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  1. Banned for having double the unearned trophies vs earned trophies.
  2. See this light? It's a mood indicator. If it's red, that means stop doing what you're doing.
  3. Resident Evil 2 on the Playstation. I was like thirteen. I wasn't the best. I was really impatient and wanted to kill everything. You all know how Resident Evil 2 starts out. I didn't make it very far.
  4. Not the First Turn off the beacon Back Off Light 'em Up Cause the Alien to retreat by using the flamethrower Use the flamethrower Bait Use With Caution… Complete the tenth mission Use the shotgun
  5. Has cute Miku avatars.
  6. Priere
  7. Paper Mario
  8. Retreat From Fire A True Engineer Cause the Alien to retreat using a molotov Construct one of each craftable item Shock to the System Caught in the Trap Use the stun baton Complete the sixth mission Seegson Security Bypass I Admire its Purity Perform 10 successful hacks Detect 30 targets with the motion tracker Self Defense An Outpost of Progress Kill 10 humans Complete the seventh mission Fun fact, after getting the Retreat From Fire trophy. The Alien fell out of the vent in the next room. Saw me through the window and ran over and killed me anyway.
  9. I do not believe we are the target audience for this. My niece was watching this and it was really annoying. With them spouting catchphrases every five seconds. And the mayor is annoying. Chicken's cool though.
  10. 65%? How do I have a hit chance of 65%? You're right there.
  11. Power Games Access 10 different rewire points How Do You Feel? Complete the fifth mission I might be too aggressive when playing this game. My first instinct was to chuck something at it.
  12. She's in the Vents... A Hunt Begins Use the vent system 20 times Complete the third mission Not a Scratch Every Bullet Counts Escape from android combat without taking damage Use the revolver Fault Detected Stunned Kill an Android Knock down a human or stun an android with a non-lethal attack You Shouldn't Be There. Complete the fourth mission I don't like robots.
  13. 2 and a half, two games were on my friends PS3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Crescent Pale Mist White Knight Chronicles, not impossible, but stupid grindy.
  14. Embiggen
  15. Spider-Man
  16. Battle Royale
  17. 9/10 I haven't played in years and I still know all the words.
  18. A Record of Disaster Awake Collect an archive log Complete the first mission Build to Survive The Missing Construct an item Collect an ID tag Welcome to Sevastopol A Perfect Organism Complete the second mission Encounter the Alien in Sevastopol for the first time Starting my spooky Halloween game. This game really takes me out of my comfort zone. I'm claustrophobic in real life and there's already been a few tight spaces. Also I my game gave me a spook. A Perfect Organism popped right after Welcome to Sevastopol and then my game crashed and I had to go through that last section of Mission 2 again.
  19. I switched to Hsien-ko for Halloween but I'm really liking it and might keep it.
  20. No, played the first two on Genesis though
  21. Challenge you to a rap battle!
  22. This is Bazel. Named her after Monster Hunter cause she likes to jump on me when I'm not paying attention.
  23. Is the long lost sister of Meltman.
  24. Platted Kingdom Hearts. Debating on jumping in and finishing Birth by Sleep.