, the controls, everything. The fact it was free was just a cherry on top. The other great thing was it ended up being a number I can use in the Gaming By Numbers event so wins all around! If you didn't get it for free, it's probably worth $5-$7. There's not a ton of depth to the game, but it is addicting...offers decent replay value and is easy enough to play in short bursts on the go.
  22. One more game checked off the list. Finished up Goat Simulator...nothing to write home about. It was silly and incredibly buggy at points...but was pretty mindless and kind of what I was looking for after the heavy themed TLOU2. If it wasn't free and the DLC on a nice sale, this wouldn't have probably been something I'd normally play, but it served a purpose 0 - Final Fantasy VII Remake 1 - Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Mass Effect 2 - Mass Effect 3 3 - Enter The Gungeon 4 - Everybody's Golf 5 - Goat Simulator 6 - Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered 7 - Ash of Gods: Redemption 8 - Detroit: Become Human 9 - Driveclub VR Rabbit, Rabbit and happy hunting in August!
  23. I finished four games in July, Everybody's Golf, Ash of Gods: Redemption, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair and Goat Simulator. EG was a 78 so won't count towards the monthly theme, AoG was a 65 (I disagree), HoD was a 68 and GS was a 58. So none were qualified as hard core, but 3 were under a 70. The ironic thing was the highest rated game on my list was actually my least favorite to play. Due to garbage controls, I get why AoG got a lower score...but the game is great outside of that. HoD was a lot of fun and will go down in my history as the first game I ever played with my son, so that rates higher as well for me lol. So for this month, the side challenges I can get are the 4 games in a month (if EG counts since it isn't on theme) Complete a game that counts towards a different PSNP event - EG, AoG, HoD and GS Complete all currently released DLC of a game - GS Complete a game you started in that month - GS July: Platinums: 114 + 3 ~> 117 100%: 128 + 4 ~> 132 Completion: 98.36% ~> 97.87% (-0.49%) Year to Date: Platinums: 102 + 15 ~> 117 100%: 117 + 15 ~> 132 Completion: 99.14% ~> 97.87% (-1.27%)
  24. Thanks for the video's. I've watched the ones on the guide here a few times as well and they're all good. It's not that I can't beat the levels. I can get through them all with between 0-5 deaths...which is still a long way from where I need to be...I just ended up being bored. I'm sure once I'm closer to 100% and I'm bored in the winter, I'll get that itch again. That's some serious dedication right there lol. I've only put about 40 hours overall into SMB so'll probably take at least that again to get through these last three levels. I agree that I'll get it eventually...I just seem to be missing that drive at the moment to persevere. I appreciate the support!
  25. Platinum #117 Goat Simulator This was a game that was never really on my radar and I wasn't in any rush to play. It was free a few months ago on PS+, however the DLC was really expensive and I wasn't going to pay full price. I added the DLC to my wish list, just in case there was ever a good sale. All of them turned out to be on sale for like $7 a month or so ago. I picked it up figuring it might make a good, short game for an event, Turns out I was right and I could use it in the Gaming By Numbers event. Figured it would be an easy game to mix in....however I still had no real timetable on when I'd play it. Then I played The Last of Us 2...All I'll say about TLOU2 at the moment is that I really liked the game a lot. I was able to stay virtually spoiler free (all I knew is a lot of people hated it based on the leaks) and after my first play through, I get why some people might hate it...but I think that was the point and I really give Naughty Dog a lot of credit for having the balls to tell a hard, if not unpopular story....but this review isn't about's about Goat Simulator. After the heavy themes of TLOU2, I could use something goofy so I slid this in between NG and NG+ playthroughs. There's not really much to say about this's not good lol Sure it's funny for a bit, but the novelty wears off pretty quickly and it just becomes a bit tedious. It was 100% mindless (even the garbage flappy goat trophy was pretty mindless...terribly frustrating, but mindless). Way too many DLC's as well with nothing really great about any of them. I did laugh quite a bit at the MMO DLC having spent a lot of time with MMO's in my past, I thought the chat screen was pretty funny. Thankfully there are pretty decent guides out there that make the trophies relatively painless. The worst of the DLC's was probably GoatZ...mostly due to the Survivalist trophy where you need to craft all of the items in one round. I was using the mods where I wasn't supposed to take damage or get hungry, so it should have been easy. I got most of the items/weapons/clothes crafted and only had three left. I was standing outside the crafting house, looking through the goat mods menu, when all of a sudden it said I died...I was so pissed because it took like 45 minutes to get that far. I went after that trophy first so I didn't really know the lay of the land and it took a bit longer to find everything. My second attempt was just as frustrating...I got to the same point and this time, due to the shitty game, the item I needed (A Home Sweet