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  1. Bioshock, all three.
  2. Hello. How ar you doing ?

  3. Official-ME- wishes miss Despair queen a good night (^_^ )

    1. Despair-Queen


      Thank you,and the Queen wishes you one as well~

    2. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      Thanks, it's ME an honor to wish you goodnight Despair queen ( ^_^)

  4. Hi there! your highness! hope you're well! :D

    1. Despair-Queen
    2. PureLuxiix


      You're welcome Natalia xxx

  5. Nice trophy collection ya got. Keep on hunting!

  6. Late Happy Birthday to the Despair Queen of PSNP and follow August birthday sharer. Hope you had a good one?

  7. Except that I didn't do that one ;] nice one.
  8. I got my PS3 as a birthday gift for my 16th birthday. I still have the very same one. It's one of the first models,the bulkier one. But it still seems to work just fine,much to my surprise.
  9. Tekken 6
  10. Dead Nation Congratulations,and admire you for doing it twice. I find that game surprisingly difficult.
  11. Obviously you're a fan of AoT which is ace ^.^
  12. Assassin's Creed just makes me sick now. These games used to be so much better,until Ubisoft decided to start forcing a game out each year like Call of Duty. Honestly,when Unity got a patch to fix over 300 bugs,that's a sign that these games don't need to be coming out each year.... If I had to say anything about why these games suffer in terms of story,well. Ezio's story ended,and as him being a fan favorite,that hurt the series. And killing off Desmond,well that just absolutely killed the series. He was the main character. And now the modern day story to these games is just awful. It makes no sense anymore and it's painful to watch it all play out. Unity was bad,and Syndicate I'm not expecting much from. It is a shame to see what once were decent games go to hell. But that's a lot of games nowadays.
  13. Fallout 4.... Although it's hard because I want Kingdom Hearts 3 so much too.
  14. Sooo much hype! Omgosh,I've been waiting for Fallout 4 for too long... I will be heartbroken if this isn't the news Bethesda has for us.