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  1. Welcome to my Diary of a Madman and my quest to 100% all of the games I play. For a 'much too long bio' about me, take a look at the bottom of this post. I tried to make it my second post...but the website insists on merging the two I guess the top is just for my games and updates and the bottom my bio. Without further ado, here's my stuff! What I'm currently working on: MLB The Show 19 This game is a surprise addition to my active list...I was only about 6 trophies away from my 4500 milestone and I needed to pop some trophies so I could continue on in Alice. I had some morbid desire to play this game, even though I didn't love MLB The Show 18, so installed it and got my few trophies needed. Funny thing is...I started to have a lot of fun with doing Road to the Show and played it for quite a while. Now I plan on playing this more than I thought. Rest of the game is just ok, but I enjoy building my characters stats. Path of Exile This game came from out of nowhere to make it on my active list. I had never heard of this game before and it was brought up to me by another PSNP player. It is a Diablo clone, free to play and seems like it will take a good long while to finish. A perfect game to play to break up some series that I will be doing. Anyone that is playing this should feel free to let me know and we can try to hook up and play! Batman: Arkham City - Return to Arkham City This was the game that started me on Trophy Hunting. The first time I did it, I cheesed the Calendar Man trophy by changing the date on my PS3...I'm playing this game for the Bingo Bonanza event (my card so far!) and have decided to do it without changing the date on my console this time. Since the original was my first ever Platinum, there might be some poetic justice if I could also line it up so that this is my 100th Platinum...but I may want variety so we'll see. Darkest Dungeon I'm technically not working on this game at the moment, but I started it so will finish it at some point in the near future. I was originally going to use this game for the 10 Things I Hate About Games event, however due to some misunderstandings on my part, I had to rearrange my games. I plan on playing this game on my Vita and will be picking it up again real soon. Super Meat Boy Occasionally, I really like to challenge myself and that is how this game ended up on my list. I actually really enjoy this game and think I will be able to beat it some day. I play it on my Vita and this game is the one that made me break my mold of not moving on to the next game until I finish my current game. As much as I like the challenge...I needed a break. I'll try to get one more no death run finished before Playing Darkest Dungeon. I will come back to add brief synopsis to each of these over time. Platinums 1-10 Platinums 11-20 Platinums 21-30 Platinums 31-40 Platinums 41-50 Platinums 51-60 Platinums 61-70 Platinums 71-80 Platinums 81-90 Platinums 91-100 Non-Platinum Games PS+ Backlog of games that I'll probably only ever play a few of: Games I spent actual money on and I really will/should play: Events/Badges: BIO
  2. Congrats man....that is surely a feather in your cap! I'll be very happy if/when I can add my name to that list. It's one of only a few games I've taken on specifically because they were difficult and no other reason. It'd be cool to be able to beat that. Me too lol I'm pretty nervous since the trophy guide says that trophy can glitch on the Vita...I'll probably do DD on my PS4 also if it fails for me. Other than the load times into the dungeons, and the fact you swap between characters every 3 seconds because of the touch pad on the back of the Vita...I've enjoyed the experience there as well. With regards to MLB 19...I discovered last night that there is no way to give away cards or credits....the game forces you to take the best deal available. So if you are selling a card, it makes you take the highest offer and if you are buying a card it makes you take the lowest offer. You can't search through the auction house for specific prices or the highest or lowest and select that. I read on reddit that it is because they are trying to avoid an RMT market...which makes sense...but this game seems unboostable and you can't even give your cards/stubs away to friends or anything. Anyone who gets this trophy has to do it least as far as I can see. My win streak came to an end last night as I won 2 games and lost I netted negative 20 points I got really unlucky with my opponents. I'm a bronze level 70 and I faced up against 3 diamond level 100's. To get to diamond level need to get to level 100 bronze then 100 silver then 100 gold then 100 diamond. My record is 29-31 and I'm a bronze level 70....the guys I was up against had over 500 games played each...I wish you could filter to play against your same level. two week time period may be harder than I had hoped.
