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  1. Wasn't that the plot of Dancing Persona 4?
  2. No Brady Bunch this time. But only five more characters left.
  3. Perchance to Dance Completed all of Murasaki's missions in Shinobi Girl's Heart. Top-Heavyweight Champion Completed all of Imu's missions in Shinobi Girl's Heart. I was hoping to plat this today, but I got lazy.
  4. Digimon and Tales of mostly. I would love a Guilmon or Veemon or Lopmon avatar. Give me a matching Agria avatar to go with my PSN. Or Natalia from the Abyss and a theme that plays Meaning of Birth. And speaking of Bump of Chicken, I'm surprised Type 0 doesn't have any avatars or themes.
  5. And that's how they became the Brady Bunch.
  6. Can I go we we we?
  7. Resolution Completed Day Seven of True Shinobi Girls' Code Tower Offense Knocked down 80 festival platforms in True Shinobi Girls' Code. Estival Finale Completed Day Eight of True Shinobi Girls' Code
  8. Confront the Past Completed Day Six of True Shinobi Girls' Code Call Me a Hunk Completed all of Miyabi's missions in Shinobi Girl's Heart. I like how Miyabi's arc in the main campaign is this heart-wrenching story of acceptance and moving forward. But her personal character arc has her running around yelling at people to call her a hunk. And these last two chapter are going to destroy me.
  9. 1. Where are you from? Virginia, USA 2. What year were you born? 1988 3. What is your favorite movie? Aladdin or Emperor's New Groove 4. What is your most favorite video game of all time and why? Final Fantasy V, it's just a really fun game. And I love building my team. They nailed the job system. The cast is a lot of fun too. 5. Who is your favorite band/artist? Linkin Park 6. Do you own any pets? If so, what? A Calico 7. Do you smoke? If so, how expensive are cigarettes where you're from? No 8. Do you vape? If so, what flavor of juice is your favorite? No 9. Do you have a historical figure you idolize/admire? Not really 10. What's one thing you want to do before you die? Travel around the world, see the sights, eat the food.
  10. San Andreas
  11. Modern Warfare 2
  12. How long does it take to get smokes?
  13. Hyperdimension Neputnia
  14. Lunar: Silvar Star Harmony
  15. BC Mask to the Rescue! Completed all of Ikaruga's missions in Shinobi Girl's Heart. Lilithmon was broken in the last game. There was a patch that was basically, Lilithmon too OP nerfed her. She's still is, but it's not as bad. Her special is an Int-Penetrating and she has like the highest Int. in the game.