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  1. That is one thing I've never gotten. Rest of the list looks fun though. Can't remember if I ever had Vivi win the hunt.
  2. Got the DRK mount.
  3. Perfect Storm Master Acquired all the trophies I was thinking about skipping this one and jumping straight into Shippuden. I forgot about the Tsunade arc. I remembered her, I just thought they went from Chunin exams to Sasuke retrieval. I liked the combat. I can't believe Fighting Dreamers didn't play at any point. Its also my fastest plat now.
  4. Yes, I wish they'd add it to PSN. At Tonelico 2, more like Lady Cloche and her bitches.
  5. 8/10 Onion Kid
  6. Leaf Destruction Arc Complete Completed the Leaf Destruction Arc That fight with Shakuku was fun.
  7. Final Fantasy XII
  8. Call of Duty
  9. Newbie Figure Collector Acquired a Figure.
  10. Has punched a lot of people in the dick.
  11. That wasn't a key cleaner at all.
  12. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, took you six years the first time.
  13. No, I hate fighting dogs.
  14. Little Big Planet
  15. Is a fun