  3. This actually happened Saturday night, but it's been so busy at work that I haven't had a chance to update...but Platinum #98 Alice: Madness Returns It's been a little while between Plats for me and it's because I did something I never do...have several games going together at the same time and I was spreading myself too thin. I needed to finish a game for the Monthly Madness event and decided to focus on finishing up Alice. I really enjoyed this game a lot and actually didn't mind the DLC original much either. I wanted to use the Nothing Like the Smell of Bacon trophy for a milestone so started with the main game first. Once I got the milestone, I decided to do the DLC first since I had heard the controls were a nightmare...which they are. Despite the controls being smooth as sand paper and the attacking mechanic being terrible and the platforming terrible...I kinda liked it. There was a little bit of nostalgia about playing a game like that. Since there were no trophies for difficulty, I just played on Easy since there was no reason to pull my hair out. Once I figured out that kiting and throwing the knife at the enemies was far more effective than straight up melee, combat became more tolerable. Thank goodness for the little dot on the screen to target...without that combat would have been impossible. Once I got the Ice Wand, it was much better. There were still a few challenging parts, even on easy, due to the terrible controls. Thankfully you can save at anytime and there were several spots that involved jumping one platform and saving...jumping to the next and saving....just because of how bad the platforming could be. The Jabberwock was very challenging for me as dodging is quite hard in this game...I got lucky and found a spot on the rock where the graphics kind of prevented him from reaching me. It involved waiting for my magic bar to refill and then shooting him with the eye staff thing. While I would never recommend the DLC to play is a must for us completionists and only took about 6-8 hours so the pain of walking down memory lane was relatively quick. The backstory doesn't hurt either when it comes to the sequel. Madness Returns improved on the game in almost every way. Battles were much more fun. The platforming was great and the story had much more depth. The worlds were very large (probably too large) and interesting. I really only have a couple of minor complaints overall. My biggest gripe is with the 'lock on' feature that was added in battle. It was generally ok, however the camera seems to lock focus more on Alice than on the enemy you are targeting. If you strafe while locked on, you end up losing the enemy in the screen and you can't tell if it is a good time to attack. The only way to reset the camera is to release the lock. If you are fighting more than one enemy, when you go to relock, very often you lock onto a different enemy. This is especially annoying when there are slugs on the field because they are generally harmless and it becomes are to lock on to the target you actually want. Thankfully the dodge is pretty OP so it's easy to get out of most difficult situations. My only other real gripes were the size of the takes like 4 hours to beat one level. I would have rather had more levels that were a little shorter...but that is a minor gripe. My only other issue was sometimes getting stuck on invisible parts of the scenery. I'd be walking and all of a sudden I seemed to be stuck on something I couldn't figure out and would need to back track or jump to get over it. This didn't happen often but was annoying when it did. was surprisingly deeper than I would have expected and took an incredibly dark turn at the end. My favorite weapon was the pepper grinder, but the vorpal blade was fun as well. This game has been out for a long time so you've probably already played it if you wanted to, but I thought it was a lot of fun and there are many worse ways you could spend 15-20 hours of you life. There are a lot of great trophies for milestones as well! Once I finish up Darkest Dungeon, I will go back to Super Meat Boy. I'm on week 20 of my stygian playthrough and so long as I don't get screwed like @det_gittes, I'll be done with this game probably in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure my reflexes are somewhat diminished at my age, but I've always had decent hand eye coordination so I'm not worried about that part of it. I'm more worried about lacking the patience to get through it. If I have no other games on the Vita to distract me, it'll be a little easier to focus...but my goal is to stick with SMB until complete. Hopefully we're talking by February and not June...but we'll see. As far as the other games on my active list...Return to Arkham City is all but done. Just the Calendar Man remains and that platinum will probably pop sometime after midnight on Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning. I'm making really good progress actually in MLB the Show 19...I've won 6 games in a row and am up to 631 points. One of those games I was extremely lucky. i was losing 1-0 in about the 6th and I hit a home run with my pitcher....which I didn't think was possible...that game went 20 innings and I won. I'm sure my lucky streak will end very soon, but it's nice to know I can win with some consistency. I'm hoping to be able to finish this game in the next week or so...but that'll depend on my success at the higher levels. In theory I need to win about 5-6 more games...I'm getting between 30-45 points per win. I haven't figured out a way to boost, but I've tried to offer some of my cards or stubs to people if they quit the game just to speed things along...but so far every one of them has basically told me to fuck off lol It's felt good to then win anyways I actually have a ton of good cards and stubs from doing some of the peripheral stuff...I have no desire to play this game once I get the plat so I might offer to just give whatever I have left away to someone else playing who wants them. Last but not least is Path of Exile. I know I'm at the very early stages of this game...but it's another one I'm enjoying. I've been focusing on making sure I get all the lore in an area before moving on. Once I finish MLB, my plan will be to play this game more casually while I start up another regular game....with any luck, the only active games on my list by the New Year will be PoE, SMB and either Final Fantasy VIII or Alien: Isolation. After those two games, I will finally start my Mass Effect run.
