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  1. I'll enter with this. Should be a high enough percentage to stay over 75% by the time 4/1 rolls around. Thanks for the contest and to all those donating prizes
  2. You might want to do some fact checking there sir. My 1200th wasn't cyber d it was Genso Rondo, which you are also wring about. Game only had 1 list. I wish it stacked though, game is AMAZING. With these errors it makes me wonder if your count is accurate. You are right though you do need to play Genso Rondo, oh and do more than the 3-4 easy 2 player trophies. You maybe ahead but you played so many 20 min 20+ point games and getting 40+ trophies in mere minutes with the jack games. I doubt it can last. Like you said earlier a couple hundred points are nothing in the world of spam.
  3. There is a summon drop that puts them out.
  4. PBS was definitely up there with my favorite plats this month, I'd actually play that online a bit more if it wasn't dead. Coma though....yuck. Oh and the Japanese you speak of on my trophy list....well prepare for a few more real soon and i guess 142 isn't that much to be down by...that's only several to 142 games
  5. I am anticipating this update. I played some amazing high grade spam yesterday. 2 games, 5 min each oh and I didn't have to do anything other than hold R1. One even had a plat. I should be back. on top now. I see you are taking an earn an average of 1 trophy per game approach
  6. You got yourself a deal sir. Search 'vivid kitten' in the psn store (there are 3 of them actually. That princess one is nice as well
  7. I know plenty of trophy hunters that aren't rich and they are still trophy hunters ...but they play actual games instead of 75% VNs and trophy trash . Phrase should read "If you you can't afford spam hunting you should be a spam hunter" But yeah my self imposed handicap is going to make beating you all the sweeter. Speaking of interesting...want to make things more interesting? How about the winner gets to choose what psn avatar and psnp avatar the loser displays for say 3 months. So every time they log on , earn a trophy, have some one view their profile etc. they can be reminded "Oh yeah, that's right I lost to that Unknown fella." perhaps something like this for you? yes that is actually in the store.....
  8. account might be 8 years old but maybe no one reported it until now. Looks like the first trophy was not 8 years ago (it was in 2015) and he played very little online it seemed. So could just be that it was never found out as maybe the few people he played with before didn't care.
  9. Starship disco weeping doll legend of the seven seas sneaky bears pixel gear idol master cinderela girls viewing revolution how we soar batman arkham VR lethal VR dying reborn VR soul dimension VR
  10. I actually wouldn't mind never playing a game for trophies on ps3 again. I still have a few games on my ps3 backlog but I would much rather play on ps4 at this point. Sure I do get game crashes as well on PS4 but not nearly as often, the load times faster, graphics better, easier to stream from, trophies sync faster, messages more organized etc. Heck the last few ps3 games I played for trophies I lost game data and had to start over or got stuck in an auto save in an impassible state. Might just be bad luck but it just worries me every time i play it now.
  11. I think SS is one that any great spam hunter NEEDS to finish. I mean completing a trophy/game 1 time and getting 6x the reward....why pass that up?
  12. I slowed to a crawl this past week, 3 days to finish Nightmares fro the deep 3....guess I need to spread out NftD 4 take 4 days now. Secret of Mana is on my very near future to do list. I'd go with ps4 though Cyber D is going to be #1200. Water pistols...why use those when there are water grenade launchers, gattling guns and sniper rifles. Super soakers sure have come a long way since I was younger. Maybe they did exist I was just unaware of the M rated weaponry. As for your vita, I was looking through your list and why not go back to sounds shapes.....WAIT why haven't you finished sound shapes by now ????πŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸ•›
  13. like this one? Never seen one with a screen before
  14. Don't worry last 2 days I played more Eternal than ps games,gap might have closed already. But Secret of Mana coming I am actually really looking forward too
  15. I use an Elgato HD60 (although HD60 S and Pro might be better but I never upgraded) and OBS to stream. OBS is free and works really well and lets you do a lot with it. You can ad outside sources to it like streamLabs to give you notifications and alerts. One downside (although it will be like this with most outside streaming/recording software) is that it will take awhile to initially set up and tune things like bit rate etc. One elgato downside is that if streaming from ps3 or PSTV you need a splitter (its just a bit more hassle with the additional cables mostly). Splitters are like $10-20.