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  1. Supernal Aspirations Ascend to level 255. Master Machinist Create the most valuable mechanical item. Archnemesis of the Heavens Defeat Gabriel Celeste.
  2. Seriously, when are we getting the pixel remasters?
  3. And we can't just like buy these games but themselves? We have to be the service?
  4. Alchemical Artisan Create the most precious metal. Seeker of Sorcerous Knowledge Create the most valuable sorcerous item. Full Arsenal Obtain all battle skills and signeturgical spells.
  5. Just in case anyone forgot this is a trophy hunting website.
  6. Selen, Enna, Vox, and Fulgar played the trolley game. And, ooooh boy. The whole stream was something else. But I got two words for you: population density.
  7. Weekend Warrior Participate in a Weekly Ritual. Certified Expert Achieve Player Level 30. PeniciIlin' Clear 1,000 Infected Blocks in Purify mode.
  8. Thoras Thrasher Defeat Thoras in the parallel dimension. Alma Annihilator Defeat General Alma in the throne room. Straightened Priorities View Fiore's ending. Relia Finds Happiness View Relia's ending. Nature's Blessing Create the most valuable naturally-occurring item.
  9. Apothecary Extraordinaire Create the most valuable medicinal item. Hail to the Chief Obtain the vast majority of the roles. I think I might be sufficiently overpowered now, time to finish the main story.
  11. Culinary Virtuoso Create the most valuable edible item. Learn from Your Mistakes Create an item that you shouldn't.
  12. Biology Buff Encounter half of all enemies. Helping Hand Complete half of all quests.
  13. Der-Suul Deposer Defeat Der-Suul in the Slaughtery. Item Identifier Catalogue half of all items.
  14. Stalwart Veteran Obtain half of the battle trophies.
  15. LazuLight had their 1 Year Anniversary. They went to space!