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  1. Can you invent the universe?
  2. Confronting the Darkness Clear Castle Oblivion B12F. Expert Deck Builder Edit a card deck 500 times. Challenge from the Inner Darkness Clear Castle Oblivion B8F. So far Riku's story hasn't been too bad. The only hurdle has been Jafar. And I don't know if it's where I challenged him first or his arena being really dumb. Or a combination of the two. And I was reminded of something that disappointed me back when I first played it. The Nererland, Monstro, and Traverse Town boards didn't have any story. Riku was involved in all of them in the first game. Would have been neat to see some of his memories of them.
  3. How did I not know this was a thing? So tempted, if I didn't just change it to the new Dragon Quest XI theme.
  4. I love the top picture of the theme. And those avatars are really nice. There's something about Erik's the over-the-shoulder glance.
  5. Do you mean Jim from The Office?
  6. Character Professor Sora Collect all Character entries in Jiminy's Journal. Storyteller Sora Collect all Story entries in Jiminy's Journal. The Truth Clear Castle Oblivion 13F. No Escape Clear the game without fleeing from a single battle. A Slumber to Remember Clear Sora's story mode. Undefeated Clear the game without using a continue. Proud Player Sora Clear Sora's story on Proud. And Standard and Beginner difficulty trophies. Gotta say, it felt kind of nice to have 9 trophies pop at the same time, more or less. Or it would have if the last fight wasn't the worst thing. I swear, sometimes he just ignored Jafar's effect and attacked anyway. He just threw the rules out the window and did his own thing. That being said, it was really satisfying when everything lined up perfectly and I got an attack off and you could see him try and try again to spam whatever he was trying to spam.
  7. Huh, yeah it took me two tries too. I thought I just killed a bird the wrong way, but if it happened to you all too.
  8. Treasure Hunter Open 10 chests from hidden rooms. Premium Card Maker Make 20 cards become Premium Cards. Battle Card Collector Obtain over 300 battle cards. Sleight Master Obtain all of Sora's sleights. Moogle Mogul Get over 10,000 Moogle Points. All that's left is to finish Sora's story. Just like I remembered it. The story did not really get going until Floor 10. I watched the Days movie a couple days ago for the bonuses and it's weird going from Axel at the end of that to him pre-character development.
  9. Witcher 3, that's a beast of a game and I've really got to sit down and play it.
  10. Whose going on my naughty list?
  11. Detroit
  12. Alienation
  13. Go to your profile and click Edit Profile. Customize title is near the top.
  14. I love snow levels. I wonder if this means HD Khezu?
  15. Card Breaker Break an enemy's cards 1,500 times. Veggie Master Ace Pilot Get a score of 150 points or higher in the Veggie Panic mini-game. Get a score of 500 points or higher in the Balloon Glider mini-game. High Jumper Sky Diver Get a score of 120 points or higher in Tigger's Jump-a-Thon mini-game. Get a score of 2,000 points or higher in the Whirlwind Plunge mini-game. Mini-game Maniac Sora Bee Buster Collect all Mini-game entries in Jiminy's Journal. Clear all 70 bees within 1 minute and 40 seconds in the Bumble-Buster mini-game. I think I've been getting lucky with the treasure room cards. I've already found four.
  16. Kin-Ki (Shin Megami Tensei)
  17. X-Blade
  18. I'm named after a fruit. Zombies eat meat, so I'm safe.
  19. Interceptor Strike an enemy before entering battle 150 times. Woven Memories Clear Castle Oblivion 5F. I love the Monstro Battle theme so much. I want to beat these games before III comes out. Maybe Plat.
  20. Resist the Wrist Defeat Colossus 3 Without Breaking His Wristguard The Power of Super Saiyan Blue and Kaioken! Reach level 99.
  21. There's Warrior of Light which need you to beat the Main Story Quest. And Seeker of Truth, which needs you to beat Turn 5. That can't be accessed until post game. But all of those are just for A Realm Reborn.