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  1. i was stoked to see that a list popped up. and surprised as well .... moved eyes right and saw no plat .... boo
  2. SNES N64 Gameboy Color GBA PSP PS2 DS 3DS Wii PS3 PS4 PS Vita Switch
  3. Reallly looking forward to playing this on consles... and the trophy list looks great...mostly just for finishing the game
  4. Having same issue with World 5 trophy
  5. Yeah i am bummed too. Game looked to be a fun .... we are getting a lot of games of late with these cheat codes or get all trophies without actually playing a game
  6. Its made by ninja panda studios ... i think they had Rata port some thing rom them ... won't be free probably $5 cross buy I am guessing
  7. Great list imo. Do all quests, obtain all items, beat on hard. Looks like it would add to the game as opposed to just being some super easy list.
  8. Some have also already played p5 so they know most of the story and just want the gameplay or to see new stuff
  9. A few of my family know and a couple of co-workers but I don't tell most people. Most people irl I just say I like to play video games as a hobby. Funny thing is if i ever say trophies I have to say they are kind of like Xbox achievements to explain it and then some get it ..... Trophies in the shadow of Xbox i guess lol. Even out of the people I told most have no idea what trophies are...they just think its some video game thing. I have never met a trophy hunter irl and even on twitch and such its not a big thing especially for "trophy whoring"....most that trophy hunt only play legit good games and hunt trophies in them. I can get behind this though as well we all know the $#%@ show that all these fast plats and stacks have become.... but lets not get into that here. Most gamers don't care about trophies at all though more care only about the game itself.
  10. I mean how meaningful is it currently though... and getting less and less so as time goes on.... heck we getting 6x stacks for a 10 min plat weekly now plus additional stacks of 30 min plats x4-6
  11. For sure ....about half those are just made up of a few super fast/easy with tons of stacks yeah 2015 is relatively new ... still wasn't a complete mess at that point but yeah post mayo things started getting bad and entering the "new age", 6x stacks, vita trick, 5-30 min lats like there is no tomorrow. Shame that scene is all new trophy hunters know... I think @BossZombieMan meant team trophy comps, like add up all trophies that several accts earned ... not that there are multiple people on the BossZombie acct. One reason some do is leaderboard rank. Like you virtually HAVE to play all the 5-60 min plats since all the other accts do. Then it just becomes a ash in the end as your trophies negate each other. Or some do it to get to their next milestone faster. Some to get to some trophy goal they set for themselves
  12. So ratalaika published this one too or was it someone else? but yeah list is a lot better Edit: ok I see on the box art Rata and Eastasiasoft
  13. all that rework though lol
  14. Well mechanic wise and remembering items and such. Just be soooo lost and confused and it was some simple story item i needed to progress though a simple puzzle or what not and feel like an idiot lol
  15. I started it a few weeks back when I attempted again to retire from trophies but got sucked back in .... for now at least. I was gonna 100% it, or that was the plan anyways lol. But haven't played it since I didn't want to get really that far because, like @JIVe_____ experienced, if i stop for awhile i will forget story and mechanics ... just like how after picking up KH III after 9 months i was clueless on combats, items etc..... Hard to re-enter games that you are far in progress wise and then not play for a long time.