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  1. 3700 That's a nice number.
  2. X-Com 2 Next cover is a suit of armor with a long flowing blue cape. It's like Escaflowne.
  3. Are you the Walrus?
  4. Granted, the subway is deemed unsafe after a string of cave ins. All other forms of public transportation are now running at least 30 min behind because of the influx of new people. More people are driving themselves releasing even more CO2 in the air. Also mutants take up residence in the abandoned tunnels. Where they plot to take over the surface. I wish I was a bird.
  5. Minors have to much of a say. They are puritans. I'm not being hyperbolic. They see an ankle and think it's porn. There was this thread on Twitter. It was cute picture of cat girl. You could just see her head and neck and there were a bunch of comments about it being porn. And every single one of them complaining had minor or their age in the bio. Blocked every single one of them. I do not need to hear someone who is half my ages opinion on anything. And speaking of Twitter bios. There's these things called carrrrds that all the kids are using. And they put all kinds of personal shit in there. And they think people without carrrrds are problematic. Like that's dangerous. When I was there age I wouldn't even say my real name. EDIT: And their music sucks
  6. Nope. I tend to play 60+ hour JRPGs. And that 60+ hours is just like a basic playthrough. I will try and do all that I can in one playthrough and go after superbosses, ultimate gear, waifu/husbando route. Using what I'm playing right now as an example. Ar Tonelico Qoga has 8 endings. You have three girls and they each have a Neutral and True Ending. Then there's a fourth girl true ending. And there's the bad ending. I could finagle and save at key points, but there's also a play for 100 hours trophy. And I don't know if that's in total or if I need my in game clock to hit 100. And then there's games like Cold Steel. Just littered with missables and each waifu and husbando gets their own trophy. CS3 was nice about it and you just had to view a scene near the end, but again, everyone got a trophy. In other genres, I don't like speed runs. Like in Shantae. I'll hunt down every squid. Find every magic. Kill every boss without getting hit. Do all the above with min health. No probalo. Run through the game really, really fast? No thanks.
  7. I love me some dumb fan service. And it's weird, I never really put that much thought into it. I'm like, "I may have 54% completion, but at least I don't have easy Trophy games like Mayo." So yeah. I'd normally be the intended audience for this type of game, but not this time.
  8. Has a lot of trophies in Dead by Daylight
  9. Legs
  10. Hexyz Force
  11. Persona 5 Royal
  12. Resident Evil Revelations 2
  13. Pachi Pachi Muse Dash or Deemo?
  14. I'm with you in the manual save. Of I can't save manually, save when I quit to title screen. I hate that, "Are you sure? You'll lose all data before your last save." message. Lock the map north. It confuses me when the map is moving around.
  15. Dead Space, too spooky for me.
  16. Return to Innocence Took off 3 pieces of clothes at once. Purge Carnival Heroines Purged 3 times, and Vanguards stripped. The one gold trophy in this game and it involves stripping your entire party down to their underwear. Yeah, that sounds about right. It wasn't easy to do though. I had to turn up the difficulty and give everyone weak equipment just so the mobs would survive long enough to pull it off.
  17. Oranges Orange juice or Apple juice?
  18. LV373 Finnel's Hubby? Unlocked 60% of Finnel's CS.
  19. I call them Achievables.
  20. I haven't played in a few months. Logged in for achievables and immediately drew her. No idea who that is, but I like her boots.
  21. Yea, it was always great. The combat was clunky as hell though. Like I played the original a couple months ago to see it again when they announced this. And it did not she well. But the combat is a lot more fun. You have this flash step now to get behind the enemy. And there isn't the whole animation when you pick something off the ground that lasts five seconds.