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  1. Don't you hate it when so called "friends" randomly delete you for no reason whatsoever? I'm talking about the same people that kick you for no reason if you join their chats (or even games lobbies) as well. Yes I get space is needed for more people on your list, and that you can get deleted accidently but idk whats going on in this world. Its happened like 100 times now in like my 4 years on ps3 and ps4. Just want to know if this happens to other people as well. And Im not a troll, Im one of those people thats trying to be a nicer person every day and want to be good friends with people. Oh yeah, if you want to add me, I'll accept any friend requests as I am trying to make more cool friends on psn as I said.
  2. Post any games that you wish had 100 trophies or more to earn. Any games that have less than 100. Try to stick to just a few games, not just every game that you can think of because that would take too long. Also, post a reason why there should be more if you want to. Mine: Dead Rising 2 (original) Reason: Because, played 10 playthroughs of it on xbox and ps3 combined, and did literally everything in it and the game deserved to get more than 51 for what other feats/milestones/endings you could accomplish that weren't already trophies/achievements.
  3. Can someone who has done the corridor surgeries please tell me what tools to use in the brain, teeth, and eye surgeries without losing too much blood? I think I can do the teeth one, but the brain I cannot figure out what to use because every time I use a tool with precision on it, his blood level drops 100 ml every tiny hit I make. For the brain one, it has to be 4850 ml or above. And yes I use the green syringes. Please any tips would be awesome...
  4. Fuck you Sam Fisher!

    1. Kubanga
    2. Superstarmaste1r


      *Gives you the hardest task ever which is the time ticking bomb where they took away all of your things so you can't stop the bomb destroying the US*

    3. necroshifter86


      He was a prick all this time.

  5. Platinum #50 - NHL 15 :D

    1. BhekifaZ


      Nice, those NHL games were always too hard for me to 100% when I played them on 360. The online trophies always prevented me from doing so.

    2. necroshifter86


      Yeah, those hut trophies were very annoying.

    3. Lord_of_Ra
  6. It took me over 5 months, but in the first week I got over 40 of the trophies. The reason it took me 5 months was because at the time, there were barely any guides for any of the levels and the advanced challenges were hard to figure out at that point. But now for people trying to platinum it, it should take less than a week because there are more guides on the levels. There's one level where you gotta get like 2.5 mil points which was the last one I needed and its kinda tricky.
  7. Finally someones gonna play Skydive Proximity Flight. Good luck with it.
  8. Prison Song - System of a Down They're trying to build a prison They're trying to build a prison They're trying to build a prison For you and me to live in A prison system A prison system A prison system
  9. ACIII Dead Island Deadly Premonition Skydive Proximity Flight
  10. The pain from the aftermath of the removal of wisdom teeth...

  12. I want to go to Takakanonuma Greenland Amusement Park but it was torn down 5 years ago. If I could go back to 1999 at its peak I would. :(

  13. I've been waiting my whole life for just one FUCK And all I needed was just one FUCK How can you say you don't give a FUCK I find myself stupified, coming back again All I wanted was just one FUCK One tiny little innocent FUCK And when I feel like I'm shit out of LUCK I find myself stupified coming back again

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    2. necroshifter86


      Song lyrics....(facepalm)

    3. Nepgear2


      It is from Stupify, correct? I never listened to much of Disturbed, but with how much that one had just plowed through the internet it was difficult to avoid it.

    4. necroshifter86


      Yeah, Stupify.

  14. Cool, there's co op campaign now
  15. I hope in Fallout 4 I can loot Tom Brady's expected dream mansion he's having built in Massachusetts. PUT THAT IN THE GAME!

    1. Conker


      :lol:, that would be so awesome
    2. ShadowStar83x


      With deflated footballs!

    3. LeiFangFan85


      Agreed. He doesn't deserve all that fame and fortune.:)

  16. Remembering the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests from 26 years ago today. The Tank Man was a badass.

    1. damon8r351


      What are you talking about, absolutely nothing happened in Tiananmen Square on this date 26 years ago. :P

  17. Dead Rising 2 - 7 times
  18. I felt the hate rise up in me Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves I wander out where you can't see Inside my shell I wait and bleed

  19. The endings in Lone Survivor are some of the best I've seen. You got red, blue, white, green, and yellow. Dayum.

    1. SarDarniTron


      Few endings were Sad. ;/

  20. 10 Grand Theft Auto V (PS3)- 2.30% Currently Dead Rising 2 - 2.86% Currently Call of Duty Black Ops II - 1.45% Currently Red Dead Redemption - 4.63% Currently PAYDAY 2 - 3.03% Currently Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - 3.96% Currently Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) - 1.82% Currently Surgeon Simulator - 0.72% Currently Skydive Proximity Flight - 3.95% Currently Madden 12 - 4.14% Currently
  21. She's sticking needles in her skin

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    2. ABagofPotatoes


      I'm just saying maybe the guy likes to update everyone on his current situation (e.g About to go the the toilet, wish me luck!) but hey that just my thoughts. (Don't take this seriously plz tyvm)

    3. necroshifter86
    4. necroshifter86


      Nope but other people on this site most likely do that

  22. This happened to me as well and I've been blocked for a week and I don't know what to do.
  23. Dead Rising 3 has 115 achievements LOL
  24. Why I'm posting on here, don't know and don't care, but I'm thankful I have a lot going for me in life. For example, I'm feel very fortunate that I'm not some starving kid in Africa (not being racist but honestly there are lots of poor families there), never getting to experience or know the good things that life can give/bring. These people see the world as probably hell scavenging for anything that can help them last another day, compared to some of us over here that take life for granted. I know we all endure hardships but I think about what it's like for people that are in those situations to go through everyday surviving by a thread. I feel kinda terrible when I think about it. If I could trade places with them for a day and see a glimpse of what it's like in their eyes to live, I would. Anyway I feel thankful that I have a relatively good stable life and that I wish everyone could have the same as well. Anyone else feel like this periodically?