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  1. Dance through the Danger Defeat 5 or more enemies with a single Obliterate! A Winner is You! Finish the race! Bouncing Around Defeat 10 enemies as a Blobfish!
  2. Prey (2017), I've been curious about it. Looks fun. Cricket 19 or Big Bass Fishing
  3. Iconoclasts Adventure
  4. Yep. All those 100 jRPGs. That's the dream. You're getting the short end of the stick though.
  5. Chrono Trigger
  6. It's Musse ❤️
  7. The PS3 runs great. Load times are good and there's no slow down.
  8. My dumb sixth sense strikes again. Just picked it up again the other day.
  9. If you're gonna cut it.. Land the final strike on any boss with only a sliver of your own health left. Guardian Genie Save Scuttletown! Techno Beatdown Stop the Techno Baron! Better left forgotten! Find the lost memories! I somehow skipped this game. I kept seeing that giant Mermaid and thought it was from the newest game. Bright side, got something to play while waiting on Seven Sirens.
  10. The Slayers
  11. Galaga Tales of the Abyss or Tales of Xillia?
  12. Persona 4 Arena Racing Sim
  13. Travelers Completed the Travelers storyline quests. This quest has two routes. At the end of the dungeon you have to pick a direction. She told me to go East. My dumbass: @Ayoama I want to play. Still waiting on my copy from Limited Run Games.