Home sign) fell into the map and was lost. There is only one of this item on the map and I had to restart again. Another 30 minutes wasted....thankfully the third time went fine...but it was very frustrating. It's been quite a while since I played a game with so many bugs and glitches. It's just a poor quality game and it's clear they didn't put much QC into it. I mean it's a game about being a goat, so I get it...but it was still pretty bad. However, despite all the bad things I have to say about the was just what the doctor ordered. It was mindless, it was a little funny and at points a little fun...and it didn't involve very deep themes that make you look critically at a story and digest just how tragic things can be. If this wasn't free, I wouldn't recommend it for anything other than a mindless escape. It's super easy and due to the way DLC trophies are calculated on this site...ended up dropping my overall rarity by a few tenths of a percentage point lol. In other news, I was on vacation over the last week and went to the White Mountains in New Hampshire with my wife and kids. I love it up there and usually go in the fall when it is really pretty. There are tons of hiking trails and little hidden nooks. I did some of my favorite driving in recent memory up there as well. We decided to drive up Mount Washington (highest peak in the area). Boy that was one sketchy drive! The road is just wide enough for two cars to squeeze by each other. There is no guardrail the entire way up and there are several points where it is a sheer drop if you fuck up. I can't believe I haven't seen more stories of shitty drivers falling over the side. Anyway, it was 87F degrees and sunny with a slight breeze at the the time we drove the 8 mile road, 6,000+ feet up...the temperature had dropped to 47F degrees and the winds were over 75 MPH and it was raining. Like an asshole, I didn't think of the severe weather change and was wearing mesh jogging shorts and a T-Shirt. I parked the car and we got out to walk up to the summit and I was freezing my ass off lol. My kids had a blast in all the wind and their little masks blew off a few times...I won some hero points from them with my nimble feet able to stomp on the masks before they flew off into the abyss. Despite the lack of visibility and the high anxiety from the drive was a blast and I'd recommend anyone who travels there to check it out. It's not free...but I thought it was worth it. I also haven't driven on a legitimate dirt road, that wasn't a driveway, in all of my memory. There are roads in the White Mountains that are seasonal and are closed during the winter months. Apparently, those roads tend to be dirt. My wife wanted to take the boys swimming in a small pond with a small waterfall that fed into it that she had found online. I said sure and had her put the address into was eight miles away from where we were staying and it said 45 minutes to get there. I assumed there must have been traffic...but nope lol It was the bumpiest, hilliest, blindiest road I have ever driven on. It felt like being on a roller coaster a bit. My wife kept panicking that we were going to breakdown out there, with no cell service and no one knowing we were out there. I kept telling her she was bringing us into 'Deliverance' territory and whatever happened was on her 😈...which didn't help ease her stress lol. Fortunately we found our way and it was really a pretty spot. It also turned out that if we had come from the back entrance...we would have driven on real roads as well lol Thanks Waze! Anyways, the point of all that was I usually bring my Vita along on vacation to play when everyone else goes to bed. I haven't picked it up in a while and figured I'd give Super Meat Boy a try again. I played for about 15 minutes and realized I had no desire to play that game right now. It's the first time I've played a game in a long time that I had absolutely no desire to play whatsoever. Instead I downloaded Rogue Aces from my backlog and that was actually pretty fun for the few hours I played it. It'll be a game I'll enjoy finishing. The incompleteness of SMB hangs over my head, however I'm legitimately wondering if I'll ever go back to it at this point. I'm just not in the proper headspace at the moment to tackle that monster. I don't want to say I'm giving up on it just yet, because it is the only thing on my profile that I think I maybe legitimately can't do and I'm not ready to admit I'm not good enough. It wasn't that I was getting frustrated or anything...I just didn't really care to take the time to learn the levels. I was just zooming through, not trying to be careful and just got bored after those 15 minutes. I just need to get those competitive juices flowing again....just not quite sure when that will be. Playing with my kid has been fun and refreshing and really took some of the wind out of my '100% or bust' sails. He has no concept of trophies and just plays because he loves it and his enthusiasm is quite infectious. I'm more into having fun with him at this point and playing some games with good stories than I am about truly challenging myself. I'm sure at some point in the winter when he is back to school (hopefully) and I'm bored with work and it's dark out super early...I might get that itch back...but at the moment I'm feeling pretty ok with the idea of never finishing that game. What I just wrote is blasphemy of course...but I'm a little ok with that