  4. Got my entry at the 11th hour....just finished up Alice: Madness Returns. Every enemy in it would qualify as Supernatural so it qualifies for the HC. For other challenges, it is being used in another event (Bingo), I completed all the DLC for it and that about does it for this month. I made a ton of progress in Darkest Dungeon and MLB The Show 19 during November, but Alice is all I have to show for it. My final stats for November are: Platinum trophies: +1 97~>98 100% completed: +1 111~>112 Completion: +1.78% 97.03~>98.91% This year progress: Platinum trophies: +24 74~>98 100% completed: +33 79~>112 Completion: +2.63% 96.28%~>98.91
  5. Thanks, the cough will linger for a while but I think I'm on the mend I only have to beat the Countess and I'll be able to start my Stygian run. I really don't like the Crimson Court DLC. It wouldn't be bad except that you need a freaking invitation to enter. I haven't been able to get any of the monsters that drop an invitation to appear unless it is high infestation...after beating each boss, the infestation goes back to none and I have to do like 8-10 dungeons before it gets back up high. I tried farming them before beating the Viscount and had four of them, however after I beat him, my invitations went to down to one I tried to get to the Countess and beat her in one trip, but my dudes were too stressed out and I wiped. She is by far the hardest boss I've faced so far...I'm currently trying to get an invitation again and will try with another setup of level 6 resolve. I wiped with a party of Hellion, Hound Master, Jester and Vestal. I am going to try with a Hellion, Hound Master, Flagellant and Vestal I ACC was terrible the first go around. I found that the frame rates drop quite a bit with the Crimson Court battles, but it's not unplayable for me. I am definitely not turning that DLC on when doing my Stygian playthrough though... I took a small break. The season reset on 11/21 and I was at around 500 points...If there is a way to boost online, I haven't figured it out. Hitting is just so maddening in ranked play. I'll hit the ball squarely and on time only to ground out to short on a hard ground ball....meanwhile I've had early contact that was ok and hit a bomb or very late contact that was jammed and hit a double. It seems like it is all luck. I'll have in early swing on an inside pitch to a right handed batter only to fly out to right field...the physics doesn't seem possible. Basically, you just have to learn not to swing at most things. It is really hard though. I think I'll get it eventually....but I'm going to finish Alice before I start up again.
  6. I've been sick the past week and a half with pneumonia so my Vita has been a good companion lol I have been pretty productive in DD at least. I haven't turned on Crimson yet and didn't notice any frame rate issues with Color of Madness. The bosses aren't too bad but the 300 kills was actually pretty challenging and took several hours. I didn't realize you fight a boss every fourth 'round' and was caught off guard on the first one. I ended up having to fight the Miller first and he almost ended my journey real early. I went in with a Hellion, Highwayman, Vestal and Jester. I basically used the Jester full time on stress reduction and the Vestal healing each round with the Hellion and Highwayman my only real damage dealers. I also got very lucky that each of my guys ended up getting a positive effect when they hit 100 stress which helped a lot. If one of them was negative, it would have been much more difficult. I did have to quit out and reload a few times when I got super unlucky....but party maintenance is the secret to success for 300 kills. Either the description is wrong or my trophy glitched for the Caretaker trophy for completing all caretaker goals. I still have one boss and three levels in Darkest Dungeon to go before I finish the list, but the trophy popped after my last character class hit resolve level 6. I'm not was just unexpected. I'm going to turn on Crimson Court soon and we'll see how my Vita handles it. That sucks...I'm sorry. It's not like this game is a quick play either. Are you going to take a break in between trying? I'd need a break I think
  7. @Kristycism badges? Sign me up! I'm not sure about most of the games yet....looking at my backlog, I don't know if any of them have a black main character...maybe MLB The Show 19? I only have one trophy left for that game...but it's a trophy I may never get so I don't feel bad about having that on my list. Here is my list so far: United States Thanksgiving (November 28th): Final Fantasy VIII - I'm very thankful they did this Remaster! Looking to make this my 100th platinum. Black Friday (November 29th): Darkest Dungeon - You need to spend a ton of money to upgrade your characters and the village. Saint Lucia's Day (December 13th): Alice: Madness Returns - Alice is a young girl. Las Posadas (December 16th - December 24th): Mass Effect - Not sure about this one...I mean it's a game in space, but I don't know how much traveling there is. Winter Solstice (December 21st): Hanukkah (December 22nd - December 30th): Christmas (December 25th): Kwanzaa (December 26th - January 1st): MLB The Show 19 - Very diverse cast of characters. Boxing Day (December 26th): New Year's Day (January 1st): I'll figure out the rest as I go! Thanks for hosting!
