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  1. alright thank you for the quick response
  2. I already uploaded my save file from my ps4 to ps5 but haven't downloaded the game yet just curious if anyone know if the save file can transfer backwards so if i get the rest of the trophies i need on ps5 i can transfer back to ps4 and get the plat on that as well.
  3. same for me as well sadly
  4. you can find him in maxi boost mission area e mission 15
  5. is there a way to tell how to get s ranks on the ex missions because i feel like its random beause i have super high scores on some of them and don't get the s rank then i will get a lower scrore but get the s rank i feel like ther is some secret requirement and the game doesnt tell you.
  6. Is there any thing you have to do specfic for the branch battle last scenes or is it just do all the ex versions
  7. Hello folks i've beat the story and i'm working on my last few trophies but i need the one for going to all the islands and to unlock the rest i need 9,300 hearts. I have built on each of the sections a couple buildings people asked for and every section has a bathroom, bedroom and place to eat and slime stack. But im still not getting that much cause this will take forever. Any helpful methods or tricks people could help me with so i can get this thanks for any help.
  8. Now i already have all the stars in the game do i have to just finish the stage or do i have to get first in all the races? And thanks for the info
  9. How do i aquire the last 7 colors are they obtained from the mod pods or do i have to beat all the stages on hard or do i have to beat them all on expert i hope its not on expert.
  10. Gotcha thank you very much
  11. This is the only trophy i don't seem to get, when it says individual command supporter does it mean a spirit command on one character they use on themself 6 times or is it the supporter command such as ed or lisa and all those extra supporters. Thanks for any help folks
  12. I've been trying to get his trophy for a couple hours to no avail. I have all the gumiship worlds unlocked and i've gotten all the treasure spheres that are on the maps. I've also flown around killing the enemies shooting the crystals, the yellow cubes, and the asteroids and still nothing on 20 unique treasures. Can anyone help me or give me any insight please. And thanks for any help
  13. I have been in the cave for a while now been looking for this creature so i can get its sticker to move on. If anyone knows where it is please help
  14. Just thought i would let everyone know of a game breaking bug i came across. Once you beat the game and get to the credits the game dumps you back home and lets you get the rest of the collectibles. Well i went back into a dungeon cause i wan't sure that if there anything in there. Well it seems you are supposed to be able to go back into a dungeon after you beat it and there are no collectibles in the dungeons. But i beat the boss but it won't let me leave and i can't leave through the entrance so i am stuck. I tweeted at the developer and they got back to me saying they would patch this right away. So this is just a fair warning to anyone so they don't get stuck like i did. I'm so close to the plat but guess i will have to wait till this gets fixed.
  15. I just need one more music track named ruffians so i can get the trophy for having 100 percent unlocked for the gallery. Does anyone know if it is on a specific level or it is just random and i just have to keep playing till i get it?