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  1. # 24 - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Legend Obtain all trophies. Date Achieved: June 3, 2020 Rarity (at the time of posting): 5.45% (Very Rare) Time to Platinum: 4 years, 5 months Enjoyment - 9/10 Difficulty - 5/10 After 4 years and 5 months (December 31, 2015 - June 3, 2020), I finally got the Platinum trophy for this game! You might be wondering why did it take me so long to Platinum this game. At first, I was hesitant due to the repeat missions (the ones with the Total Stealth, Subsistence, and Extreme handicaps) and a lot of the missions tasks looked very daunting to me. I then burned out on the game for awhile, not touching it for 4 years. But then one day, I was like "why the heck not" and I decided to reinstall the game and finish what I had started: willing my way into obtaining the remaining trophies on the path to the Platinum. After watching some video guides and doing some improvisation when it came to doing the repeat missions, I was able to capture all of the animal species and S-rank every mission, but most importantly, complete all of the mission tasks, albeit with some moments when I screwed up, leading to some frustrating moments. Nonetheless, it's a Platinum trophy that's been 4 years in the making, and I would say it is one of my most proudest Platinum trophies that I've ever achieved! As a huge fan of the Metal Gear series, it was a blast playing through from beginning to end! Its a damn shame what the series has become after this game and Kojima's departure from Konami...especially Konami and their fall from grace after this game's release.
  2. Several games I am working towards getting the Platinum trophy on: Grand Theft Auto V 2 GTA Online trophies: "Numero Uno" and "Backseat Driver". Just need to find a gaming session in order to finally unlock these trophies and achieve the platinum. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Just need to beat the campaign on Veteran. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege I just need 1 last trophy: "That bullet pen..." (Get 10 kills through bullet penetration in Casual/Ranked Multiplayer) The Walking Dead: The Final Season I had a bit of a burnout on Telltale games around the time the developer closed shop, but I need to come back and finish the final season. Its gonna take a couple of replays in each episode and some changing of choices to achieve the trophies, but it should be easy to get as is any other Telltale game. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain I just have to complete all of the missions, get an S-rank on all of them, and complete all mission tasks. Star Wars Battlefront II All of the remaining trophies I need are on Starfighter Assault. Considering I have barely played on that game mode, this one is going to take a while.
  3. Conservation Extract all wild animal species.
  4. Running in Style Used the closet.
  5. Not All Miss In multiplayer, defeat 3 enemies within one Vanguard usage 5 times. There Has Been An Awakening Reach Rank 25.
  6. #23 - Far Cry New Dawn Conqueror Earn all Trophies. 34.87% Uncommon I got this game on sale for $17, and I had a pretty fun with time with it, even it was short. Having just recently played and getting the Platinum trophy for Far Cry 5, I went into its sequel knowing it won't be as large as its predecessor. After playing through it, I just wish that there was more to do in the game than the usual Far Cry game has to offer. Sure, when you get Eden's Gift aka superpowers, it makes the game very fun, but also very easy. The Expeditions were really fun to play through, and I wish there were more of them to do. Overall, it's a bittersweet conclusion to the Far Cry 5 saga and here's to the next Far Cry game!
  7. Liberation Complete all Special Operations missions. Rare - 19.73%
  8. #22 - Goat Simulator All the Goat! Unlock all the Goat Trophies! 29.14% - Uncommon Completed in 8 hours, 15 minutes Difficulty: 3/10 After hearing that this game and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection were the PS Plus games for January 2020, I decided that may as well start the year off playing Goat Simulator, considering that I previously owned The Nathan Drake Collection before I traded it in, though I may consider redownloading it just for attempting the Platinum on all 3 Uncharted games. Goat Simulator is a game that's not meant to be a very polished game, but rather a very funny and wacky sandbox game where messing around as a goat with ragdoll physics and causing mayhem throughout the various worlds is the primary appeal of this game. The trophies were pretty straightforward and easy to obtain, mainly focusing on collecting trophies and doing some basic tasks that nets you trophies pretty quickly. Obviously, the trophy titled "The Flapmaster", is the hardest trophy to obtain. At first, it was frustrating trying to get a score of 10 or more, where many times I came so close, but then I choked, but after many attempts, I managed to obtain the trophy. Overall, its a pretty easy game to achieve the Platinum trophy on, with the aforementioned "The Flapmaster" trophy being the only difficult trophy to obtain, as the rest of the other 30 trophies in the base game are very easy to obtain.
  9. My gaming goals are: Tackle on the backlog of games that I have accumulated for a long time on both my PS4 and Switch. Regain my trophy hunting groove, as I have been lacking it for a very long time due to college and I've been on a trophy collecting drought for awhile now. Many games that I have unfinished business with in trophy hunting and obtaining their platinum. Get games that I have interest in or have on my radar for awhile, most recently, or by recommendation by friends and family. My trophy hunting approach depends on the game I'm playing. If its a game where you gradually earn trophies through normal gameplay, then I just play at my own pace. Then, the easily missable trophies are next. Lastly, the trophies that require specific criteria and/or requiring to do a very tricky thing are saved for last. I'll probably get the PS5 around Christmas or my Birthday, but I'll be sure to stay tuned for more announcements and details throughout next year in regards to the PS5, such as release date, price, features, launch games, etc that will determine my final decision.
  10. Sniper Elite 4 We shall not fail or falter Complete Mission 5 Uncommon - 39.83%
  11. Games I've been currently playing: Nintendo Switch: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Cuphead Warframe Luigi's Mansion 3 Astral Chain PlayStation 4: Sniper Elite 4 - PlayStation Plus game last month, enjoying it so far Rainbow Six Siege Grand Theft Auto V - Grinding for money for the upcoming "The Diamond Casino Heist" update on December 12 Red Dead Redemption II - Been on my backlog for so long
  12. #19 - Batman: The Enemy Within
  13. Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends No Charge for Awesomeness Use 20 Different Awesome Attacks 6th Dec 20171:15:37 AM 3.97%ULTRA RARE