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  1. Yeah I got that bad mindset where I would weigh the games based on how fast I could plat them... Would skip out on things like MM11 or Bloodstained with its 100% list. Yeah most social media now I think is lots of doing the same things. However I am thinking if someone does something unique at this point odds of it being found even are tremendously low. thinking the algorithms and such as just at the point that it just are just showing things to people that are super close in content to other stuff to keep people on the platform. I would be curious on your takes via some vids
  2. Yeah I found that all I was doing was playing a check list even in the good games. I got so focused on that that it caused me to rush and not even take the time to enjoy the games or experiences. Unfortunately that mindset even carried over after I quit... it has gotten a lot better though and after a year I am coming back around to enjoying games more and more each one I attempt (or learn what I really like)
  3. Yep a few of the reasons I quit trophies and moved to Switch. It was just an endless cycle of games I didn't enjoy or even need to fully play to plat and then rush on to the next one. I was at the mercy of the system and not gaming on my own terms. Also Sony benefits in other ways from making the plats easier in games like Ratchet for example and all the AAAs that have come out. If the plat is easier to get and sort of just naturally happens then more people will obtain them, even really casual gamers (might actually get them into trophy hunting too), will post their plat to social media or share their psnprofile and this will get the word out more for the games as well as encouraging people to buy their systems. Also the more trophies and plats a person has on their profile the more sunk cost fallacy they will apply to which systems they buy in the future. Like when the next gen comes then a company like Sony can say all your trophies carry over etc. and this could say people from buying another company's system. Same with which platform they decide to buy the games on. Switch has a crazy ton of the shovelware games (most of the ones that release on PS) however purchaser of games on switch would want to buy the game for the game and not just for trophies so while some shovelware might sell at least majority of purchasers are buying only the quality titles I would imagine and no region/system stacks. Does anyone know what the sales of these EZPZ games on Switch are compared to PS? I am curious
  4. Unfortunately I think all games are getting easier and easier.... Like I LOVED Kirby as a kid, recently played All Star Allies and stopped after 3 levels cause it was so mind numbingly easy. Then we got these save states and rewinds added to games, check points every few rooms etc. Then all social media now is falling into what you are describing... I have noticed a lowered attention span and concentration from dealing with stuff like that and trying to 'bounce back' I guess you could say lol. I remember those early years of MTV... yeah things very different now I guess. Although I do think back to how our parents and grandparents saw what we watched at the time ( maybe felt very similar thinking 'what is this garbage' what will the youth of today's youth think and what will the state of things be like then..... lol)
  5. Once you are up there its just a chore keeping it up really. And I would say not only is it possible to achieve nothing but it can have negative side effects (social media can have this too though and it was a part of why i stopped as well) . When others high up there retired from the leaderboard grind I actually used to think they were foolish of them to do so. After I stopped I was actually thinking well I can see it and think they were smart to get out then. Plats are just coming faster and faster and so once you stop you will get passed faster and faster and then after a few years no one will even know your name. It was sort of cool at first to be up there but then it was negatively effecting me and it took me 3 years to quit. Very hard to quit due to all the work I put in already, feeling like it was my identity and other factors. It definitely wasn't all bad, I have a lot of good memories and have learned a lot of lessons along the way. Trophies definitely changed the way I gamed. Even in longer games that weren't purely for leaderboard climbing (although me rushing through them was a result of the leaderboards to an extent). PLaying on Switch was very weird initially as there was no trophy list 'telling' me how to play it. I was used to basically playing trophy lists you could say and it even dictated what games I would play. I can't say that quitting the leaderboards and possibly trophies is the right thing for everyone, as everyone is different and for them it may be right. I just know personally for me the negatives were out weighing the positives and hopefully others aren't experiencing what I was...
  6. Yeah that's a way of looking at it. at a certain point the leaderboard just depends on how much 'non-gaming' you can do. How many 5 min plats you can stack , VNs you can kip through, games you can auto run etc. I think lower on the leaderboard even if you are playing just to climb you will be trying to rush through the games as fast as you can, potentially missing out on the experiences. I certainly felt my Trophy Hunting was just purely separate from 'gaming' so I started calling it on-gaming. was just like how many guides can i copy the movements from, using the vita trick to get additional stacks of games, setting up turbo controllers and just letting the system run etc. Yeah that's a way of looking at it. at a certain point the leaderboard just depends on how much 'non-gaming' you can do. How many 5 min plats you can stack , VNs you can kip through, games you can auto run etc. I think lower on the leaderboard even if you are playing just to climb you will be trying to rush through the games as fast as you can, potentially missing out on the experiences. I certainly felt my Trophy Hunting was just purely separate from 'gaming' so I started calling it on-gaming. was just like how many guides can i copy the movements from, using the vita trick to get additional stacks of games, setting up turbo controllers and just letting the system run etc.
  7. @enaysoft pretty much follows my view points exactly. Sums much up really nicely not only trophy wise but things like social media now a days and how these things are effecting us. I can personally relate a lot to that post. Missing the good old days lol.
