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  1. Did it first try with randoms with no personal downs was pretty easy imo.
  2. I completed this game and mine popped way past the 80 hours too so the tracking is definitely messed up i would just keep playing and idle in-game for some time.
  3. The tracking of playtime is not accurate so just keep playing and it will unlock sooner or later. Players on steam have the same problem
  4. I believe the bandaged one is for punching the gate to the slayer gate room.
  5. It didn't glitch only host can get this trophy and he needs to pick up 5 large/medium artifacts combined by himself. Also, remember to activate the challenge as host.
  6. Check every war story to see if it has a dot for finishing it on hardcore also i take it you did prolouge? Otherwise finish last story again dont skip cutscenes. Did you actually watch the cutscenes to the end when resuming? Otherwise try that.
  7. If you're doing it legit dont bother with hero starfighter as you will spend more time with loading screens and waiting for games to start than actually playing the game. If you're boosting then sure do hero starfighter.
  8. Its still triple xp it has been extended until Wednesday so go grind those levels
  9. You must be doing something wrong as I completed this on the hardest difficulty and it was laughable easy. Stealth is your friend so observe the enemy paths and pick off the stragglers with silenced weapons use puppet master its very op and robots are no real threat just toss an emp grenade or use guns that can stun robots.
  10. Re-release has a new list so you can get another new plat if you want to buy it and play it again.
  11. Use the one on steam it covers everything.
  12. Nah, you can complete each of the 3 maps in invasion with just 2 players its just a matter of skill
  13. If needed i can help you with invasion i have completed all maps with just 2 players and helped multiple people finish it over the years.
  14. Im using Seagate Expansion 6TB external hard drive. Price is around 115-120$ and i will never have to worry about space again