  8. Since we're keeping this to PS4...Final Fantasy most definitely will not make this list. In no particular order, here goes: 1) Batman Arkham series: I've loved every installment in this series, including the often shit upon Origins. There is a broad range of things to do, the combat is fluid and the story is usually good enough. Plus I love Mark Hamill as the Joker. If it wasn't for the server instability...I actually really enjoyed the MP aspect of Origins. It was a cool concept of Joker Bad Guys vs Bane Bad Guys vs Batman and Robin. The constant dc'ing is the only thing that made it suck. It was the series that kick-started my trophy hunting ways and I was more than happy to revisit it on the PS4. 1.5) XCOM 2 - I love TBS games and this one is the cream of the crop. The fact that it was free last year with PS+ would make the subscription worth the price of admission. The DLC's actually add value. The game is hard and unforgiving and the loading times were a real bitch. I remember playing this during the World Series when the Cubs won, and it'd take an entire half inning sometimes for a level to load. I've heard they fixed this issue and I highly recommend everyone play this game. 2) The Last of Us Remastered - This game grabbed me in the prologue and didn't let go until the end. I've never played a game that was so emotionally exhausting. I'd also never played a real 'post apocalyptic zombie' game before, so that was a fun experience as well. Grounded mode was extremely challenging (I played it from beginning to end, not end to beginning like the trophy guide recommends) and there were several places that took a lot of practice before I could get through it. 2.5) God of War - I love mythology and I loved how they were able to interweave Greek and Norse mythology together. I liked the old hack n' slash style of the previous games, but I didn't mind the switch to this open world format. Being a relatively new dad at the time added some extra emotion. The game was only challenging in a few places and there were several spots were there could have been a lot of downtime or boredom....your bodiless companion added a lot of interesting context and background to the story. The landscape was also amazing and nothing beats the first time you meet the World Serpent. 3) Horizon Zero Dawn - Aloy is one of my favorite characters of all time. This story was also something that fell right into my wheel house. I wasn't expecting the how it unfolded and I was truly engrossed in this story. The controls were really easy to learn and I loved the stealth aspect. This was another visually beautiful world. 3.5) Shadow of Mordor - I love The Lord of the Rings and it was a lot of fun to jump into Middle Earth. The Nemesis system in this game was really cool. I liked this game because it mirrored the Batman combat system and added an element of stealth with the bow. Shadow of War was fun as well, but there wasn't enough new stuff to bring the same 'wow' feeling that Shadow of Mordor did. 4) The Banner Saga Trilogy- The Oregon Trail meets Telltale meets XCOM meets Norse style mythology....that's a win win win win for me. This series was recently available on a great sale. I will say that it is not a 'fun' game to 100%, but if you don't care about those is a really good series and I love how you can carry your save over from game to game to continue the story. 4.5) Until Dawn - I love the Telltale, choose your own adventure style of games and this was the first 'horror' game I've ever played. I don't really consider The Last of Us to be a horror game. This was interesting story and I did jump out of my chair a few times at the surprises. It was another unique experience for me, which is probably why it makes my 'top 5' 5) Kingdom Hearts II - Last but not of the Kingdom Hearts games did crack my 'top 5'. This game was the best in the series from top to bottom. Everything was improved and even though I'll never fully understand the story in this series...I loved everything about this game....except Atlantica....that place was a waste of time. The Gummi ship was vastly improved, the combat was top notch and there was a real challenge to this game. If you only play one game from this series...this is the one to play...of course you should play them all, but definitely this one. Other than playing video games...counting is probably the next best thing I do. This is probably the most boring top 5 of all time...a lot of AAA titles and nothing really controversial....but remember folks...I missed out on a solid decade of gaming due to my love affair with Final Fantasy XI so a lot of these games that were 'stale' or 'didn't add anything new to gaming' were all very new and very revolutionary to me.
  9. Thanks for the heads up! If it gets bad enough, I guess I'll switch over to the PS4. So far the loading times take a bit, but I haven't had any issues with the game itself. I'm still getting to know each character type so am having a lot of fun still. I didn't realize you could continue on after beating the game, so that's good to know as well. I learned last night that the Grave Robber is extremely OP. I beat a Shambler the other night and he left my party in...well...Shambles. I really wasn't prepared to fight it and my Plague Doctor, Antiquarian and Man-at-Arms all died in the same round due to heart attacks...the quest I was on was to collect three stolen grain and I only needed one more to finish. I decided to look for it with only my Grave Robber left. I figured worst case scenario, I get the trophy for a full party wipe, best case I finish the quest. I was able to solo three battles and get the last grain. I would Shadow Fade to go to stealth, then use Toxin Trickery for the dodge and speed boost. Then I would just cycle Shadow Fade and Pick to the Face. I almost never got hit and was able to mow through the enemies. I wouldn't have realized how strong he can be if I didn't decide to screw around. I'm starting to develop more favorite characters than spots you can use in a mission. Almost every character is a ton of fun. Is Stygian a lot harder so far?
