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  1. Been waiting for this gem to get a remake! Definitely picking this up, been too long since Juliet and I went on a zombie killing spree. 😝
  2. thanks for follow

    1. Despair-Queen


      Thanks, you too 🙂

  3. This is unfortunate.. well, just gives the excuse to go and buy them again physical. I always did want the physical copy of these anyway.
  4. Saw the leaks. Was definitely devastated by what they've done. But will still be going through with my preorder and playing it day one. I love the first game, didn't want to see a part 2. I thought the first was more than enough and the ending sat well, it left things open to your own interpretation of what their story after would be like. However, I will still be playing with tears streaming down my face and angrily cursing ND's decisions to do this to us and our beloved characters.
  5. This game looks really good, just a shame I don't have VR to play. I definitely think the VR aspect would make for more interesting play, rather than if it was just a regular first person perspective.
  6. Trophies don't seem too bad to me, and trust me, I didn't much enjoy 76, especially the grind it took for me to reach level 100. It looks easily doable and not too grindy. Not sure about the last two trophies on the list though.
  7. Never had any issues with the ps4 collection! 😸
  8. Thanks for the follow😄

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      You're welcome! 😊

  9. Bioshock, all three.
  10. Hello. How ar you doing ?

  11. Official-ME- wishes miss Despair queen a good night (^_^ )

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      Thank you,and the Queen wishes you one as well~

    2. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Thanks, it's ME an honor to wish you goodnight Despair queen ( ^_^)

  12. Hi there! your highness! hope you're well! :D

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      You're welcome Natalia xxx

  13. Late Happy Birthday to the Despair Queen of PSNP and follow August birthday sharer. Hope you had a good one?

  14. Except that I didn't do that one ;] nice one.