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  1. This was a main point of my post. I personally was miserable and people shouldn't prioritize farming trophies over their educations, jobs etc. If you are miserable please stop and realize where trophies are headed in terms of getting fast plats and such. Even if you climb the leaderboard now once you stop you can quickly be overtaken in a few years most likely in what? a day at that point? Like are you just doing it to post on social media or brag about your plat count? Don't make gaming into a job you are paying to have. If it is truly fun for you then that is fine, maybe its relaxing idk. I just want to spread some awareness incase people aren't realizing twhat they are doing with their money and time. Game on your own terms.
  2. Looking at the fast plats as a microtransaction is an interesting way to think about them... I like that analogy Even the AAA games use trophies somewhat as a marketing tool I think. Since posting plats on twitter etc. so easier they make it the more will post. I understand people can do what they want I am just trying to make others aware of this trend and where things are going and don't do beyond their means or prioritize this over their lives if they can't afford it or are doing it for other reasons like to compare to others etc. as its just gonna get easier and easier....
  3. Yeah hard for us older crowd to understand I think too how newer players feel. We know what it was like but this state is all they know...
  4. Did a vid slowing the growth of how easy it is to get plats now a days compared to years ago... seems to be growing exponentially. Putting this out there for awareness and not to cause drama (please no drama posts). While people can game how they want and I can't say what is right for you, I do want people to realize where this trend is going. Do not make these into a chore of finishing for leaderboard chasing or to compare to others. Please don't over exert yourself physically, mentally, financially buying/playing these games and make it into a job you are paying to work. This was one of the reasons why I quit trophy hunting around a year ago and it has gotten worse. Basically the leaderboard devolved into who can play all these fast games. If you are playing these to gain stats and such realize games are going ot get easier and easier and you will get on a hamster wheel of having to keep up with these if you competing with others and become a slave to the system. Trophies are being used as a marketing tool. I dont want people to get addicted to this sort of thing and have it effect their life like for some I know.... Just asking people to take a step back and think 'am i really having fun and enjoying myself or am I doing this for some other reason or just cause I am auto piloting doing this? .... Could spend time and money on other bigger games. Make sure you are gaming on your own terms not for fomo, playing these cause everyone is doing it, some other influence etc.
  5. Yeah I am trying to make sure people are at least having fun with their gaming and aren't playing games or doing unhealthy habits just cause someone at top of leaderboard is doing it or cause others are ... they should consider if they are truly having fun or its due to peer pressure etc. partly why I creating the V2 crew concept. Even the face of PS games has changed since the early years of trophies and trophies in many of the newer AAA games are easier. Have a vid recorded that i'll release soon showing the growth over time with some data and evidence to back it up and projections for the future....things gonna get even scarier .... Got to the point nothing was giving me much satisfaction finishing it , even great games.... they just turned into a rushed chore so I could move on to the next one.. rushed all dialog, tried to get through via glitches or fastest builds etc. completely warped gaming for me to the point i was just playing trophy lists and avoided many games...Yeah new community got in when there were already all these 10 min plats so that is all they know...wonder how many new people actually think the top leaders have high plat counts coming in seeing how easy it is to get a plat... not like years ago when 12 hours was fast.... Bunker is medium diff now i think lol
  6. There are actually both sides to it. You have a group that does not like those fast plats but when you are high up you are in a peer group that encourages you to keep going.... whether they are secretly miserable or not who knows, maybe they are still having fun with it
  7. I had actually started posting vids on my YT channel that may shed more light on why I quit (was debating on a series for that as well as some 'fun' looks at the state of trophies now and in the past. Its not all going to be trophyy content but trophy and achievement systems in general and more analytics on gaming and lessons I learned... Some might find it interesting but PLEASE don't bring drama posts.... Intent is to be helpful, insightful, get people to think... some are just for fun too. Like this latest one Actually final years I was trying to tell people not to play those games but played them myself (was thinking then I could be noticed more and get word out buuuuut was just hypocritical. Many Reasons though including politics, feeling like all my efforts were continually getting devalued, competing with teams, OCD and compulsion, not wanting to promote it and many more. Also I was not having fun. Was a chore I was spending time and money on. Oh and it was making me super negative and I hated that feeling .... And at this point I sort of just want to make something positive and helpful. Yeah everything is soooo different now. Guides, plat times, just everything really. I sort of feel that way too... like unless you are like #1-2 no one is going to see your profiles (or very few) you have to game for yourself and not compare to others. Unfortunately I think many see those at the top and do it cause they are...but I understand to a point as I used to LOVE trophies and that is probably the feeling newer players still have in getting fast plats. But my favorite trophy memories were not doing the EZ ones but games prior to me skipping VNs and the bigger JRPGs and such
  8. Yeah , there were many reasons i walked away but this was a huge one... just more and more fast plats I had to keep up with.... only getting worse... things did start off small... like back 8 years ago there wasn't many super fast games but then things escalated....took me 3 years to finally step off the hamster wheel and being slave to the system of the fast plats. Was menatlly tough in many ways not only quitting but after quitting as well. Finally getting around to being able to even hear the words playstation, trophies , achievements etc. I do hope others don't have my experience. Wasted enough lifewise and gaming wise cause of it...
  9. its actaully a lot of times more productive than netflix and such... as its more stimulating or you are socializing a bit. As long as you aren't prioritizing it over things like school and work don't see why the issue....
  10. I’d be up for an interview
  11. Your profile now displays 99.99% completion, please come back to be 100% again!

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      missing a lot now though ... debating getting back to 100% but its costly i think....

  12. I know you're retired now, but hopefully you can get Hajwala 100%'d, so you'll be back at 100% completion overall again. 

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      @ArmoredSnowman Unknown’s gonna have to come back at some point should applying for a GWR still be desired.

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      i actually applied for the GWR.... they denied me when i was at 100% :(


    you seem to be a very kind person, I hope you can rediscover the fun in games away from the hunt. and congratulations, 3000 games completed with 100% is not a simple task, regardless of their difficulty, it is still a lot of work. good luck! ;)

  14. Actually reading them should be the way to play them (at least fist playthrough). Glad you enjoy them Skipping through is really just non gaming lol. you are buying the game just for the trophies at that point......
  15. yeah having fun is way more important then stressing over trophies. Sounds like you are enojying yourself so that's awesome! For me unfortunately i have been focused on trophies and getting them as fast as possible that its causing me to rush through even good games and not really enjoy the experience like i should be....skip all dialogue, go direct to objectives etc.... it's like a bad habit at this point