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  1. An Inquisitive Mind Complete your first investigation Giant Crown Record your first giant crown in your hunting log. Death Begets Life Successfully guide Zorah Magdaros So I stabbed a volcano in the dick, what'd you do today?
  2. 8/10, I know very little of the series, but I like that box art. Inspired by @Melty's sig.
  3. nice new avy ^-^

    1. Vermachtnis


      Your avatar is as cute as always.

    2. Koromaru


      thx is chibiterasu the son of amaterasu.

      he also has his own game okamiden for nintendo ds.

      anyway wish you a nice wednesday!

    3. Vermachtnis


      Most delayed response ever.  I remember hearing about Okamiden back when it was new.  But never looked into it.

      Here's wishing you a nice Thursday.

  4. Open up and say, "Ahh"
  5. Whose asking?
  6. Resident Evil
  7. I Am the Reinforcements Respond to an SOS flare, and help complete 10 quests. I kept joining Pukei Pukei fights to grab the whole set. It was a lot of fun. I've been playing around with the Heavy Bowgun. I love the attack where you go full ham and just fire. I don't know if I hit other players, but they tend to get out of my way. And the Wyvern Bullet are just mean.
  8. Mmm, So Tasty! Cook your first well-done steak Welcome to the New World Earn the right to take on two-star assignments The Bigger They Are... Mount your first monster. I used the Sword and Shield in 3, so I wanted to try something different. I started with the Battle Horn, but it was a little slow. It was fun though. So I took the games advice and messed around with the weapons in the training room and fell in love with the Insect Glaive. It's so much fun. Then in the next mission I flung myself off a cliff and onto a monster, it was awesome.
  9. I haven't crashed yet, but came close. After I got Poplio, I switched to her and gave her the spear, which was set to R1. The game just stopped for a good 30 seconds.
  10. Defeat Mantis Ant Defeat Mantis Ant Defeat Tropicallo Defeat Tropicallo I love the boss music so much.
  11. Lordvessel Acquire the Lordvessel Covenant: Princess's Guard Discover Princess's Guard covenant. Even in Dark Souls, Dragoons are gonna loldrg. Ornstein kept walking infront of Smough and eating the attacks meant for him. This fight was something else. No one was around and I couldn't call for help so I had to git gud. It was scary.
  12. Art of Abysswalking Acquire the Art of Abysswalking. Reach Anor Londo Arrive in Anor Londo. Sen's Fortress sucks. That lighting snake guy in the first area was the bane of my existence. But it was worth it, at the end of the dungeon I met another player. It was so exciting. That poor Iron Golem though. I don't know how it would've been soloing it, but my new friend ran up and tanked it while I stayed in the back and blasted it with magic. I killed a butterfly, got to play with a puppy, and I met another player. It was quite the adventure.
  13. Covenant: Path of the Dragon Discover Path of the Dragon covenant. I tried fighting the Hydra and blew off one of it's heads. But I couldn't land any more hits so I tried getting closer. Walked to far and fell into the lake.
  14. I want to get my trophies per day in the positive. That's 2920 trophies by next year.
  15. Ring the Bell (Quelaag's Domain) Ring Bell of Awakening in Quelaag's domain Covenant: Chaos Servant Discover Chaos Servant covenant. Coming back to this game after not touching it for awhile and Bloodborne is a little disorienting. I spent like an hour just remembering what I was doing. Also being hyper aggressive is not exactly the right way to go. But I ran through the depths and killed the Gaping Dragon and then made it to Blight Town. I tripped and skipped like half of it. It was great. Ran to the Great Hollow. Remembering what happened last time I was there, I saved at the bonfire and ran away. That's as far as I made it in my last try. I got cursed and it became impossible to get anywhere with my build. But I'm a mage now and even if I do get cursed, I picked up a cure for it. And I picked up the ring that let's me navigate the swamp easier. Quelaag wasn't has hard as I was expecting. Of course I was running around shooting her from a distance and staying away from the lava. Probably going to double back and pick stuff up I missed in the swamp and attempt the Great Hollow.