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  1. I'm assuming this is a bug, but nests should only take 1 molotov right? I'm at the rogue camp and I keep chucking molotovs into nests and they're not burning. The only one's I've gotten to burn in here is the big rig one and one of the entrance ones. All the other nests I've thrown several in them and nothing and now I'm struggling to find kerosene.
  2. I came across this guy's guides too. I can't stand his (fake?) accent, but can't argue that some of the methods he came up with are pretty effective.
  3. Found this out in end game. skip to 1:55 for the good stuff. everything prior to that was me (clumsily) setting it up. Took me a sec to realize the boss wasn't gonna die, and figured I should pick off ones that were about to die.
  4. Sweet, thanks.
  5. Okay, so if I do all the prerequisites properly and after beating the final boss, it's a literally a selection of the three endings?
  6. I'm trying to plan out the 2nd half of my game, and I'm planning to use the save back-up method. My question is: after I forgo the Shura ending, that automatically defaults me into getting the Immortal Severance ending? or is it one of three endings I must choose from? (Severance, Purification or Return) E.g. When I beat this game and I'm aiming for Purification, do I get Immortal Severance as well?
  7. Are you exaggerating? How is it taking you an hour to transfer to a flash drive? It took me 3 minutes. It takes just a couple of seconds to upload to cloud backup.
  8. You can get it also the first time you play with Riku. As many have said you need to cast an -aza level spell. -aga won't cut it.
  9. Looking for help with Maduin as well. Please message me here. Thanks in advance! Edit: nevermind. minesweeper decided to throw me a bone.
  10. Great find. Any sort of instructions for this? I'm not very much in the know for this kind of stuff. I don't personally need because I've got mine at 100%, but could be useful for anyone else who needs it.
  11. That's EXACTLY how i feel. I mean I enjoyed the game, honestly. But the fact that I have to keep going back to it, just to keep it at 100% is making me have a bad experience with it. *sigh* trophy hunting.... such love/hate.
  12. I think Ep. Ardyn should be included in the FFXV trophy list. The split was to separate single player and multiplayer. It screws up the list because anyone who has the game at this point, I think, will have a trophy list that's completely inaccessible.
  13. I believe it's meant to be free, as it was for the main game.
  14. Makes me relieved that I have it at 100%, I legitimately did not have fun grinding most of the MP trophies. And I sure as hell am not going to be putting myself through hell again. It's a no download for me. I was dreading that they would just tack it on to the main game.
  15. They're removing the ability to go into the multiplayer expansion in the FFXV main game if I'm not mistaken. I think that if people who do not yet have FFXV comrades completed will now no longer be able to, in order able to keep their FFXV at 100%.