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  1. I finished it like a month ago and it still suffers from the save corruption problems ..... If you do get the save corruption then just keep playing on until you trigger an autosave (manuel save wont work) and everything will be fine again but DONT close the game before that autosave otherwise your saves wont load. Also, backup your saves to cloud or better USB once in a while just to be safe.
  2. The guide is wrong as there are more than 8 lights look at the top of T1 each side.
  3. Take my advice and don't start this game.
  4. I haven't played the game but maybe this can help you.
  5. You 100% have to be online for progress towards the trophy.
  6. If you own a turbo controller then you can easily get "May the force be with you trophy" within 2-3 days ..... Wait for the weekly leaderboard to reset (might not be needed depends on highscores on table) then pick Rebels table and turbo the cross button at lowest speed then go do other stuff 🙂
  7. Steam got one
  8. Yes, reason im still missing one trophy is that i screwed up my first playthrough and haven't gone back yet 🙂
  9. It's obtainable with the current patch 1.07 🙂
  10. I added everything ofc -) 1. Star Wars Squadrons - Platinum 2. Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown - 100% Hitman 2, Bo4 and Battlefield V were all bought and completed before they went free on plus.
  11. I would turn crossplay off.
  12. Same easy trophies and thx for the games @Smashero you trashed me lol
  13. There are some misc trophies in zombies that needs a 2nd player like Team Player in rush mode + Straw Purchase, Paranormal Patch Up and Crawl for Help + a few others. Every easter egg is doable solo if you're a good player but i would recommend getting another player for maybe Blood of the Dead and Voyage of Despair. Oh yeah i forgot about the bots as i never used them so you could maybe get everything solo then dont know if bots will pickup weapons from the box for Straw Purchase trophy.
  14. I never claimed it was a hack as i clearly said ingame exploit -)