  10. You got me worried. That better not happen. The only missable trophy is the Catch trophy, but fortunately you can get that like 10 minutes into the game so it isn't a big deal. I don't think you can screw yourself over on Perfect Knight. It is annoying to redo all of the side quests, but the Riddler trophies carry over to both playthroughs, so at least you don't have to duplicate that. I found the helping the Political Prisoners to be the most annoying to redo...but that wasn't that bad either. You can screw yourself in Arkham Origins, because there is a Predator Challenge that can only be done in one area and it doesn't reset after you beat it. You also have to do the challenges in order, so if you aren't to that challenge by the time you get to that predator need to do another playthrough. There is nothing in Arkham City like that though. My last side quest to get that trophy was Zasz. For this map, I always started with this challenge and just reset if I missed it. I found the easiest place to get this done was from the Gargoyle on the opposite side from where you start. There is a guy that stands still over there and you have all the time in the world to line up your shot. After you get him down, usually three or four bad guys run over. You usually have a few seconds to line up another shot, if not if you wait there, the thermo guys will come look at you. They give you a lot of time to line up your shot as well. If you miss one shot, retry. It took me three or four tries to get that one. If you get all three, just take your time to do the rest. I find hanging out at the walkway in the middle of the zone gives you a good view to do the mine explosion. He tends to lay them in the same places, so just pick one and wait for him to set it and boom. I found the Youtube videos not to be extremely helpful, since they are like speed records and I don't have that kind of skill. But some of the challenges are uniquely set up and the order you do them does kind of matter. Honestly, the biggest pain in the ass for me was anything involving Catwoman's Caltrops...half the time the enemy just kicks them out of the way. I found they work better if you don't throw them at an enemy, but put them around a corner or something and they run into them. For campaign maps, I save the penalties for combat challenges since I found those very easy compared to the predator challenges. On the campaigns where this is no fighting, I would front load the penalties. I would try my hardest to get as many out of the way on that first challenge since your retries to count against you until you beat the zone. There are a few exceptions since the booby trappd gargoyles make a level infinitely harder.
  11. It's been a couple of weeks since my last update so here we go: The game I should be focusing on is Alice: Madness Returns, but I really haven't touched this game in about a week or so...I really need to play this one since it is the one I am going to be able to finish in a timely manner. It's really bothering me how many active games I have on my plate right now and I need to trim them down. I'm trying to play MLB The Show 19 at least one game a day to try and whittle away that last trophy, however I will probably be hovering around 400 points for the rest of my life. I win one lose two, get d/c'd on one, run into someone with a thousand games under their belt. I mean the good thing is I am in almost every game. Most of the time it is 1-0 or 2-1 or something....last night I had a game that went 15 innings at 0-0 and I lost on a game ending's depressing. I'll probably need to win about 10-12 games more than I lose in any stretch to actually get to 800 points. This game is going to end up a regret lol The game I most want to play right now is Path of Exile. I'm really enjoying it. It is a Diablo clone, with a lot more nuance and stuff to learn. I know I haven't scratched the surface yet on it, but I don't think I'll regret this one since the game is at least fun. I'm also really enjoying Darkest Dungeon. My new favorite setup is the Vestal, Jester, Hellion and Man-at-Arms. The Hellion is a beast and so versatile. Man-at-Arms seems to compliment the Hellion well. I get what you were saying @Rally-Vincent---about it being a bit repetitive. I'm about 17 weeks in and it is a lot of the same thing over and's just a matter of farming the materials to upgrade until you can make the final push. I'm trying to target some of the random trophies while I'm farming...I'll probably turn on the DLC around week 52. So my immediate goal is to get back to Alice and finish that up.
  12. Yeah, that is generally how I play on my Vita...I'm good at tuning out the TV though (too good at tuning out my wife too if you ask her lol 😉) I may end up doing something like that as I get closer...I just hadn't played in a while and was getting my mojo back. It wasn't a chore so much as I just didn't want to get stuck behind doing a repetitive wall right after Space Hulk. I thought it'd be nice to get that other monkey off my back...but I just wasn't quite into it. Conversely, I'm really liking DD a lot. I think I've finally figured out enough where I'm not really confused about what is going on. The only thing I wish, was that there was an extra row to stash loot. You need to bring a ton of different items with you on treks in, which take up valuable inventory space and the loot you get takes up a lot of space too. You end up either needing to skip Curio's because you don't have the item needed to open it safely or throw out the less valuable loot to make room for the more valuable. I mean it adds to the challenge, but you never have enough room. I think you'll enjoy DD. My new favorite class is the Hellion. Did you find the notes help? I feel like I'll just need to do it enough times where it is muscle memory.
