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  1. Didn't have to check twice to see if you were from the UK. Didn't think to try the options to pause. I'll give that a go. Is the trophy negated when the train slows down, or is it only when it makes the squeal sound?
  2. Right at the start of level 4 there are three frogs in the bottom left. Click on them and the trophy will pop.
  3. Anyone got any tips for that stupid train level? This is probably pretty easy as an iPhone game, but I just can’t get the track down in time.
  4. Other than Deathspank… Costume Quest 2, perhaps? Or Oceanhorn, which is also pretty old-school Zelda-like.
  5. Never mind, I assumed that going into the cave after defeating the Flame Dragon would just be the second Dragon boss. Going into that cave unlocks the quest.
  6. I've in Pawt City at L35 and trying to get the Path to Walking on Water quest but it doesn't show up on the board. The dude by the water just tells me to go look at the board! Anyone else had this problem? Is it glitched?
  7. The header for Alien: Isolation is fan art ( How about this, which is much more representative of the game: Alien: Isolation (PS4) Alien: Isolation (PS3)