  8. Yeah just play for yourself. Don't earn trophies to try to impress others and don't compare your profile to others is my advice. Some, especially for leaderboard stuff and even things like rare trophies, have stuff behind the scenes you don't know about. You don't know if they even earned them themselves, bought the trophies, cheesed through their games somehow etc.. Or what their circumstances are. Some profiles can be thought of as akin to photo shopped Instagram posts.
  9. All your points basically 'on point' with what I am trying to do with the V2 Crew and why I started it. I could write a novel answering and replying to your post lol. I remember gaming before trophies and I am trying to get back to that currently. Enjoying games for games and not just playing trophy lists. I am recording a series of videos detailing why I quit and lessons I think others can take away from it. In regards to the Foxyland 2... yeah I really hated paying the same games 8 times and some might be fun but the trophy lists didn't even have you finishing it so once platted I would move on sadly. Your points of leaderboard are true... once you stop you are overtaken. I question too how many even care anymore about hakoom and anyone up there really...You need to game for yourself, once you start leaderboard chasing you are trapped on a hamster wheel, spending your time and money on questionable experiences. I had tried to quit for 3 years before I succeeded. lots of lost cost fallacy, trying to stay near the top so I could send a message (turned out to be very hypocritical though), and well its what i knew. Trophies really changed the way many of us gamed. They definitely warped me gaming and even life wise. I am not saying they are inheritently bad but they can be. I agree with you that many are addicted and @AJ_Radio is right in that even things like P&Cs we just copy guides and use youtube to get through stuff ASAP to churn through games. One of the reasons I moved to Switch was to get away from trophies. I also missed a ton of games since i was only trophy farming for so long.
  10. This was a main point of my post. I personally was miserable and people shouldn't prioritize farming trophies over their educations, jobs etc. If you are miserable please stop and realize where trophies are headed in terms of getting fast plats and such. Even if you climb the leaderboard now once you stop you can quickly be overtaken in a few years most likely in what? a day at that point? Like are you just doing it to post on social media or brag about your plat count? Don't make gaming into a job you are paying to have. If it is truly fun for you then that is fine, maybe its relaxing idk. I just want to spread some awareness incase people aren't realizing twhat they are doing with their money and time. Game on your own terms.
  11. Looking at the fast plats as a microtransaction is an interesting way to think about them... I like that analogy Even the AAA games use trophies somewhat as a marketing tool I think. Since posting plats on twitter etc. so easier they make it the more will post. I understand people can do what they want I am just trying to make others aware of this trend and where things are going and don't do beyond their means or prioritize this over their lives if they can't afford it or are doing it for other reasons like to compare to others etc. as its just gonna get easier and easier....
  12. Yeah hard for us older crowd to understand I think too how newer players feel. We know what it was like but this state is all they know...
  13. Did a vid slowing the growth of how easy it is to get plats now a days compared to years ago... seems to be growing exponentially. Putting this out there for awareness and not to cause drama (please no drama posts). While people can game how they want and I can't say what is right for you, I do want people to realize where this trend is going. Do not make these into a chore of finishing for leaderboard chasing or to compare to others. Please don't over exert yourself physically, mentally, financially buying/playing these games and make it into a job you are paying to work. This was one of the reasons why I quit trophy hunting around a year ago and it has gotten worse. Basically the leaderboard devolved into who can play all these fast games. If you are playing these to gain stats and such realize games are going ot get easier and easier and you will get on a hamster wheel of having to keep up with these if you competing with others and become a slave to the system. Trophies are being used as a marketing tool. I dont want people to get addicted to this sort of thing and have it effect their life like for some I know.... Just asking people to take a step back and think 'am i really having fun and enjoying myself or am I doing this for some other reason or just cause I am auto piloting doing this? .... Could spend time and money on other bigger games. Make sure you are gaming on your own terms not for fomo, playing these cause everyone is doing it, some other influence etc.
  14. Yeah I am trying to make sure people are at least having fun with their gaming and aren't playing games or doing unhealthy habits just cause someone at top of leaderboard is doing it or cause others are ... they should consider if they are truly having fun or its due to peer pressure etc. partly why I creating the V2 crew concept. Even the face of PS games has changed since the early years of trophies and trophies in many of the newer AAA games are easier. Have a vid recorded that i'll release soon showing the growth over time with some data and evidence to back it up and projections for the future....things gonna get even scarier .... Got to the point nothing was giving me much satisfaction finishing it , even great games.... they just turned into a rushed chore so I could move on to the next one.. rushed all dialog, tried to get through via glitches or fastest builds etc. completely warped gaming for me to the point i was just playing trophy lists and avoided many games...Yeah new community got in when there were already all these 10 min plats so that is all they know...wonder how many new people actually think the top leaders have high plat counts coming in seeing how easy it is to get a plat... not like years ago when 12 hours was fast.... Bunker is medium diff now i think lol
  15. There are actually both sides to it. You have a group that does not like those fast plats but when you are high up you are in a peer group that encourages you to keep going.... whether they are secretly miserable or not who knows, maybe they are still having fun with it