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  1. Not many know this but you can actually decide where you want the colours to be on the ground for the Simon says step as the first radio you place is always gonna be yellow followed by blue then green and finally red so placing first radio facing towards spawn and going clockwise will give you spawn yellow, journey into space blue, polar peak green and finally kepler red.
  2. I just got the trophy too BUT i did encounter the bug right after doing Pripp's last side mission and immediately after that specific trophy popped it started with the "failed saving out of disc space error" ..... Luckily, i had an earlier save on cloud so i downloaded that and went straight for the boss without doing any side stuff and finished it without any further issues
  3. Its scheduled to be fixed with the next big update in end of August but there is no guarantee only time will tell if its true or just more bullshit from them.
  4. We have an update rolling out tomorrow (7th August) that will look to eliminate the most common cause of crashing across all platforms, alongside an additional and separate fix for Practice Range. This update otherwise adds no additional content, or makes further changes to Battlefield V. This update is anticipated to clock in at around the 800MB on PC, 500MB on Xbox One, and 450MB on PS4. What’s Changed? Eliminated the most common cause of crashing on all Platforms, across all game modes Separately fixed a different issue, addressing a hard crash in Practice Range when interacting with Planes.
  5. Says 1.07 for me too.
  6. Mine is indeed the digital version but there is no version number shown in menu top left corner for me unless im completely blind Apparently some enemies respawn from main game when starting the dlc like Lux in The Castle of Light zone i wonder if this is the cause of the bug and you maybe have to go kill him again.
  7. Im about to start this dlc too continuing my very hard iron mutant run i hope i wont have any problems with it and btw latest version is 1.09 not 1.07. You can pickup from where the game ended so no need to start a new game for the dlc.
  8. I mean the Alcatraz portals horde mode not the normal duo's, quads etc. etc. ..... Also, in that mode you can respawn multiple times and get back to your bag and get your loot back if your unlucky and get killed with an item before meeting the requirement. I just played the Alcatraz mode and literally saw the alchemical set 3 matches in a row at New Industries.
  9. Are there restrictions for Buddy Pass players? Buddy Pass players will progress normally and can experience the entire game while they are playing co-op alongside you. Buddy Pass players can upgrade at any time to play the game solo, or join co-op games with other players. Buddy Pass players will not receive achievements or trophies on console.
  10. I think there is an event right now with the Blightfather try killing him he apparently drops the magazine pretty often otherwise try Alcatraz mode there is alot of items for zombie characters in that mode.
  11. All dlc is free so should be included in your download. HuntingFever beat me to it
  12. 50K xp every half hour would make it 5 hours right?
  13. I hope you like yellow
  14. Battlefield V Please fix the goddamn trophies EA/Dice.