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  1. Just a heads up regarding the Foes No More trophy: Tsanna the Lamashtu Priestess doesn't count towards it so ignore people claiming otherwise on various forums.
  2. Its because of too many disconnections happened to me too and the ban lasted 4 hours.
  3. Happened to me ban is for 4 hours.
  4. Down an enemy and then claymore him it counts.
  5. I have +200 hours with this game (ps4 pro) and never had any save file issues nor quest bugs but i did have tons of bluescreens but its running on Unity engine so that was expected. For anyone thinking of starting this game keep saves to max 5 and turn off autosave it decreases the blue screens and loading times. Gonna put some links below (spoilers) that helped me as some trophies are easy to mess up (secret ending trophy) (Artisan overview/items/requirements) (maps of Beneath the Stolen Lands)
  6. Pretty sure that is for upcoming tournaments.
  7. Grinding for 1000 matches is done alot faster in havoc mode if you have the 4 players to start a match ..... Start match all players immediately suicide then rinse and repeat its extremely boring and tedius though but the fastest.
  8. I completed this game around a week ago and everything popped when it should no problems whatsoever. I played 2 solo and 2 duo matches in TPP for those specific win trophies as FPP doesn't have those 2 modes and everything else was then played in 1 man vs squads in FPP and kills from both TPP/FPP counted for me crossplay was off.
  9. You can buy disc version and run through the game unpatched to get the unlimited money/skill points exploit but honestly i wouldn't recommend that as game was a mess with bugged quests and blue screens until the later patches fixed most of those problems. Btw, Supreme Jerk difficulty is only "hard" the first few levels after you hit level 4-5 its quite manageable without exploits. One more thing to get the lore book / cassette tapes trophies you need to be playing on latest patch from beginning as starting game unpatched and then installing patch endgame to collect those bugged collectibles wont work as they wont show up this way.
  10. I use this one
  11. Patch was just released on ps4 it fixes the progression bugs in the dlc's that before prevented you in completing those like the Beneath the Stolen Lands standalone dlc progression issue. Please be aware of plot spoilers in the description below! Areas • Fixed a critical issue related to the characters’ movement in the Jamandi Aldori’s Mansion area. • XP was given incorrectly at the House at the Edge of Time area. Resolution: fixed. • Fixed errors in the dialogue with Jamandi Aldori at the Flintrock Grassland area. Quests • Fixed the issue due to which events of the Deal with the Devil quest at the capital square could fail to start. • It was possible to get a reward from Edrist Hanvaki more than once. Resolution: fixed. U Interface • Scrolling through the locations list failed to work. Resolution: fixed. • The Boon selection window wasn’t displayed in the console version. Resolution: fixed. • Scrolling now works correctly in the recipe selection window. It now also displays recipes, for which there are not enough ingredients, as well as full recipe descriptions, with all the required ingredients. • The loot window displayed the number of items instead of its weight. Resolution: fixed. • Fixed how the newly obtained spells are displayed in the class progression window. Turn-Based Mode • Commands that are given before a battle starts in turn-based mode, are now canceled only at the very moment the battle starts unless they have been already executed. In the previous update, the commands were canceled immediately, and only the last one was executed even if the battle did not start at all, which interfered with the use of effects during the pause. The change we implemented will also allow you to get a significant advantage in the surprise round, which goes against the rules of the board game, but we consider it acceptable at the moment. • Pounce failed to work in the surprise round if the character was not the first to act during this round. Resolution: fixed. • Attacking enemies with AoE spells failed to start a surprise round. Resolution: fixed. • A fight in turn-based mode could freeze when an AoE effect of a compound shape was activated. Miscellaneous • Excessive game saves were created in the Last Azlanti mode. Resolution: fixed. • In Beneath the Stolen Lands, rogue-like mode, after you retire one party, the next party didn’t get a boon. Resolution: fixed. • Decreased the memory consumption in the scenes with lots of characters (in particular, in Irovetti’s palace). • Increased the space reserved for game saves on consoles. • Audio: during the boss fight with Vordakai, a theme for Armag was played. Resolution: fixed. + more stuff that wasn't included in patch notes.
  12. A new patch will come out next week for the game.
  13. I never had a problem with getting any of the trophies to pop but the game did crash alot so be sure to backup your saves from time to time ...... Regarding the Super Murderer trophy the kill counter is counting all kills including those from companions but i believe you need to kill 1200 enemies with your main character for the trophy.
  14. Sadly, i think they have given up on fixing this game on consoles and now fully concentrating on their next game Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. @punkshepherd: 2 people have the platinum now so it seems possible but it takes alot of work and patience.
  15. Yes, clear one area at a time if you die you restart at beginning of the area you died in. Game put me at 61 with furious feet ..... lol complete joke at this point just give the damn trophy away when you launch the game ffs.