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  1. Instrument of Vengeance Resolved to be more than a victim of circumstance
  2. Should I make a list?
  3. Guilt Sleep with white noise or quiet
  4. If a bunch of people come it at 1:30. They didn't beat the lunch rush, they just moved it.
  5. Demonologist Complete the demon list. So it turns out The Impossible Lair is actually quite hard. Taking a break before I get to tilted.
  6. Army of 48 Rescue 48 Bee Team Guards Full Guard Shield Get Assemble all 48 Bee Team Guards Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but these are the same exact trophy. I thought there'd be some cutscene or I'd have to enter the Impossible Lair, but nope they popped at the same time. Speaking of which, tomorrow it's time to do The Impossible Lair.
  7. I played Alien: Isolation last year. Maybe I should go back and plat it.
  8. You're a big T.W.I.T. Collector Get 100 T.W.I.T. Coin Mmm, sausages Whoa, you unlocked a secret area! Four play-tonics Beat a level with four play-tonics equipped Army of 36 Rescue 36 Bee Team guards Just 12 more to go.
  9. The Chicken is my favorite character.
  10. Five Paywalls!! Scum. Lower Trowzer's Fifth Paywall Super tonic Found and purchased 20 play-tonics Army of 24 Rescue 24 Bee Team guards I bought the Quill Magnet Tonic and that made my life so much easier.
  11. Is he a Hanzo main?
  12. Super tonic Found and purchased 20 play-tonics It probably won't stay Rare. Not to hard, I have a lot of fun finding these while exploring the over world. And there's a lot of cheap ones to buy.
  13. T.W.I.T. farming Get 50 T.W.I.T. coins Another Paywall, Really!? Lower Trowzer's Fourth Paywall Army of 16 Rescue 16 Bee Team guards