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  1. How many characters aren't tied to RNG? You got the traveler Amber and Lisa join. Noelle is guaranteed pull. Anyone else?
  2. Jean's tired to gacha? Aw, I was hoping she'd join after the tutorial.
  3. I got Ningguang and Xiangling
  4. Mass Effect Love me some Mass Effect.
  5. Far Cry 5 Hard choice, those are all fantastic games.
  6. Knives Out That movie was a trip.
  7. Skeletons in the Closet Completed Chapter 4. KamuroGo Trendsetter Completed 10 stores in KamuroGo's Shop Missions. Way Too Thorough! Fully investigated Terasawa.
  8. KamuroGo Local Completed 30 KamuroGo City Missions. Going Steady A girl revealed her true feelings.
  9. KamuroGo Shopper Completed five stores in KamuroGo's Shop Missions. On the Case Cleared 10 side cases. Pay Your Rent, Yagami Ate all of Tomioka-san's homecooked meals.
  10. Alien Isolation
  11. 9/10 I love that shit eating grin.
  12. A Friendly Guy Made 10 friends. I'll Make it Double Doubled your chips at L'Amant. Trust Issues Completed Chapter 2. Not sure if Chapter 2 was shorter or if it's where I didn't mess around as much.
  13. Gotta know when to fold 'em Poker or Black Jack?
  14. KamuroGo Tourist Completed 10 KamuroGo City Missions. Skill Pro Obtained 60 skills.