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  1. That'd be fine.....then we could auto pop trophies 5 times
  2. I don't thin the DLC was released yet as there are no players. Usually the lists for trophies appear before the game or DLC releases (sometimes it takes awhile). Just have to be patient.
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers, Indians and Browns
  4. Looks like the easiest sherlock list so far....no stupid do all the combinations or anything. Might be some missables but nothing that you need to watch out for the entire game
  5. When I saw the thread I was worried they were going to stop making any games compatible with the TV. If its just that they have too much stock of it that's much better than deciding to no longer support it by making games compatible with it. I much prefer to play most games on the PSTV....I am actually rather annoyed when I want to play something and find out it is not compatible.
  6. I don't think you can trade/buy the diamond card. Has to be opened from a pack
  7. Its disappointing that you are playing 3/5-1/2 the length of the other telltale games and only getting 315 points out of it (like 1/4 the points of the other games). Would have been better if each episode was 20-21 bronzes instead of the whole game
  8. If the controller broke I'd think it would be more along the lines of you pressing buttons and the inputs not registering. What was the game? Some games even experience lag in single player modes without co-op.
  9. Star Ocean Til End of Time Megaman Legends Ape Escape
  10. From what I remember once you get used to the battle system the game isn't even that hard with the difficulty increased. There were only a few times in the final playthrough that I found somewhat challenging. Most of the fights were much easier though because I knew what to do in each case. Game is amazing
  11. Seems rankings already came out but here are mine anyways 1. Star Ocean Till the End of Time 2. Kingdom Hearts ( I do think II is a slightly better made game but since the original was the first I played I am biased towards it) 3. Final Fantasy III ( mostly cause it was my first RPG ever)
  12. I love me some Megaman esq games but each time this has gotten delayed I care less about playing it soon. I am still excited for it but the delays don't bother me as much each time they happen. The first delay was a let down, second wasn't as bad and now its like "meh, delayed again". Better it be glitchless than to play it sooner.
  13. If people are voting based on who has the best plats, might I suggest listing the games in a spoiler tag because it is usually hard to tell what game the plat icon is from. Also maybe put [uR] next to any ultra rare plats, might be easier to tally in the end and others can see which one of you two have more URs
  14. I have been having issues where I hook everything up to stream certain games and then I get a constant message in OBS saying "no signal" or "please wait". I know all the components are hooked up correctly because the game will still display on my TV. This seems to happen only with certain games. Games I tried recently that have not worked are NASCAR '15, Obut Pentaque, Ride and MotoGP 15 (PS4). And I do have a splitter connected when using the PS3 and I can get games to work but not every one (seems like mostly racing games with online I am having issues with, although Skylander's Superchargers PS3 online races worked no problem). I have been using an Elgato HD60 and OBS. Recently I did get a newer PS3 from when I first set things up a few months ago so maybe it is some setting on the PS3 I tried changing the display to 720p on the system but that did not work either. Does anyone know of a solution to this? Maybe some games just don't work with the splitter set-up?
  15. Others I didn't see mentioned are Last Rebellion (although it has a English version) and Hello Kitty Block Crash. Yeah rythm games would be good but i think there is one where you have to match Kanji or Hiragana or something, but I guess could be a good learning tool. I have seen a lot of the items and stuff where you need to know like 1-2 words to understand the use or whatever be in katakana and like mentioned earlier this is much easier to translate or decipher. If you say the sounds for a word to yourself it will sound very much like an English word 99% of the time. Here is a chart maybe it could help starting out by writing the words down and writing the sounds under them or something. the stuff on the right are the base symbols and on the left are what the either placing a small Y sounding symbol does or what adding 2 small dashes or a dot does. Then maybe know that - はい means yes - いいえ means no That should probably get you pretty far....maybe the kanji for things like directions (under, over, left, right, east, west etc.) an lots of games has wikis where they will tell you what all the japanese items are and what they do in english