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  1. Anyone know if there will be DLC trophies for this one? Some have had it last few years and some haven't. It has a big universe it could draw things from. the recent ones that haven't had any were things like Incredibles and Ninjago where i don't see how much could be added.
  2. Worst trophies in a game i bought for trophies = Obut Pentaque. Worst game overall = Hajwalla Legend. you notice how bad this is the first button press you make after the menu
  3. Usually its the opposite for me more time to prep the plat. I stop playing as much trash when close. but one its prepped i guess it is nice to get it done, returned or sold. Often i have been running into the problem where i will have something prepped, then play another game that i find AMAZING or the challenge of it makes me want it as a milestone instead....thrn i have to decide to keep with my originsl plan or change. Then i can't hold off for milestoning tthe other though as i'll have to return it since it was a rental or sell it off
  4. its that a grocery bag it is wearing????? Also I have an idea for a comp........ we even get to work together in this one
  5. there were a lot of Cody's in that game...but the name Stormy Wing takes top spot
  6. I am actually playing a game you made a guide for...... for once.....Bull Riding !!!! At first glance it looks like you put quite the effort into must either love Bull Riding.....or just games in general that are a lot of button mashing, repetition and scores that make no sense and highly skewed in the player's favor. You can be down 50 points in the final round, get a 0 and then win by 100.
  7. Oh there is a work around. As you are typing just talk out loud. you can hear your own voice that way and it will be just like having an irl conversation.... better actually as you are working on your typing skills at the same time. You mean Desert Racing GST was not interesting to you? Not sure how that is possible, games where all you do is drive in a circle for hours on end seem right up your alley.
  8. OMG, Can't believe you went there.... I am seriously laughing so hard from that. I like don't even care if i lose now that was so good. +11000 likes to you!
  9. I am sorry I can not up vote that post
  10. dog pic spam....well i have had worse spammed from a troll. Also was an animal...sad pics........ Wait... dog pic....!!!..!!.... I was thinking i doubt you can find a cat avatar i don't like...this though..... Guess i better try to prevent this now
  11. Well sorry to hear you go. You started destroying me in this after a few months. Thanks for the race..... and the super specific stats May you enjoy your non trophy endeavors while I am happy to no have to fear losing my pawsome Cat Quest avatar Befire you go though i must know.....what was the avatar you were going to give me ?
  12. Got the Plat for the English Version of VIIR
  13. You got time ...I think I am only at 10. You got time ...I think I am only at 10. You got time ...I think I am only at 10.
  14. Watch it be white text...
  15. I open this and WOW do my eyes least if you decide to stare at the sun you know it is coming. Yeah I have been playing some better stuff of late (and finishing them.....) any who, yeah a lot of stupidly quick plats coming out. Did I read this correctly? Your octopi are playing barbie for you? Not sure if that is sad or ingenious. I mean if you are going to train animals to play games what better than octopi. Not only are they supposed to be really smart but 8 arms a piece / 2 = 4 games at once or 8 Vns/telltales. So how big is you trophy production facility?