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  1. Even though this is a old post, Yes, I've seen the same thing. I'll give your fix a try, but found success doing it your first way.
  2. I'm excited for the new costumes in the next season. I've started saving my few crowns now to make sure I can get the ones I want.
  3. Same issue for me in the US store. I can only find the base edition not the hero edition.
  4. I've had this happen with I was playing two players. If you drop out of a level for a bit then it doesn't count for you, I've got a few I have to go back to because of this. I had this same thing happen in the Lego Jurassic World and all I had to do is go into free play mode, play for a min and save and quit and the trophy popped then.
  5. I got mine because of Playstation Plus. I would always collect all the games and eventually I realized I had a whole bunch to play and nothing to play them on.
  6. What is your longest gap between trophies? I recently picked up Burn Zombie Burn again after 7 years because I thought my son (who was to young when I first got it) would like to play it. I first played it right when it was free on PSN, got one trophy and then left it. It made me think, how many other people have done the same thing and what got you back into that game?
  7. Since this came from steam, you can use their guide here:
  8. I just tried the trick with the ring of Lucis and it took me about 20 mins without any problems. I got him to about 60-70% of his hit points and then he just died because of the death spell.
  9. That worked for me as well, thanks for the tip!
  10. I've been playing this game with my kids watching and they have loved this game. I think they like watching it because it feels more like an interactive movie then as much of a game. Plus they love Minecraft so it is fun for them to see it in this form.
  11. We bought this because of Adventure Time! It also helped that each wave doesn't make you buy a complete new base set like Skylanders and Disney Infinity.
  12. Ratchet and Clank into the Nexus for me.