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  1. Ketchup Butterfingers or Reese's?
  2. Persona 5
  3. I won't miss. Cause if I do, it takes like five minutes to reload.
  4. 8/10 I loved Soul Eater
  5. Idiot
  6. Nope Do you drive?
  7. Miniature Crown Record your first miniature crown in your hunting log. It only took 140 hours, but I finally got a babby monster. I'm loving having all these events up.
  9. Infinity War Bloodborne or Dark Souls
  10. Nice new avy!

    1. Vermachtnis


      Thanks, how's your week been going?

  11. Click, click boom. I'm coming down on the stereo, Hear me on the radio, Click, click boom.
  12. The End of Fire Reach "The End of Fire" ending. I almost died at the final boss for the dumbest reason. When Phase 2 started and the piano started playing, I stopped and listened to it. And took a Lightning to the chest. This ending seems hopeful.
  13. Lord of Cinder: Lothric, Younger Prince Defeat Lothric, Younger Prince, Lord of Cinder. I had to call for help on this fight. My DPS was not high enough for the younger price. The elder Prince on the other hand was made out of wet tissue paper.
  14. Supreme Weapon Reinforcement Reinforce any weapon to the highest level. Oceiros, the Consumed King Defeat Oceiros, the Consumed King Untended Graves Reach the Untended Graves. Champion Gundyr Defeat Champion Gundyr. Oceiros has usurped Aldrich as worst boss. And Champion Gundyr might just be the best boss. That fight was a lot of fun. And I made The Firelink Shrine sad.
  15. Lord of Cinder: Aldritch, Devourer of Gods Defeat Aldritch, Devourer of Gods, Lord of Cinder Fuck this boss. Look at my health. I ran out of Estus during Phase 1 and took a big hit at the start of Phase 2 and did the entire Phase with that much health. After pounding my head against a wall for two hours without making progress. Once I got him to Phase 2, it only took three more attempts.