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  1. Watch it be white text...
  2. I open this and WOW do my eyes least if you decide to stare at the sun you know it is coming. Yeah I have been playing some better stuff of late (and finishing them.....) any who, yeah a lot of stupidly quick plats coming out. Did I read this correctly? Your octopi are playing barbie for you? Not sure if that is sad or ingenious. I mean if you are going to train animals to play games what better than octopi. Not only are they supposed to be really smart but 8 arms a piece / 2 = 4 games at once or 8 Vns/telltales. So how big is you trophy production facility?
  3. 3 trophy lead...just got to keep the snowball rolling
  4. I am still on the hunt for yours
  5. WOW they are modest! They could have said up to 95% OFF.
  6. has anyone found the (presumably) ONE 90% off item yet?
  7. I did seelf study japan for awhile. It was actually really fun to learn. If I had the time I would learn more of it (and relearn what I forgot, I was at like 4th semester college level)
  8. So you thought my lead big enough to learn japanese...hopefully you can break this habit of starting things and never seeing them through
  9. That is great I am fine with a fixed 273.15 points a fixture. Celsius is what you guys use in Austraiia, right?
  10. If you are confused which direction to go, just take the absolute value of what you get and you'll be good.
  11. @cjshaitan, you gonna be counting my score so you can learn some of that non-zero American math?
  12. Yeah... probably gonna get 85% of what I play thrown out
  13. It pops in the first like 15...prob too long for you. I want to see a pic of this alphabetized game shelf
  14. P5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I'll always be choosing the long ones...for...reasons Oh so the "parting" is you parting from your hatred for completion and actually finishing things that aren't VNs. I knew you played very little of games I did think it would be more like 10-15 min though....I mean 5???
  15. you may be doing a run of ni no kuni 2....but your previouos track record shows you won't plat it as for the SoM question....It's going well. I see you started it how is it going? must be savoring it if you haven't even gotten the first story trophy yet