  13. I forgot to put my final stats in September so the stats will include two months of numbers. I finished three games in October though: LA Noire HC requirement (31 hours) Counts towards another event (Bingo) Completed all current DLC for the game Space Hulk HC requirement (150+ hours) Counts towards another event (Bingo) Got first trophy over a year ago SOMA HC requirement (7 hours) Started this month My final stats for the month are (+ September: September/October Progress: Platinum trophies: +7 90~>97 100% completed: +11 100~>111 Completion: -1.21% 98.24~>97.03% This year progress: Platinum trophies: +23 74~>97 100% completed: +32 79~>111 Completion: +0.75% 96.28%~>97.03
  14. I haven't given up...but the repetition to get better at each level was a little tiresome. After spending the past several months, spamming the same thing every 20-30 seconds for the 40k kills...I just wanted to do something that progresses and changes lol I'll be focusing on DD for now on my Vita and I will definitely go back to SMB before picking up anything else on the Vita. I added it as a game in the UR event just to remind myself I need to do it Great job on the Necrodancer progress! I am really intrigued by how hard it is...but don't know if I'm there yet with giving that game a try. I generally suck at rhythm games and feel like I would get frustrated too early on. I agree. The Welcome to the Chip trophy is the matching system is ridiculous. So far I have 415 points towards the 800...but my record is 8-11. I'll probably be stuck around 400 points for the foreseeable future since I'll lose points for every loss above it. I'll get to 450, go back to 395, etc. I'm a bronze level 27 in the game and they matched me up with a diamond level 100. My record was 8-10 and his was 697-812...needless to say he put up a 9 spot in the second inning and I forfeited...because why waste 45 minutes on the game I know I won't win. The most runs I've scored in a single game so far was 5...I'll play one game a night and see how long it takes...MLB The Show 18 was definitely a much easier game, even if the rarity says otherwise.
  15. October update from me...pretty sure I keep making this harder for myself as I keep starting new games. They are all from my backlog so I'm still in the spirit of the event...just not what I was planning lol. I've added MLB The Show 19 and Darkest Dungeon and finished LA Noire and SOMA sooooo net sum zero with less time to do it now Alice: Madness Returns PS4 10% Alien: Isolation PS4 0% Beyond: Two Souls PS4 0% Darkest Dungeon Vita 16% Detroit: Become Human PS4 0% Doom VFR PSVR 100% Final Fantasy VIII Remastered PS4 0% Forgotten Anne PS4 100% Game of Thrones PS3 100% Hard Rain PS4 0% Hitman Go: Definitive Edition PS4 100% Hue PS4 100% Indigo Prophecy PS4 0% L.A. Noire PS4 100% Life is Strange: Before the Storm PS4 100% Mass Effect PS3 0% Mass Effect 2 PS3 0% Mass Effect 3 PS3 0% Mass Effect: Andromeda PS4 0% MLB The Show 19 PS4 90% Soma PS4 100% Spec Ops: The Line PS3 0% Tekken 7 PS4 100% The Order: 1886 PS4 0% The Wolf Among Us PS3 0% VR Karts PSVR 0% What Remains of Edith Finch PS4 100% Ten games down....Seventeen to go...
  16. Oh man, that sucks. I made two of every save file because I made that mistake when playing Re: CoM. Fortunately, I had completed Sora's save file already when I saved over it by accident with Riku's so it could have been worse...but I didn't make that mistake again with the games that needed multiple save files. Good luck 😭
  17. I'm in this exact same situation lol I only get an hour or two a night to play, and I have four 'active' games I'm trying to juggle...not sure I want to do this again I am really enjoying all of them (well not MLB The Show 19 so much anymore) and having a real hard time picking which one to play. When I'm playing one, I'm thinking about the other. I feel like I need to just focus on Alice since that is the shortest one to clean up my active game list. I started Path of Exile, which if you closed your eyes, you would think you're playing Diablo. It's actually a lot of fun if not completely overwhelming with how expansive the skill tree is. No worries if it works out it works out, if not maybe something else will sync up. Time zones won't make this easy for us lol
  18. I'll sign up I have a lot of UR games in my pipeline and several I'm already working on. Here's my list: 1. - Darkest Dungeon (1.79% / 0.52%) - 15% done so far 2. - Path of Exile (0.56%) - 5% done so far 3. - MLB The Show 19 (0.26%) - 90% done so far 4. - Super Meat Boy (0.20) - 79% done so far 5. - The Long Dark (1.02% / 0.22%) - Not Started 6. - Transformers: Devastation (0.95%) - Not Started 7. - Mount & Blade: Warband (1.16%) - Not Started 8. - Everybody's Golf (4.27%) - Not Started 9. - Enter the Gungeon (4.36%) - Not Started 10. - Hollow Knight (4.04%) - Not Started This is a pretty ambitious event...a couple of these I may not be skilled enough for...but I'll give them a try! Thank you for hosting!
