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  1. I've seen the movie, but I have no idea who that is. If she was in there I don't remember seeing her.
  2. I'm going to die getting selfies. Who?
  3. The post-game for Dragon Quest XI should be mandatory.
  4. Nope Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
  5. A Momentous Decision Awarded for making a difficult decision at the end of an already long and arduous quest. Puff-Puff Buff Awarded for experiencing the pleasure of the Puff-Puff in all its many forms. What else is there after saving the world?
  6. Wow, I thought this was the avatar topic. I feel dumb. OT: Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you see me?
  7. Ready as We'll Ever Be Awarded for obtaining an abiding symbol of hope. Quest to Impress Awarded for completing 40 quests. Ready as We'll Ever Be is right. I got the Hero and Jade their Metal Slime Weapons +3. Serena has a new costume.
  9. Elsafromfrozenlife
  10. I'm going to ask nicely once. WHO. STOLE. MY. HAT.
  11. Final Fantasy IX
  12. Beating the House Awarded for awakening a new and exciting power.
  13. That's all the islands. Did you take the teleporter to the island inside the lake at the north of the map?
  14. Which side has the Lugia?