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  1. NA sale is a lot better now but the Black Friday sale for EU was much better than the NA one was, sort of like a flip, one has a variety of good stuff the other just slightly discounted fairly new "bigger" games
  2. Not sure who could match you decisiveness other than yourself so I'll try to leave this open and abtuse what you want with this.... If you were a question, what question would you be?
  3. Yeah, still a long sale though, over a month. Also looks like odin sphere is on there
  4. sales end Sept 18th 2020....well i guess i better at fast
  5. That voice.... I am scarred for life...
  6. These are not including anything $9.99 as with tax that would be over $10. Also many of these stack 2-3 times. Spiral Splatter Twin Robots 36 Fragments of Midnight Square Boy vs Bullies Alteric Save the Ninja Clan Energy Cycle Blasting Agent Arcade Series Pacman, Mrs. Pacman, Galaga, and Dig Dug swap quest Taco Master Mr. Massagy Playroom VR is free......but sort of need a VR Master Reboot
  7. Yeah, deciding which one that should be.
  8. Awesome, I'd like a shot
  9. I aw the 200+ hidden trophies...but I was sure if you had hidden trophies prior to the event. Now you got to clean some of those up
  10. Finished
  11. I guess I deserve it, I mean I was on the Olympics team that pulled that of during the bronze only round.....Man that team.... At least it got me to finally suck it up and do 4 more Semispheres Speed Runs
  12. @wolverine123 looks like you stealth AA'd me, nice match
  13. You use the "exploits" as described in post #4. Those designs work for the bridges that don't have specific images.
  14. did you try this one
  15. There have been challenges that have come up where they were glitched and everyone died at the same point. Just wait for one of those to come up and you will be able to tie for first.