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  1. Kill aliens pick up fuse install it in pap and upgrade your wonder weapon and then go shoot down the spacecraft and pick up soul key then cutscene.
  2. Steam guide:
  3. Skill book exploit still works on patch 1.09
  4. I just checked and its working fine for me.
  5. New patch is coming out next week that should significantly decrease loading times and fix various quest/gameplay issues The bugged trophies wont be fixed in this upcoming patch but they're looking into it
  6. Hopefully his math is a little better than yours -)
  7. Yeah, i just completed it with 2 players too.
  8. Well, that AliG200 person did get the answering machine trophy BEFORE ever dealing with Liberty Buchanan in Yuma County ..... Not calling anyone a cheater but its pretty impressive considering there is a tape in her room you need
  9. Wait 3-6 months ..... Recent patch actually made the game much worse for me with bluescreens happening every 2 hours + invisible enemies and there is still quest bugs. As BrandedBerserk pointed out 2 trophies are also unobtainable right now and i doubt they are getting those fixed anytime soon.
  10. Im confident that person didn't get it legit.
  11. Just tested and you can still do the skill book exploit on patch 1.08 and Antique Appraiser perk has been adjusted so selling scrap doesn't work with it anymore.
  12. You tamed them all in the same playthrough right? I know for sure it doesn't have to be with the same character but maybe that named cat in Garden of Gods is needed too.
  13. One of the challenges is "earn lifetime score 2000" which you will get with ease in one match.
  14. I dont recommend using this exploit but you can actually get unlimited skill points from those skill books by reading them and then quickly pushing drop it ..... Pick it up again and rinse and repeat.
  15. After getting the calls for those 2 missions just completely ignore them and go complete 3-4 quests ..... After that you should get a notification about failing to do them and then get trophy when you visit world map.