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  1. My gameshop already have Shenmue I & II HD... I'll bought it, it looks like a very good game, I hope the platinum is not hard ^^ Never played it before.

  2. I played with someone for boosting a Dragon Ball game some years ago... His/her name was PuteNorvegienne. I'm french, and in my language it means 'Norwegian bitch'. I'm dead lol.
  3. #38 - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS4) After 2015 on PS3, now I got it on PS4 Always a pleasure to play this game... So good ! Now I have to finish it on Vita lol. #39 - Slyde Well... Just for an easy platinum. "Platinum in 32 seconds"
  4. Every month, I will try to update my backlog ^^ Stats : Games owned : 120 (+1) Completed games : 43 (+3) Completion : 82,32% (-1,18%) Unearned trophies : 435 (+76) Trophy per day : 0,92 (+0,02) World rank : #167,426 (+13,391) French rank : #9,733 (+702) Trophies : 2,201 (+89) : 40 (+3) : 215 (+16) : 428 (+20) : 1,518 (+40) New Platinums : #38 : Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (PS4) : 27/07/2018 #39 : Slyde (PS4) : 31/07/2018 #40 : Life Is Strange (PS3) : 01/08/2018
  5. Hey everybody ! I wanna know, is this possible to make a "wishlist" on the PStore ? Like this we can see when games that we want are in promotion... I don't know if this is possible ? It could be very helpfull ^^

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    2. voodoo_eyes


      There is a wishlist, but it's somewhat broken. It used to have a limit of 99 items that could be added, Last month I experienced that it was reduced to 97 and since this week I can't add more than 95. Still generally useful though.

    3. Rick_Sanchez


      What they said, it is on the PC store but is buggy. I've had my wishlist suddenly wiped out without warning, then it kinda restores, then fully comes back, etc. When it works it's nice :) I just wish things would automatically remove when you buy the game on the list.

    4. Lorajet


      Use the wishlist all the time on PSN Store, but double check if a game you really want might be on sale.  I've had issues where a game was on sale but didn't reflect that on the wishlist.  Strange.

  6. Well, I just go to Dragon Ball thread, now I'm in here too I got 5 platinums : - Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (PS3) - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS3) - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution I almost finished the 3 last, I will be a Hokage before the end of summer ^^
  7. First time I wil post in a "platinum challenge" I'm in, as a huge Dragon Ball fan I got all these games, but some platinums are so hard or need so much farm... I will try to earn all of them ! I got 5 platinums : - Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 - Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi - Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection - Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z - Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS3) Miss 1 trophy in : - Dragon Ball: Raging Blast (f*cking All Ruined.....) Have, but still not started : - Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PS4) - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Dragon Ball FighterZ
  8. On Amazon Price France, 39,99€ for 15 months of PS+... I think I will take it ! 

  9. One year lated, now updated, 37 platinums ! I want 47 before 21st september, I wans Spyro's trilogy to be my 48th, 49th and 50th platinum ! ❤️
  10. #36 & #37 - Midnight Deluxe (PS4 & VITA) Easy game and two platinum, I like it ^^ Need 10 more platinum until september now (I want the Spyro trilogy to be my 48th 49th and 50th platinum 😍)
  11. I'm so late... I got some new platinums since the last time I post here ! #28 #29 & #30 - Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (PS4) The trilogy of my childhood. Was soooo happy to play them again. I did these game like a hundred of time (especially Crash 3). Some relics were a nightmare in the first game ! Stormy Ascent ......... I think I try more than 100 time to got this f*cking relic ! Relics are really THE challenge of the game, but I'm glad they did that. Can't wait for Spyro Trilogy now ! #31 & #32 - My Name Is Mayo (PS4 & Vita) Well... Let's be honnest, only playing this for two easy platinums lol. Nothing to say about this "game". #33 - Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS4) Already did it on PS3, but no trophies, too bad. Easy game, easy platinum but really enjoy replaying it because I like Naruto games ! #34 & #35 - 36 Fragments of Midnight (PS4 & VITA) Two easy platinums too here ! It was cool. Some levels wasn't that easy but this game is very simple. Need to play "Midnight deluxe" now !
  12. #25 - The World of Nubla Difficulty : 0/10 Enjoyment : 8/10 Only playing it because I saw it was easy (and on promotion on store) so I try. Veeeeeery quick game... I don't know what t osay about it... It was a little cool but not memorable. But I didn't regret my purchase ^^ #26 - Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Difficulty : 1/10 Enjoyment : 9/10 A very interesting story, the graphics were so beautiful wow ! Some trophies were boring, but it forced you to play the game at 100% so it's great ^^ Really enjoying it, I bought it on the store because it was on promotion too, and I saw it was easy ! #27 - Tekken 7 (PS4) Difficulty : 3/10 Enjoyment : 9/10 I'm waiting for this game for soooooo long ! So happy that it's finally out ! Really enjoying playing it. An easy platinum of course ! The story mode is cool, but I'm disappointed, I expected more ! Can't wait for the 8 now lol.
  13. Final Fantasy X HD ! A little long, but really enjoying playing it
  14. Is there any good games on promotion on the store ? I saw the "big in Japan" promo and I think I'll buy FFVII, I Am Setsuna and why not Harvest Moon :)

    1. milanbarca82


      Since i'm a JRPG fan, my recommendations would be:
      - Persona 5 (I prefer to wait a little longer for a more reduced price).
      - The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel I & II
      - World Of Final Fantasy
      - Tales Of Symphonia
      - Tales Of Graces F + Tales Of Xillia - Combo Pack (Great Value)
      - Dark Cloud 2
      - Wild Arms 3
      - Star Ocean Till The End Of Time
      - Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
      - Tales Of Berseria

      And since you already platinumed most of the old Naruto & Dragonball games, you may want to buy these too:
      - Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road To Boruto
      - Dragonball Xenoverse 2

    2. Rodow_


      thanks a lot ! I already have Tales of games but didn't play it yet. Same for Dark Cloud (1 and 2). Star Ocean is very hard to platinum right ?

      I think I'll buy a lot of games lol

    3. milanbarca82


      Star Ocean 4 actually, is the hardest to plat, the one I mentioned above is easier.
      Hahaha, you have to.  I already bought most of those games at their full prices 😞.  I wish I had waited for them to be on sale lol.
      Happy gaming :)

  15. How can I add a "Trophy Cabinet" on my PSN profile ? I don't find how ! Can anybody help me please ? :D

    1. Cleggworth


      Go to the trophy you want to put in it and click on the green "add to cabinet" button

    2. XShadowNebula01


      Just go to your PSN profile and you will see your game list. Click on a game and you will see its trophy list. Choose which trophy you want to add to your cabinet by clicking on a trophy's picture, and there will be an option to the right of the screen which says ''add to cabinet'' --and that's it =^-^=

    3. Rodow_


      Thanks a lot :D !!!