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  1. Scarlet Sprouts (I) Raise the Frostbearing Tree to Lv. 4. Mountain of Treasure (II) Open 80 chests in Dragonspine. Dragonspine: Skyfrost Nail Raise the strange column.
  2. Inazuma: Yamada Go's Wooden Mallet See through the illusions of the Tanuki several times. Inazuma: Jackpot Use the Kamuijima Cannon to reveal a treasure trove.
  3. I want to change my answer to Neptunia Re;birth 2. Got all the endings. Beat the super boss. Only two trophies left. The grind for 100m money. And the Stella Dungeon. Stella Dungeon is out of your control. You give her gear and send her off and you wait. There's a DLC so she doesn't lose equipment and speed things up. But even that, the last two dungeons take 9 and 13 hours. Just check your Vita to see if she lived and go on. Real nice plat there.
  4. Lightning-Riding Treasure Hunter (I) Open 100 Chests on Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island in Inazuma. I should advance the story before I get way behind again. Oh look a chest!
  5. When do I get to be in Fate/GO?
  6. Pitch dark Peacock or Flamingo?
  7. Wedge Warrior Collect 30 wedges. Doing Science and Still Alive Answer 50 questions correctly in the Science & Nature category. Greedy Grabber Get all 8 answers correct in a single Grab Bag question.
  8. Can I eat spirits?
  9. Electro: Unlimited Power! Obtain the power of Electro. Continental Explorer: Land of Surging Thunder Light up the Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island areas of the Inazuma map. Thunderbolting Across the Land Unlock all Teleport Waypoints in the Narukami Island, Kannazuka, and Yashiori Island areas of Inazuma. Thunderbolting is abour right. Once they let me to finally explore, I took off. I've been doing the MSQ for the past four days. Had to advance this one sidequest far enough to get into the sewers to grab this one waypoint. That's an interesting area.
  10. Down We Go (I) Clear Floor 4 of the Spiral Abyss. Finally get to the part of the story that'll let me into Inazuma and I immediately get distracted. In my defense, it's Sunday and Sunday has all the mats available, so I figured I should probably gear my party members who aren't Ningguang. And then I figured, might as test it on something and jumped into the Spiral Abyss. Not sure if you could call it successful test. Cause they were Lv60 and the mobs were only 45 at the end so everything would've melted anyway.
  11. I wonder what you need to do to get a Rare Weapon. Like if it's just an RNG drop or if you have to do a certain objective on a certain map with a certain character type of deal.
  12. I got three games done this month. [1 Year, 11 Months] [1 Year, 11 Months] [6 Years, 1 Month] Going to knock out Crash 2, but taking a little break. Getting the Relic in The High Road broke me. Doing Stormy Ascent after that wasn't nearly as bad.
  13. I drew Yanfan and Chongyun before drawing Ningguang. I hope I finish her constellation.