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  1. Not if we trade in the trench coat for a horsebird outfit
  2. So are we flipping it so I am balancing you on my shoulders now? Congrats on the interview and awesome responses
  3. There is a trophy for getting all cards in a single playthrough, so I don't think chapter select would work for that if there was one.
  4. The push square thread is from May.....36 fragments wasn't released yet it is according to Wikipedia–L)
  5. Good luck guys, epic challenge @CjShai I like how when reading down the list the general trend is that the game quality gets worse and worse.... How have you resisted playing some of that trash by now...... I mean you resisting barbie for like 3 years??? and the eekeemoo stacks, magrunner..... "assorted VNs" sort of like a box of trophy chocolates I guess @Evil_Joker88 I don't think drawful 2 has a plat btw
  6. I'd like to sign up too...... and maybe that curse could be removed? Not that that is the only reason for signing up of course. Sorry for choosing Disney lands over you !!! Seriously though, this idea is awesome. Super creative, something for everyone, and those trophy names/descriptions.....alright enough brown nosing.
  7. you need to connect the dominoes so that they touch each of the 2x2 icons with the images on them
  8. I am fine with not counting Stick of Truth as a JRPG. guess the new one isn't gonna count for me either.....
  9. If you could choose any region + language (that doesn't already have its own stacking list of some game) to get its own stack, what would it be? Also what game would you want it to make a stack for?
  10. Awesome contest for an awesome game. Thanks for having this
  11. Answer: Unknown I do have one you'll really enjoy though, even you could plat it without a guide.....hmm...probably
  12. Maybe the NA version is glitched. 3 people have completed it but from EU and Japan
  13. That 15 person rule soultaker made was awesome, I don't see why you are complaining about it. Basically it allowed for the comp to start earlier. Since the 16th person didn't want in until toady, everyone would have had to wait almost another week to start. And we could have been waiting even longer potentially. Quick what time do we know which opponent we are facing at each round? I assume you are ging to announce it the second the round starts but maybe there was plan for some knowing ahead of time. And is it random or by order of signups or something else?