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  1. Mass Effect
  2. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition? Because it's not a game. All five of those are good.
  3. Of all the inquisitive Hobbits. - Unlock all the Map Stones in Middle-earth. (Single Player Only) This day we fight! - Complete 'The Black Gate'. Pointy-eared Elvish princeling. - Defeat 42 Uruk-hai as Legolas. It's gone. - Complete 'Mount Doom'. The Lord of the Ring. - Complete the Bonus Level. ... And away he goes, Precious! - Defeat Gollum as Gollum. Return of the Mushroom King. - Equip Aragorn with the Mushroom Crown. A link to the elements. - Craft the Fire and Ice Bows. (Single Player Only) I've always been taller! - Use the Ent Draught on Pippin. Ready for another adventure. - Achieve True Adventurer in every level. (Single Player Only) An expected journey. - Travel to Trollshaws as Bilbo. Worth greater than the Shire. - Dress a character completely in treasure items.
  4. We did it, Mr. Frodo. Complete 'Cirith Ungol'. One does not simply... Walk into Mordor. They have been summoned. Complete 'The Paths of the Dead'. That still only counts as one! Defeat an Oliphaunt as Legolas. You and whose army? Complete 'The Battle of Pelennor Fields'. The theme this month is apparently games I'm in the final act of and haven't beaten for some reason or another.
  5. 31 more days
  6. The Turduken Collab was a thing of beauty. My favorite moment was Subaru, "I don't understand English" and rocket jumping herself into oblivion with one of her best screams. And that KSon has the same character artist as a certain graduated dragon. That's pretty neat.
  7. I have to get a trophy a day. It bugs me when I don't. I've tried to break the habit and not get a trophy, but it just nags me in the back of my head.
  8. Asylum Defeat Arkham To Hell With That Kill 100 enemies during the credits Hell of a Start Finish the game on Normal Mode with any character Blood, Sweat, and Tears Pass 666 levels in Bloody Palace Mode Who's Laughing Now? Defeat Jester in all of his forms Maximize Your Health Max out the Health Bar with Dante Trend Setter Reach the highest level in all Styles with Dante I like how the two heart pieces I was missing, one was super obvious and I don't know how I missed it. And the other was hidden and you needed a specific skill to get it. And I can't believe I didn't use Royalguard until I was grinding them out. Blocking and Countering is my playstyle.
  9. Arcanist is always my answer for this. Just because you get a DPS and Healer in one go. And I used to be a Scholar main so I little bias. Also on that note, I don't really like what Shadowbringer did with Scholar. And Endwalker doesn't seem to have changed that much. And Summoner is a new job with every expansion. And I only ever bring out to do job/role quests, so I can't say much about it. Red Mage is my second choice. It's probably the easiest and Verraise is useful with PUGs. Dualcast isn't too hard. Just remember every other cast is instant. You start with Jolt, since it has a short cast time, and then use one of the bigger spells. And repeat.
  10. Left No Stone Unturned Complete all Secret Missions with any Character
  11. Devilish Deed Achieve an S Rank on any mission with any character Big Spender Purchase all Devil Arm skills with Dante Step Into The Light Defeat Doppelganger
  12. That's Not Lady-Like Defeat Lady
  13. Selen played 20 games of Phantasmagoria yesterday. I was watching that off and on all day. She started at 2 in the afternoon and went to 1 in the morning. She says she had another stream at 5 in the morning. Hope she's not in my time zone cause that's only four hours of sleep. But anyway the stream was funny. She had a rotating cast of all the EN and some ID. She hid behind them and used them as meat shields. And she spent$600 on candles for the "candle meta"
  14. Taxi Tabaxi (D&D Cat person) or Kenku (D&D Bird Person)
  15. He Just Doesn't Quit Defeated the opponent in the side case, "A Final Request." Got to the Bottom of It Cleared all of the side cases. I have no idea how I beat Amon. Like he didn't use his bubble until he way already halfway through his final health bar. Still rather fight him than play Mahjong again.