  19. I generally don't, however I was running out of inventory wasn't until the next quest that I learned by accident how to equip the trinkets, which in turn opened up some inventory space. I usually keep it in the middle. I don't like getting stressed just by walking, but I want decent drops. As it gets tougher, I'll probably go with max torchlight. So far, I touch all the curios...most are nothing or bad...but I can't not check them I'm jealous! Renauld was gonna be my guy! I almost lost my Leper too, thankfully he didn't die from his heart attack. That would have been a true kick in the nuts. I haven't done a ton of stuff in town yet...I'm trying to save my resources until I have a better idea what is going on. Sadly, Renauld was a guy I had spent money on to remove a quirk, so that was a waste. I figured out camping a bit yesterday and I feel like I'll want to focus on upgrading skills first. /edit Thanks for the curio tip...I never would have thought that using items on them would affect what they do lol
  20. I've liked the Leper a ton so far. He can take a beating and deal a beating and I love that he can heal himself and remove some stress too. I lost my Crusader though lol I'll get another one at some point I'm sure, but I was bummed cause he got me through the first three missions. I screwed up and thought I selected a short dungeon, but chose a medium dungeon. I only brought 8 torches and the darkness made him highly stressed and he died of a heart attack 😭 Renauld is gone but never forgotten! I had to quit that mission because I lost him and everyone else was near a heart attack as well. I almost made it too...I only had one room left to go. I had an Arbalest, a Flagellant, the Leper and my Crusader in that party. Not much for healing, but I thought in the short dungeon it wouldn't matter. I'll probably mix and match quite a bit since each character has some pretty cool abilities. I like the Plague Doctor too...he looks like someone out of The Dark Crystal. The controls on the Vita are a little switch characters in the dungeon by tapping on the back of the needless to say I switch characters by accident constantly. I really don't like that 'button' on the Vita since you hands naturally go there. Of the four games I'm playing right now...I think I like DD the best so far. Path of Exile is actually pretty fun's basically a super complicated Diablo clone...I think the trophy list on that one is mostly misleading...nothing has been hard so far but I'm sure that will change during the endgame.
  21. I was hoping to start Alien: Isolation this week, however I've been playing games extremely out of character for what I usually do. I have four games that I'm actively playing, and have been enjoying, so am really having a hard time picking which I want to play. Due to that, I'm limping along in all of them and won't have Alice done in time to start before Halloween. I think I've finished all the fun parts of MLB The Show 19 and all that is left is the scary grind. If you try hitting in the online mode...that's pretty scary lol I'll probably be celebrating Thanksgiving with Alien at this rate. I guess Darkest Dungeon is kind of scary. I have a Leper in my party and I think he's my favorite so far. I like that he can de-stress himself and heal at the same he does pretty good damage. I've only done about 5 missions so far, but I think I'm going to roll with the Leper, Crusader, Vestal and Highwayman. I've liked those the most so far from what I've played, but all of them are pretty useful so far. I'm thinking of joining that UR event...I'm currently playing four games with UR plats and plan on doing a couple others next year so it makes sense. I think that ABC one may be too limiting for one year. I only play maybe 25-30 games a it would be rough to need to make sure each one is a specific letter...I do like the concept though. It's a bummer there wasn't a Halloween event this year.
  22. I meant more due to the accidental spoilers and such. I logged into today to check out the trade the Patriots made, and there was a banner ad for a Gandalf Halloween suit that I had looked up. There was another banner for the Joker movie, which I had also googled and looked at. I'm sure a good ad-blocker would solve some of that...but anytime I don't want to be spoiled...I inadvertently get spoiled. With movies, if it's one I know I want to see, I'll go opening night now just to make sure. Between Twitter, Facebook, Ads, Text alerts and so on, you can't help but find out stuff accidentally. I'm seriously impressed by the people that are able to navigate that minefield because I sure as hell can't. I don't generally look at stuff for games at all outside of a trophy list/guide. There are a few exceptions...Final Fantasy VII Remake comes to mind. But usually, I hear about a game and if it's from a series I know I'll buy...I don't even need to look at it since I'm going to play it anyways. A lot of the games on my backlog I got from a recommendation and I just take the persons word for it. If the game is more than $15, I may check out a video or something...but I like about 90% of the stuff I've played, so I generally don't see things that give spoilers. Outside the trophy list/guide, I do actively avoid spoilers as well. Having said all that, unless it is a major 'No, I am your father' type of won't generally ruin a game for me. I'm working on Zombie Boy. I want to finish up The Kid opportunities before I switch to Cotton Alley and I can't use him. I've only played for about an hour...and it is hard lol I can get through every level dying 5 times or less....but it's going to take quite a while before I whittle that down. For every zone up until now, I've just gone in order but I'll probably have to come up with my own order to finish. I'm the same. Because of this I have a general idea about most of the games on my list, but I haven't read up on any of them or anything.
