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  1. No, but that looks cool as hell. Speaking of obscure mech game: Shogo
  2. Those all look good. Danganronpa, nothing against the game, but the fans can be weird.
  3. Elden Ring
  4. Seven ending per character and then two more special endings with each other. That's a lot of endings. The 90% quests and Item Creation might be a pain. Depending on how missable they are and if they have items/quests tied to specific party members. @Undead Wolf SO5's list is really forgiving. Nothing's missable and there's only 100 BTs as opposed to 900. And it's way easier too. The roles are really broken in SO5.
  5. Nice, I've been playing through the series and have been waiting on a date for this. The combat looks really fun and flashy so hopefully they aren't using the Strong/Weak attacks from 5.
  6. When I got to the Mall in Tony Hawk HD, it flagged down some nostalgic feelings. Dunno what it was about that level specifically, it just reminded me of a snow day with me and my cousin chilling and playing that.
  7. I'm getting like a second wind. I haven't done too much. I'm like two or three patches behind. I haven't done Enkanomiya or The Chasm. I'm going to start working my way through the Chasm story so I can do that other event going on right now. I pulled for Shinobu and somehow grabbed Itto. That's like the third or fourth 50/50 I've won in a row. Also pulled Gorou. Decided to stop and go back to saving in case of a Yoimiya rerun. And speaking of her-ish, I pulled an Amos Bow on the standard using the two wishes I got from leveling Itto and Garou and gave that to her. And I'm working on Triple Crowning her. I have all her talents at 8. I fought the weekly bosses today, haven't done that in awhile. And I need to stockpile on Azhdaha Horns. And speaking of stockpiles, after I did all that, I went to farm Kokomi's artefact. I had 71 Fragile Resins. I guess that's what happens when you don't play much, but still log in every so often to claim stuff. @Doctor Completion That's about where I'm at. I have my teams and might pull on a new character if they look cool, but probably won't build them. So I just save for reruns. Also, replace Diluc with Jean and that's me too. Like I said, won my 50/50 three or four times in a row now on the Premium. Pulled an Amos Bow on the Standard. Anything to not give me Jean.
  8. I've always been somewhat of a completionist. Always liked to do all that I can. Going out of my way for things probably started with Digimon World and the medals or the Battle Network games and the save icons. And trophies, it all started when I popped the plat for Final Fantasy XIII-2.
  9. I like the fall, it's pretty and chill.
  10. The Knave Obtained a forgery.
  11. I wish they kept the trophy art.
  12. I remember Alfredo was talking about it on Achievement Hunter a few years back. Like he went to a con for a weekend and took a couple days off, so he didn't stream for like five days and lost a good chunk of subs. It's all numbers. Gotta keep streaming so the algorithm will keep you relevant. On a lighter note and speaking of the algorithm, I got recommended a Pikamee clip from Mario 64. That let's play is the whole reason I'm in the rabbit hole. So I've been rewatching that. And I watched the Calli teaches English stream with Roboco, Miko, and Sana. That was just as crazy as the cast would imply.
  13. Come Courting Attended an audience with the duke.
  14. #63 The N. Credible Crash Bandicoot! Collect all the Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back trophies. I put this off cause the Gems for Cold Hard Crash and Piston It Away looked like a pain. But they weren't too bad. Time Trials weren't too bad either. Except for Hanging Out. That just wasn't fun. That tunnel at the start of the level is some bullshit and the hitbox of the spikey things. I think it's worse than The High Road. The High Road time was tight and really tested you, but it never really felt unfair. Hanging Out on the other hand, you have to pray everything lines up.
  15. Has breathed new life into the game forum