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  1. still works
  2. anyone know if it can be gotten in Co-op? Like if two or more people are each opening chests
  3. Probably an unpopular opinion on a PS site but Switch is just getting better games in general at this point, at least for me ( 2D platformers and JRPGs are some of my favorite genres and i don't really care much for most big AAA/FPS games) not only is PS not getting many of the games such as this but things like messenger and hollow knight go to Switch first, they get cuphead and exclusives such as pokemon and smash. I think only things that PS has that Switch doesn't is KHIII since i don't think Switch could run it. But i feel like Switch will get the other KH games and the new persona is going to switch.....wouldn't be surprised if the others go there too. I think the PS is the better console like even controller feel and such but game selection is much better on Switch...
  4. *bow* owner of half the super weekend mode plats and fastest time in the world calling it now next game is doable in 2min 53.435 sec we are gonna need milliseconds on plat times at this rate
  5. 4 min plat times....plat creep is real
  6. even if you had some regulations on number of say gold trophies the games could still be as ridiculously short. You just give a bronze for jumping the first time etc. the regulation would have to be like on how long it took to get the trophies but that would be harder to tell by the game and list for it to get approved. Some lists years back still didn't have a "beat the game" trophy. What sort of system you thinking for rankings? like points based on time/skill involved. I feel like this would be pretty hard to fairly balance but curious as to what you are thinking. I have been annoyed by the decay in trophies for the last year or so (that 2016 ending of regulations somewhat makes sense in that regard) but last year has been crazy. This list is killing me though. Megaman type games are some of my favorites and would have been great to have to fully play this with all characters. The steam achievement list is great. Would have really liked to see that. I mean that is like the perfect example of what a trophy list should look like. ( Play a game fully. Beat with all characters. S ranks. collect all power ups etc.
  7. could create a discord server. Could Invite friends and kick anyone who gets out of hand
  8. Liar Princess and the Blind Prince
  9. I did say "it was the best game i played this year i just wish it was longer" even good stuff now a days are getting shorter
  10. They already have removed gameplay...its called debug mode, VN skipping (with no choices none the less), and only needing to play 12% of a game for the plat.....but this is a debate for another time, like say tomorrow
  11. like the leaderboard now, it won't come down to people being amazing at games. Purely gonna be who plays the most 15 min - 1 hour plats (stacks if they want). Its just time, money, access to systems and games and can follow basic directions. Its to the point we are getting on average one under 2 hour plat a day, many being 1 hour or less. Under 1 hour plats will fill the leaderboard regardless of it it is games only 2019 or games of all time. Post 2019 might be more fair as there are less 1 min plats, this i think will just cause more of the leaders now who play all that new easy stuff to still be at the top but like hakoom said other way you are helped if you have an extensive vn collection and hard to get things like 1000 top rated. Be complaints from people either way you do it. But if this would be fun for people look at and keep track of, maybe compete against yourself, then that is what matters, just have fun.
  12. I'd assume incredibly easy with a guide
  13. Thanks Yoshi
  14. It is when there are multiple stacks of a game and you earning trophies in one basically gets you the for free in another. So like some older games (like Sound Shapes) you could: get all the trophies in one version, say ps4, -> cloud save in the game (feature of the game) -> load up another version, say ps3, -> Download the cloud save -> all trophies earned in the previous "auto" pop. Some games with online that tracked the user you could sort of do similar but not with every single trophy. Take Friday the 13th, you could meet the requirements of one version for say kills, then get 1 in the other and you would get the trophy
  15. abzu altered beast (online 5 min online trophy prob have to boost) cars race o rama cars 2 cuboid daytona usa all the god of wars goosebumps lone survivor phineas and ferb all sam and maxes thomas was alone a lot more are easy but longer like all legos, infamouses, madagascar etc.