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  1. the black and red one seem like the better deal. They at least those have right side up images...... however "Notes:Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures. " How do you know what color you are actually gonna get.....might get neon yellow or something Also the escape button sounds interesting.
  2. I assume you are leaving out VNs (there are a lot of those under 1 hour) others Tetra's Escape Midnight Deluxe Mr Massagy Dying Reborn Path of Motus Planet of Eyes Survive Mr Cube (a bit longer depending on rng) Albedo Square Boy vs Bullies Hex Tunnel Touch Jazz Punk Energy Cycle Edge Dead Synchronarity Blackwood Crossing Zeus Quest Sigi: A Fart to Melusia Word Sudoku by Powgi Phobos Vector Prime Black the Fall Little Acre Old Man's Journey AER Long Reach Energy Invasion Inner World Black and White Bushido Chromagun RocketRocketsRockets (need mulitple controllers) Book of Regrets SkyScrappers Perils of Baking Full Throttle Remastered Spiral Splatter (might be a bit frustrating) Burly Men at Sea Jak 2 (if using debug....or you know you could actually play the thing ) Perfect Angle VR: Esper Accounting+ Hex tunnel Mind Labryrinth
  3. Yeah this method is pretty fast. Once you get the hang of it you can average about 1 event done every 2 min. (And that is including the time to warp away and back again and including the random times where the skull spawns deeper down, you get a bunch that are like 30 sec- 1 min). Actually if you are looking longer than 2-3 min I wonder if it is just faster to restart.
  4. Yep GG and Happy New Year to you as well. May your 2019 be filled with high quality spam (just slightly less then mine this time) I will leave this here though
  5. Go get those Astrology games done And congrats on your first non trophy trash plat in nearly a month
  6. Unfortunately not, it got jipped out of a choice at the GotY awards....rigged for over hyped AAA games and Celeste....psst everyone vote Celeste
  7. How about team name: Captain Unknown and CJ the Sausage Dog I believe that satisfies your requirement and has a rather nice ring to it. P.S. Once every 2 sentences is not the same thing as 2 times in one sentence
  8. Wait, you snatch me on your team and still trash talking???? You do know the definition of teammate right....I mean isn't number 1 rule of speaking Austrailian that you must say 'mate' at least once every 2 sentences? And as for team....well didn't you claim to own some octopi at one point
  9. You can sign me up regardless....but I much much much much much prefer team comps
  10. Touhou Genso Rondo Proof of Rondo 8.05%
  11. yeah..... unfortunately Stop using stupidly fast/easy trophy lists to sell games @developers @publishers
  12. Anyone know if there will be DLC trophies for this one? Some have had it last few years and some haven't. It has a big universe it could draw things from. the recent ones that haven't had any were things like Incredibles and Ninjago where i don't see how much could be added.
  13. Worst trophies in a game i bought for trophies = Obut Pentaque. Worst game overall = Hajwalla Legend. you notice how bad this is the first button press you make after the menu
  14. Usually its the opposite for me more time to prep the plat. I stop playing as much trash when close. but one its prepped i guess it is nice to get it done, returned or sold. Often i have been running into the problem where i will have something prepped, then play another game that i find AMAZING or the challenge of it makes me want it as a milestone instead....thrn i have to decide to keep with my originsl plan or change. Then i can't hold off for milestoning tthe other though as i'll have to return it since it was a rental or sell it off