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  1. thanks for the tips guys I was about to give up on the Satan death shield part, I made it thanks to you!
  2. someone's gonna get fired over at ND...
  3. what a fucking joke... I'm not the "rant on the internet" type of guy but come on Sony... I got Super Stardust HD and The Last Guy for free when I bought my PS3 8 YEARS AGO
  4. PS Now doesn't let you play online. I paid this month of PS+ exclusively to be able to play online, if we didn't need it I wouldn't have gotten it because I didn't care for any of the 6 games (loved the January games though,best one we've had in a very long time)
  5. I would be super happy with this
  6. I voted for this, too bad it won't win
  7. yes, the January update is supposed to be the last (which has the hardest trophies btw) We'll probably get a sequel to Arkham Origins by WB Montreal, it's the last Rockesteady game but not the last Arkham game
  8. Tough one this month, Broforce looks good but I love stick shooters... I'd be happy with either Broforce or Assault Android Cactus, I'll wait to find out more before casting my vote
  9. Damn that's too bad, thanks for letting us know
  10. Nothing yet, here's hoping! Tomorrow
  11. Try deleting the game, download it again and then quickly stop all update downloads, or just disconnect from the internet before launching the game so it won't be able to download updates.
  12. I downloaded it myself yesterday and it's where all other costumes are, in the inventory. Did you exit the game and installed it after downloading it?
  13. being Snake for one last time... thank you Kojima
  14. FINALLY a good lineup with AAA titles, can't believe it. First time in a very long time I'm not disappointed.
  15. looks like it's not an attack By the way, this is not a security breach. This is page caching gone rogue. Most likely not respecting Cache-Control headers