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  1. I know you're retired now, but hopefully you can get Hajwala 100%'d, so you'll be back at 100% completion overall again. 

    1. Slim Vanilla

      Slim Vanilla

      @ArmoredSnowman Unknown’s gonna have to come back at some point should applying for a GWR still be desired.


    you seem to be a very kind person, I hope you can rediscover the fun in games away from the hunt. and congratulations, 3000 games completed with 100% is not a simple task, regardless of their difficulty, it is still a lot of work. good luck! ;)

  3. Actually reading them should be the way to play them (at least fist playthrough). Glad you enjoy them Skipping through is really just non gaming lol. you are buying the game just for the trophies at that point......
  4. yeah having fun is way more important then stressing over trophies. Sounds like you are enojying yourself so that's awesome! For me unfortunately i have been focused on trophies and getting them as fast as possible that its causing me to rush through even good games and not really enjoy the experience like i should be....skip all dialogue, go direct to objectives etc.... it's like a bad habit at this point
  5. Thanks!
  6. If you look at his list though he has very few short trashy plats.... its games that have decent lists/fun games
  7. Thanks. Yeah one of the problems is having spent soooo much to get on the top of the boards and then it just feels so invalidated now.... like leaderboard rank is entirely dependant on trashy plats and then most of the top not being solo is another issue that goes through my mind..... and then there is maintaining the 100% so if I start something i must finish it, worry about glitched trophies, sometimes replay multiple times since something glitched..... yeah i'll figure things out just gonna take time and reflection i think
  8. yeah i just get this feeling every time I start some longer game too .... like I have to rush .... its such weird effect trophy spamming has on you after many years.... like gaming ain't the same... I have to experiment around i guess... but I am going to keep on with my experiment and see what happens at the end of it...if i don't crack lol
  9. thanks and congrast on having a successful life! You sound like you are rocking it
  10. Nah i appreciate you taking the time to write this. You make excellent points and like I said I think a lot of people are going through similar which was part of why I wanted to start up a small community of us helping each other out. You both are right acutally. If people are enjoying it they should keep going however if it gets to the point it is unfun or taking over your life/ruing college etc then it should be stopped. I am not only reaching out for myself though I would like to help out others that may need it. Gonna try on Switch for awhile btw after Trials of Mana is the plan I really was thinking posting in here would be a mistake and I'd get trolled out hard but mostly this thread has been fairly positive so thanks for that guys
  11. very good points there.... all it is is esssentially a rank on a website or two. and glad you got away and are havig fun again yeah. It's hard though but that is what I am trying to do again...have fun interesting take. I like your insight
  12. So once again i hit that point where gaming just hasn't been fun. Have the feeling of it being more of a chore cause of keeping up with trophies, skipping games, needing 100% etc been spamming so long i don't even know what gaming is anymore.... I started documenting my journey to rediscover gaming on YouTube but in addition I would like to start a community to help others dealing with gaming ruts/addictions/just finding gaming unfun. Could be trophy related or not. xbox, switch, pc, mobile all welcome. We could all relate. I have some interest from others and hear a lot of people that have/are going through similar. I created a channel in discord for people to discuss (might make a separate server...) and am looking for others to join us as the more we have the better. If anyone is interested feel free to join https://discord.gg/UfUyfPp
  13. Yet another old school type of game that used to only be 100% lists (were several Doodle X lists with several stacks a piece) and now next game several years later gets a plat and seems to be still about 45min-1 hour to finish. Just another thing showing the changes the times have brought.... oh well this is the day and age we live in now. Just surprised to see a new Doodle list i guess.... probably shouldn't have been so surprised to see a plat this time. Much more of a surprise not seeing a game with a plat now lol
  14. Yeah and them highlighting Miles Morales in so many of their events for ps5 seems odd to so heavily imply you needed a ps5 to play it... I think that was swaying some to buy day 1 even though it was basically an expansion pack. Horizon they talked of less but was still a big hitter for some.... Sackboy I doubt was going to be a system seller though lol I agree it doesn't give them the best look.
  15. hopefully you have more fun on your new profile .... but all thestacks of easy games is getting rediculous. fun for a bit i suppose until you realize there is no end lol