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  1. Yeah ... I;ll admit I was super into every exploit and such but lately I have just been thinking ....why??? like why are we bothering to do this and not appreciate the games for what they are and like you said make trophies fun again. A reset would be great actually but at this point I think we got so much trash and such its uncleanupable and devs will keep releasing games and selling them with trophies, there will be people that buy them for trophies and not the games themselves.... You got ideas how to 'fix' the system i'd be curious but I doubt it could influence sony or anything....
  2. Stuff like this is part of why chasing high plat counts just for the sake of doing so is becoming an increasingly more pointless....and showing don't compare your trophies to others'.. Using trophies to get more enjoyment out of the game for challenge vs just loading into another game and popping almost all the trophies. There is a side of trophy hunting that's just becoming how can we 'not game' to get the highest plat count. It is what it is I suppose.
  3. It will be the easiest to 100%. Lots of it could be done using password codes ... but then you are missing out on some AMAZING games. Like @JaneAusten69 I played X1-3 as a kid as my first Megaman games and LOVED them. Made MM one of my favorite series of all time. You could play and then if you really get stuck then the codes are an option ... this might be the easiest regardless level wise and such but one of the reasons its so common 100% is that it is primarily just using codes to get to certain sections of the games and then earning the trophies....
  4. Well their vita games recently were all cross buy so not sure how much they were making off people solely buying vita stacks ...
  5. I think about starting a new one a lot. One where I am just going casual on it so I don't have to worry about completing a bunch of trash games and 100%ing everything
  6. Played the original a few years ago and found it pretty fun ( I am a fan of these types of games though...) considering playing this again
  7. Being a metroidvania fan this game does look really good. Not sure if you can say it's a "rip off" as metroidvanina has been a genre for awhile (sure the art style is a bit similar to Hollow Knight but still...) Trophy list does look like a well structured one too
  8. Ok thanks! really impressive profile btw
  9. Yeah i have a different mindset from when i first started as well. And I agree most of the top 25 will sound exactly the same... I have memories from games i played too lol I like your ideas, thanks for the input!
  10. I am going to be doing an interview YouTube Series on why we trophy/achievement hunt and am looking for all flavors of trophy hunters/achievements hunters, people that spam plats, people that only play "good" games, people that no longer care much about trophies etc. as well as guide writers/video creators etc. I am trying to figure out what is it that compels people to earn digital items by playing games in certain ways and how trophies/achievements have effected us as gamers. If anyone has any good suggestions for guests, questions to ask or has a good story/insights and would want to be interviewed let me know.
  11. Yeah its coming to Switch
  12. yeah sequel to Nexomon. this does have a mobile looking vibe to it but graphically still not bad. I like the overworld being more like the older pokemon games. 300 nexomon is good too as more content. thinking this would be a good switch game for portability reason, game a bit on the go and graphically seems like it 'should' run alright on there....also being a mobile game..... I do hope there is challenge to the battles...SWSH battling is pretty easy...
  13. I will reach out some that are gunho on the leaderboards... guessing a lot at the top have similar views...but I don't want that to be the only people I talk to. I want all sorts of view points and this will be extending beyond trophies/achievements as well. THinking about it it will go for things like mobile games and catching all pokemon from limited events etc. its a topic that could be more reaching than solely trophies.
  14. Yeah its Japanese
  15. This list actually seems harder than a lot of the games we are getting now a days, but yeah .......
  16. Sword is one of those games i haven't finished lol...started it and even restarted ... got past 3rd gym this time ... need to get back on that
  17. Yeah I bought several games as well, and started some but have yet to finish any .... can you ever finish Star Dew ... thought that goes on and on and on .... lol
  18. Not exactly sure what this spin off is...just saw some japanese trailers (anoyone know the story)...looks like a 3rd person ARPG? Seems like it could be enjoyable from the trailers. Trophy list looks good. Fairly straight forward and probably not too long (guessing there are easy methods for levels and the points that will be found ...unless lvlv 100 is some insane grind.
  19. Not really what i meant with the you are doing it wrong ...perhaps i do need to think how i word my feeling/opinons....seems others have taken my words on things like twitter not quite how i meant them to come across either... Thanks for the feedback!
  20. I decided to start a YouTube channel (nothing fancy) and was wondering if anyone had any content ideas for topics to discuss/things to do. I am trying for positive, helpful content here. So far thinking of sharing some stories about myself, lessons learned, truths about leaderboards and why you shouldn't compare and focus on yourself and what's fun for you. Maybe interview people about trophy/achievement burnout and how they got effected by online stuffs (for example myself became sort of this unfamiliar monster to me at a point lol but hopefully others can learn from that). Maybe some trophy history. I don't plan on the entire channel being entirely trophies as I do want to talk about other games and potentially do a series about indie games and getting word out for some devs to give them some publicity on some awesome games people might overlook. Can be trophy or nontrophy suggestions. Playstation or not ( i do have a Switch now) Might regret posting this here .....Please no drama Thanks!
  21. Pokemon SWSH def not as good as older pokemon games but will say it was relaxing not having to worry about trophies and just mess around
  22. Glad I didn't start this, always heisitant with these free games getting dlc making me go back to them.... and it being paid too.... I'd expect more to come those Sneaky White Boyz....
  23. 99,999 coins sounds insane ...yeah glad thats gone . Rest of the list looks pretty good though. As always a fan of games making you fully 100% the game and it looks like a fun, charming platformer Yeah console exclusivity is becoming less and less of a thing ... its great imo. Peace instead of console wars
  24. Yep that's exactly what i was thinking when i typed that... at least we don't have to beat the game on Death Absolute Death difficulty. That'd be a death sentence
  25. Yeah good era for Cartoon Network Yeah dependant on How difficult of difficult that MoM difficulty is ... might be once fully upgraded its easy though... wouldn't be surprised from a CN based game. Like replay levels after maxing and choose difficulty? not sure how it'll work. Collectibles are hopefully tracked