  23. SOMA I got this game for free on PS+ a while back and with it being the Halloween season and no Halloween event, I wanted to throw a horror style game into the mix. This seemed relatively short, it was free and I have it on my Fall/Winter Backlog challenge so snuck it in here between some bigger titles. It's a walking sim that takes place in the somewhat near future and involves apocalyptic events. The game doesn't give you much to go on for clues and it causes some areas to be harder than you would think. The inside zones are relatively straightforward, however I got a little lost in some of the outside zones. Visibility is usually low and the flashlight doesn't help a ton. I'll say that the story was interesting enough, but was not altogether an unfamiliar scenario. The 'wow' moment takes place kind of early in the story and I kept expecting another twist or turn, but it ended up feeling mostly straightforward to me. There isn't a ton of enemies, but the game is very claustrophobic and it can be quite challenging to get around. The music is pretty good as it makes it feel very creepy throughout. They also do a pretty good job with the images, making them fuzzy or harder to see. I played in a dark room to help set the mood. There was supposedly a missable trophy, however I'm not sure how it is missable since it seemed pretty required to advance the story. For a free game it was pretty good. I wouldn't pay more than $5 or $10 if you didn't get it for free. The controls took a little getting used to and I don't think the game really introduced anything terribly new or groundbreaking, but the puzzles presented a decent challenge at places (mostly due to the lack of direction) and it was pretty creepy. The voice acting was decent and if you're looking for a scary walking sim, this isn't a bad choice. It's not a game I feel like I'll remember in two years, but it served its purpose for the holiday! I started a couple of new games this week. One will be a very casual experience that will probably take me the year to complete and that is Path of Exile. I didn't know much about it, but it was brought to my attention by another PSNP player and it was free to play so I checked it out. It seems like a Diablo clone, but way more involved. I'll probably play this a little bit on weekends to mix things up during my next series run. I think one of the things that hurt my enjoyment of the Kingdom Hearts run I did, was that I didn't really have anything to mix it up. This game seems like a perfect choice since it isn't something I need to worry about finishing in the middle of a series. I made my character and stopped at the first encampment (maybe 30 minutes of play so far). I'm going with a Witch. I generally choose the Barbarian or Wizard class in Diablo games and I was the Barbarian in Diablo III so I went mage class for this game. I usually play the Ranger type in the Skyrim/Dark Souls style games. So far it seems like a game I'll really enjoy. I have a lot to learn, but if anyone is interested in giving it a shot, I'll be around to play The other game I started is Alice: Madness Returns. I have a trophy here sized up for my 4500 trophy, so we'll see if I can make it happen. This game also fits with my Halloween theme and is a game I've wanted to play for a while. I played for about 45 minutes last night and I really like it so far. The controls seem ok so far. I've had a couple spots where there is an invisible border that has blocked a jump, but other than that...nothing to complain about. I'm pretty happy right now with my slate of games! I have a chaotic month coming up at work that may severely limit some of my playing time, but my goal is still to finish up FFVIII for #100 and then start Mass Effect. My goal is to get Mass Effect 1 done by the end of the year.
  24. I don't find they spoil too much for me if I check them at the beginning. I generally don't know the context the trophy is referring to so doesn't make a ton of sense anyways. I just like to see if I can ignore the trophies and clean up afterwards (my favorite type of games) or ones that really need some guidance to avoid major headaches later. I can't think of a specific trophy name/description that has totally blown something for me. I get what you're saying, especially with trophies that have the name of a boss or something in the title/description...but even that knowledge wouldn't ruin the experience for me. I view most trophy lists like movie previews...they give you a tiny glimpse at what may come, but don't generally give so much that it ruins it for me. For example, I'm playing SOMA at the moment. I checked the trophy list to make sure there are no missables and it turns out there is one. I made a mental note that when I reach (I'll put this in spoilers in case you plan on playing) In theory, that could be a spoiler I guess, but this is an apocalyptic walking sim game, so that description isn't really a shocker. I'll be much happier at the end of my playthrough with that minimal knowledge than I would be to get to the end and realize I have to blitzkrieg through the game just for that one trophy. I'm genuinely impressed though by people that can stay completely spoiler free these days considering how much access there is to everything and how easy it is to accidentally spoil things.
  25. Been a productive month for me. Placed four more Platinum bricks in my Pyramid including the top one. Cross off Space Hulk, LA Noire, Game of Thrones and Life is Strange. Only three left and my tomb is complete! 0% 0% 0%